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Larry smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi wa ala Obeid. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Welcome to this next installment of our series on the life of an epi Moosa Allah salat wa salam. Previously we discussed how nahi Musa left Egypt, running away from his accusers, and from the crime that he accidentally committed. And he found himself in madeon, where he met these two young women, he assisted them, they went back to the Father told the father about NaVi masala salat wa salam, and they fought the cold for him. We spoke about how that took place. And of course, now NaVi masala satis, lamb received a marriage proposal

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for one of the two daughters. So that was the idea that we left off with with the father said pilot in New England, okay, Hakka, Durban at a time, I want to get you married off to one of these two daughters of mine, either and that journey samanya who judge upon the condition that you work for me for eight years, for in Atlanta Ashura. And if you complete 10 years for me, then that's your own decision about what you do. And Ashoka I like and I don't want to make things difficult for you. Sometimes you do need insha Allah homina Sala hain, you will find me If Allah was to be of the righteous. So from this point, and I'll be musasa salat wa salam told him Carla Valley cabine

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webinar that is between you and between me or between me and between you html agilon which of the two periods COBOL I complete, fell out with awareness earlier, so there is no sin upon me. There's no problem. If I do this, while Allahu Allah man akula kill. And Allah is a Joaquin, a guardian over what we are saying, from this point, we can really take away two big lessons for all of us that we can apply in our everyday lives. The first one is Who should we marry our children to? This is a very important question, especially if somebody becomes the unconscious. And you do not believe in the false ways of you know, dating, and any sort of illicit relationship outside of marriage, but

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rather in the Islamic concept that two people should get married. That's the only halal way for the men and a woman to come together. The question of course, is how do you decide who to marry? How do you decide? How do parents decide who the kids should marry? How should they find spouses and so on. So you can see a very casual interaction took place.

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And that led to the father actually noticing some qualities in me most Allah salat wa salam, and the qualities which he noticed were qualities of character and a good character and of qualities of Deen. And these qualities are essentially what we should look out for because the prophets I seldom see that if someone comes to you, you're pleased with the religion and you're pretty, you're pleased with the character, then marry them off to your daughter or married off to them. And if you do, if you don't do this, then there's going to be great fitna in the land. Now, we should follow this lesson of NaVi masala Surat wasallam and Rasulullah saw excellent advice and really look for these

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qualities, when we are looking for a spouse or when we are looking for spouses for our children type so now we move Sally Sato Sallam says, Okay I agree to the to these conditions, which means he then marries often his daughters who he marries one of the daughters, and instead of completing eight years, which he was offered, he completed 10 years. So the next verse is well I'm Mako muscle, agile, winavi musala Salatu was Salam completed the period, and the Mufasa rune said that that was actually 10 years wasabia halevi. And then he moved away with his family. Now even Kathy mentioned that he moved away with his family because he completed his time period they, he made the agreement

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and he started missing his family. This means his true family, the benissa eel, the Israelites released in Egypt, and we felt sort of guilty because those people were still suffering. And so he went back. But now before we go into that, I would like to point out the fact that nahi masala salat wa sallam had an agreement where he could complete either eight years of work or 10 years of work, but he decided on his own volition to complete 10 years of work, and that was his manhood is dour for marrying of the four marrying one of the one of the daughters and Subhana Allah, this is also part of the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam not in terms of Mary Jo in terms of mahute but

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in terms of any contract that we undertake. If you undertake a contract, what is owed to each party is the agreed upon amount. So if you agree in a decides he's going to sell a product to be beep agrees or a particular buying price, a geezer selling price that is

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The price that has to be fulfilled, however, a believer is sometimes charitable in the dealings. So a agreed on, say, 50. But then instead of charging 50, he actually charges 25. And he says, You know what, keep the other five, that's a form of sadaqa. And if b instead of paying 50, he decides he's going to pay 35. Obviously, these are two different contracts that I'm speaking about. So in one instance, the seller, you know, actually charges a listing as opposed to that sidecar. And in another instance, the buyer pays more than he supposed to, and that's also sadhaka. And this is something that is very praiseworthy, because the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam really praised

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people who make business in this way. So what we can learn from this is in any contract that we establish, not only should we fulfill our contracts, but we should in actual fact try to go above and beyond what is expected of us. That is the way of a believer so Angela NaNoWriMo Sally said to Sam Sarah via Holly he lives with his family and he goes you know, it reverses even Kathy says it was it was a cold night it was a dark night and we know it is dark because in the middle of the desert is no lights if this there's no more if it's if it's a rainy night and there's no moon of course there's no stars because of the clouds and he wanted to get some warmth but every fire that

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he tried to light wouldn't light and he found this really surprising. According to even caffeine so an SM in Germany we toured even since we perceived from from a distance that there was a fire began a bit Minh journey to on the side of Mount to now on a fire call Alia Lee now You didn't say to his family, in cuckoo, cuckoo stayer wait you're in ni en esta naran I sense that there's a fire over the oh I can see there's a fire over the only article let me go and have a look so maybe I can I can come to you mean half from the fire be hovering with some news maybe this obviously there's a fire in these people. Somebody must have started the fire so I can go and find out we can stay for the

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night. I can go and find out you know we are I can find out what's the situation like should we remain here should we move on? Oh jawatan mina now Oh, I can bring you a firebrand so basically some a piece of wood that that's burning on one end, we might call it a total mycologia firebrand lactose tolerance then you may warm yourself

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excuse me so you see this male shift of chivalry from the musala Serato Sam again, he tells his wife either use their I will go in see if there's anything to worry about this any danger I will get the provisions so this is really something that is is emphasized and it's sort of natural in the characteristics of the MBR that they would look after the wives they would look after their families they would be in a man would be a man and you would take up the duty that the man supposed to

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weed people prediction of his family or etc and this is not saying that a woman is not responsible for protecting a family. We're just talking about simple physical strength that a man should make sure that his family is safe look after them etc. And you know when we have this type of understanding, then you know we don't have we wouldn't have so many problems as far as duties rights and so forth are concerned because when a couple both understand the natural roles, and they fulfill those roles in everything may go much smoother in a marriage inshallah. So that'd be musala salat wa salam comes the furama when it comes to it, and either fire Nadia, Michelle to Elworthy, Amun II

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years from the right side of the valley philbrook ITIL mobile Raka in the explicit the explicit Valley, a blizzard spot mina shujaa, from a three hears a sound from a tree and that yeah Moosa hears the voice calling out. Oh, Moses, in me, indeed I am Allah, I am God probably will Allah mean the Lord of all the worlds? What Subhanallah I mean, just imagine it's a dark, cold stormy night, and you don't know where you are your families over the in the distance. It's in a sewer handle and all of a sudden, New Year from this burning tree. In me an Alaia Moosa. Firstly, oh, Moses to Allah start to like this. Oh, Moses in in me and Allah I am God. Those are the first words you hear.

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You'll be shocked at the view. What if you hear your name for one thing? There's no one standing the it's inexplicable. And then the very next thing you hear is, I am God. Rabbul aalameen. I'm the load, Rob, the nourisher, the Sustainer the provider, the caregiver of everything in existence. So handler Can you imagine how perplexed and dumbfounded you must be at that time?

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So yeah, is where we're going to depart from so

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Causes Not right now but you know after tonight we're going to look at certain other sore with the same incident is mentioned because different angles are mentioned so you get the full picture of what exactly took place the because you're immediately we find the instruction and a sock throw down your staff file Mr or her when he saw it whenever you saw the stuff that I saw it was shaking can hijack known as though it became a serpent one lamb would it be run remove sector and he fled he ran away while I'm you active he didn't even look back you know he just ran because he thought it was handled I was getting a stick the stick became a snake he dropped everything and he ran away and

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then Allah call that yeah Moosa Oh Moses Abele turn back, you know, come closer, while at the half. Don't fear in neck Amina me Nene, you will be safe. You know, this is Allah to Allah speaking. But of course, it didn't immediately get into this. Allah called him Allah said, I am God and the Lord of all the worlds and then some other conversation took place and only when did he say to me Musa throw down your staff, and then it became a serpent, but for the sake of sort of the local sauce, that's all we that's all we are told in different places in the Quran. Allah adds different angles to this different points that add to the story which we will explore in our upcoming lessons even

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lighter Allah. But another incident that also takes place that will be highlighted further is verse number 32. Before we go to add the SWOT analysis was Luke yedek take your hand inserted fi j back into your pocket. Now your JB just means the opening of your garment the crew who and you will see it will come out white right not not you know light of completion it will come out white means very soon, but not as a defect so your handle will look like like a light handler. What la cadena hack and draw in your arm close to you may not rob

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you know to prevent you from from the sphere that you just throw in your arms close to you further Annika bohannan these two meaning the stick that you throw in your hand and putting it in close to you to stop the fear. This is going to be bohannan two evidences for your mirrabooka from your load. So these are going to be signs that you will be using what do you need signs for you know what would you need evidences for? This is what you're going to find out now. In Allah says,

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enough your own Pura nanny to produce milk Robic from your Lord elaphe your own that you will be able to use with Pharaoh, one Mullah he and his establishment he's his group in the home can walk home and fast again because they were ascending people. So what else happened in this conversation? So handle imagine a conversation directly between you and Allah, that conversation and maybe most of the title Kaleem Allah, the one whom Allah Most High had spoken to which we will find out more about tomorrow evening be delighted Allah so don't miss out solo Allahu Allah say Mohammed Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh