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Larry smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Marla le wasapi mama wala or bad. I said Mr. Li Kumar rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back to the series in which we explore the life of NaVi Moosa or Prophet Moses peace be upon him. Currently, we are still discussing the story from the aspect of Sudoku puzzles. Nabil musala, salat wa salam had now left Egypt, because he was scared of what the pharaoh might do to him because of the murder that he committed by accident. And he approached the town of madeon way he found some shepherds around the Well, everyone was was giving water to the flux except these two young women and we moved to La

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Silla to Assam found out about the situation assisted them, gay voted to the flux, turn to Allah Subhana, Allah May Allah for Allah Subhana Allah to grant in any form of goodness, because he's desperately in need of it. And these two young women then went back home. And they went to go and explain to the Father, what exactly took place and what nahi Moosa did with him. So that's where we find ourselves. Now, the women come back to the Father, they tell him, and this is where we start in the story are all to be laminate on the regime. I take refuge in Allah from the accosted Satan fudger at who so came to him, the whole map, one of the two women, them she she was walking is to

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hear him with complete modesty, meaning she came walking, not with any last full intentions, not with any last for,

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you know, insinuations. She didn't use last words, even her appearance, everything was modest. Some of the Sahaba commented on this verse and they said that she was actually cloaked, and she used the folds of garments to cover the shape of a body. And this would explain that she covered her face. But the Quran is very clear that she came in, she came with modesty. arlette She then said, in the Abbey, indeed my my father, yet there Olga is calling you. So even in the way she speaks, she's not saying, you know, she doesn't start the small talk. She doesn't introduce herself and, and speak to NaVi musala salat wa salam and ask him to come with her. No. She says very first, first and foremost

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in Abby. Yeah, there Olga. Indeed, my father is calling you. So this is again, what modesty is all about. modesty is not just the way we dress. Yes, that's a big part of modesty. But it's also our conduct for you can be fully clad you can be fully covered. But if your conduct does not match that, then that's not modesty. So she shows modesty on the outside and she also displays it inwardly. So she invites nahi masala salat wa salam upon the invitation of a father and she says Lee edgeseq because he wants to recompense you as euro with a reward, Massa pytel. Anna, because of the what you did for us with our flocks and you gave them water to drink. falam EVO Winnie he never Moosa Allah

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salat wa salam came to him the father, La Casa La he costs us and he narrated the story to him. So this is the of course with the story gets its name from Allah Casals because he narrated his own story to the Father. So the word Allah costs us in Surah. total costs refers to the story of NaVi Musa Allah salat wa salam, at least until that point. So now the Messiah is telling him of course, his upbringing and who he was and what he did and why he left Egypt, and why he finds himself now destitute with nothing. And of course, being an honest person, an upright person, he tells the father what he did with a cop and that the cop passed away. In other words, he accidentally murdered

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him. pilot, the father thing responded latter half don't fear. Now Jota because you have been saved minakami volley mean from the wrongdoing people. So before we carry on from this first the the point that Allah azzawajal highlights here, you know, that's not directly part of the story, but still so important that a special mention is given is that of modesty. Now, the Mufasa rune also explained that what took place here is that she told her father, that we now be moved to LA salat wa salam walked back, she was leading the way which might seem pretty obvious because he wouldn't know the way back to our home. But maybe musasa to some instructed in a you walk behind me so that I don't

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have to have you in my in my in I don't have to stay at you all the time from behind you. And if you need to guide me to the left or to the right, then just throw people this way. Throw people that way. And that will guide me

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Now in our context today that might seem a bit extreme, it might seem out of place. But that's simply because we living in a completely different context. In in this time in this particular context of NaVi musala. Seto, Sam, this was still Yes, degree of modesty above normal, but not what we would consider abnormal or crazy. Another factor that would be taken into consideration is the chivalry of NaVi musala Salatu. Salam, to walk in front, because should they be any danger on the roads, then he would be the first to come across that danger. And not the young woman sent me musasa to salaams interaction with her is highlighted, because of the the appearance of modesty, which is

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something that Allah would only mentioned to the 16th if it is something that we need to take notice of, because it's not, as I said, directly going to influence the story in a big way. But it's a big lesson that we should all learn. We of course, living in a time in which modesty is something that is long forgotten, I praise with equality among women would be to be more

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open, and not modest. And to dress, you know scantily and not modestly, and to be flirtatious as opposed to being modest. You know, sometimes when a woman, especially a Muslim woman wants to be modest, not only in a dress code, but not shaking hands, not being overly friendly with with strange men, especially in a corporate work environment, it might come across as rude, it might come across as indecent. But this is, of course, the teachings of Islam. And it is absolutely fine. If the whole world dislikes you, because you are doing something that will please Allah, then you have nothing to worry about. But of course, at the same time, we're not supposed to do things that we deliberately

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anchor other people, and it's unnecessary. So when you are modest, then try to use wisdom in your modesty so that others would not find you offensive, because you need to consider the context. But never ever, should we relinquish our modesty? Or should we?

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You know, should we, the word I'm looking for allama, Sunday I listen to Mohammed, we should not give in to the norms of society and say, You know what, we live in a different time in a different space. So I'm just going to leave off this law and I'm going to compromise on that law. So behind Allah, no, we will stick to our Islamic values, but with wisdom so as to not make it seem as though we are extremist. We move on. And Allah Subhana Allah says, Call it the humor, one of the two daughters said, Yeah, Betty. Oh, my beloved father, remember the same type of wording the same type of respect was shown in the story of the use of a selector Sam, not just yeah, Abby, yeah, Betty Oh,

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my beloved for the JIRA who, you know, hire him. Hi, Anna be Moosa. Now, of course, we can understand from this to look after our flocks, you know, all the MBA all the prophets, they were shepherds, so hire him in Hydra minister Jota. Because the base of those whom you can hire, and how we you will, I mean are those who are strong and those who are trustworthy. And of course, here the story comes in again, we she said that Nabhi Moosa lifted a rock for some reason or the other, that usually only a number of men would have to lift that he lifted it so he was really strong. And we know already that he was thrown from a previous incident and he's I mean he is safe and trustworthy

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and I mean mean safe secure a sound and it means trustworthy the profits awesome now be Mohammed Elisa was also called Ameen the trustworthy one. So yeah, like in in the story of abuse of when he presents himself to be the treasure of the land, he presents himself with these qualities. Now we must listen to Sam is pointed out to these qualities. He has competency. He's strong, and he's Ameen he has trustworthiness. So these are qualities we should look for when going into partnerships with people, when employing people, when choosing our friends when choosing, especially when it comes to a work situation. These are the qualities that the Quran highlights specifically. So she's asking

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her father to hire him and she's highlighting his good qualities. But look at the wisdom of the Father, who looks beyond what she's just saying. And she and he also sees that if these are the opinions of my daughters about this men, if this is the case with this man, and instead of only hiring him to look after the flock, he goes on to the next step. Now bear in mind, against all odds have been musalla slam ended up in this town. Against All Odds he ended up at that well, against all odds. He ended up the at a time when these women were struggling to vote today. The sheep were to give voted to the sheep. So now without him knowing but these were the events that led NaVi musala

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sam to his marriage, because the next verse is called the father said in me indeed I really do. I want an inky haka.

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To get you married if Devin Attiya to one of my two daughters hi Tony these two daughters of mine, I let the journey that you work for me Samantha Hey judge for eight years for in attempt for in Atlanta and if you complete Asher on the 10th, meaning if you complete 10 years instead of eight Femina Indyk the net goodwill from your side while we do an Ashoka Alec and I don't want to make things difficult upon you, strategy dooney you will soon find me in sha Allah. if Allah wills if God wills mina salia hain to be of the righteous ones. See ya nahi Musa Elisa to ceram is actually getting a proposal from the father of these women. Now remember, that door either never moves I made

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all my load for what evil goodness you have, you know that you can see in my way, I'm lucky I'm in need of it. And unless panel with either response, these do it in such a way, not only does he grant him risk with a job, but he also grants him a family grants him a good marriage. So because of the qualities he displayed, having that relationship with Allah, turning to Allah turning to all at the right moment, you know, right off the he did such an amazingly good deed. Allah Subhana Allah looks after his needs. But now so behind Allah, not only do we learn that NaVi Moosa got married, but he got married in in such a beautiful way. The quality of modesty was already displayed in a spouse and

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he's good qualities will also highlight it. So parents should take note also, about how this takes place. And why you know, what were the reasons that the Father one didn't have the most Alexa to slam for his daughter? And what was the the highlight of the daughter's perception of NaVi most Alexa to slam? No mention was made of of good looks, no mention was made of popularity that we move certainly wasn't popular at this time. He was in fact a wanted man. So behind the law, you could even look at that and say how could he How could the father made him have to a criminal but the reality was of course made clear to him. So what happens next SubhanAllah. Now nobody moves to LA

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scepticism is going to do the next step that would lead him to the very famous incident called the burning bush. Which we will explain in the next dose insha Allah Allah until then, also Allahu Allah Sina Mohammed Subhana, Allah Subhana Allah homovanillic no shadow La ilaha IL and Nestor fuuka wanted to be like Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh