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Rahim hamdulillah horrible alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah schizophyllum ba ba mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam just leaving the ceiling cathedra from avato, my brother and sisters

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when I was typing the title of this,

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this particular episode, which is debacle, my autocorrect changed it to treadmill.

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And I thought that was quite symbolic because

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tawakkol is the result of consistent effort, it's consistent effort, in order to build trust, and complete reliance on Allah subhanho wa Taala Legionella.

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It seems strange to say that because we know Allah subhanaw taala we know that He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, we know that he is the the law make, we know that he is the one who is not dependent on anyone or anything, and everything and everyone is dependent on him Jalla Jalla who we know that he is the owner of treasures that have no end, we know that he is not bound by the laws that he has created, from what he has told us in the Quran and what we have,

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from from what we experienced, we know that Allah subhanaw taala can do whatever he likes, there is no limit here follow Maya Akuma he can he can do whatever he likes, he can order whatever he likes. And this is the one with whom we have a relationship and we say he can our Buddha can assign visa Allah we only worship you and we only seek help from you and nobody else. And therefore we have a right to

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to trust Allah subhanho wa Taala and to expect others to help us and this is something that I am not demanding is something that Allah subhanaw taala told us he will do.

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So technically speaking, there should be no difficulty in having our code in having that complete state of contentment and,

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and state of, you know, tranquility and peace in the heart. But you know what I know this is not how we operate. And that's why we cause misery and trouble for ourselves. We are living in all kinds of you know, needless stress because we do not trust Allah subhanaw taala knows we love taco brothers sisters is the

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is the heat of the heart, we're in the heart, there is no one other than Allah subhanaw taala

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and that's why our call is so important. I remind you of myself of the Hadees of a bus or delanco which is in Bukhari and Muslim where he said that was well I suppose Ali Salam said 70,000 of my own mind will enter Jannah without his or without being brought to account. And they asked me Ursula Who are those people, he said they are the ones who will not request will not ask other people to do Rukia for them, and they do not believe in omens Good luck and bad luck. And they don't use hobbies and and you know, amulets and they don't use cautery which is, you know, we have used to be a way of, of cure in those days where you branded yourself with fire and they put their trust in Allah and

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they have our Quran Allah subhanaw taala alone. Now, Okasha avellana was there and he stood up and he said jasola Please say that I am from these people. And I said Akasha is from those people. Another service to Ravi Shankar sola please say that about me, Nebuchadnezzar said Akasha has taken precedence over you. So, this also

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is a

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is a reminder for us to hasten in doing good deeds. Now, may Allah subhanaw taala make us among the among that among those 70,000 inshallah, my brothers sisters, in, in his, in his book, rather mad, even though

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he says about this Hadith, he said that this is because these people, the mutawa alone will enter Jannah without being called to account because of the perfection of the heat and that's why I said tawakkol is at the heat of the heart, they will be called and they will be entered into Jannah without his hair without without account, because of the perfection of their or heat. And therefore Rasulullah sallallahu described them as people who will not ask others to perform Rukia for them. And then he said that they put their trash

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In the rub jelajah Lalu and because of their complete trust in the rub jelajah Lalu their contentment with him, their faith in him and their being pleased with him and them seeking their needs from Allah subhanho wa Taala alone, they do not ask people for anything, whether it is Rokia or whether it is anything else, they do not extend their hand in time of need. They ask only Allah subhanho wa Taala gelato

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because and they are not influenced by omens and good luck and bad luck and they are not influenced by superstitions that could prevent them from doing what they want to do. Because superstition detracts from and weakens heat. And this is in math. If you think about this and reflect on this either beautiful advice, no favor.

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The whole issue is what is the perfection of the perfection of it is to believe La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, the perfection of COVID is to believe

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to believe La hawla wala quwata illa. Allah, it the perfection of authority is to first have Eman on Allah subhanho wa Taala as the only one being worthy of worship, and of Rasulullah saw Salaam, being the he is last and final messenger and of this faith and belief that there is no one who can do anything other than Allah subhanaw taala however, have a level measure who's to say the translation of La ilaha illa Allah He used to say and now he had qui mabuchi via Allah K. And he was in the he had qui Havasu Allah He used to say there is no one worthy of worship except Allah and there is no one who can fulfill any need except Allah. So used to say Allah tala ko Mahmud manakamana Yeah, hum

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Allah, tala Co Op Raja Rahmani ke a legacy Rama Raja ki

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Cuckoo. Veronica Osaka used to say that, that accepting La ilaha illAllah accepting that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah consists of also accepting that there is no one who can fulfill any need of ours whatsoever except Allah subhanaw taala therefore, we do not ask anyone for anything other than Allah subhanaw taala he used to give this very beautiful example he used to say that when the bride accepts the nikka right when the when the groom is in the nikka the job and COBOL the job is from the husband from the from the groom and the COBOL is from the wife. He said that when the woman accepts the the the proposal of marriage, then her neph car, then giving her money and her

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sustenance becomes verging on the guru on the groomer he is accountable for this, if he marries the woman and he does not give her enough, if he does not support her if he does not give her money. And the allameh have described enough, not purely not only as food and you know clothing is enough, is in addition to all of that, in addition to fulfilling our needs, giving her money for her to spend as she wishes whatever she wants to do with that money, whatever she however she wants to spend it to spend on her own desires. I mean she wants to go shopping, buy something that's up to her. So the point is, that this becomes wajib this becomes the fourth on the groom and the man who does not give

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enough care to his wife, he is answerable to Allah subhanaw taala and he is punishable if Allah does not forgive. So the point is that is to say that when you say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, this is what you are doing, you have accepted Allah subhanho wa Taala as your mobile and so therefore to keep you and to feed you and to clothe you and to shelter you and to fulfill all your needs. Allah subhanaw taala has taken it upon himself.

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Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran for rugby for in rugby, Yasuo, risca Livonia, sha Allah wa work there, well I can actually rely on Allah subhanaw taala said say to them, oh, Mohammed Salah, Salah, that it is my rub, who extends and enlarge as your provision or who restricted but most people do not understand this. We accept this and we understand this and that is the essence of tawakkol to understand and accept is that all sustenance. Everything comes from Allah subhanaw taala and we have full and total faith in Allah subhanaw taala that Allah subhanaw taala will give us an only Allah subhanaw taala can give us and nobody other than Allah subhanaw taala can give anything

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to us about this. brothers sisters

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On a side note before we come back to this as far as Rokia and these things are concerned meaning treatment for illness, they had this is not preventing us from seeking treatment for example, seeking treatment and this is from

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the seeking treatment is essential, but it is better not to seek Rokia. However, if a person comes forward and recite something over you and you do not stop him, this does not mean that you are not counted because you didn't ask him to do that. And by the same token, if you do raffia for your brother, and you are then you are doing a favor to him, and his does not rule you out from being one of the 70,000 and then the So, therefore, we take this that the extra phrase reported in say Muslim, and they do did not do Rokia is perhaps a wrong addition those who did not ask for okay is the correct wording. Well, Allah so the point is in this to understand

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is that as far as the issue of torquil is concerned, it is to have this complete and total faith and trust in Allah subhanaw taala alone, a Buddha refer to the Alon one of the Sahaba, who was

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among the otaku and he was known for historical.

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It shows the complete contentment of these people how having dovecote Allah subhanaw taala gave them such complete peace of mind. I will refer to the man who is going in Medina one day and he met his friend, his friend said to him, how can you live like this? You have nothing in life, you know, you have no wealth and nothing. How do you live like this?

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I was referring to the allowances. And wearing the store. He said, I have close. He had a job on his shoulder. He said, This is my spare job, which I wear on Fridays on jumar. He said I have a donkey if I want to ride and go somewhere. I said I have a goat which gives me milk. He says I have a heart I have a roof over my head. He says What more does a person need? What more do you need?

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Right? Now think about this and say that there was also a human being. It was not was not an IV. It was not an angel. How did he How did you develop this kind of complete and total contentment.

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After the father was dying, he had come back from Baghdad, and he was living in Medina at that time. I mean, why was the was the Emir of Syria and he was referring to, you know, we used to scold him in open court

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for being, you know, for what he saw as being ostentatious or, you know, using luxury and wealth. So, I mean, why are you sort of requested a fundamental part of the Llano, who was the halifa? I mean, we need to call out the referee to Medina. So that he would be, you know, rid of this. So say there was one other law who called for the law, no, and he went over the river he came rather llanos has not been honored him. And he said, I will give you land I will give you, you know,

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a pension, or is it No, I don't want anything from the state. I said, I will take nothing. And then he requested permission to go and stay in a place which was far away from outside on the outskirts, but quite a distance away from Medina. I said, I don't want to live with all of these people. He says there is too much of

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too much of disobedience of Allah, there's too much of luxury in Medina and imagine what is the period that he's talking about? What would people like to say today? If we saw how we live where we live, how we spend money, the Hala hotel level anyway, so I wonder if I went and stay here his wife is to stay there in this place. And they had nothing they had just you know, one

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small house in a hut and they had a couple of camels and stuff and some sheep. The other foreigner was dying. And his wife was there. And she was obviously she was very worried she didn't have a husband is dying in front of her. And she came to him she said look we have nothing in the house. We will absolutely not even have cloth for your coffin. What what? How What should I do in this state? We have we have got nothing above the referee said make some food. He said whatever food you have make some food because we will get guests. She said make food for guests who is going to come here. This is this is you know this is the outside the city outside the place as the no one comes here. No

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one comes to comes to visit or

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make some food. We will have guests. She said how do you say

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On what basis if I said, I was with Rasul Allah is Allah is Allah and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said that there is one of you who came to Islam alone, he lived alone, and he will die alone and he will go into Jana alone. And I wouldn't be farther and said that among all the people who were there in that room with rasulillah salam, and the only one I lived.

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So he said that statement of the prophets, Allah Salah applies to me.

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So Allah will send people to do my funeral to do my janaza to bury me. She made some food and she stood outside to see and sure enough, she saw some, he passed away. And she saw some dust. And when she saw the dust, it was a group of people when they came, they saw her they said, whose houses she said? She said this Have you ever? So they said the savvy of a solar system? She said, yes, they came, and they ordered him and they said was one of the he's passed away. And they said, We will do his whistle. And you know, we will do is janazah. And one of them said I have covered and this is my personal thing. This is not from you know anything from the state. So this coven was sent by Allah

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subhanho data, and they did his

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cover and they buried the forest of their land. This is the great zahavi of loss of Rasulullah sallallahu

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my brother sisters, people who understood tawakkol they live lives of such beautiful tranquility. It's amazing today we live in a world where we are stressed out for all kinds of stuff. We are stressed out for you know because of work and this and that and we have created a life which is so full of stress and depression. That it's it's strange because we worship Allah subhanaw taala Why are we stressed why we're depressed? Right?

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The the story of relevance. I mentioned this, these stories all the time, but I keep on repeating because you know, beautiful stories. And there is much benefit in listening to them again and again. One day I

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was walking down the street he overhears a conversation between two people. One man is complaining about his library saying you know, I have this difficulty that difficulty. Has Ambassador Angela said to the man What a strange person you are. You are complaining about a rock man to somebody who has no mercy

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for mercy to the human being. He said you're complaining about Allah to someone who has no mercy.

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Another time has Ambassador Abdullah is standing in, in Salah in tahajud in his house, right and then he hears some sound as if there is a intruder in the house. He does. He doesn't stop reseller he doesn't break his salary. He doesn't go to check, investigate his brain. And that is standard. He says the next door and he's finishing. When he finishes his ceramics Allah. He sees a man standing in front of

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this man says to him,

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he says, What kind of a man are you?

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So as long as he said, whatever, do

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what? He said you have nothing else.

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He said, I'm a thief. I am a thief. I came into your house to steal and I searched everywhere there is nothing you have nothing.

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So he said I am so upset with this that I thought I'm going to tell you before I go. I'm going but before I go, I will tell you this what kind of life is this?

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has said to him? No, I have something I'll give you.

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He said What is it? He said Go Go make

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it go make Budo

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and come the devil also Muslim anyway, he went on Meadville. He came as honestly said to him stand here and he started Salalah.

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So deep sorrow, you know, he demands that he will give me something Let me see what he gives me. He also started praying. Remember, he is praying next to

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the person who's called Sage otavi. One of the highest of the taboo, inshallah

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a person who was the student of algebra with algebra Dylan.

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His score on his recitation, I'm not talking about that we're not talking about the land the tune I'm talking about the I always say that the the tune in the voice of the carrier is his understanding. It's what is happening on his art when he is reciting the Quran.

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So as Ambassador Allah Allah reciting Quran imagine what what kind of experience there must be.

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Hasn't masala, a parrot? raga and he met da.

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And when he finished, this tea was there. He started weeping and he said, Please, yeah, say the I bring him on again. And if Toba and make us too far, please make dua for me. Allah you gave me something which I could never have got.

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Anyway, this is real wealth that I am collected almost none of that

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I gave to steal something from you but you gave me a gift. And that gift is the connection with biology.

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This is the Oracle This is something in the heart and this is why Allah subhanaw taala centers rather than for us to sit and reflect and think. I want to end with my favorite story on this. And that is from the life of ottima Lhasa, Primal lightoller we are doing a series of lectures on activism, the wisdom of Mahatma Simon, those people come into that class have heard this story many times. This is a different audience.

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How do you Allison allele was a great scholar of Islam and he lived in the time of I haven't been humbled.

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And there is a there is a record of the two meeting also. Now there are some was known for his that was his brand.

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His principle in life was anything which he considered zydus he would give away in charity, he would not give anything anything more than need he would give it so when they asked him Allah some had this real desire to make Hajj.

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So he

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collected some money, but he didn't have enough he had money for his fare on the caravan but he didn't have money to leave behind for his family.

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So he was very sad. He called his family together he called his wife and so on. He said, Look, I

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you know, I want to go for Hajj. But this is a situation. What must I do? His wife said, if you have the money go if you don't have the money, Don't go, don't go.

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So it was very sad. That one day he was sitting he was thinking about this. Almost all the caravans have gone the last one is there, you know, I am unable to go at this really deep desire to go porridge.

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And tears started flowing from his eyes.

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His little daughter was passing she swam she said whatever Why are you crying? He said this is the situation. This is not where you go to go. Allah subhanaw taala will take care of us.

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I will convince our mother and my mother and so on.

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So she did that Hashem, Allah subhanaw taala

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as they started off in the caravan, going

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a scorpion bit, the head of this caravan. He was in transplant, he was suffering he was struggling, had a delay

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a door for him. And he became Okay. Now the man was so grateful to him that he said to him, I will take care of your entire travel. Here's the fare you gave me take it back. You are my guest and I will take care of your entire travel until you come back home.

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So Angela, had Murali raised his hand and he said yeah, Allah you have taken care of me. Now take care of my family.

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Meanwhile, they have gone to Hajj Meanwhile, the family is now in difficulties because there is no money there is no they they are having that they're having trouble for food and so on and so forth. And the mother is, you know, angry with the daughter. But the daughter is smiling and laughing.

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She's smiling and laughing.

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To the mother says what's wrong with you? Are you smiling and laughing? She said tell me. The mother said the Father has gone there's no one here. There's no one for you. However, will we go How will we How will we sustain ourselves and you are laughing and you are the cause for this because you are the one who persuaded me to agree and so on. The daughter said tell me who left who has gone the Razak or the merfolk

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The Giver or the consumer, the mother said who the consumer she says Then why are you worried? The Giver is still there.

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So why are you concerned? Why are you worried?

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This is the meaning of tacos.

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I will continue the story inshallah. In the in another story is not ended yet. It is one part of the story. But keep this in mind this taco taco is to keep our focus on the Razak on the Rasul Allah subhanaw taala. You're in case in this case hottie Manasa was about zoek he was the means by which the family was getting sustenance. The daughter is saying the means has gone the one giver has not gone if one means goes he will provide from some other means. So in your In my case, your salaries, your jobs, your businesses, all of these are means these are not our providers, the providers Allah subhanaw taala general

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and our belief is that after all of Allah in the law horizontal,

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let us have faith in Allah and nothing else. And we ask Allah to fill our hearts with token and wisdom. And we ask Allah to Allah be pleased and to accept orders.

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To ensure that we asked no one except him

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while he was in the garage