The 5 P’s of Life

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smilla rahmanir rahim I recently spoke at my former high school. And in addressing the Youth Day, both Muslims and non Muslims, I thought, which are the principles of Islam that can be beneficial to all of those present? In other words, young people, mostly teenagers, from both Islam as well as other religions, and who probably don't want to hear a religious sermon at the time. So how could we make a message relative to them, and I decided to draw principles from Islam by using a simple formula that everybody can really remember. And this is down to the five P's really, the first is prosperity. prosperity is something that every human being strives for, we are introduced to the

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idea of success. From the time that we can remember, we are told to study hard, work hard, do our homework, go to school, be attentive, learn extra classes, etc. all towards prosperity becoming successful. Our idea of success is no money dunya based, you know, a big house, a nice car, living in a fancy area having nice things. But in a certain prosperity is actually greater than that. prosperity in Islam is to be successful, not only in this life, but also in the laughter and success in the after, depends on how we live in this world with morals and ethics, living a life that is pleasing to God Almighty. So that's the first p prosperity. But how do we attain prosperity? So the

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second P is purpose. So as you've seen in our video on purpose, you have to find your own calling in life? How do you do that? It's very simple, actually, in terms of theory, but more difficult, of course, in terms of practice, one has to ask, What am I really good at? Or to put it in a better way? What is God given me? What are my god given talents that I could really contribute and make a difference in the world? Secondly, what's the most positive way that I can make a difference using those talents? And then thirdly, how can I use those talents in a positive way for the sake of God Almighty, with those three points meet, we will find our purpose. Its point is that we looking for a

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purpose in life that has absolutely nothing to do with what we can influence or where we can make a difference for we perhaps don't have any skills in that arena. If I am, for example, completely clueless about technology, without a willingness to learn about technology, then my purpose in life shouldn't be to advance technical knowledge or technical advancement in the world. And this is how we really look at our purpose. But we have to me most certainly have to find our purpose in life. The third P is passion. It's so important that we feel our purpose with passion that we become from among those who give it our all, once we find our calling, that we live and make our purpose, our

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priority. And this is what passion is all about. And it's very easy as a young person, or as any human being, for that matter, to be pulled away from your calling, to be pulled away from your purpose, for your passion to be extinguished by other people, by the naysayers of the world. by people who tell you you can't do it, you are unable to do it, you will never get it right. Or they try to influence you by distracting you with things which are mundane and not sinful to your passion and your purpose. So we need to have passion and never ever allow others to extinguish our passion. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam again, in terms of purpose, he told us in the mallamma,

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Labine, yet actions are according to the intentions are in numerical limiting in Manoa and each person will only get to receive what he or she intended. So that's the purpose. As far as the passion is concerned, listen to his words. Salah lioness alum, Harris, Allah may in fact, be eager, or go for that which is beneficial to that purpose. So behind Allah,

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we've got prosperity, we've got purpose, and we've got passion, they after we have to have the fourth be path, we have to find a path towards realizing that purpose towards realizing that passion. If we don't have the path. If we're not willing to take the route that is necessary to get the 10 we will simply have a wishful thinking purpose, we will have a dream without any desire with a dream without any effort towards that dream. It's a pie in the sky really, because we never going to find that to be realized in our life. We see this in our Deen we have to ask Allah all the time in dinner sirata Mr. King, guide us to the State Bar. It's not just we wish for gentlemen

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Yes, we wish for gender, but we have to walk the path that takes us to gender. And similarly in this dunya, if you want to be the best at your field, you want to be the best carpenter, the best engineer, you have to do what the best carpenters and the best engineers do in order to be the best, you have to do what it takes. And you only get that with the other piece that we've already spoken about, like passion, that you have to stick to that path. Every deviation from that path is a deviation from your passion. It's a deviation from your purpose, and it means it's going to take you far longer to get where you desire to be. And this of course, leads us to the last and final p, the

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five B's persistence, Allahu Akbar subud is the Islamic concept of persistence. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us about Subhan Allah Allah teaches us about Sabah in Lacan and the concept of somebody so vast it will require not only one lecture, but a series of lectures to describe. But Saba, I believe, is in deodorants with righteousness, it needs to stick to something with the righteousness that regardless of the difficulties, regardless of the challenges and the circumstances that you may face, submit is not just to be patient when things are hot, no subsidies, whatever. So we'll happy whatever so be solid, to strive for the truth and to stick to it, to stick

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to it no matter what. And if you stick to that path that's fueled by your passion, towards your purpose. Insha Allah, you will reach prosperity

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and health me