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Elmo? glary Santa Monica warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah le wasapi mama wa Obi. And as we sit against all odds that we moved to LA salat wa salam, who could have been poor from the very beginning and used to poverty and would be prepared for the meeting with Allah Subhana Allah through that. Now he grew up in affluence, handling the house of the richest family in Egypt, the phaedo and now he's having to flee not only from his home, but from his riches from his background from his, what he thought was his family, from his own tribe, you know, the bunnies right here, and even from Egypt. So nahi Musa la salat wa salam in verse number 21

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out to be laminate on the regime for her Raja minha so he lived Egypt core effect in a state of fear you know, me being absolutely ski doesn't know what's going to happen next. And he has nothing no job, no income, no home, so behind a lot, yet that rock club and he's looking around all the time, you know, looking over his shoulder, just waiting for that moment where he would be captured. Color He then said, Robbie, indeed my load rugby oh my god nagini Please save me minakami volley mean from the wrongdoing the oppressing people. Now notice here that we've already now seen a trend in the life of an AVI musala salat wa salam. At every stage. He speaks the alosa behind it with data. You

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know, no matter how effluent ease no matter how destitute he is, when he's in a position of power, when he's in a position of abject poverty and fear, he turns to Allah azzawajal so we can we can learn from this because we as Muslims, we have to have this type of relationship with Allah Subhana Allah they be constantly speaking to Allah, from our hearts based on the circumstances of our life at that time. Don't just have a single track conversation with Allah Subhana Allah you know, we do is we've memorized the Arabic tour as ritualistic or as we have opening their eyes and closing their eyes and we customarily make use of the salah and so on. But we also need to actually speak to Allah

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engage with Allah azza wa jal. You know what color buku the rune yesterday welcome, Allah says, Call upon me I will answer you. We are now in the month of Ramadan about Ramadan in the middle of those verses Allah says, Why there Celica the Anita in new Karim when my servant asks you Oh Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about me and what did they ask the us is our load near so we can we can westborough is a far away so we need to shout. Allah says for India Karim, I am near GE without a doubt either that i i Allah will respond to the one who calls upon me whenever they call. So we should call upon Allah subhana wa Tada. throughout our day throughout our night, when we with our

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families when we driving, when we working. When we come across a new situation of prosperity or adversity, always speak to a lot we learned this from Nabil Moosa, as I said, that was sent out and in fact, all of the MDF, then have been moved to Elisa to Salaam goes towards the direction of the of the city called meridian. While ama and when the word jaha, he turned towards tilaka madeon, the direction of meridian Euler, he says, I said I'll be perhaps my load a DNA will guide me so I Sabine to a straight path to a sound way, in other words to a good outcome. Now Subhanallah imagine, and I'm sure that you know all of us are facing difficulty, we in the covid 19 pandemic and the lockdown

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and our income has been affected, and our livelihood has been affected, etc. So we know what difficulty is like but there are people who are going through so much more difficulty than we are more or less behind, whether it be with all of you and all of the people in the world who are experiencing difficulty. May he bring comfort and ease once more. But even the lamb Allah Allah give that to us and Bismillah we will get that in sha Allah. So look at this. He's at the height of abject poverty, he's got nothing and he's got no promise of anything coming in. But he hasn't lost hope in a lot. He goes, he doesn't make sense if it's a leaves Egypt and he goes some way. So he's

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making his whatever he can do, you know, just what can you do? We can just basically flee. But even then, he still speaks to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he says, you know, perhaps a level will guide me to a better way to a sound place. And he's he's hopeful. And the lesson we learn from this season, no matter how difficult things might seem, never lose. Hope.

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the mercy of Allah have been moved to LA salette wa sallam now arrives in Medan while I'm waratah when he comes ma Medan to the water of Medan meaning he reached a well, why should I lay he he then found at the well because of course he is now thirsty from his arduous journey. He found the mutton a group of people, millionaires from among the people, yes, schooner. And they were drawing water from the wall with which they would feed the the flocks. So the sheep were drinking of the water. Or why do you have what what did i mean do I need him and then on the sidelines, he sold him rotten to women, that Sudan and they were holding back so they were also there with a flock, but they were

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keeping the flock back from the from the water so the flock was not drinking color. Now we moved to LA Salatu was Salam. He turns to them and he says Malhotra boo Kuma. What's the story with with the two of you? You know, why are you here? Why are you not giving you your sheep water to drink? Carlita when they responded Lana ski? No we cannot give our flock water had to use the route until the shepherds you know those ones. You see the until they leave. We can't go what a buena and our father Shea Hoon cabbie is an old man. So you see the word shave actually means an old man and then cubbies emphasis and also our fathers really old. What they actually saying is, you see this is

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actually a male's duty in our context. And if it was a man, then he would have authority he would have power nobody would be able to push him around. But because we are women, these men they are they're pushing us about In other words, they don't allow us to come and give our sheep water until they finished so that that's why we standing on one side and our father is an old man so they explaining this terribly Musa Alyssa that was sent him an IV Moosa is a good person. He's a good person is an abbey of Allah. He's got a good heart, and he's also very strong. We learned that before Of course, so that'd be Moosa, la salat wa salam for sakala Houma. He then feeds the flock he

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takes the flock and allows the flock to drink water, through metal Voila. And then after this is all done, he turns back Illa Ville and goes to rest in the shade. So he wants more takes refuge in the shade for coil and when he says, Robbie, oh my lord in me indeed I, Lima and Zelda for that which you send down, Ilya to me, mean hiring of any good fapy rune, I'm a

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sucker means I'm poor. I'm in need. I am impoverished. Subhana Allah, I love this verse so much, because it teaches us again number one, that throughout our day we should be talking to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And especially when we are going through tough times, remember the prophet SAW sent him said the power of a law law he for raha Yeah, if he said that. Remember, Allah in times of ease alone will remember you in times of difficulty, but also remember a lie in times of difficulty. And even if you don't remember and remember Allah in times of ease, he will still remember you in times of difficulty. So heinola This is the Rama at the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But the

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point that I wish to bring out here from this Torah is that Look at the beautiful expression of NaVi musala salat wa salam. This is not an Arabic to either de memorize from a booklet, this is not some, you know, prescribed litany or something that he was told to say, from his heart, he felt this and he spoke to Allah. And he used the opportunity, you know, and this is what we should learn here as well. He used the opportunity that Allah had given him, what opportunity was that the opportunity to do good for others. So because he was able to do something good for others, he had no money, he had no power, he had no authority, he had nothing. But he was able to do one act of kindness. And he was

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able to help some women who needed assistance with a flock. You know, they wouldn't destitute or begging him or anything of that nature. Just out of the goodness of his heart. He did an act of kindness and we call that sadaqa you know, the prophet SAW some tutors smiling in the face of your brother is a sadhaka and we can all afford to smile. So yeah, a lot. The the type of interaction we see is just, you know, you can't buy this, this is this is beautiful. This is really from the heart. Have you moved to LA salatu wa sallam, he goes in, he sits in the shade of the inner did that task. And later we will come to learn that he actually moved a big rock while he was in a very, very big

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rock. And he's obviously tired and he's taking rest in the shade. But after having done this good deed, by the grace of Allah, He uses the opportunity to make and what we learned from this is when Allah grants us the opportunities to do good, whether that be of a bad you know, like Salah or and etc

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Whether that be an act of kindness to another, whether it is our own family members, our neighbors, our friends, our colleagues, etc. But when we do an act of kindness, when we do any good deed, we should take advantage of that opportunity by following it up with Dora turning to Allah Subhana Allah and asking ALLAH, Oh Allah,

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you know, I need this or Oh Allah, you are, you're great to me in this I thank you for that favor. Oh Allah, you've given me the ability to fast in this month of Ramadan. And you know, I really appreciate this this favor of health. Allah as you have granted me the health to fast I asked you to grant me the wealth with which I can feed my family as an example so behind Allah but speak to Allah from the heart, you're gonna be moved to LA salat wa salam makes a dua because he's got nothing so he's got nothing to lose any makes it though I have a person who's got nothing to lose this is Allah, any goodness that you may send down, anything that you may send down. I am faqeer am

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desperately in need of it. So he opens himself up to the Rama the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala really a true sense of tawakkol and what happens next is an immediately an immediate response from Allah azza wa jal and so behind Allah.

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Let's see how this unfolds, which we will tell you more about tomorrow evening between either either or so Lola who is sitting there Mohammed spinalonga, Hamdi superhigh, Nicola homovanillic La ilaha illa Anta Nestor fuuka wanted to be like Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh