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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah or AlLahi wa sahbihi oma whatever bad sir Mr. aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I welcome you to this series on the life of Abu Salah salat wa salam in which we've dealt with heavy Moosa and Pharaoh well then we will says birth and move around and we will certainly be nice about you or the Israelites, maybe more so with his brother hat on. That'd be more solicitous lamb getting married. We've also dealt with heavy moves and he did in the previous lesson, two lessons and now in in these final distance, there are a number of aspects of the life of solicitors will also cover. One of the incidents actually happened

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a bit earlier on, it's a bit of a digression from the story between him and around. So after, after before Naboo solicitor left Egypt, with the Israel with benissa Isla Israelites and between these discussions with your own van at ally lane with a crystal Olivia Bunny, having Musa Alyssa to some also faced another very

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big opponent if I can call it that. Another trial that he needed to face which Allah to Allah highlights in the Quran. And this was in the form of the person by the name of our room. In surah cosas all of it Allah informs us of this particular person Koran, and he's his name in acquittals. Benny surah. He was Cora Nabi Musa, began to face a difficult situation with him. He had to confront fear. On the one hand, he had to confront the mutiny of his own people, the pennies or even at the hand. And in the midst of all of this, now, Cora or qarun, also moved. So Cora coruna was one of the most hands on people. So he was from among the bunnies, Raju. But he was extremely rich, like what

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we would say for the rich, and he lived in a magnificent mansion. He was only the best, most expensive clothes, he had numerous slaves, waited upon him night and day, indulge in every possible actually, that he could. And his enormous wealth, unfortunately made him very arrogant. And this is not a necessity of wealth. Wealth doesn't have to make you arrogant. We know that the thing will promise gentlemen, in the lifetime among the Sahaba, many of them would have been considered today's millionaires, and they were extremely wealthy. But the wealth made them more able to worship Allah as opposed to being arrogant. And we also learned from sort of Caf before it will contain at great

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power and great wealth, but he was close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that, you know, that's just to balance the whole idea that wealth is equal to be evil, and it's not. But in the case of qarun, he fell prey to becoming arrogant. He treated the poor with contempt. He told him that the poverty was due to the lack of intelligence, he believed that what he owned was due to his own cleverness and his business ability. Now, we must bear in mind that Cora to pay his account his wealth or arms to the poor portion of which was rightfully due to the poor, and arms are compulsory upon all believers as we know even in our own Chediak. So, in this incident with Cora as we will find out in

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certain passes, which is the sort of we actually started the studio out with, we learn about the dangers of love and the problems that our room fell into.

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Now, to begin, we will look at verse number 76 a bad and akula will be lamina shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim in Nepal una Can I mean call me Musa, we call rune was among the people of nahi Musa Moses peace be upon him fabella la him, but he rebelled against him he he was a tyrant against them.

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What are they now who and we Allah gave him minella coluzzii from among the treasures ma such a degree in them fit Whoa, that is keys, the keys to call runes treasures, let us know below that it would have it would have burden it would have been difficult to carry for a low spec with an entire group will cover not only a group, but a group of strong people would have would have been would have found it very difficult to get these keys that can you imagine how large the keys these treasures were, if this is the, if this is what all it is saying literally, if it's a figurative expression, then it means that, you know, he's so rich that the keys to his treasure safe is is

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beyond what we can imagine. So it could be a an idiom, but it could also be interpreted literally

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No reason why we shouldn't understand the literal interpretation. And in this, we believe that such keys are too big and of course knowing the colossal size of the things that the Egyptians had, and they both at the time, I don't think it's too difficult to, to regard it as literal. If since all Allahu como remember when Roger even when his people say to him, let them don't become proud don't become too don't exhaust yourself from very high means to be happy. But it's not that don't be happy. It's more like don't be proud of what you have you full of pride and vanity. In Allah Allah you have wolfberry hain. Allah does not love those who are proud, haughty, and they become jubelin

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and exalting about their own wealth in their own selves.

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What better a better Ah, the Sikh faema attack Allah in what Allah has given you at

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the after, this is the key. Wealth doesn't necessarily mean evil. If you use your wealth to do this, to seek that which seek through that which Allah has given you, the next life we are after spin in the way of Allah be charitable, be kind to your family, your neighbors those in need. In its good. While at 10 Center, see back Amina dunya. But do not forget your portion, your allotment of the dunya. In other words, yes, work harder for the accurate. And that doesn't mean neglect the dunya entirely, you have a portion of the doing so don't forget your share of the dunya for the Sahaba YOLO. And this verse was was a wake up call that they shouldn't be too neglectful of the worldly

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life because they were so engrossed in the ibadah and the the zeal for the after. So when they did this verse, it was like, Okay, you know what, it also worked for the dunya a little bit. What we do today is we read the same verse, and for many people, it's like, yeah, you see, Allah says, Don't forget your portion of the dunya. But what we actually need to remind off sometimes is Don't forget your portion of the Acura. So this verse is needs to be understood in that context. When Allah says, we're asking, and be good to others, you know, be people with sn as though you see Allah or at least with conviction that Allah sees you. Come x and Allah who you like, be good to others as Allah has

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been good to you. Well at the Basilica said, Don't seek to cause corruption in the land. In Alba, whatever ke l fissara. Fill out don't see corruption will end in in Allah Indeed, Allah azza wa jal law you will have seen Allah does not love the characters. So don't use whilst Of course, corruption and of course, yeah, we can give an entire we can probably write an encyclopedia about wealth and corruption of power and corruption and politics and corruption. So this in and of itself is a serious message from the Quran. Allah qarun said, in the mentality to Allah in Indy. Oh, no, no, no, what I've been given is because of the knowledge that I have, our lm Yeah, Allah. So Allah asks,

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Does he not know and Allah that God could mean probably he had destroyed before him before qarun. In alcool generations, man who was said to me who coverton from among those who are more, they were more, they were stronger than him, I shall do means more intense mean, who then him who were then in terms of strength will accelerate them and they were more in terms of the numbers.

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So, don't become haughty. Don't think that Allah can get you as well. If, if you think that, you know, this is from me, it's not from Allah now. And this is the type of attitude that we can sometimes see among people, when when people start saying things like, you know what, I worked hard for what I have. And it's true, you have worked hard for it you have. But if you start thinking like that, and instead of saying, you know, hanging in there, you know, I really worked hard, and Allah has granted me this. That's a different way of thinking. So sometimes when people speak like this, it reveals a little bit about how you actually think and what you believe, you know, this is my

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blood, sweat and tears that I poured into this. Now it is the blood, sweat and tears that OLED granted you to deploy into that, Oh, no, this is all what this is. This is what I put in the time that I put in and the hard work that I put in and my intellectual property and my ideas and so forth. Now it is that which Allah had granted you as sustenance in terms of your ideas and your intellectual property and what you put in. So it's a very different, you know, makeup in terms of how we think our psyche.

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So like, that is giving us a strong warning here, to not let wealth no matter how small or how big it may be, get to us and May Allah grant us to take heed of this Listen, whether you silo and beam, and you will not be asked about the sins and images anymore about the sins of the criminals.

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The criminals

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In other words will not be questioned as in you know like

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why did they Why did they get punished or why did they do this why did they do that know when criminals are seized the alleged behind with either they are seized

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because they did wrong and they don't get the chance for trial or you know like to go stand on the on the

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in front of the judge and then first get sentence now if they do wrong I'll let it will take them to account immediately. So now let Allah protect us from allowing wealth or power to get out hits for holiday Aleppo, me effiziente so he Koren went out to his people with all these adornments and all these beautiful clothes and jewelry. Allah levena Yuri do not hire that dunya and then those who wanted they wanted the dunya they wanted this worldly life they said yeah later Lana mithila udia Korean. Oh, how we wish that we had the same as what called Hoon has in the Hulu housing. avi because virally, he has been given a great fortune he's been given a a large portion of the dunya a

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call la Vina, ooh, la la, those who are given your knowledge base in whaler come, Woe unto you. So I will I hate the reward of allies much better. Demon Amana. For those who have Eman? Well, I mean, I saw your hand and they do righteous deeds, while I call her illa saburo. But no one receives this except those who are patient, they'd be with patients. So yeah, so behind the law. You already learned that or who was arrogant and he was, he was going to be destroyed by Allah subhanaw taala. But these people were looking at cartoon, they didn't know that. All they saw was a rich man with a lot of stuff. And they were saying, at least the people who wanted dunya they wanted this life as

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opposed to wanting the Acura, they were saying, you know what we want that we like that we want to aspire to that. Lo and behold, what they don't know is that they are trying to aspire to something that is going to be destroyed, that is actually destructive. And that's what happens to us in our the in our lives as well. Those who really want to hear and are concerned with the dunya they admire the rich and the famous and the powerful and they want to be like them. But they also want to be burdened with the same burdens and punished with the same punishments if they are deserving of punishments. So we we shouldn't always beg Allah for wealth and we should create wealth. This is why

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the profits are some truth as to not only ask for wealth, but ask for raise can nafa ask for beneficial love. Because that's what a lot of wealth, then we don't know at which point it's no longer beneficial for us and it's actually harmful to us. That will grant us the understanding for Stephen r v. Wahby. That he or Allah says we swallowed him and his own Alba, he recalls the earth to swallow him and he's in his house for American Allah hoomin fee, I think young soluna hoomin do Neela so he had no group to help him from Allah Subhana Allah and His plan what am i can i mean an LCD and no was able to help himself. And it's because of this word would be Daddy, you know, we

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swallow we cause the earth to swallow his home that even caffeine is of the opinion that this incident took place before Nabil Moosa and it's right in the venue so he left Egypt because they in Egypt they had homes that you know buildings, whereas after that they were basically wandering in the land waiting to find a place to live and I'll let it knows best. And then what else for Halloween atta man, no matter McKenna will be amps. Then those people who wanted to be in his place yesterday, those people who are admiring all these riches and all these wealth they became today yaku Luna they started saying, wake up in the La Jolla Basu tourist column Asia, they said oh no,

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no, no, no they turn back Oh Allah extends provision.

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risca Lima Yeshua tombs Avi will mean a body of his servants. Why are they any proportions withholds from

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Lola Amanda Lovell Elena, the house of abena waker and now hula you freehold capital in a city said, If Allah subhanho wa Taala if not allied conferred favor upon us. Right, then you would have caused it to swallow us. In other words, if if Allah subhanaw taala gave us what he gave qarun then we would have been we is now and handle I think the believers in our world today are going to feel the same on the deaf piano when those stars with a worship and the sportsmen will be worshipped. And when I say worship, I mean really admired and wanted to be like and aspire to be like, when they perhaps if they are not believers, and they're not living righteous lives are going to have a very,

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very bad outcome. And then we will feel happy that we had, what we will continue to do whatever it is

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So let's not wait for that time. But be contented with what Allah Allah has given us now. And it's not to say we shouldn't aspire to worldly gain, but always that which is beneficial for us. And the richest person is the one who has content with of heart. That is true wealth, not money, I was granted the understanding to get there with a zero, that is the author now jalahalli Lavina, we make Viola make it little Edina for those who lie you redo, they lie you redo no they do not want to do one fill out they do not want position to be high in this in this earth, while as I said and no other seeking to cause corruption in it, while anarchy by two and the end result meaning the

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ultimate good end result will be dealing with the pain for those who have Taqwa. In other words, those who build up the Allah consciousness and that's exactly what we are striving for and have been striving for during this month of Ramadan and we pray and we big Allah

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make us of the clean Aloma hetton Abbey taco is the common law. surround us with taqwa and with consistency, you know make that our lucky herbal alanine and make us allama and then otoko Shahada Ramadan, all the makers of the same ones in the month of Ramadan, and those who attain taqwa during this month of Ramadan. Until next time, I solo LSE, Dina Mohammed's have a handle on handy so hi Nicola will be hungry. inhalant and selfie Luca wanted to be like a Selam Aleykum Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh