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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was so happy he won or whatever. But I said Mr. Equal more affirmative ly obrigado. Welcome to our series on the life of an AVI Moosa Alayhi. Salatu was salam, Prophet Moses peace be upon him. That's fine. The CDs we are now we know the musasa slam is talking to Allah through the burning bush.

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At this point on the Mount of tour, Aleta Anna showed him signs it showed him that his stick can turn into a serpent he showed him that his hand can turn this white glowing color, and that it won't be defective. Then we found out that Allah gave you a mission, which against all odds, once more was for him to go to the one person he was trying to avoid within anyone which was fair, and to give him the power to according to Allah, because for in a hotel because he had rebelled against a law he had committed grave sins. Now now musala citizen is busy making it Allah Subhana Allah, we learned about the

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rubbish Rafi surgery via silly emri aka data melissani of kuqali. Another point that I that I want to mention is that often when auditors and speakers, even myself, sometimes when we start as a habit, we kind of read the story, because it's part of our opening ritual. And we also read it out loud. But I think we might get a lot more benefit if we make this too, before we even reach the podium, silently to ourselves to Allah subhanho wa Taala to really connect with the meaning of the UI, and I think that would be more impactful in Sharla. But now that we move solicitous Lam thought that you know, he cannot do this on his own. Besides having all this behind with the LS as divine

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help, you also need another another resort in the dunya say, ask Allah for more assistance in the form of the following in Serato hostel verse number 29, Allah azzawajal tells us that NaVi musala cetera Salaam asks him in da, what's your I Li y, z ROM in alley and a lot make for me, a minister, he was a representative been actually from my own family. He says how hoonah he rule normally translated into English or in a or in her own coffee my brother. So in other words, appoint my brother, as a helper with me along with me, push you to be ezri so you can strengthen with him, you increase my strength. In other words, through him You can you can reinforce my strength in this

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mission that you have given me. Now, Allah Subhana, Allah tells us he continues to the hour the description of his of his request, or actually Kofi Emery, allow him to be a partner in my task, right to give this responsibility to both of us a new sub B hacker kathira. Look at the motivation. He's motivating why Allah Subhana Allah should do this for him. This is so that Okay, so that new sub B hacker, we can make this be kathira a lot, so that we can make more thicker. So if I go on my own, I can only do so much. But if we go as a as a as a force together united force, then these Vicar and my Vicar can reinforce it, and look what he's saying. This is so deep to the handler

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because instead of us just kicking that you know Moosa makes the kid when he's when he's going to go around to Allah, we learn that and we also learn how important the vicar is that care, remembering Allah is to this prophet of Allah, that you would actually ask for an assistant and the first motivating factor is that the assistant will assist him in remembering Allah so they can remember Allah more. So came to 70, Hakka, kathira, so that we make this be in abundance, the power of Vicar, to the salia hain, to those who are close to Allah is really something that they, that they, they strive for, because they understand the power of victory to say so behind the loss behind the light

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handed in Allah.

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For us normal folk, we are instructed to make thicker and we try and we make it but I don't think we can comprehend the true power of these Africa, of actually remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala for W musala. Set Islam This is like the most important element of his mission. And he knows he can only accomplish this, if he's reliance is on Allah in such a way that he's remembering a lot over time. And this is a principle of Dharma, you know,

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Not only of any religious matter is that it is powered by that the powerhouse of the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada. So if you're involved in any, any any any Islamic endeavor, whether that be a Masjid, whether that be a madrasa or a charity drive in a public speaking, MSA, whatever it is you may find yourself occupied with but your motivation is for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, then do understand that your power is not going to come from any worldly means it's not about how good your PowerPoint presentation is, or how much money you spend on the website or the platform. Now, the power the true power of Your mission is derived by the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah and this

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is so important. So if you're involved in any Islamic activity, remember these verses because they are so relevant to you and over and above that, all of us who are working and you know earning a livelihood for our families Hello risk that is in the path of Allah subhana wa tada imagine the difference of your working day your productivity is powered by the remembrance of Allah as opposed to just, you know, calculated videos and, and you know, your own infrastructure. Everything else is important, you must get knowledge you must get that new knowledge also, but if you drive it with spiritual power, you'll achieve so much more inshallah. So you motivated through the remembrance of

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Allah, whenever karaca kathira and we remember you in abundance, so it's actually the same thing, but this is you first mentioned and then you mentioned the kid in general. Now we can make a lot of test B and we can make a lot of Vicar if we are partnered together. And we also learn from this. That nahi Musa Allah salat wa salam and his brother are actually positive influences for each other. So he knew that this brother of mine is a positive influence for me, you will bring me closer to Allah you remind me of a lot so you will actually assist me in my mission. And this listen can apply to all of us as well. Surround yourself with those who remind you of Allah. Just being in the

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company makes you feel like you're a better person, I can improve it. When you leave the company you feel as though you've benefited spiritually as well as in other words in other ways. Now, we move on from the and then Allah Subhana Allah tells us that he concludes in a cocoon Davina basura indeed you are Allah you see us as you are able to see us and you will always be watching over us so I know that you are watching us and I'm aware that you are in charge and that you are fully in control back you know I want my brother to assist me and we will we will draw your help together even more handle so beautiful. And this takes us back to Soraka sauce. The last verse we did in a was 32 then we

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diverted and degreaser to normal and then Serato her navigating back to Serato processing we continue from 33 onwards Allah He said rabine Patel to me whom Nelson now one of the mu solicitous alum is described, to talk to Allah and say Allah, my Lord, I cube a person from among them for a half hour and I fear a Aqua to loon, they are not going to kill me. So I've been most illicit Islam is turning to Allah, Allah, I'm in trouble here with these people. If I just go back, you know, I'm guilty of a crime, they're going to kill me or made me to accomplish my mission that you've given me to go to fear and go to Pharaoh and invite him to you when I might be apprehended. And they might

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execute me. So Allah Subhana Allah is giving us an insight as to the state of Nevada musala cetera Salaam he was worried about not being able to fulfill the commands of Allah and therefore turn to Allah to Allah for help. In his in his problem, this is a recurring theme in his life, where he Haruna who afsa hominy lisanna. And now we also get a different perspective. So Sharapova, we heard that heroin was a good influence is going to help him in his mission year in certain puzzles, and be musala citizen motivated from a different perspective. And he says my brother Harun, actually my brother Harun Oren who he is more eloquent meanie than I am, listen and in terms of his tongue, so

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he can speak more fluently, more eloquently than I can for our son who Maria to send him along with me, our seal, like from the way the rustle, or our soul needs to send him and it actually means that he's asking Allah to make his brother here also a messenger. Right reader and you saw the akoni in the UK people. So make him send him along with me as a support as someone that I can take assistance from. You suddenly a pony you also verify me he will he will be able to attest to the

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fact that I'm telling the truth and in the ahafo and I fear or you can be booted people are gonna deny me they're gonna say you coming here you kill them and you'd Anyway, now you want to come back and say that you're a prophet. No, no, no, no, this can't work. So now we move on I said to Sam, is is turning to Allah Subhana Allah actually ask Allah to make her own profit and to, to allow the two of him to Shay in this tremendous mission to go to one of the most arrogant people who have walked the face of this earth and to actually call into Allah Subhana Allah, Allah for the booty. So Elijah yeah Moosa, Allah says back to Serato Hannah Musa, you had been given that which you asked for what

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will happen Allahu muroff Medina and we Allah granted him Moosa, mira mattina from our mercy, aha, who is brother Harun or nebia as a prophet, that is in Surah, Maryam. So you're in these verses Allah Subhana. Allah is telling us the response to the dose of NaVi Moosa and they said that was Salam. And we can of course learn that we should always turn to Allah Allah into our back to certain causes. Other than that, all he said center should do ADO that can be a fake Alessi to never be Moosa we will soon cause to strengthen your your power with your brother why ninja Allah Kuma and we will make a law we will make for the two of you who sign Harun soltana an evidence and authority for

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lirc Luna la Kuma Aya Tina

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lirc Runa la cama Biya, Tina Angela, one Manitoba Akuma Allah volleyball sosua Hanalei said, none will be able to reach you, because of the the signs the miracles that we're going to be giving you, both of you, as well as all of those who follow you on Ebola, you will be predominant you will be victorious over to Allah subhanho wa Taala is affirming that we will strengthen your arm outward is referring to a muscle and normally my teachers wish to point to the biceps. So it's your muscle, right? We're going to strengthen your muscles with your blood. In other words, we're going to make you strong by giving you your brother as a prophet. When as you're Allah Kuma and you will make both

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of you supine and a evidence and authority will make you strong lirc loose, they will not be able to reach you, your enemies won't be able to reach you big enough because of our signs and our miracles that we need to give you and all of those who follow you also meaning the Israelites, now. They are going to be victorious, you are all going to be victorious. What confident you get in the words of Allah Subhana Allah when he gives you such a surety and what happens next is Natalie Moosa proceeds to fulfill his mission. And how does this mission begin? It begins in Surah two Shara, which will commence with In our next lesson. So Allahu Allah signa Mohammed's have a handle on the family. So

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the Haleakala home will be handed to Allah in the Highlander selfie Luca wanted to be like Santa Monica Rahmatullahi wa barakato