Irshaad Sedick – How to Eradicate Ill-Feelings before the 15th Shabn

Irshaad Sedick
AI: Summary © The Shabbat and Laila holiday is a global pandemic, and the lack of authenticating or sharing experiences among Muslims is a concern. The importance of staying away from ill feelings and maintaining a clean heart is emphasized, and advice is given on giving gifts and not giving gifts until fully achieved goals. The importance of staying in one's home for three nights and not feeling anything special is emphasized, and the segment ends with a quote from a Muslim brother and sister who expressed gratitude for their success.
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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sherfield Mursaleen

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so you didn't want to be you know, Mowlana Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. While early he was so happy I do mine. Rubbish rally surgery why a silly Emery Mahalo, operator melissani of Cocconi Subhanak the idol Melina Illa Allah Turner in the candle Adam will Hakeem Allahu malema, my unfair owner, was it Nyingma mean erotica or hamara honey AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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plays and thanks to you sorry to ALLAH SubhanA Horta, Allah Jesus Peace, blessings and salutations upon our Master. That'd be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam a hello sir hello Namaha and we come. First and foremost we thank Allah azza wa jal for all the favors he continues to be still upon us. And we ask His forgiveness and His blessings that this gathering of Juma be a means for us to attain his forgiveness and be an expiation for everything that has transpired of negativity for the week that has gone by. And we thank Allah for the opportunity to be alive and well in the month of Shaban the month leading up to Ramadan. And we ask of him Subhana

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Allah, Allah to allow us to reach the month of Ramadan. And we ask that Allah azza wa jal grant, all our Muslim brothers and sisters, the sincere desire to reach the month of Ramadan, I mean, they are Bella Alameen Allahumma Salli, ala sayyidina, Muhammad wa ala ala Sayyidina Muhammad or verrico Salim one of the one of the negative aspects of the time that we are living in is the fact that we are living in a global village. This is both positive and negative, but from among the negative aspects is that when things are so accessible, and we are so connected, our circle of concern grows. And when our circle of concern grows, then we have we have too many things to focus on, and too many

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things that are

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occupying our minds and our heart spaces. And we need to be realistic with ourselves, our heart space, and our mind space is very limited. So when we are concerned about the Russia and Ukraine, or what's happening in the United States, what's happening in China and what's happening in this place in that place? Well, that's all good. And well. The problem is, we don't have much Artspace in mind space for what's happening right in front of us, what's happening within our own homes, and what's happening within our own families. And this family and home situation should be our primary concern. So in relation to that, and the fact that we find ourselves in the month of Shabbat and today we

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speaking about harboring ill feelings and how to eradicate them from our lives. Why? Why this topic in why now? And what is this got to do with the rest of the world? Well, quite simply put, on Wednesday evening, insha. Allah Allah Quran says life and to feek and blesses us on Wednesday evening will be a very special night, right? While scholars have differed about the authenticity of the of some of the Hadith, these at least one narration about which the majority of reliable Mohammed de foon and traditional scholars of Islam, in fact, even some non traditional scholars of Islam, regard is authentic, which we will discuss at length with Mila on the night of Laila to nice

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fish Shaban, right. Locally we refer to that night as RWR. We refer to that night as Roma in all likelihood that comes from

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Laylatul Barah. Allah irlam Right. Bara means the night of freedom, the night of freeing because on that night, as the Hadith states Allah azza wa jal

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he directs his attention subhanho wa Taala on the entire world, and he forgives everybody.

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He forgives everybody. And this particular narration while they are many this particular narration explains that there are two groups that would be excluded. The one is the machinic. The polytheist and the other is the Moshe the one who harbors ill feelings, they will be excluded from the Mercy of Allah from the forgiveness of Allah

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That night. Now, she is of course of different types we get a Shere Khan Akbar, the major form of shirk, which is to worship other than Allah. The very fact that we are present in Juma in sha Allah is a sign that we are not have the machinery code, right? We don't ascribe partners to Allah subhanho wa taala. Then these shakin actions, right and an individual beliefs when people perhaps have a mistaken aqidah about something or they do and particular activity badda in a way that could be described as a shared key practice. But that's not the primary meaning in the Hadith. And then we get Shere Khan as the minor form of shirk. The minor form of shirk is also called Rhea. In English

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we can say ostentation or most simply put, to do something for show, right? We we go and we recite Quran, but we are not reciting for Allah we are reciting, so people can hear us, we playing Salah very, very meticulously, but not because we are so pious and have a relationship with Allah but because people are watching us and we want to impress them, or we do something with the other for the sake of people's attention, whether they hear about us or whether they see us that is also a type of shark and therefore we should strive to rid ourselves of ostentation Livia and Suma RIA is when people see us in Sumatra is that people hear about us. Today we are not speaking about those

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will be important categories. We are focusing our attention on you will feelings and machinery called Moshe in the Musha Shahana harboring ill feelings, harboring negative feelings towards other Muslim brothers and sisters.

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It's very peculiar. It's very interesting that this entire category would be excluded from Allah's forgiveness. I'm asking a question think about it right? Does Allah ever in the Quran, indicate that he does not want to forgive? And Allah is reluctant to forgive or hesitant to forgive? No, it is the opposite, isn't it? So? Allah is awful Rahim. It is as though when you read Quran and Sunnah Allah He it is as though Allah azza wa jal is looking for an excuse to forgive you is looking for an excuse to pardon you and to bring you back on the Serato Mr. Kane, all of us, whether it be from one sila to the next Salah one Jumuah to the next June while Ramadan to the next Ramadan. There are so

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many ways to earn Allah's forgiveness and earn Allah's mercy

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on the night of the 15th of Shabbat and this this general forgiveness where Allah azza wa jal Pali, Allah Buddha Allah either Jeremy I call to Allah to ALLAH turns to all of his creations subhanho wa Taala and forgives everyone again. But then there's this group that gets excluded.

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My understanding of this, and Allah knows best is that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is preparing our hearts, minds and souls for the month of Ramadan.

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No Muslim in his or her right mind would want to be excluded from Allah's forgiveness. So we would strive to ensure that we are not from among those who will not be forgiven. That's the point. The point is not so we can come to the masjid on that night and say Look here, all the people who are not here not forgiven, and all the people who are busy doing this enough. That's not the point. This is not the slam, although some people treat Islam like that, like they're the gatekeepers of Jannah and only way version of Islam is gonna enter into Jannah but that's not that's not Allah. That's not the Allah that we read about and learned about in the Quran and Sunnah. So when we hear that the

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prophets Allah Allahu Allah was on Lana cursed so and so when we hear that ALLAH does not forgive someone, so it is not because they are damned, but because they need to be rescued. And Allah is rescuing them by informing them not to be guilty of certain things and in this case, it is to read oneself of ill feelings. Call Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the messenger of God peace be upon him said in a hadith narrated by Ernesto Malik reported in the in the Sudan of Imam materialy Rahim Allah Tada. He says, Oh my beloved son now unless even Malik had that type of relationship with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was practically his son, right? Say Nana see when

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Malik was given as a as an assistant, as a servant to the prophets of Allah who it is and by his parents, and he spent a solid, I think more than 10 years but this one narration we see is I was 10 years in the company of the Prophet lsfo Salam never did he asked me why didn't you do this? Or why did you do that? I've never touched anything.

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include in the hand of Rasulullah sallallahu Aeneas and so he's like a son.

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So the prophets Allah, lioness, MC steam, Oh my beloved Son, if you are able to pass the morning and the evening without harboring ill feelings against anyone, then do so. Oh my beloved Son, this is my son, this is my way and the person who revives my sooner indeed loves me, and who ever loves me will be with Me in Jannah Subhan Allah, it's profound that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is attaching eradicating evil feelings and inoculation from ill feelings not to get them in the first place. Right? He attaches that to his sunnah, saying that this is my sunnah. And we know the Sunnah is more than that. But here it is as though the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam is saying this is

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the sooner you want to know what the sooner is yours, the sooner stay stay clear from negativity towards others. Right? So it's an expression and then he says, who save it does this loves me and whoever loves me will be with Me in Jannah Allahu Akbar. Do we need any other motivation? No, we don't. This is enough for us. However, today we are looking at not just the theory, that we should stay away from ill feelings but we want to look at the practical. How do we abstain from ill feelings? How do we eradicate the ill feelings? So the first advice and yeah, I'm looking at the Hackman OMA or the National Elephanta we Rahima Hullo, the ILO and the great scholars of our

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tradition. And he's advice is always profound, because it's not just, it's not just legal but also spiritual in that. He says a Muslim should maintain a clean heart and avoid harboring ill feelings against others. Because harboring ill feelings, malice, jealousy, hatred against others, only causes more discomfort and misery to the beta himself and is devoid of any benefit. I always use the example. It's like the person who puts poison in their mouth. So I put poison in my mouth, and I keep it the right I play around with it in my mouth hoping that that poison is going to kill the people that I don't like. That's that's what we're doing. When we have ill feelings against others.

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Whether it be jealousy spite, anger, hatred, rank, you name it, that it's not going to damage that person, Illa, masha Allah, but it's going to damage ourselves. It's going to damage me.

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She carries on and he says on the other hand, if a person maintains a clean heart, you will experience more contentment and be more focused in life. Together with this you will be fulfilling a great sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you will earn the companionship of the prophets of Allah Allah Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, He will be a happy new year, but in general inshallah

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you will be with the Prophet La Silla salami, Jana. So what is the cure? He says, number one, you should make dua for those you are jealous of. That Allah grants them more. And Allah be with him in general make the life places you make dua for the well being, you make dua for the salvation in the akhira. And on and on. This is a very interesting but powerful way

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to deal with ill feelings. So they somebody you don't like they don't like you this bad blood, whatever the case may be.

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Imagine the power of taking some time out of your schedule, and going to make a private dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala the key being private, it's not going to work. If you go to the person tell them Do you know I just made five minutes of dua for you, but you're acting like this with me what's wrong with you? That's not the point. The point is secretly go and speak to Allah about that person, oh Allah. so and so.

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You don't even need to deal with your own feelings. Allah will take care of that, Oh Allah so and so increase them in Baraka, increase them in risk, increase them in whatever it is that is going on between the two of you make dua for that person. This will be a means for Allah to remove the ill feelings from your own heart in sha Allah. And imagine, just think about the scene in the Deaf PMO and this person comes in this TI deeds that they don't understand why it's there, where it comes from. And then Allah Subhana Allah shows them know that person they have such a problem with that person may do it for you. And this is the result of that, behind Allah. If it is possible, if you

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are by the means. This is another so now that we can that we can couple with this

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To have bow the Habu

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give, it will cause love to spread, give gifts it will cause love to spread. So here's a very practical tip before Wednesday, purchase as much data as you can from the masjid year. Right. And then you go around to all your family and friends, and you give them a Barack of dates. This is a win win situation, how the masjid wins because you're supporting them as you win because you you're supporting the magic you're giving sadaqa right so this double reward they your family wins because they getting dates for Ramadan Masha Allah, they getting a visit from you know getting a gift from new you and they win because they're going to break the fast inshallah with those dates, you will

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get the reward, they will get the reward. And on top of all of that, it will cause the love to spring forth from you. In a world where petrol is so expensive, you don't even want to put the driveway, a visit from a family member would be highly appreciated, that he didn't even need to give the gifts just the fact that you arrived there is a gift to the money it spent on pizza dough.

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But be that as it may give gifts doesn't have to be expensive. You don't need to take iPads to everybody. Just take them a small baraka of dates. This will be tremendous in its effect. Now it's going to be very suspicious. If you just take the dates to that one person you had an argument with, right? That is going to be much better if you find a way to give universally, thank you giving gifts and they just happen to be one of those people but secretly, they are the reason that you actually giving the gifts in the first place because you want that love to come back. And here it doesn't matter. None of what I'm saying. Is is is rested on whose fault it was, why this happened, etc. Put

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that aside entirely. So give gifts to each other. You will love each other and it will remove the ill feelings from the heart. This is the second the first one make do it. The second one, give gifts. The third one when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam arrived in Medina. One of the first pieces of advice he gave to its occupants was a shoe Salem abena calm type of shoe Salama Bernina calm spread the Salem This isn't Hi how's it now this is Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu re salami greeting, as burdensome as it may be, for some people to say, is not just a lengthy version of saying hi hello our you know, it is a dua that you are reciting for that person for yourself that

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will bring Baraka between the two of you, and it will cause love to spirit, the prophets of Allah it was salam though the Sahaba none of you will enter Jannah until you love one another. You will not enter Jannah enter believe he said firstly you will not enter Jannah until you believe then he said you will not believe until you love one another and then he said our adieu lucuma Allah Shea in shall not tell you about something either fall to move when you do it the have Bubba tomb you will love each other he said F Xu Salama by intercom greet one another greet one another it's a dying sooner right? We supposed to greet as Muslim Salim Allah men are after Allama Lam tarrif greet those

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you know in those who don't know today if you in public and another Muslim greets you that you don't know and then who's that person What's so weird it's weird and then the person is easy thing to greet back because I don't know this person. I don't know what the thought is. Maybe they greeting me because they want to rob me as if Rob is greet first. Allah knows best. But we suppose to spread the greeting of salaam among one another. Right? Greet? Or the first thing this this is a sign of where we are in our minds in art spaces. When somebody greetings is this person even Muslim? If he's not Muslim, then I'm not supposed to say well Alaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato I'm supposed

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to say what I like them. Simas first find out who this person is Muslim. La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah Rinaldi Have we reached that point, right? Allah grant us understanding. So the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam gave us these practical tips give gifts, right give gift.

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give gifts make dua and spread Salam, three things. Sometimes. The advice from the Sunnah is so simple, it seems too good to be true. But it's profound in its simplicity, because everything that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam instructs us with his from Allah and everything that comes from Allah has divine wisdom in it that you and I as much as we can try, we will not be able to figure it out entirely.

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We just we just have to reach a point where we say, you know, if this is from Allah and Rasulullah selesa summit in our Atlanta, let's do it.

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When we say give gifts, when we say make dua for each other, when we say,

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spread the salam, right, these three things can be done in one of two ways. It can be done in a fake way, and it can be done in a real way. What's the fake way? I'm gonna go

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with these no hot, minute greeting, that person is greeted, will feel so bad that you greeted them in that way. Because they know in the heart, this person is just greeting me now. Because they were either told to do so. Or they just want to make a scene, something of the sort Patty's no spirit in that greeting, right. Similarly, if you give some other car to another person, all the qualities of a house or the path should be given, must also follow the right hand Massena with the left hand must know what the right then gives. It must be given with a good heart. It mustn't be followed up with reminders and so forth. Tell the person whom I gave you dates in the 15th of Shaban and this is how

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you treat me. No, this is not it must be given genuinely just give like happily with a smile on one's face. Right, the greeting to when we greet each other be genuine, turn to the other person like the Prophet alayhi salatu was sent me to do and give that person your attention for that split second, it will do wonders beat me like to Allah, when you make dua for that person. Also, be careful of what you ask Allah as you might start with Allah making the offer that person that person is such a and then you go down the wrong road with you though I know we need to be genuine in this because it needs to start from a point in the heart we want to make positive changes

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Bismillah Allah look at the at the Quran itself. Allah Subhana Allah sees one Azhar and Murphy Pulu be him in real.

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When is this Allah speaks about when people enter into Jannah. Right in Allah says, and then we remove from their hearts all the ill feelings that they may have had. And then they will be brothers and sisters. Right.

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on thrones in Jana, reclining and looking at one another and having conversations. Now there's a good aspect to this. And there's a bad aspect to this, how is the possibly a bad aspect. On the one end, Allah speaking about how they're going to be entering Jana, and how they're going to be reclining and thrones and looking at each other. But also take a moment to appreciate the fact that Allah is telling us that these ill feelings will be removed when when they in the Jana, when they enter Jannah. This is bad, because this means that they live their entire lives with this ill feelings in their hearts, it means that they spent the entire duration of the Barossa in the

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cupboard with these ill feelings in their hearts, it means that they come on the day of Kiama and still add these new feelings in their heart, it means that they will cross that bridge over Jahannam towards Janice store where there's no feelings in the art and by some miracle, they still managed to make it to Jana, and only then will those ill feelings be removed. Subhanallah do we really want to harbor those things in our heart for that long to the point where we risking not even going to Jannah? And then only then will we be free of this burden that we carry with us. May Allah grant us the understanding and the toufic to get rid of it from our hearts. I mean, Robert, I mean, the the

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final story is a beautiful story that also contains the last bit of practical advice. And it's directly from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa, early he WASAPI or send them

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this hadith is narrated by Imam Othman. And it begins with the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Supported by NSCP Malik again by the way, Allah be pleased with him. He says we were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once and a man a man walk in before the man walks in the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says to the Sahaba a man from the people of Jana will walk in now, imagine we also think and you might say the next person who comes in the, you know, but why am I this is Rasulullah cellulitis. So the Sahaba on higher earth who's this person? So a man from the unsought residents of Medina he enters, he walked in His beard was dripping from the effect of

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He just performed voodoo. And he held the slippers with his left hand and he came in that was that. The next day, the prophet Elisha that was salaam sees the same thing. The next person walks in here from the people of Jana, lo and behold, it's the same man.

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The next day, exactly the same thing happens the same men. This time and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left the gathering Abdullah bin Rama Radi Allahu Anhu. He followed that men.

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And his intention for following that man was I want to spend some time with this man. three straight days the prophets Allah says MCs this man is of the people of Ghana. I need to know what he did, how he did it what he does, because I want to also be able to people of Ghana.

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This is the attitude of the Sahaba by the way, he didn't follow him with a dagger OR YZ of the people of Genoa, can I appeal to people of John, I'm going to get him now. Nothing of that sort. See, follows the man he then sees he makes up a bit of a story right? He says to the man, I misunderstanding with my father and I swore I'm not going to stay in his house for three nights. Please allow me to stay with you. I would like to spend these nights in your place. Now. In case you didn't know, a Muslim has the right to do this with another Muslim. Your Muslim brother and sister has the right to spend three nights in your home being fee. Right? This is just part of it. Cromwell

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Muslim like the the honor that we owe to another Muslim, if you get the visitor

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your visitor has the right to stay overnight for three nights in your hospitality, but be that as it may. The man says no problem. You may stay with me. So I believe and I'm going to tell us that he spent three nights and he did not notice anything special. The man stands up at night doesn't really engage in anything special have a bad day or the Sahaba generally made tahajjud This man doesn't stand for very very long. If he wakes up during the night he would simply remember Allah a little bit go back to sleep. I never heard him after except good things right? He is generally a good person, but he's looking for the what's the special thing that this man does.

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So after time has gone by he says to his host yeah Abdullah of servant of Allah. There was no dispute between me and my father. There was nothing that happened. This is the reason why I asked you to stay in your home. I heard the Prophet la salat wa salam saying that a man from the people of Jana is about to walk in the masjid. All three times. You were that man? So I wanted to sleep in your home to see what you do because I want to imitate you. But I didn't notice anything extra special of deeds.

00:27:55 --> 00:28:08

How did you reach such a status? What did you deserve? Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says this about you? So the menses thinking, you know, what is it?

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My beads are nothing more than what anybody else's deeds are just, I'm just one of the people who worship Allah as you worship Allah.

00:28:18 --> 00:28:24

But then he remembered something. He said, Oh, you know what? My deeds are nothing.

00:28:25 --> 00:28:34

But the only thing I do. The only thing that I do is every night before I before I retire before I go and sleep.

00:28:35 --> 00:29:01

I think about anything that I did or said to anyone on that day, and I make up for it immediately the next day. I don't hold any grudge or any negative feeling against any Muslim. Why? Just out of appreciation of the bounties that Allah granted me and I make sure that I'm not jealous of the bounties that Allah granted them.

00:29:02 --> 00:29:27

Abdullah and Rama Radi Allahu Anhu said this, this difficult quality to obtain. This is what granted you that ranking Jana Subhana Allah Right. Very simple. And we imagine you must spend every night the whole night into had Jude and give all your wealth out in southern Tibet. Just look at this introspection on a daily basis.

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What am I responsible for of any negativity towards anyone what What feeling do I have in my heart that shouldn't be the n and c two that immediately? Allah grant us that right? So in this in this how to eradicate your feelings before the 15th of Shaban discussion that we have today. We learned that number one, give sadaqa number one make dua for the people who you have any ill feelings against and make sincere dua for them privately. Nobody

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else needs to know about this or should know about this number to give sadaqa especially now before Ramadan and before the 15th of Shaban, because that Southern that have Buddha had like give gifts.

00:30:12 --> 00:30:26

give gifts it will cause love to spring forth from the Prophets Allah license so give with that Nia that's the NIA you're giving with not I see if you don't have yours Why nothing negative give gifts give sadaqa

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number three after Salam Urbina calm go out of your way to spread the greeting of salaam with one another, right? The proper greeting of salaam AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Right. Break that ice. If you feel uncomfortable about it, it's to your benefit and they benefit and it will reward everyone in sha Allah. And then lastly, on a daily basis, of course now when we just learning about it, perhaps tonight before going to be just take some time to go through everyone in your life or perhaps those who had left your life and think way, way can I apply myself to make things better and to do this in a daily basis in sha Allah, Allah will make us all of the people of

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Ghana that Allah grant us that are SallAllahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen on Wednesday evening, inshallah Tada. Our program Imam can confirm on optimality of the mcgarrybowen Wednesday,

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Thursday fabried Sin Wednesday.

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Is it Wednesday or Thursday? Thursday, okay, Thursday, aftermath live inshallah either we will have our traditional gathering for the night of later to mystery shop and, of course, needless to say, everybody's welcome to join us for that. We've Neela regardless of what you do on that night, it is a special night. So do do remember to to you know, follow whatever advice you can as far as drawing the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala on that night, our Wednesday clause will be for continue insha Allah Tala from seven to eight. It's just about from our rib now.

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It is the fifth of vicar we'll be learning more about the Africa that we generally recite, to bring it alive in our lives and make it the means to drew close to Allah subhanho wa taala. And finally, the Masjid as dates for sale. This is for the measures the expenditure during the month of Ramadan specifically to do support in that regard are SallAllahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad at Santa Monica rahmatullahi wa barakato

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