The Devil Made Me Do It

Sulaiman Moola


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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim we have often heard the statement and probably we are just so guilty of it. The devil made me do it. And to an extent the statement is merited. After all, the devil surely has an influence in every vise. However, the truth be told this argument and this lame excuse will not buy us salvation in the year after a quick reflection from the Quran, Jews 13 chapter 14 verse 22, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, when the dwellers of Paradise will enter Paradise, may Allah make us from amongst them, I mean, Yoruba alameen, and the occupants of hell will be driven into hell. The devil will make a public statement or a press release if you were to refer to it like that. What

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would the devil say to the occupants of hell? Allah made a promise to you and he honored it and I also made a promise and I defaulted. Now before you accuse me, let me set the record correctly. maka Anneli RNA commensal planning Illa and down to come I did not physically take you towards wrong yes I invited you towards vice by whispering evil to you first step between Lee and you obliged to my invitation in Romani it is written fi he had the moon Leo are three major pole carry for us now oh was shaped on hula yet the Rooney hater up Hannibal maxsea this is sounds a blow to anyone and everyone who justifies their perpetual indulgence in crime and violence, on the pretext that the

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devil and the demon within them made them commit the crime, almost implying that they had no choice that's a lie My brother You have a choice you need to exercise your choice correctly. Another reflection Jews 14 chapter 16 verse 99, Allah says in Nevada is Allahu Allah levena amanu the devil has no power no authority, no control over those who truly bring him on on Allah wa ala robbing him yet our Kowloon and they rely on Allah in the true sense of the word in binary put on it is written nephew to sell locally, either on the menu a label that Allah negates devilish authority over the believer. This will only happen when you are committed to crush the devil for a belief so about

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forming a non miletti well who are Masha hidden lemma you Shahid and then you will realize how feeble and how weak The devil is provided you are committed to crush the devil, coupled with reliance on Allah. And of course you need to have determination and a plan set for the day. I'll leave you with this thought. If you don't set the tone for the day. The devil will set it for you