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AI: Summary © A woman describes her experience of being in a vocal setting and finding a letter inside a house. She describes her friend's actions during a fight and finding the letter inside a house. She describes her friend's dream of being a man's partner and how she saw her mother in a row. She asks her mother to bring up a document and asks her mother to tell her brother that she has passed away in Jannah and that she has the option to practice what she says.
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hamdulillah pina colada who want to stay in who want to start with Pharaoh who want to be he wanted to work Hello Ali. When I will do Villa him in Cerulean fusina woman Surya Molina, Maya De La Villa mobile Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah Who are the hula Shetty Kala monisha Donna Surya Donna Maulana Muhammad Abdul Rasul Allah

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for the Villa hamina shaytani. r Rajim Wada care for in the kurata meaning sadaqa Lola, the

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respected elders, scholars and my beloved students, I recited a holy verse of the Holy Quran in the hotbar

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which says, what that kill, remind each other? Why in the crottin follow meaning, because reminding each other benefits the believers. Having said that, today I would like to share with you a very beautiful, and a very hard touching incident, which

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share Edna Josie Rahmatullah Holly has mentioned in his book

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sefa to suffer.

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And this incident is from the 10th century regarding a young boy especially like the students here

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there was a man by the name abou Kodama who stayed in Medina, and who was famous for his religion who was famous for his knowledge. And mostly he was famous for his sacrifices in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Upon one occasion, he was sitting in the masjid and a group of people came and say to him, there are Goku dama. narrate to us an incident which has amazed you, you have traveled a lot. You have sacrificed a lot in the path of Allah, you have you have come out in the path of Allah, narrate to us the incident, which is amazed you. So Buddha said to them gather. I'm about to narrate the most beautiful and hot touching incident to you, which I'm about to narrate to you from that book. He mentions that it was in the 10th century, when the enemies wanted to attack on a place known as Raqqa in Iraq.

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And at that time, he was traveling and he stopped at a place known as Dr. Seuss. He performed his Isha Salah, and he stood up and he made an announcement that all my people we are going in the path of Allah, would anyone love to join us for the cause of Allah? And the response wasn't good. He went, he slept at a place. When he went to sleep. He heard a knock on his door. So he went to open and he was shocked to see a lady a woman at his door. So he said to her Yamato Allah, what are you doing here this time of night? So the lady didn't do anything she was in niqab shows in her job. The only thing she did was she left a piece of paper, a piece of cloth in the hands of a vocal dama. And

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she ran away she left with a mouth shot. He opened the piece of cloth, and he found a small letter inside with long hair. What was written in the letter, it was written that oh boo Kodama today I saw you making an announcement in the masjid after Isha Salah for the recruitment of Army, and the response wasn't good. And I felt bad. I felt guilty as a woman, that How I wish if I was a man, I would have participated with you in the battle for the cause of Allah, but the only thing I can do right now I don't even have Well, I don't have money. The only thing I can do right now is that I cut my hair so that you could you you can use my hair to to make a rain for your horse. So tomorrow

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on the day of karma when Allah subhanho wa Taala is to ask me that what did you do for the sake of Allah? I can reply that I cut my hair, and I presented it to the army so that they could use my hair to make the rain of the horse the next day. abou Kodama used that hair to make the rain of the horse, and now they were about to leave to go to the place. As they were starting off, they saw a man coming on a horse riding towards them with the speed of lighting.

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And he was saying, okutama Wait,

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wait, he was shouting, and everyone started looking towards him.

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The person came closer. He came down the horse and he was breathing heavily because he was running

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He was riding the horse. He was breathing heavily. So, Kodama said to him that Who are you? So this person replied, that didn't my mother meet you last night, and the Send to that lady, and I want to join, I want to come with you in the path of Allah. So Buddha said to him, that your voice sounds like that of a young, young child, young boy, I can take you with me in the path of Allah unveil yourself. So he removed his job, he removed his veil. When he did the Buddha mentions when I looked at his face, it was like a shining moon radiant. There was no limonene emanating from his face. So I said to him that Oh, my young child, I can't take you with me in the path of Allah, you're too

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young. But he kept insisting. He kept insisting that Oh, I'm eco Damo, my uncle kutamo. Don't do this to me, I want to come with you. And he started clinging on to dharma. So Buddha Dhamma had no choice but to take him. He said, Okay, fine, I'll take you but on one condition. You are going to stand in the last line whenever we are fighting. Secondly, you're not going to fight. You're going to prepare and cook food for the army. He agreed fine.

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They started the journey of Buddha Dhamma mentions, I looked at him when everyone was riding on the horse. He was also riding on the horse, but he was reading Quran he was happy to have Quran.

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when everyone was walking, he was also walking but he was remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala and he was young like the students seated here.

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And abou Kodama Rahmatullah Lee mentions that then we reached at the place where we had to rest. So the people said that we are fasting, the army said that we are fasting, Where is the boy send him to make food for us? So the young boy, he stood up, and he said that, yes, he says, Let me go and make food for the army, because I'm not fasting and you people are fasting, and he went, then the time of Maghreb came close. As the time came close. The people asked Abu Kodama was the young boy, Abu Kodama started looking for him, following his footprints. And he found him, he saw that the cook was being the food was being cooked, that the port was boiling. And the young boy was just resting

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there. He was sleeping there. He was tired. He was on a journey, right? So he was tired. So I mentioned that I was looking at him as he was sleeping. He smiled. Once he smiled in his sleep. That I saw him again. He smiled again. The smile got bigger.

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And I saw again, he smiled, and this time he started giggling and laughing. So I started moving the port and he woke up. When he woke up. He said to me that Oh, Kodama, I'm sorry. I went to sleep. Let me let me finish cooking the food. A Buddha said that, no, you don't have to do it. You are tired, you can rest I'll help you. But I can only allow you to carry on. If you have to mention to me what you saw in your dream. Why were you smiling? Why were you laughing? Why were you giggling? So at that moment, the young boy said, that's it. That is between me and my Allah. I can share that with you. So Buddha said, Fine, you can cook the food then. So the young boy said, Okay, fine. It's a

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secret between me and my Allah. But now I am sharing it with you. You can share it with anyone. Then the young boy mentioned, when I went to sleep, I saw in my dream, that the last day the Judgment Day has occurred. And Allah subhana wa Taala said to me, his name was Mohammed, Allah subhanho wa Taala. say to me, Muhammad, enter into Jannah when he says that to me, a servant came from Jana, and he took me inside Jana, when I entered into Jenna. I saw a lot of women standing there, and I saw a palace beautiful palace. So I say to this young servant, that I can't enter this place. There are a lot of women standing here. So the young seven replied that no Allah subhanho wa Taala is prepared

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this place for you Come inside, I went inside, and I asked the young servant, that these women who are standing here are they my wives? Are they my wives? So the young seven replied that No, these are just your servants. Your wife is waiting inside. reclining on the on the silk sheets. She's waiting there for you. I entered inside the room. And I saw that there is a beautiful lady seated there. And I greeted her. So I smiled. He was smiling in his dream, right? That is what we do. We smile, isn't it?

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So I smiled. Then I went closer.

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And I tried to touch her. When I tried to touch her. She said to me that all Mohammed, I'm not yet permissible for you. Tomorrow we are going to break our fast together because Mohammed used to fast one day and the other day he

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never used to fast then the other day used to fast. So that wife replied that tomorrow we are going to break our fast together. So just wait for one more day. But I insisted said that moment, I started giggling and I started laughing. So that is what I did. So that was the secret between him and his Allah, but now he shared it with abou Kodama. Then I woke up Muhammad mentions then I woke up. Now the day the final day in the final hour came when everyone was prepared for the Battle of buku dama Rahmatullah Allah mentions that I saw, I had told Mohammed to stand in the last line, but I saw he was standing in the first line. And he was fighting with the enemies. And he was saying,

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what the mother taught him that when you have to face the enemies, don't show your back to them. Don't return, fight with bravery. And I saw that a Buddha mentions then suddenly, the dust started to grow, and I couldn't see what was happening. And finally Allah subhanho wa Taala made us victorious. Then I started looking for all the materials, and I started looking for the young boy, Muhammad. I started looking for Mohammed and I couldn't find him anyway, I started making announcement ways Mohammed ways, Mohammed. And then finally I heard a low voice from behind, which said that Yeah, are you gonna ask all my people? Can someone please bring up okutama to me, I need

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to speak to him. Can someone please bring up okutama to me, I need to speak to him. abou Kodama mentions when I turned, I saw the young Mohammed lying down on the flow, filled with blood, and he was cut into pieces. And I went close to him. And I say to him that Oh, Mohammed, I told you, I told you that this is a fierce battle. You can't be here, look what they've done to you.

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And then I started cleaning the blood on his body with the corner of my cloth. So he said to Abu Dhabi's mentioning, Muhammad said to me that don't kill you don't have to do it. Use my cloth. You don't have to make your clothes dirty for that. And then you say to me, that Oh, boohoo dama, I've left my mother at home. The lady who met you at night, she's my mother, she must be waiting for me. And she won't believe when you tell her that I've died in your in the path of Allah, she won't believe it. So here is my Juba, take it with you and show it to her that your son has you reunited with the Father in gender. Even his father was a very brave men. He also passed away in the path of

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Allah. So he said you should tell my mother, the son has re united with the Father in Jana, and okutama. I have a little sister, whose name is Fatima, and she's eight years old. Just tell her that your brother has passed salaams to you don't show her my Juba. She won't be able to bear the pain because she loves me a lot. So buku dama to the Juba, he went to meet the mother. He gave the Juba to the mother, the mother cried. And then he saw that a young girl came and she was touching everyone. Why is my brother Where's mama? where's where's Mohammed? Abu Kodama says that I knew this is the sister to Mohammed. This is Fatima. As Fatima came close to me, she asked me that okutama

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Where is my brother? Where's my beloved brother? Abu Kodama mentions that I kneeled down in front of her. And I said to her, that your brother has passed you salaams. And he said that he's going to meet you in Jannah. The moment he said that Fatima couldn't bear the pain. She went and CAUTI unconscious, she fainted. She fell down on the floor, the mother came running, she picked up she took her to the room of okutama is knocking outside that what does happen? What's wrong? And there is no reply from inside. And the last thing which he heard from the lady was this application that she made, that Allah my husband passed away in your path, my son passed away in your path. And Allah

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even my daughter has passed away, hearing the news about the brother, Allah reunite with them in Jannah tomorrow, and that is how the story ends in the book. And this story remains unexplained. No one knows what happens to that what happened to the lady. Allah mentions in the Holy Quran, that we share these stories with you so that you can take a lesson from them, respected elders and friends, and especially my children, my students. This is the story of Mohammed from 10th century. What is the story of Muhammad from this century going to be in the future? Is it going to be the same? Or is it going to be that Muhammad was that person who was disrespecting his parents? Mohammed was that

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person who was playing around with the chastity and the honor of his sisters and

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And the women in his society, or is it going to be that Mohammed was the person who never sacrificed a single moment in the path of Allah? It is our choice. It is our choice May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the ability to practice on whatever has been said. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us like prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and like the Mohammed we spoke about. Meanwhile, here with the one on Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen