Abdullah Hakim Quick – How Food is Connected to Faith

Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the fifth chapter of the Bible and how it connects risk and wholesome, specifically in the verse eight of the Bible. They mention Jesus being Kulu MEMA and Lanta being the one's to whom you believe. Jesus is the person they are talking about and they both connect these provisions to their existence and their beliefs.
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And the fifth chapter, verse eight, Allah tells us, we're Kulu MEMA Rosa como la Hala, Lanta, yerba taco la Hala, the Antoon V mu, Allah revealed and eat of what Allah has provided for you eat halal things and wholesome and keep your duty to Allah,

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the One to whom you believe. And so in this divine verse, Allah connects our risk. It connects eating,

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eating halal and wholesome. He connects it to the risk that this is our provisions in this world.

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And he connects this with

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Eman with our beliefs. He connects it with

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our very existence as Muslims

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