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always care about others, people usually love to be valued. That is why you're even going to see certain people behaving in a manner where they are trying to pull attention of the crowd. They will even go to the extent of inventing stories of the Avella. So from this we understand that people need attention, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the best of creation would consider this factor. And he would deal with people according to that, imagine you come home, you have four kids, the eldest child is busy doing something on the phone, the other child, the second child is busy playing, the third child is busy having dinner, and the fourth child is reading a book. Now the

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fourth child puts the book aside, walks up to you, greet you, kisses your hand, kisses your forehead, and then welcomed you into the house, which of the child will be most beloved to you? It will be the fourth child. Hence we understand that the more attention we give to others, the more respect they're going to give to us. So let us always take care of us. Let us tell you