The Psychology of Redemption – #3 Self Sacrifice

Yahya Ibrahim


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in Alhamdulillah enough men who want to stay in who want to still fiddle when I will be learning surely an fusina women say yes to Melina man Yes, the Hilah who follow mobila woman you will follow her the Allah. Why? Shadwell? ilaha illallah wa de hula Sheree Kala why shadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah he was Sulu sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Sleeman kathira ja Johan Latina Amman otaku, Lahore to Karachi Walla Jammu tuna Illa and to Muslim moon. Yeah, Johan nassetta kurobe de como la de hakomi nuptse wahida wirkkala coming has Pooja Weber thermen humare gel and Kathy around one Isa what de la la de TESSA aluna v one or ham in the LA Cana la Kumara Kiba yeah yo

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Han Latina Amman otaku la Hawa kulu Colin sadita useless la Kuma Kuma, Wolfie lacunae, Zulu Baku, woman, Utah, a la hora Sula, who forgot fez 1000 Avi my, my bad. Always we begin with the praise of Allah we send our prayers upon our w Muhammad Salallahu alaihe wasallam we remind one another and testify that none is worthy of worship but Allah, that our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his worshiping slave and final messenger. I always remind myself and you have Taqwa Allah azza wa jal. And I pray that Allah subhana wa to Allah inherits in you and I, a genuine ness of piety and righteousness, that we seek to be pleasing to Allah fearing of a law loving of a law

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hoping of a Lord's mercy in our privacy and private life more than we seek to show each other publicly a lot of them meme. Today is the final hobbiton Joomla. For our 2020 academic year here at the Langford Islamic college, and Alhamdulillah. It is also the final of the three part series about the psychology of redemption, of how to make yourself better of how to fix a mistake when things have not gone the way they should have how to come back from wrong when you have erred and when you have misstepped and when you have misspoken or mis conducted or acted in a way that is unbecoming of your culture, of your family of your reputation and more importantly of your faith, as a Muslim, as

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submitter as slave to the Almighty, Allah subhana wa Tada. And in the first two times we met I spoke to you about step number one is self confrontation that you are your greatest examiner, you are your greatest critique, you are the one who hold yourself accountable through your own eyes, not out of your worry of what others see of you or he review. And this is something taught to us by Allah in the Quran, where he tells us on the Day of Judgment, that our own bodies will be the ones who testify against us. What cafe B Neff, Ck Leo Malaika, shahida, you are enough of a weakness against or for yourself on the Day of Judgment. Second, we spoke after recognizing a fault, an error, a

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mistake, a misstep, something that we said or did or believed that now we want to come back from it. We said that after understanding our error and admitting it is now coming to the point of self control and self regulation. Where I say to myself, my body is my own My eyes are my own My tongue is my own, no one will be responsible for it more so than me when 10 002 is

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that no one will carry the burden the mistake the sin of another and that the buck stops with me as it does with you that you will be the one who has to take charge of fixing your mistake after recognizing it. And from that second step I begin with you today.

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The third and probably the most significant step after knowing I've done wrong and attempting to bring

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Control to myself, and understanding that I am the one that can make that choice to make the change. Number three, the essential commitment to being a reformed and a redeemed, and a repentant person. Number three is self sacrifice, that I recognize I must give something up, that I can't have the good and the bad exist within me at the same time. And Allah says in the beginning of salthill, observed, that in no human heart and no human being, can there exist two hearts, two thoughts, two brains that lead one wanting good, and the other seeking evil.

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And Allah says to us in the Quran, magia Allah houfy. Joseph, no one has been given inside of themselves, fee fun calvini fee, Joe, two hearts in any one person, one must outdo the other. And I remember one of my teachers when I was your age, or a little bit older than me saying to me, yeah, here, think of anything in life, that the moment you push something out, something else comes in its place. So as you pour water out of this bottle out of this jug, and he had a jug with him, he said, as you pour water out, you might think that it's water that's coming out. But what you fail to recognize is that air is taking its place, something else always takes the place of what has left.

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And if your heart does not contain the core on something else takes its place. And if you remove that other stuff from your heart, it is only then that the Qur'an can take its place. You must be able and willing to sacrifice from some of the things you love, whether they're good or bad for you For you to attain a higher level, with a law, with society, with your studies, with your memorization with your FLR you can't be always the most beloved to people. If you are not willing to earn and break people's heart by speaking to the truth to them, even if they don't like it. You will not be loved in the way that Allah wants you to be loved. If all you do is say what's good, and

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ignore condemning What's wrong, and a lot tells us in the Quran, I'm rubbing my roof when now he Anil munkar we must yes tell people what's right. But at the same time, we must restrict them from what's wrong. And restricting yourself from what's wrong is one of the first places of sacrifice. everybody enjoys that which the heart desires. There is no man healthy man that does not have a healthy sexual desire. There's no healthy young person, except that they're intrigued by somebody of the opposite sex. And as you grow older as you sit in front of me, all of you young men, high school students.

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As you grow older, that desire continues to build, but you must sacrifice, you must push from yourself from the harem towards the halaal. And you must work hard to eliminate the pathways that lead you to the hot arm, the opportunities that lead you to haraam. Every single little Juma that I've spoken to you I always began with this.

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I always said May Allah allow our private life, to have any greater love for him, fear of him and hope in his mercy than what we seek to show each other publicly. What will make you a good man is not what people see of you. It's what Allah knows of you that others don't know of you.

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It's your private life, where you sacrifice your desire, your needs, the things that you might crave that you know, you should restrict.

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So that you are pleasing to Allah. And that's why one of the essential lessons of our faith, one of the five pillars of Islam, is to learn to give up drinking and eating halaal water and things that are permissible for us, so that we can learn if I can leave off the halaal to please Allah, I can surely stay away from the haraam to please even to please Allah even more. May Allah allow us to be from those who developed self confrontation

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self examination, understand that we're mistake when it's made.

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That we develop a self control that allows us to give and sacrifice from our self. Our Julio Cogley had that was stolen federal law the money will

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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self sacrifice isn't only about yourself

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and then came to the prophets I seldom and from a distance he could say the messenger of a loss of life and limb, pray, playing with his grandchildren, the prophets I send them love, they'll Hasson will crusade. And we refer to them as the best of the young people who will enter agenda because they were destined to die in a young age they would never reach maturity, and it was something that would always hurt the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He would say that they will be Shabaab young people in Jeddah. And this young this man, his name is Abbess. He said the prophets I send them playing with his grandkids. And he came up to the prophets I send him he said, y'all Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Li Ashura? Allah, I've been blessed with 10 children, and not once did I ever play with them the way that I see you playing, running around with them chasing them coming down to their level, you're the Messenger of Allah. The assumption was that he would always be serious, but the prophets I seldom enjoy playing with Liberty with these young, beautiful children, his grandchildren,

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the prophet turned to him and he said, What can I do to a man who Allah has removed mercy from his heart?

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So the men said, O Messenger of Allah, what can I do to return mercy in my heart?

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At this moment, when you read this Hadeeth, you think that the Prophet would say, it's easy, go play with your children, go enjoy company with your children. That's not what the prophet says. The Prophet says to him, if you want that mercy to be in your heart, don't begin with yourself. Don't begin with your children. Find a young orphan. Somebody who doesn't have a father, who doesn't have a mother, who doesn't have somebody like your children having you.

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And if all you can do is reassure him, by putting your hand on his head, alone will allow mercy to enter your heart. self sacrifice doesn't begin by looking after yourself, meeting your own needs, looking after what I want and what I need.

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In life,

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it looks after serving others, beginning with other the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the last person to eat should be the one who is serving people. You know, if you're the one who stands at the table, and you're like, Okay, I'm going to serve everyone, it's natural to say, hey, the food's gonna run out, let me put a couple of chicken legs on the side, because I want to make sure I get something.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said the last one to eat. The last one to serve himself is the one who's serving other.

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I leave you with this final Hadith.

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The Prophet sent a man to go and make his euro to go and collect Zakah from a distant city. And after the man collected does occur on behalf of the prophets, I seldom the people of the city were so happy that they were able to do the rites of Allah. And the Prophet made it easy for them, he sent them someone who traveled, who was going to be responsible for their zeca. So then, as he was leaving, they said that we gave you the sheep and goats for xhaka. I want we want to give you this sheep as a gift to you.

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So the men took it, he doesn't know any better. And he took that gift and he went away. And when he came to Medina, and they took the sheep all to be put in, in that treasury of the Muslim oma, the man said O Messenger of Allah, I was given this one sheep and it's marked as a gift to me.

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The Prophet became angry.

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He said, Would they have given you that cheat? If you sat in your home here and didn't go to collect this aka?

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The men said, No, he said, then this is not your right. It was given to you because of the job you already paid for. return it back to the Muslim community. This is how you and I see honestly, now I know you're gonna say brother, yeah, actually one of my students, he just gave me some money.

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He's now I'm not going to share all those cookies with you.

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Do you know why? Because at the end of the job, he's given this in hope that he's delivering it, he was still in the commission of the job. But if you were to give a box of chocolates to your teacher in acknowledgment, after they taught you, then it's acceptable. Why would I not accept a gift from you at the beginning of the year, because even if I'm not going to be influenced, even if I say in Sharla, I'm not going to be influenced, I want you to see how important it is to self sacrifice. Even if I'm not going to be influenced, maybe three of you give a gift. And 10 of you don't, even if my heart is a stable heart of a Muslim,

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there might be a time where I incline out of love because of the gift you gave me, towards you in a way that's unfair to the others who didn't give me a gift, not because they don't like me, but because they don't have the means. So as a part of our faith and culture as Muslims, we do not receive gifts while we are doing a job for the payment that we are receiving of it. These are high ethics that you and I have as Muslims. And that's why when I want you to see how hard your teachers work, how hard our community seeks to bring a level of understanding of Islam towards your heart. Don't look at it in just that way. I know there was one student, and I don't know if the family were

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upset, and I know they're sitting here today. I didn't explain it to them as much as I could. They said, Jeff, we want to buy some of your books and give it in donation. I said, I'm sorry, I don't sell it like that. You can buy it from the website, not from me. It's not a It doesn't work like that. Why? Because it's favoritism to me. It's unacceptable. Know that as a Muslim, you have to establish a trust. And even you must sacrifice of yourself for the betterment of others. If you borrow a textbook from one of your friends, and you have a test and they have a test. If it's going to be that you fail or they fail, it is better for you to fail and return the Amana then they fail

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because you were unjust. May Allah open our hearts, to redeeming ourselves to beginning the next year in a good way to establishing the ethics and the morality of our interview Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Don't ever take that which doesn't belong to you. Don't ever look to something that is in yours. Don't ever crave that which is not in your right. And may Allah Subhana Allah allow us not to oppress each other. Well, suddenly now Huma was suddenly mosey to abetik Allah say you dinner whenever you know Mohammed, may Allah protect our staff and our students, our school and our teachers, our parents and our friends committee. May Allah subhanho wa Taala lead our board and

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it's men, administrators and management to that which is pleasing to Him and turn us away from that which is not what suddenly lahoma was selling was it barbaric ala Sayidina whenever you know Muhammad wa Optimus Allah