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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to Islam, including redemption, actions and emotions, and words. They stress the importance of self opponent, self adventure, and self-rewarding in achieving redemption. The importance of self opponent, self-correcting, and self-reporting for achieving spiritual health is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to be more aware of their natural tendencies and limitations.
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In 100, it does not matter who want to study in a bonus of 51. I'm going to be learning and surely I'm pushing out women. So you are Dr. Molina, my Yahoo Finance

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by Shambala, law Shetty,

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Mohammed Abdullah he wore a suit of Southern law while he was early. He was actually he was selling into Sleeman kathira Yeah, yo, hello Tina. Hi Amanda Taku la haka to party he went to move to LA and to Muslim moon. Yeah Johan NASA Taku Rebecca moon leggy Hakuna Nevsky one ADA. Well hello I mean has a magenta woman in Houma region and Cathy young when he says

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what's up la has me Tessa and whenever he will come in LA Hakuna honeycomb Rocky, but yeah.

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La Oh Colin sadita you slept last night I went off into kung fu

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films and all that you know that always and forever. We begin with the praise of loss of Hannah went to Ireland we send our prayers a peace upon that whenever Mohammed sobre la while he was setting up, we testified with firmness and conviction that Nandan is worthy of worship a lot. And that whenever you get some of the love on he was setting them as his worshiping slave and final messenger. I always remind myself and you will suck the lies that identify for you the last panel with Allah grants you and I, and inner consciousness and piety of heart that is greater in our privacy than what we seek to show each other publicly. A Walkman I mean,

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one of the greatest skills, demonstrated and taught by the prophets of the law by you or send them to his companions was the ability to redeem oneself. And the concept of television is very unique to the people of Islam. And when you look at the faith, of people who have practice scriptures and traditions that came before I work more on, that we as Muslims believe have strayed away from the light that was sent initially by Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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One of the themes that you see our Deen and our submission and surrender to a love is at odds and in contrast to theirs, although they have a belief in the divine and monotheism in its general capacity is the concept of redemption and repentance. So if you were to look at the Judeo Christian context, the ability to fix one seems between one self and God always involves a proxy or another individual. So a Catholic will attend to church and will provide confession to a priests to somebody that they will divulge their mistakes in hope that that person will give them a cure in a remedy for their error.

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In fact, within Catholicism, the petition that is direct to God is very limited. What you will find is that they will make articles and statements such as the Hail Mary, where they will call them to marry who they believe is the mother of Arab, the villa human valid, the Lord, who they refer to as a Saudi, his setup and they will say, forgive us our sins, meaning ask your son, who they believe is the one who forgives sins to forgive us because we are unclean, we could not ask God directly.

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The Jewish tradition is very different in that regard. They believe that repent, repentance and redemption can only be done through acts of sacrifice and atonement. And then there are only specific days or specific times in specific ceremonies where it can be carried out. And one can contend when you study some of their theology, that it is nearly impossible for an independent Jewish person to ask God for forgiveness independently.

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And then came the tsunami of our heavy metal. Some A lot of it was in the light that shines in the forearm, or elbow, some kind of a dial that says what do you guys set out to do it for me

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when they asked you about the Old Covenant, and that is in the context of retention and repentance. It's in the same set of verses that ends the sequence of verses about so young.

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When they asked you about how to approach me where to find me, don't be in the middle between me and then for me curry. I'm near him, doesn't involve you. Yasuda, la

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Lombardi Emerson. In fact, some of the most bewildering ideas, you always find that the Prophet with distance people from himself and turn them back to a lot as elegant. A famous incident is recorded by the amount of mahadi, where a man comes in a similar day and time that we are today. And as the Prophet, his entry to leave the Jamaat and the Sahaba in prayer, and then stops him and says Yama, Sula, la So a lot of you are saying that carbon two in Morocco, I was kissing, and involved in sexual contact with a woman who's not my wife.

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And the Prophet pushes him away and said, dynamic However, this isn't the time to speak to me about this, that nano Sunday, let us pray. The man steps back and the Prophet leaves a prayer. And after the Prophet finishes before last of the love, it was seldom he does something uncharacteristic, which is he gets up and begins to leave quickly. Normally, he would stay and make some of some of the account and answer questions and so on.

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This main from a distance sees the prophets I send them attempting to escape him. So he runs to the messengers, I tell him, he said, jasola yasunaga. And the prophets I send them said, dynamin had the elephant to solve the manna stop. Didn't you just pray? The men says yes.

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Didn't you ask for forgiveness? The men says yes. So the Prophet says to him, so a lot of it was said that man, we move in it. This is usually the Hadith you and I know, we only know the ending of it, we don't know the story of how it began. Sometimes people are shy to give you the fact that one of the Sahaba did something which is simple. But this is recorded in our tradition, although he may not be named in other traditions he is, although he may not be named, it shows you the importance of taking ownership.

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And confronting ourselves. No problem is already set up and said man be moved. Maybe there isn't any believer

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who makes us better. And we'll do who makes a good one who makes a good evolution and pray through a lot even if it is only to an account. Even if it's just to rock I do a lot filming myself in the lab, then that person asks a lot in level four.

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Except for one for Gibson sukanto.

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Now of course, don't write this down and say Mashallah, I'm going to make a lot of solid now I can go do whatever I want. And so that will allow for Rahim, could you imagine the courage it would take to come to Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and declare a mistake, you may know he can hold you punishable. He's telling about what's already genuine between him and Allah and the Prophet reinforces it. Today, I want to speak about the psychology of redemption, how you and I prepare ourselves to redeem ourselves, just three important steps taken from the sooner than me, as I said, the first of them is referred to as self confrontation. And this is, you know, if you were to study

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psychology, it's very, very similar to how do you redeem yourself if you've wronged someone? How do you fix a mistake? How do you move on in life? How do you heal yourself and others after a tragedy after harm after a folding that you have made, and this was taught to us by the prophets, I send them in numerous instances summarize in the three steps. The first is self confrontation. We call this in our deep in our test case studies. And

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remember the alarm if you will take on the metabolic syndrome or has the ability to examine yourself. Take stock account, confront yourself before a love will confront you

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xenu half of the intuitive way your deeds out before they will be weighed for you by a love to hate Yahoo loud.

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Imagine the day your public shaming display Yama, Touka sama, Inwood, none of your secrets will be hidden.

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Self confrontation is the first step to redemption. The first step to Toba and more invites you and I to tell that as believers not as sinners

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alone, never in the morning he says yeah, you Deena Jerome? Never Allah says all you who believe you criminals or you criminals too, but you know, it's Yeah, your head levena amendment. the pretext of repentance is faith. And the pretext of faith is repentance. And now we're going to speak about the three important cycle and photographer kambu tjahaja knowledge so I know what I do right and wrong. When I identify through knowledge This is wrong I level Sierra, I took a lot out of general anytime I confront myself, hey, I shouldn't be doing this. Then I have to kick in my Jihad knocks against myself and the Buddha has a makes me a better person. So I learned more so makes me repent more. And

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the more you repent, the more

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Your email grows, the more your man grows, the more you repent from bigger sins until you find the smaller indiscretions in your life.

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self examination, self confrontation is an essential step for all of us. Usually we wait until confronted by others.

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You know, somebody Jacks you up somebody pull j, what are you doing? What's wrong with you? How come you didn't?

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To do it for yourself is an act of Riba, an act of a man it is more hassle.

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But once you've identified your fault, and you examine your circumstance, it then requires the second step talk to us through the suit of the prophets, I send them which is self regulation, self control, that you begin to regulate your own patterns of behavior, you begin to think about halab and kahraman, the zoom in the vidin, the good and the bad, and then what I should do more of and what why haven't I done more of this good even though I have the opportunity, why have I done this wrong? Why haven't I limited this wrong? And why haven't I chosen to do something wrong that's less or wrong than another? So now you begin to control and look within your heart about what you've

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confronted in your own self as you look into the mirror, you recognize your follies and you say I am responsible.

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shavon of course is the opposite. So a lot gives us that example early on in the pipeline as soon as you open the most sort of intelligent the first story you hear is Adam and the shape on why Adam?

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Adam, don't eat from this tree.

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tripod before him. A lot tests him and he fails

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to do the album for surgery to Illa uglies excessively

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it leaves when is asked Why leave the studio leave alone to be

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a fine woman. I'm better

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at the end of it of course, employees blame is a lie and not himself.

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Call me man avoids me, because you gave me the ability to make the mistake. It's your fault not my fault. me my avoid Can you allow me to be led astray? Yeah, a lot. Why did you create me locked like Jabri? Not like nicotine, not like a soft diet in general. Why did you give me the capacity to juice? It's your fault a lot. And therefore the self control the self regulation that taking ownership of one's mistake, self confrontation is missing from the appeal of employees. In fact, when you study our athletes that this is called an athlete that deeply senior. It is a part of the deviant sects within Islam and how they view other fate predestiny that God is the one who allows

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you to do wrong it's not entirely your fault. It's an employee's blames a lot.

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But you will see the opposite with

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on Adam and a weapon or of Bella Valentina and fusina when in Lambton filagra

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Oh Allah we

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wronged ourselves. We admit our mistakes Allahumma inni Valentin FC Goldman Kathy or look at the the Oba LA I wrote myself varla Who Am fusa Allah says they wronged themselves they chose

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and therefore self control becomes the a man that that a lot provided humans. What separates between you and I and the animals we are we are animals in our biological sense. What separates you from the animals that are around us in our rationale in our spirit is that we recognize that we have an Amana that we fulfill in maintaining a duty unto God in societies that we live in.

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regulation comes after self confrontation after just totally suck, I will speak of the last of the important steps for us to begin a pathway towards redemption affordable they had our son who was

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and the chef and he was so that was Salam. Allah say even more serene, so easy now whenever you know have you been at almost a fire now Mohammed? Who me you either? He was I mean, he was an interesting marketeer on

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some confrontation, taking stock of yourself knowing your positives, knowing your negatives, being willing to confront yourself willing to admit self control and regulation becomes the necessary step for you to take a step towards good. The prophets I send them says in really my Muslim that the one who takes one step

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Towards a lot a lot of returns to him in 10 steps, and no one who walks towards God, a lot runs in anticipation of him, hurries in towards him. So can

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we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us a television that is in serum not so much before our return to

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the third

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step is self sacrifice,

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self confrontation, self regulation and control and then giving of yourself

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what's the best way to fix a mistake is that you do something for others ANOVA

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because whenever you air fault with yourself and others you've taken what doesn't belong. You've taken from someone's time someone's well, someone's energy, someone's hard someone's love someone's emotion.

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You've wasted that which is precious. And for you to fix it, you must give of yourself and that's the height of attaining righteousness land cannot be hotter, don't matter a boon you do not attain a level of piety of righteousness until you can part and keep from the things you value. Now you may know you hate Boolean, Boolean MC, how can you come to be complete and fake until the things you value, you value them for the other.

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So you wasted somebody else's time give up your time to others, you borrowed but did not return giving charity in the name of the one you took from.

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Find within you the capacity to serve, and not be served, to give and not just received to help and not just request to be a person who is in credit with others not in debit, that you are providing more than taking, and such with the life of Rasulullah sallallahu. If you were to sum up the life of the messenger Muhammad sigh send them the greatest achievements of the prophets I send them was that he gave selflessly of his advice of his love of his draw to the point that the Prophet prefers you and your outfit on to the luxury of himself in the dunya.

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And I ended with this hadith where the prophets I send them said, Man, maybe there isn't a single Prophet, a single messenger, except Allah has given them the authority, the ability to make that away

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and do art for themselves that Allah will enter it on question for that I have never used all of the prophets before me they made their Dr. Ibrahim musanze think of all of them as for what they want

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in that and then some of luck audios except me, too that way I have it. I held it. Close To My Heart is Tibet to that when he shafaq so that I can speak on behalf of my Ummah, on the day of judgment, some of what greater sacrifice, what greater love for the other than the ordinary, some love on us. And therefore be prepared to know that each and every one of us why SLM said, could look me at the bar. Every human being has their capacity and their errors in life, everyone.

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Everyone has their mistakes, while high you will have far enough. But the best of those human beings who are making mistakes are those who returned back to the US most of Canada was added to open our heart to confront our souls ourselves in that which we have wrong that here. ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow us to develop self control and self regulation that we are responsible to love more than we are to others, that we do what's right for the sake of what's right, not for the praise of others, and we stay away from what's wrong not because we're observed and fearful of the shame, but because we know what is right and what is wrong and what is pleasing to align when we praise our loss of

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kindness data allows us to be from those who give up their energy and time devotion to others that would love some kind of went to Allah allows us to be you know, that unfussy him

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that we give even from what we need a lot man is that Islam was the other

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Allah lot.

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A lot.

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A lot.

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A lot.

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Humble yourselves.

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If shadow feels identical

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solo salata one year, consider this may be one of our last prayers.

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Allah will come out

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to vote

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Alhamdulillah you're bilad I mean, I walk man you're walking Maliki a woman Dean. He cannot do what he can stirring. If the nostril off on you stuffing syrup on levena and Nam dilating him while you remember to vrla him

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off. Oh, knee pain

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and levy

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Cavalli Kenapa Swanee coming

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for this setup

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Tina come in

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the camera man Allah

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D with Rob Harley D nappy he was

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a homie Yo man.

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Yo man yo Falco fish sushi. Why not chalumeau God mean I own my eating.

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Yet yetta hoffa to Nabina Hoon in levy to Illa Ashura knack no Allah movie Maya una MDF Hullo and federal home party cotton in levy in Houma why as a Luna county jiba

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sci for have been that's

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a lot more

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send me all love when Eamon hamidah

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a lot more about

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Oh, I forgot

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a lot about

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Alhamdulillah your Villa Lemmy a rock man you're walking molokhia with Medina iaca. Now Buddha he kind of studying and then also you're stopping shear off on levina and Nam Da Li him.

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On Li

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y es una casa de Jeeva. For polio sifu Bina

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Latta Rafi. Yo,

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yo ma Ed aroona Diana Jalla wa partiality all swag to live rock man that's now in love.

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Yo man, even non ferrous shefa to man ebina moonwalking man while the cola

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add him

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at home

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Feel for nobody here.

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Why not? Hello Julie hi Luca you

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harbor man hammer love.

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send me a lot of money man Hamida

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A lot more.

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I love

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