The Delusions Of Life

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Brothers and sisters, I don't have a consistent talk but I have some thoughts that I want to share with you some ideas for us to reflect on some verses that we should be considering especially on this night. of the verses that I find to be very powerful is when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada asks every single one of us and he addresses us directly. Yeah, a U haul in sun. Oh, man, each one of us. Malhotra Kabira bacon Karim.

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What has possibly caused you to be deceived about Allah? Why are you heedless? Allah is asking Maha raka Arabic Al Karim? How can you not recognize that the most noble thing that you could possibly be doing? Is the worship of Allah. How could you be blind to this reality? What is more noble, what is more spiritually high? What is more beneficial than to recognize your Lord and to have a relationship with Him? The word hundra implies a veil a delusion.

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A type of cheating what cheated you? What has caused you to not see this obvious reality? How come your eyes are clouded over your heart is concealed. Malhotra Kabira Big Al Karim al Karim, the one who gave you everything under the HUD Apocrypha for Adoc fee you swore to measure raka but he gave you everything this body that you have the perfection of it. However Allah azza wa jal chose to create you that is how you are. And yet still, we don't acknowledge we don't understand, we don't appreciate we seem to be deluded. We seem to be cheated out of that which Allah wants us to do. Even though the signs are calling us our existence is calling us to worship Allah. Every single aspect of

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creation is telling us there is a higher purpose out there. And yet somehow something has diluted us. Now the Quran actually tells us a number of things that dilute us. The Word of Allah is used multiple times in the Quran. In almost a dozen verses. Allah subhanho wa Taala lays out the primary cause of delusion. The primary cause of being diluted is what worker retromobile hire to dunya

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almost a dozen verses, Allah criticizes the hypocrites than we should recall in the pagans. And Allah says this world has caused them to be deceived and deluded.

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In half a dozen or five or six verses, Allah subhanho wa Taala points out another cause of deceit. And that is

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what was the second causes?

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Well around biller Hill roll, the big deceiver. The big deceiver meaning shape on filata oranda Komal HYAH to dunya wala hora de la Hill rule, two main causes of being deceived. Number one this world

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and number two che upon and then what are two other causes are mentioned. But let's talk a little bit about these ones. The first of these causes is the dunya. And this is mentioned as I said almost a dozen times.

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And it is a

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very difficult reality. The pleasures of this world are so beautiful, enjoying this dunya living to enjoy this world. And we feel sometimes as if this world is going to last forever. We enjoy the blessings of life of wealth of family. And it's so easy to forget about tomorrow to forget about the fact that this is not eternal. And Allah subhana wa Tada constantly reminds us that this dunya is not eternal in them or method Hayato dunya karma in this verse occurs almost a dozen times this motif. The example of this world is like rain that comes and when this rain comes, vegetation comes forth. But when the rain stops, the visitation finishes, Allah keeps on reminding us the world is

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temporary. And we know this not only from our own experiences, but from the inevitable reality of death. One my Jana the Bechet political hold, no person before you was ever given immortality. Here we are. How many generations have gone between us and our father Adam? How many we don't even know. However many they are, where are they all now?

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We're all of our ancestors. The sad reality we don't even know the names of our own great grandparents. I challenge anyone in this audience right now to know all eight of your great work.

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My parents their full name, that's two generations ago, you don't even know the name of your own biological ancestor two generations ago. Do you think your name was going to remain forever? Your own children are going to forget your name. Literally, you are the examples of this. You don't know the names of your own great grandparents, all of them.

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So where will you go in 100 years? Who will remember you? What would you have accomplished by whatever you have done of this? Dunya and that's why the Quran teaches us this reality. Don't be deceived by this dunya it is illusory. It is temporary. Understand, Allah has created us for a wisdom bigger and better than this dunya for a purpose more permanent than this dunya and that purpose is the next life. We're in Dowdell, Hirata Allah he'll hire one.

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The next airboat is the real hire, hire one here, hire one here doesn't mean animal hire one here means the real Hyatts were in the data era law, he'll hire one. The next abode is the ultimate abode.

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Our Prophet so I said, I'm reminded us that death should be enough of a wake up call for all of us. If nothing is going to change our mind, death must change our mind. If no other aspect will cause us to think then death should cause us to think none of us shall live forever. We shall all return back to Allah subhanho wa taala. Our time on this earth our days on this earth are numbered, every single day. It only comes to us once there is no today again, call us it is gone. So as even Mr. Buddha and others say every morning you should ask your soul every morning, what will I send forward to the next life? What will I invest for my actual era? And you know, one of the most powerful things about

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our faith, one of the most beautiful aspects of Islam, and truly it is mind boggling. It is something that should humble us. It is something that should incentivize us. Allah azza wa jal did not create us all equal in this life. That is a fact. Some of us are the children of princes and kings and others are born in slums. Some of us Allah has blessed with physical powers, and others are born physically disabled. Some of us Allah has blessed to be born in wealthy families, others are born in poverty. Some of us Allah has blessed to be utmost handsome and beautiful, and others are not in this world. Allah azza wa jal says, plus some nama Isha to home Beethoven had to dunya in

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this world, we have divided people up. Everybody has some good and bad, some positives and negatives, you have to deal with it, right? No one has absolute perfection. So in this dunya, we are all created different, our talents are different, our weaknesses are different, our strengths are different. Our potentials are different. No human being in all of human history has the exact same characteristics and potential and environment and sphere of influence that you do. You are 110% unique in all of human history throughout all of mankind, how many billions 10 20 billion, you are unique. So in that sense, everything's not equal. But and this is the amazing mind boggling thing.

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You cannot aspire to things of this world equally.

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I'm in all likelihood, never going to be a king. Not that I want to, but I don't want to be a king. But in all likelihood, I'm never going to be a king. But there are people born to that destiny, and they know from birth, they're going to be kings. I can't choose my destiny in this world. In this world, we are not all equal. And Allah azza wa jal says There's wisdom in this by the way, but and this is the powerful, mind blowing reality. Despite all of this diversity of 20 billion people, no two are exactly the same. No two's potential in this dunya is exactly the same. Every single human being has the potential to earn further doses, as they are here. And now given the circumstances

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that have been born in to think about that the playing field has been leveled 100% When it comes to gender, in this world, I'll be the first to say the playing field is not level 100%, the one who was born to a rich family, the potential of good education of you know, being spoiled since childhood, that's different, no doubt. In this world, the playing field is not equal. And Allah says this is for a wisdom known to him in this world. No two people have it exactly the same. But Allah created life in such a miraculous manner

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that it does

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No matter the circumstances of your birth, it doesn't matter where your family comes from, it doesn't matter the level of wealth you inherited, Jenna, all of it, and even Jana to fulfill those the highest level, it is just as accessible to you as it is to the person next to you. Isn't that mind boggling? Isn't that an amazing perfection of human equality that Allah has given us? Now, when you understand that,

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when you understand that you and I, and every person sitting here and the entire globe has the same potential, I didn't say the same path, but the potential the path will be different. The path for the rich person is different than the poor person, the path for the one born a king is different than the one born, you know, in an average family, the path is different. I didn't say the path is the same, the tests are different, but I said the potential is equal. No person is deprived of the potential to enter Jannah because of this dunya. And this is again, such a mercy from Allah Imagine, imagine if gender were not equal. We'd have an excuse. Oh, Allah. It's not fair. I didn't have you

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set to enter Jana, I have to give a million dollars. I never had a million don't know. Jana, Jana is equal opportunity access. And for those salida is equal opportunity, access, every one of us can get there. In spite of our strengths and weaknesses. It's what we do with what Allah has given us. It's how we live our lives. It's achieving the maximum potential, not compared to anybody else, not compared to any of the other 20 billion of mankind compared to you yourself. You are your own competition, it is against you and your potential that you will be judged. There is nobody else that's being brought into the examination hall on the Day of Judgment, you will be judged alone,

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depending on your circumstances and what you did and the potential you reached. How can you possibly complain when the results have nothing to do with anybody else? Allah azza wa jal will ask you, what did you do with what I gave you. And for some people to max out that potential would be 10% of another person's max potential. If that person maxes out his potential, he's gets the dose, the other person does 5% of the first person and he might just barely make it to gender because he could have gone 95% higher but he chose to be so low. So when your competition is against yourself, when you are only competing against your possible potential, then what excuse do we have? Yeah, you are

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in Sonoma Herrera. Kabira Bickle Kareem, how are you deceived? Allah has made the playing field equal for all of us. It's just a matter of how we live our lives, how ethical we are, how God conscious we are. It's a matter of perfecting whatever Allah azza wa jal has allowed us to perfect in our daily routine. And brothers and sisters of the beauty of this faith will lie this faith is so beautiful. I sometimes wonder how people without faith even live their lives. Well, I don't understand how people without religion live their lives. without religion without Eman to me life is meaningless. To me life ceases to have a higher purpose. How could you live when you don't believe

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in a higher power, you don't believe in the hereafter when there is no source of optimism. There are so many positives to be a righteous Muslim of the biggest positives of the greatest blessings that Allah has given us is that in fact, Allah subhanho wa Taala has put within us the capacity to feel fulfilled when we are religious. Allah has allowed us to taste the sweetness of Eman in this world. Can you imagine if we didn't have spirituality if we had had no pollution in the sense of spiritual called, can you imagine if it was a list of routines you must do? And it's a list of do's and don'ts and that's it. And there was no sense of tasting the divine of appreciating religiosity of enjoying

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the Ibadah of Allah subhanho wa taala. How difficult would religiosity be but no, no, Allah azza wa jal has made things easy for you and of what he has done, he has created within me and you the capacity to enjoy and appreciate religiosity. When we are connected with Allah. When we have an attachment with the divine, we feel a sense of ennoblement a sense of dignity, a sense of purpose, a sense of tranquility, that's what we're all sitting here, it's now 2:30am the masjid is packed to capacity, many

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If you have work tomorrow, what are you doing here? You're here because in your heart, there is an emptiness that will only be filled by the worship of Allah, there is a thirst that will only be quenched by an attachment to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Allah has gifted us the capacity to have that thirst quenched, to have that emptiness filled. Can you imagine if there was no such thirst if it was all neutral, Allah gifted us the capacity to love and to be loved by Him and to feel that love and to feel appreciated and to feel that inner tranquility my today's call Tara was about vicar being flameout, Nina total called right? Basically Allah He talks more in Norco. Isn't

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that what we're all looking for brothers and sisters, that internal happiness implement Ananda? Isn't that what everybody is desiring all of mankind Muslim or Catherine? What do they want? That perpetual quest for inner happiness? We know this, we've all lived enough to know this. Unfortunately, those who don't turn to religion have been deluded into thinking that happiness will be found in other than religiosity. And so we find large segments of mankind thinking happiness is this dunya let me run off to the dunya let me get more of this world. Let me get a bigger bank account a bigger car, a bigger house, and I shall be happy. And will Allah He brothers and sisters,

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we all know studies have shown and your life has shown that happiness is not in this dunya it's not in possessions. It's not in what you own. No person in all of human history has achieved a certain amount of money, and then said, Hollis, this is the secret of happiness. Now I am happy for the rest of my life. We all know this. We all know this. In fact, frankly, a lot of times those who have more wealth, their quality of life is poor. Their inner happiness is poor. They're the ones with higher blood pressure going to the psychiatrists and shrinks and having internal issues and family problems and whatnot. Frankly, that's what multiple surveys have shown and we know this, we know happiness is

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not found in this dunya it's not found in the pleasures of this dunya we know this as well. We know how long pleasures give us temporary pleasure that then brings about regret and remorse. We know this. The pleasures of alcohol and drugs and haram sensuality we know these are temporary pleasures. Yes, a few minutes we get some ecstasy and I and then after that we feel empty bankrupt is what we feel we feel morally corrupt. We feel why did I need to do that this is the reality of sins. But when you're here tonight, when you go home, you're going to feel a sense of peace and tranquility, you're going to feel a genuine sense of spiritual high. Appreciate Allah has given you this high.

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Allah has given you the capacity to understand that religion and religiosity brings about a comfort. Brothers and sisters, we have two nights left of this month, two nights. And right now, how you feel you're going to miss it in three, four or five days. Let's be honest here. Our teacher shared with me he would remark

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at the end of Ramadan. Two types of people are happy.

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The first are those who are happy that Ramadan is over, they can go back to eating and drinking living a sinful life. And he says for them Ramadan was a waste and the others will be happy because they live their most productive days in the month of Ramadan. And they achieve their most spiritual highs in the month of Ramadan. So when Ramadan finishes, they're going to have a sense of spiritual happiness that we have accomplished so much in this month. And in fact, that category will along with their spiritual happiness will also be sadness at the ending of the month. Which of these two categories are you in right now?

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Are you looking forward to Hollis no more or Ramallah no more fasting?

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Or are you looking forward to insha Allah another opportunity another year? Are you looking forward to the day of read which insha Allah as the seller has the Sahaba said, The Day of read is only eight for those whom the angels are greeting your sins have been forgiven? That's the day of read. The day of read is truly the Day of Happiness for those whose sins have been forgiven. They're coming out from the messages and from their houses completely pure. That's the real day of Eid. Are you looking forward in sha Allah optimistic you cannot guarantee optimistic that inshallah I did my best this month. I'm optimistic in sha Allah, this Eid, I'm going to come a fresh person, a new

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person, I'm going to be wearing my best clothes because I am now in a sinless state. Inshallah I know you're optimistic in this regard. What is your paradigm and perspective brothers and sisters, And subhanAllah a blessing of being religious. A blessing of turning to Allah subhanho wa Taala is that the pleasure of having a connection with a law is more precious and sweet than any other pleasure and

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And when you have that pleasure in your heart, then the pleasures of this world cease to give you ultimate pleasures and you want to maintain that level of sweetness that you had. So as Ramadan is coming to an end and Alhamdulillah Inshallah, all of us all of us have tasted that sweetness of iman. Let us continue to taste that sweetness of Eman. Let us continue to enjoy the fruits of iman. Allah says in the Quran in Aurora levena In we're in Del Fujairah fija habeas Loana haoma deen the righteous are in perpetual bliss, and the evil wicked wretched shall enter shall be punished when they enter Jahannam notice when Allah talked about the righteous and perpetual bliss, there is no

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time clause. When he talked about the wretched, the evil he said they shall enter Jahannam on the Day of Judgment, the time clause comes, our scholars have derived in the Abrar are left in our aim. The righteous are in perpetual bliss in this world and the next and the wicked. Perhaps they might partially enjoyed this world partially, but in the next they will be punished. As for the righteous, they get this world and the next they enjoy this world before they enjoy the next. Allah subhana wa Tada says in the Quran. Yeah, you will Adina Armano O you who believe

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God, stage Ebola he will Rasul either there are come Lima you

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respond to the call of Allah and His Messenger, when they call you to that which will give you your life.

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Respond to Allah and His messenger. When they tell you do something when they tell you come, come and when you come, it shall give you life. Now this is an interesting verse is Allah speaking to the dead that he's saying come from the grave and you shall be given life again. It's the G Bucha. Allah he will Rasul the either Tao Colima, you ye come econ, when they call you to that which will give you life. In another verse, Allah subhana wa Tada says, a woman can have meat and fat, yay now who give the example of the one who was dead, and we brought him back to life. And he had darkness and we gave him a light. Ibn Abbas said, this is not the example of the one in the grave that Allah

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resurrected. This is the example of the one who did not worship Allah. And then Allah blessed him to worship Allah. Allah called the one who didn't worship Him dead, our miniconda meter, Allah calls him dead, even though he's walking and talking on this earth. And Allah says for IAE, now who we brought him back to life, even though he wasn't physically dead, but he was spiritually dead. This is a constant motif of the Quran, to be spiritually dead versus spiritually alive.

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This goes back to what I'm talking about, of our heart appreciating religiosity. When we worship Allah, when we are attached to Allah, our hearts feel alive. It's as simple as that. When we are upon good piety, our hearts feel vibrant, they feel compelled. Imagine when you're sick, how do you feel you can't do anything? Imagine the heart being sick. Imagine the spirituality being sick. That is the status of many of us a few months ago, now Alhamdulillah Our hearts have been cleansed. We're at the end of a 30 day, rigorous routine. Every day. We've been in and out of the gym of spirituality. Every day, we're cleansing our hearts every day. We're polishing the color every day

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we're allowing our heart to shine.

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Now that we have a strong heart insha Allah hooter, Allah, what should we do in Ramadan is finishing maintain that purity, keep that connection alive.

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And brothers and sisters, this is the whole point as we said of Ramadan over and over again on this night of the 27th and we're making dua for the next year and I guess this is another topic I need to discuss as well. I have miscellaneous topics in my head very quickly. Another quick topic, inshallah it's important later to cover

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and the reality of Kedah, a lot of people get very confused with other to be very simplistic. Why should we make dua on little cutter because on this night, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala announces the decrees of the next year.

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On this night, Allah announces the decrees of what's gonna happen to throughout the entire year, and assignments are given to the angels in charge. And so, one land will suffer a drought the angels are told because the angels

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Control Allah has told the angels to control the clouds The angels will say no clouds are gonna go there, another land will get rain the angels know on this day the rain will come this is right now being announced on layer two the other person will fall sick, another person will be cured, a person will die another couple will give birth and they were begging Allah for years and this year they will give birth they will have a child by a miracle from Allah subhana wa Tada This huddle is being announced tonight or whatever is needed to color. Now our prophecies that have said

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nothing changes other except to

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nothing changes clutter except da

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da has the potentiality to affect garden. Now, people ask how is that possible? Again, this is a very detailed topic to be very simplistic, there are five levels of clutter, there are five levels of clutter and do our changes the lower levels and the higher levels Allah azza wa jal knows that the lower levels will be changed in the end. Allah azza wa jal knows everything nothing surprises Allah obviously, Allah does not change with the will of stuff for Allah his mind as we will do know, Allah knows what's going to happen. But the angels don't know. The angels don't know and the ones assigned don't know. So tonight on later to call that whenever they want to call it is, every angel

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will be given the roster, the assignment, every single angel will be told this is what needs to be done. Before that list is given you have the potential to affect it. You have the potential to change other for the next year. That's the whole purpose of us making dua this night and in a higher level in the knowledge of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala for example, our scholars given example that Allah might have will so and so has fallen sick, he's going to die this year. But because he made dua,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will postpone and give him extra time. Now the angels did not know that change is going to happen. But Allah subhanho wa Taala knew. So the point is on this night of Leila toccata. As I said any whether it's tonight or yesterday or the day after, on the night of later to cover we have the potential to affect our color in a way that only Allah azza wa jal knows, dua changes color and that is one of the main incentives for us to be making dua, our piety, our taqwa, our beseeching ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has the potential to change our future. So then why would you not be making dua this night? Why would you not be busy begging and beseeching ALLAH SubhanA wa

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taala. And of course, the most important to us are the dice for hedaya. The dice for MK Farah that are asked to be saved from jet if Jahannam and to cause to be entered Jana and also brothers and sisters as we make do up on this special night. Please do not forget to make dua for your brothers and sisters around the world. It is a sign of Iman and Taqwa we are here in Hamdulillah, enjoying the privilege enjoying the freedoms enjoying the ease and peace of worshipping Allah. There are people around the world they don't have this privilege. Many of them are being persecuted others there are 1000s of scholars, many of them we know them as part of the in pious regimes have locked

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them up somehow to the people of piety or just because of their piety, they have been locked up, make dua for these people make dua for the people of OXA. The people have seen our weaker brothers and sisters make dua for Kashmir, make dua for all the countries make dua for Sudan right now is going through its its civil issues as well, so many countries will lie. And here we are in this blessing Bathia and Nirma. Here we are every amenity that we could want, Allah has given it to us, the least we can do is to appreciate these blessings. The least we can do is to show ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada our potential to go back to where I began. And with this I conclude we talked about

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potential. We talked about Allah judging you against your potential. Well, brothers and sisters in this land in this country, given the lifestyles we live, frankly, we have massive untapped potential. We have potential to change ourselves and our friends and neighbors we have the potential to bring about global changes if we want. We have the potential to influence so many people we have the freedoms to do what perhaps the bulk of countries in the world do not have the freedoms to do. We talked about fear those being according to our potential well here is our potential, the potential to leave a lasting legacy. The potential when we leave this world, perhaps our great

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grandchildren will not know our names, perhaps they won't. But if Allah subhanho wa Taala has recorded our legacy for us, and if Allah subhanaw taala has written as indeed, he shall do again going back to the verse I began with Mahara Kibera beaker Karim Allah the Halacha was a work of either a useful rotten Masha aka buck, gullible to catch the Buddha be Dini was in LA comme la Hatfield lien

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Akio Rahman Cardi B Allah has assigned to angels get amen cat TV, maybe your grandchildren will know who you are, the Kettleman Khatibi No, and they're recording and every good deed that you do in sha Allah it will be sent forward to meet us on the Day of Judgment. As we conclude this month as we finish off our last prayers on this 27th Night brothers and sisters, my advice to myself and all of you do not trivialize your own potentials. Wallahi on the Day of Judgment, every one of us will regret even those that got their books in the right hand, our scholars mentioned, there's going to be a moment of remorse. Why didn't I get a higher level, I could have done more. I could have done

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better. I'm getting a B plus I could have gotten a minus, I'm getting a minus or could have gotten a plus. And this is permanent, great. Every one of us is going to have a moment of regret and remorse. So why not maximize our potential? Do whatever we can. Don't trivialize any good deed that you can do. Give your heart and soul to this religion. Make the world a better place in the image of Islam, how Allah wants you to make it a better place. Be the best person you can be, be the best mother or father, son or daughter, be the best husband or wife be the best role model for your community have the best personal o'clock in your life. Be as generous as you can as open hearted as you can live a

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stress free life, your heart should be pure against other Muslims should be pure against other people. And if you do these simple small steps in your own potential life maximize your potential. You could be a person of fit a dose, even as you live in this lifestyle that we have here. It's about maximizing your potential. So as we conclude, brothers and sisters in sha Allah, Allah, I asked myself and all of you think long and hard, what can I do with my life? How can I achieve the maximum given what I have? Where can I have the most impact, and it doesn't have to be global or limelight, if you hadn't shallow to other, you know, raise a beautiful family and your children are

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all Alhamdulillah good role model citizens and Muslims. This is a legacy, right? There is a legacy. You don't have to have a global impact, but do something that is a lifelong legacy for the Ophira think long term, I'm going to be gone 100 years from now none of us is going to be here, but my good deeds Allah would have recorded them. So what legacy Am I truly going to leave so that insha Allah to Allah even if my great grandkids don't know who I are on the Day of Judgment when I come, I will have my hisab I will have my deeds, I will have my scroll and I will say how OBO croqueta BIA in Nirvana into a nebula often SRB I knew I would meet my hisab I knew I would see my scroll. I knew

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there would be a judgment This is my judgment. I was prepared for it. Yeah, Allah here it is. We want to be in that category. May Allah subhana wa Tada make us of those who will get the Kitab in the right hand. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow each and every one of us to maximize our legacies in this dunya May Allah subhana wa Taala cause us all to be righteous servants of Allah. May Allah azza wa jal cleanse our hearts of any jealousy any hatred and negativity, may Allah grant us pure hearts may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow the pleasure of worshiping Him to be our greatest pleasure, may Allah subhana wa Tada allow us to be so addicted to that pleasure, that all the pleasures of

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this world become insignificant compared to that pleasure. May Allah subhanaw taala cause us to taste the lead of Eman May Allah subhanho wa Taala cause us all to be role models, imams of the moutain May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless ourselves in our families, oh Allah We beg you and beseech you to bless our spouses and our children to be righteous as well. Oh Allah do not show us in our family that which will hurt us Oh ALLAH. Oh Allah avert from us on this blessed night any evil Oh ALLAH. Oh Allah do not show us any calamity we cannot bear Oh ALLAH. Oh Allah grant us every good of this world. Oh Allah and every good of the ACA Oh ALLAH. Oh Allah We beg you to save us from your

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anger and punishment of Allah We beg you to grant us your grace and salvation. Oh Allah We beg you to causes to enter agenda behavior hisab and what are either Brahmacharya or hammer rock I mean, there are symmetrical Yeah Are hammer rahimian was Allah Allah who was sending them about a cul de Mohammedan what are the early he was like a big Marine.

00:34:28--> 00:34:46

In Mussolini now, Lima D one meaning me 91 quantity now I look on it. The more saw the pain I was saw the bond the one saw the Rena was Slavia right the one before she you know, before she

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

was before she Shireen. I want to call her she is the one downside BP now one downside the party was all

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

All Amy now was all in

00:35:05--> 00:35:12

when have you Lena photo gentleman won half the award the was that good enough? Guess

00:35:13--> 00:35:18

what's going on? I don't know hula hoop

00:35:19--> 00:35:19


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