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The speakers discuss the importance of using the right foot when praying, learning to be the best when learning Islam, and showing the person who received the book with the right hand to receive their book. They emphasize the need for everyone to use their hands when praying and avoiding assumptions about one's appearance. The segment also touches on the struggles of the Islamist movement and the importance of learning to be the best when learning to cook.

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We're going to begin with a new chapter, right?

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Yes, you're the one that hadith of Aisha Dylon think we've started it but

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we are not we have not completed the Hadith completely.

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Now we're done we started a new chapter as they have objectively I mean we call them yeah yeah that one yeah

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so today's date is

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20 February February

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if Smilla Rahmanir Rahim o salat wa salam ala Rahmatullah haven't been in a p&l Have you been hammered? instead? Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah He was, he was selling my bad and you and I should missionary Shaban Alpha noir Bonet in consulting Barbone and wife ugly.

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She did a missionary February and finally we're about why shouldn't one salute us and if you have activity Mobarak

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react to such heinous Allah subhanaw taala anybody can fina off even at our level, one year I feel that we feel a little more lucky. Well, Father God and illegal. So

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I believe last week we last week we started with a new chapter which is about is to him up with Dr. Emily. I mean if you call him out who I mean Barbie, a technique

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is to have a vote activity. I mean, it makes you call him a homing Barbie to create the

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recommendation and the encouragement of the Sharia that the Muslim should start with the right foot

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or the right side. You know when doing anything that is noble in Islam, you know, whatever has value Rasulullah sallallahu Soma used to begin it with with me with the right hand. So chef talk about although while we're still we're termo Lucifer, we're now will have

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like voodoo in the widow Rasul Allah sama used to start with me there was also also Celeste allows me to set the me the tempo masala Salah so Mesa set with me also filled it and wearing the cloth also Celeste Allah's Mesa set with me we're now wearing the shoes also as soon as he sat with me is it led the right food goes in let it be the last thing to go out while half and also awaiting the puzzle so let's allow some aces that would be any was Sahrawi and the pants, trousers, as well as allow some aces that would be I mean, what the whole masjid and also entering the masjid is recommended for prayers that a person should get into the masjid using the army.

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I mean it's the right food.

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We'll see work and doing the sea work also is good for a person when he is doing the sea work to start with with Amy Wallach t han. And last time I guess we talked about the benefits and the minutiae of the C work and then the prayer time comes. So what actually happened and actually HAL is using the eyeliners you know eyeliner

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so let's uh lightly Slava recommend that we should use a specific type of eyeliner which is if made last time I told you that a person should be very careful to make sure that yes, you get the correct one rather than getting something which is a fake and feed your your eyes with with sand. So if it is good for Celeste Allah sama said it makes you ice very clear. Strengthen the lens and the eye side vision. And also it helps the hair to grow. What acculevel alpha and also cutting the nails, the nails?

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Is that what they mean for so actually start with the right eye and then go to the to the left one. Especially for the sisters for the brothers. It's better to do it that night for the medication.

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If you're using the one that will make you look like

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a sister and now we'll be wrong. Wrong not in the sense of Kohan is wrong for the brothers. No it's wrong for the brothers but it is wrong because it makes a person looks like the opposite gender.

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What's up level as far as cutting the nails also sat with me and then go to the left. Because Sherry and also cutting that the moustache. This one's sad. Well, they I mean, they're cutting you sad well they need to go into the to the to the to the left

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Now, right then to the left, one at full, empty, and also when a person is plugged in

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when a person is removing the hair from the armpit, the professor like

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the caller said he should start with the right

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hand first and then go to the left in a

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seat and when you are shaving your hair, also start with the right and then go to the left was Salem, Minnesota, Minnesota. Now when a person prays also, it is recommended that the person should start with me. First when you are seeing the Salaam in the prayer Slavonic. Warahmatullah said, I want to start with Damian first and then go to the left, while actually and when you are eating you use your right hand. Also when you're eating is your right hand to eat with it, why should it be when you're drinking use your right hand is a nice Awaji but actually Islamically according to the best opinion of the scholars, it is not just a recommendation, but it is obligated upon every Muslim

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to eat with the right and drink product with the right is wrong for a person to eat or drink with the left

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likewise giving or taking with the left also is wrong these are four things that right has to be favored and it is a must you know a person one he gives something it gives you the right hand when he takes something he takes with a right hand

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almost alpha and when you shake the hand of somebody is shake the hand of that person using your right hand not your left hand. And in you can see some people they left me sometimes when we say sell them to others was Tila hedger last word. And also touching the handrail as well you know the Blackstone when you go to do the thought of as opposed to kiss it. So the best way to kiss the Blackstone is to hold the place first to hold the place first and then and then

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and then kiss. So when you are touching the place, you should start with the right hand first and then the left the left hand. That's still our last word. Well hello Jamil.

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And also getting out of the bathroom. You start with that when the when the right getting out of the bathroom is that would put the right will actually will about and given and taken, you know taken or and given. So all of these you're supposed to start with with the right rights right hand well hey daddy Valley coming Mojave minor and anything that has been reversing the Hadees of eyeshadow Villa and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to use his right hand and start with the right you know in everything that has it has value in what used to have with the with ASR if you did not occur in the opposite. And the country all of all of those mentioned, you know by the sheriff,

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you're supposed to be using the left

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hand side is supposed to start with that with the left then the right.

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Tell him to help well, both happy and sad. So when a person wants to split, design appropriate a person shouldn't do it in front of people. But even when you're alone, when you split the room up the phlegm or

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the saliva you want to speed it out. Put it in the right right side I'm sorry the left side not on the right side as I say design the appropriate things for a person to do in front of this but when he has to do it then he should throw it on the left not on the not on the right

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over the holding harlot and getting inside the bathroom also a person should use their left the right will hold you middle Masjid getting out of the masjid also a person should use the left or the right or hello when nally when you're taking off your shoes you start with the with the left and then the right was the last a lot of summer said

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later called Liam that award had hola Raja let the right food be the first to get inside the shoes and the last one would go out of the shoe was surrounded with and

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when a person is removing mean taking off their seat one issue start with the left and then the right before when the cloth. Well it's tenger and when a person is relieving himself from

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from whatever you mean or any other thing of this nature account of hula a person is supposed to use the left, not the right hand. Yeah, we're gonna see all of the

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that could be used to support this mention of them are live in sha Allah. So when a person uses a bathroom right hand is not supposed to be used and actually Celeste a lot Lisa said not just using the right hand to clean the place a chroma Kamala even to use your right hand to hold the place and then you pour the water to clean it you know you're not cleaning with the right but just holding the place to clean the place the prophets Allah Azza wa sallam second how to conduct a hobby I mean, the person shouldn't hold his private part with his right hand and then clean yeah right and so respected you know by the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so we are

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supposed to follow the same, the same thing.

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Carlo filmstruck Verratti and whatever is any filthy and bad things when a person is doing them he should do with the left than us the right. You know a woman wants to wash baby wash with with the left hand

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somebody informative or a clinically with the left. You know wants to touch the blood touch with the left hand. You know all of these things that people find them this stuff you're supposed to use the left hand even if there is nobody trained yourself to use the left hand because trust me if somebody sees you to them, he might not be able to accept anything that comes from from you and that will not be good in and people find your disgusting Yeah. This will not be good at all. So when he sees you using the left hand is okay tomorrow when you give him something with the right hand he doesn't mind you know to take it.

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Last Montella grant is good color wash Modelica Panelo to Anna mammal oto Kitab a who will be Amin he for all her or mokara orchids havea

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this is in the hereafter when Allah subhanaw taala brings everyone Allah subhanaw taala divided people into two two parties, the righteous and unrighteous people, the bad and the good ones.

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Allah says for a moment ot Kitab a hobby as for the person who receives his book with his right hand, you know a person who received his book with his right hand. So for all her OMO karate Tabea in Iran to a name what can he salvia

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for VHF about via

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Allah's Muhammad, Allah says, As for the person who takes his book with the right hand, may Allah smart Allah make us among those who will be receiving their books with the right hand and they will be going to Jannah with no haste, no other no his Allah grant us all for those that Allah so the person who receives his book with the right hand, he will be telling everyone Hamdulillah you know, you'll be passing his book to everyone you know, please read my book read, see the the the result and God see the reward from Allah subhanaw taala he'll be happy to show with it. I mean show to everyone you know what he called from Allah subhanaw taala the surrounding light is exactly the

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example that Allah's Martin has given us when it comes to the examination. You know, those people who pass the exam, they don't mind showing it to everyone.

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And those who fail, divine, you know, they hate it, they don't let anyone see it. That which is in the hereafter is far greater than what you can ever imagine, you know, in this dunya is who we are, you know, what do you think of the akhira or the person receives his books in their own way Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala casino offense and put kind of a life and greatest good to make us among those who will be receiving their books in in the right hand. So Allah subhanaw taala says this person will be asking people to come and see his his book and his reward is

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out there again, that Allah subhanaw taala will neglect me, you know, because that's it when you are with Allah subhanaw taala Allah will never neglect you. It will grant you much better than what you deserve. That's what Allah subhanaw taala test Allah gives much more better than what we deserve. So he says he is Elia t that he will get his his help from Allah subhanaw taala and he is not disappointed in the way he has yet personally with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanaw taala did not disappoint him

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by Nirvana to me Moloch and his havea Bacala to Allah for us Have we met in our household may matter was how will mesh MIT miles Hubble mesh Emma, Allah's Maha Rotella talk also in this place about

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two categories that we have mentioned as Hubble Mamer miles Hubble remain and lots more to talk about that struggle moment. These are

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the people that Allah subhanaw taala call them as how will you meet those people who are on the right side and there will be

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Given the book,

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you know from the right side, Allah subhanaw taala says, was Hubble mesh material as Hubble mesh, and you have those who are on the left. Last Protoss is what do you know about these ones? Allah explain each and every one of them is what will work out and what makes them qualify or to be entitled to that punishment that allows him to like give them talk about us humbly mean he talks about the cyber cyber board. And the benefit in this is that you're you see what they did, which you know, qualifies them and took them to this position so that you also imitate them. The best one that I choose for myself and everyone is the first group Alas, Mattila mentioned so to knock out these

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are acerbic, gonna Sonichu who are disabled, some scholars said no, we have no portion in this we cannot reach them. But even if you may have a zero and says no, that was wrong interpretation. This is for everyone until the Day of Judgment. isavuconazole report is referring to somebody who's doing sybok

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meaning you are always Hastening towards the doing of the righteous deeds and things which are

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noble in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala he goes to the masjid you know, quicker than everyone is not missing his classes read Quran you know is trying to be the first in everything to compete with others in righteous be the last model to assist with you Derek affiliate and alphas in between episodes. So if you're among those people who are racing with others in terms of righteous deed, you will be among the savage savage gonna be eaten wagon ahead. So this is what I will choose for myself and everyone. Don't aim to be from the US how many we aim to be from the service owner service. This is what we call it alone him. Allah subhanaw taala says we're living in their own light and alcohol

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actually in the necessity haram Allah elaborate. Well as you know, manufactured care can evolve the whole other human aim to a philosophy he won. Last loss Mahershala talks about those people

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those people who are the embattled Rahman in the last IRA, he mentioned them he says well in a polluted urban heartland, I mean as far as you know how to react in a Kurata unit, which are married with a pina Inanna. He talks about the righteous people they buy the reason we call them because of the first part of this series of

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what we call mentioning of Allah's mountain about Eva, Allah subhanaw taala. The last part of it, he says, These are the people that are always saying, Rob and I haven't in a minute as Virginia will be yet in a Kurata unit, where John managed multiple ways to Yeah, Allah,

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grant us, you know, somebody that will make us satisfied among our family, or wives or children, when we see them will become happy, it makes us happy corners of our eyes, we're journaling what's happening on and off this last one so much Allah Subhana Allah says these people, they're always asking a lot smarter to make. In Berlin we're tackling to make them in Madrid, we're tackling what does that mean? They don't want to be leading the common people in the community. They want to be the role model for the best of the best in emoticon, the closest people to Allah subhanaw taala are looking forward to see them so that they can imitate them.

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That's kind of a high determination is you know, what kind of a high determination is this person is asking a lot smarter to make, imagine living with happiness, and they shouldn't be actually their attitude and the behavior of a Muslim, but just the student of knowledge and this quality, you know, every Muslim should aim for this

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to be the best example for others to follow these others also including the best amongst the members of the community, you know, if Allah subhanaw taala grant you this Hamdulillah you succeed, then you started to keep a legacy in this life people remember you

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by that legacy, whenever they see it.

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And this is what the good ones starting from Ibrahim palestra have been looking for, you know, they have been saying yeah, Allah, Ibrahim Melissa MCC Allah Jalili Sana sitcom,

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this is here Allah this will put you know for me grant me a good remembrance you know and those people who will come after me and Allah smart Allah gave him

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an Allah gave him and you really need this proverb says we're in Tamil Nadu a hadith about the hook for con Hadith and escena Lima WA, he says,

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You will be just a story people talking about you, you know about your life. They don't they don't see you anymore, but they just discuss about you and your attitude and your behaviors. You know, it says Therefore, you should try to be the

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Best, you know, among those who people remember, you know, the best of their remembered, you know? Last muhurta like Grunt is good. So let's say one Hadith I guess those who are in Malaysia about to have the channel that just take Hadees of Aisha the Allahu Allah, and then we deleted rest inshallah until next Tuesday, Viva la Colona Aisha Radi Allahu Allah can Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a urology would move efficiently equally he feel to who he were currently he within our

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eye shadow Shirley Lavon has said Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he loves to begin his affairs with the right

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fish and equally all of his affairs he loves to begin them with the right fatal holy when he is taking Kosal when he's taking shower he start with the right what are God when he is come fixing his hair? He start with the right what Tenali he also loves the law so much wearing the shoes he start with, with the right. So they support those topics that

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I shall sorry, Mama No, you mentioned earlier that was because he says it is recommended that whenever you do something that is noble, and good in Islam, which has value you should start with the right right side. You know, there is another Hadith of Aisha Lavon Let me drag you a bit. I shall the Lord has said

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that he had Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you nearly to who he was and he will kind of tell you so radically from Academy.

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I shall read the law and he said, the hands of Rasulullah sallallahu Allah who celebrate the right hand, he kept it for his

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purity for Hara and also his food. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he had who had Rasulullah sallallahu celebrate the human little hole, he whenever he purified himself he used the right hand when he's taking a shower and water and he and his food while usarla karate so he uses the right hand to bring the water in not to use the right hand to bring to remove anything that comes out of him. That one who uses it live Harare, he uses the left one they call it the left hand Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihe Salam I use it for for his color follow means whenever he believes himself in, in the bathroom so he uses the left hand to remove what ever comes out of him. Salatu

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was Salam who Ali from Academy and anything that is just that that touches your soul as a lowly Salam or things which is Kadir was tabula rasa Eliza lightly sama will start with with the SR with the left

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rather than that the right hand right hand so he kept his right hand for good things and left hand for things which are not not good. So I guess this is the best place to stop so that those who are about to pray can catch up their prayers. As if there is any question please do let me know. And thank you for the short class I thought I will never be able to have the class but then I have some strength I seem to make this happen at least a bit.

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recklessly, Sinhala Lake WreckIt Ralph you

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I think we have only one question here.

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The question is why Sr? Saramonic? Rocktober. Katusha

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What about when we eat with the right hand?

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Then we want to add food in our plate by dishing out with the left hand what is the outcome

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but why the left hand if let's say using spoon and use the left hand no problem Shala

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but I will advise if you're not using the spoon, if you're alone no problem you can do it is okay. If you with others try to avoid using the left hand

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in the presence of others when you're eating food.

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If you have any question by whether it was it said I want you to look at

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that while it will come to the class you left me alone here longer you

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like SDNs with regards to using C work should we use left or right.

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That's it.

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There's a questions that we have.

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Who would always start with the right right? Always turn up every part of you when you make over and start with the right side. Okay, sure. Right. The question is also asking What about toothbrush? So the same Falconbridge right? So Malcolm because Celeste Allah so Maria He cleaned his mouth they said his they mentioned Sue Ark is start with the with the right and the

00:25:26--> 00:25:39

brush that will crash we brought it to replace the work unfortunately. So we take the same hakama as you walk we have played on the on the brushes you know

00:25:42--> 00:25:47

Zach Lowe says messages and questions and we have some alone

00:25:49--> 00:25:50

What about when cooking is

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cooking is it something that has value

00:25:57--> 00:26:16

Yeah, it's there as soon as the last time or whatever is good he start with the right hand isn't that you believe to be an excellent whether based on the custom or Islamically start with the right you know so let's alasa start anything that is good his start with I shall sufficiently couldn't be

00:26:17--> 00:26:17

there now I

00:26:21--> 00:26:28

think that's about it. If there's no there's no more questions I think that's it Shala

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okay when shot La La halen

00:26:35--> 00:26:36

Well, let me

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you can sound