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The conversation covers the concept of "hambleness" as understanding oneself and the reality of oneself. It includes a discussion of the Prophet Alayshi waecca's teachings and the use of the donkey as a way to prove one's lack of fear and discomfort. The speakers also touch on the importance of humility and not being accused of anything, as it is a responsibility everyone has to take. The conversation ends with a discussion of the success of their community in helping people through their struggles.

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Hadith polyoma and toyboy he said Allah Allahu earlier so he will sell them today he will talk about his humbleness Allahu Salatu was Salam.

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And by far humbleness as a, as a trait, or as an attribute, a characteristic,

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as many scholars would call it, so, you do look like the

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master of all

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traits, and all attributes and all characteristics is humbleness.

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But the genuine or the actual actual humbleness, not, not the artificial type of humbleness, where it is worn as a front, the cover up

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hidden arrogance, as some scholars would say, the person who says or claims they are humble are basically saying they are arrogant. When you say I'm humble, then you're saying I'm actually up here, but I bring myself nice and down so that everyone has that as this arrogance and in disguise. Humbleness is basically understanding the reality of oneself, understanding, just just being realistic, just remembering that we're all from the soil of the earth. And there's really nothing that makes anyone better than anyone else, and accepting that fact and having full comprehension of it, and actually believing in it, and that's how he was like, Yo Salatu was Salam. His humbleness

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was genuine it came to him naturally, as Allah subhanaw taala says I didn't let him meaning in the show true humbleness towards the believers wellfield JANA Hakka meaning Oh wellfield JANA Hakka Lee Manitoba, aka middle meaning and lower your your your wing for the for the for the believers and it's the symbol is a figure of speech. Comfortable Jenna has as if, as if your any of your wings are there to soar and to fly and you will bring it down to earth for the for the believers to step on or to cushion their their their step

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by value of salatu salam in multiple Hadith will commands us to take this attribute seriously and Allah Oh, hi Ilya. And

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I tell if I hadn't I hadn't reliability

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has revealed to me that you must show humbleness that no one will look down or condescending towards anyone else and no one will oppress or transgress against anyone else. This guy knows that Allah Allah psycho cinema as they describe him guy now yesterday muda ephah will serve his his guest

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well yeah, so if we're not Allah when he would fix his shoes

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were actually Boucher many would milk is is power is cheap.

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Well you can also Daraa and he would sweep is is house

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what kind of anything that the early he used that Allah is selling he was always in the preoccupied with the service of his family. Yeah, who do I like to rob he would put his feet is food on the dirt or on the soil and eat? What do I know? I don't sleep and he got tired. He would sleep on the curb. Outside I used to sit up there just characteristics of Aisha anything Ibis him just saw and described him as sort of a hottie. Have you seldom seen the Hadith Hadith assigned to throny come out a lot in Surah Al merci haben mo him Don't say of me or don't bribe me as the as the Christians describe Jesus peace be upon him. What I can pull to Abdullah he or Sulu say I'm the servant of

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Allah and His messenger.

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Anyway, my mom had that they came to him Alia salatu salam, Salam Sahaba and they started saying and they say you do not want to her you're gonna want to have him when you're the best of us you are that you are our master out of love for him out of luck to us and he came and towards the end of his life out of your sight to us that I'm those who have spent a lot of time with him and felt that there was not much left time to spend with him.

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We're going emotional so you come and say stuff like this and you don't hear the rest of us will say you do not want me to say you didn't. They will start saying beautiful things about him I thought was a compliment. But ganache on Allah Allah you're selling your cool tunes a loony Illman Zilla tell that he enzoani Allah who don't, don't give me anything aside from what Allah Subhana Allah has given me Oh Abdullah, he want us to say the servant of Allah and the Messenger of Allah.

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Allah is what he prefers. So Allah Hadees like you said, when people came and complimented him

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after one of the battles, it's unclear which one it was the Hadith and isn't the collection of Imam Muslim? arrivati salatu salam would ask the Sahaba helped us to do them in a hurry. Had you missed anyone? Is there anyone that had couches? Or who is anyone missing? Anyone else that didn't make it? Fair? coluna we done? Everyone's here but what I'll definitely do what I mean I had Seriously there's no one that's missing. Apart Lulu, I know everyone's here. We'll have to do Julie Bieber. YouTube is not here. And should I be able to servant he was a slave

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was free, maybe only a couple of months before

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I had very little girls. So the Sahaba not really didn't really know him that much and didn't include him in the headcount that they were doing. But the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam did, but I can't find you to add, but I have I have paid to whom whatever I went to look for him, oh, Joe, who will come in, found him amongst the people who are that would be Johnny B. He's about to random was seven of the machine again, that he had fought and killed and he was martyr and he was a martyr amongst them Uppada.

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I mean, the one I mean, who I mean, the one I mean, who this person is a piece of me and I am of him. This person is of me, and I have of him sort of aha he was on he was a little older at that time, and Naina loco Namaka. And oh, until we set up, I started to wish that we were in his spots we were, we were this simple, simple person who passed away and died in the battle. From what he said it said Allah, Allah Islam uses them. Towards the end of his prophecy, Alia salatu salam before he passed away, for a short period of time, he was very revered as the as the ruler of the majority of Arabia.

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So people from all over the land would come to meet him. So Allah Azza wa salam in Medina, and to announce their Islam or to learn from him, I need to take some some knowledge. There was a man who had come from one of the tribes to learn, but he had heard so much about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he was very he was in a state of severe reverence of the Prophet alayhi salatu was me I'd Heba of the Prophet. So he came by him idea, so to speak to him and he got very scared to the point he was, he was shaking. You're standing there speaking to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and he was obviously he was visibly nervous. He was visibly anxious. I mean, as he was speaking to the

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Prophet, it is thought to come up to him and put his hand around him so therefore we I had Oh, when I like, take it easy in numerology in Ghana, Khadija be McIndoe, I'm just the son of a lady he used to eat beef jerky, and like maybe she would take

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it because it was cheap for you just take it and put it in the sun and eat it and hold on to it because he didn't have enough money. Why are you so take it easy, there's nothing, nothing to be I'm not that what you sell Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, no reason for you to feel the way you feel today. So what was

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my favorite story is probably in all of this era. And I think it reflects true humbleness. You may disagree, but I think this actually reflects

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it, you have a couple of them. But this one here specifically is very nice. And you find the site and you find the long narration that I like in the collection by Muhammad, or the Prague audience. So this one was on his mule or his donkey.

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And he would see my eyes and he would ask me to get on the gun.

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Or definitely Rasulullah so I said, let me ask me to jump and sit behind him

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about URLs that Allah and machine I'll walk beside him for a cup demo and get get on

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the raw value of stilettos and we commonly do this and he would get on his mule or donkey or his horse, and he would just take strolls or he'll start to climb into the wilderness or into the woods and just kind of walk around and look and said, just contemplate and if you saw any of the Sahaba like Buddha, specifically or more specifically, he would take them with him earlier Salah to so many would contemplate with them. That's where you have some of the most beautiful narrations that come from these little strolls. So my God, Allah who I know would jump on the donkey with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, what if I tell him or

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doc he didn't like it.

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So what was going on the donkey days did what a donkey can do. And he sent the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam and either flying without money through any end he got upset and he threw them into the air bus about two was SOHCAHTOA Rasulullah he or Sofitel came up to him or all three of us fall on the floor of a poem to a safe and safe and I got a very upset How could I do this? Jani? What have you ever slipped in public?

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What is your first reflex when you slip in public? It's

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not like it didn't happen. You get up you'd brush off and you just keep on going hoping no one saw you and you. And that's just coming from a little bit of

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a that's the problem. This is something I was taught yet a young age. The reason you do that is because you're taking yourself a little bit too seriously. You think too much of yourself. So you don't want your image to be shocked. So you get up and you feel very bad. Because you don't want people to brush off and you act like even though you probably you know injured yourself pretty badly, like you're probably in a lot of pain, but you'll walk it off just so that no one's acting as if it didn't happen. The problem it is solid was in this example, if he fell off his donkey with my son why they felt that way? Well, I wanted this. He looks a lot to either Rasulullah he said Allah

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is telling me about the prophet is that I'm just laughing. But he usually

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gets up and he brings up the donkey. I feel lucky about it. He put on a different and then he got up and he put me on again about a particular Baker was sadhika last fall as opposed to the baker side.

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aka rasool Allah, God Allah Ya Allah Baker Sadiq al Assad Allah for call Mr. La he didn't even bother kappa Allah Allahu Allah su Island PHIPA hyperbola hey I labored and yeah boo there usually will be he che Papa lemme happen the Adela here Morocco to Allahu wa rasuluh Ireland a call it Happy Labor Day Allah Allah He and either I do the Lika and Utila who will Jana taka ja rasool Allah Azza overshare will nurse ba Eden yet Tiki Lu, Allah, Allah, Allah. This is the known Hadith. But to me, the reason I think it's a good example of humbleness, because when he fell out of your salatu salam, he was laughing. He thought it was hilarious. He thought that this was it. He didn't he didn't have

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that if you understand what I mean, that urge to get up, brush it off and act like nothing happened that he doesn't didn't have Alia salatu salam, he didn't take himself that seriously. Because he wasn't he didn't have that self image that we do. Because he wasn't trying to prove anything. And he didn't he didn't have no sound. I mean that that is sometimes you need a moment, you need an example to prove to prove the real, the realness of something within somebody. And I use this example to me just prove that I didn't care what people saw and what people thought and how people didn't mean anything to him or your thoughts was once he was sitting in a measure this

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and he talked about a certain type of Shoka side down it's called it's a certain type of plant that only is only somewhere in the mountains. That only someone who spent his childhood poor would know about it. I'm not sure if this makes any sense to you. So if you live in, in rural parts of Middle East based on what culture or what knowledge you have as a child or what things you know about says what type of childhood you had, like certain things if you know certain things you probably had a pretty rough upcoming upbringing. The Pragati is awesome. It was talking with give me example, he was talking about set off and he said on it as there are hooks and they look like choke a sudden so

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he said hold on, choke a sudden, but I'm not gonna be showing you how do you know anything about choke a sudden? I thought if How do you know about this yellow Sorolla? And when you put you get the knowledge of this this is only known by people who spent a quarter million billion

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This is another example I saw Sam wasn't ashamed of his background. It wasn't ashamed of his upbringing. It wasn't ashamed that he grew up very poor and with very little money he also took part in the moment they begin in my mind they begin outside of hula hoop or aluminum. There is no profit that Allah subhanaw taala granted prophecy before except this person will was a shepherd of sheep. Well, according to our Levana big burly man big burly Mecca Teddy earlier I laughed and he used to was a shepherd for sheep for the people of Makkah in the mountains I used as a kid and that's what I that's a small Yeah, pennies used to give me a little bit money and I take their sheep and go and do

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it for it somewhere in the mountains. So I've seen I know that Allah How do you use

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it? How do you think

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you're born with it telling me privately yourselves when the radio Oh, this isn't a collection of Buddhahood Paula can Rasulullah his big resume? They in a hobby he had?

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Who are you whom who are either Agia Oh, yes. Aluna and who are your thoughts around that as long as you disobey Anna as hubby he can go ahead and mean he will just sit amongst the Sahaba as if he's one of them. To the point where a very blocked in. They wouldn't you wouldn't know who's Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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they wouldn't the person walking in wouldn't know who the prophets of Allah is LM is you'd have to ask which one of you is Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad said, according to Canon when we make a small anything for you, your rasool Allah forever he said no, I don't want it. But yeah Allah Allah Who did it anyways?

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Had to either DACA DACA necessarily out of who but we didn't anyway because you want it it was getting ridiculous people come in. This is it and they don't know which one it is. They felt very bad. He didn't care. He has a lot to say but didn't didn't think it was appropriate. But if you don't Arabi and then a man from the Arab came in, because Sarah or aka Mohammed, Salah Mohammed was like that. He's a pseudo

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Sahaba Sara Monica benevolent daddy. He's sort of like a llama oxen. And he replied that he returned to Sudan when he did it in a beautiful way. Even though the Sahaba were very happy with the way this person was begging God to help people. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam My Allah doozy well, I'll be

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on Sunday for you would stand out of your slot to sit down with with an elderly person

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or with an Arabi, a Bedouin browers as they speak and ask questions and talk and tell stories. And he wouldn't leave out as lottosend until they would, but he would stand there and he would listen to them go on and on and on. I need to I need to stop them as extreme extremely busy. He had a very, very busy life, but he would stand that he would listen to them and explain it as they explained themselves. They wouldn't move out of your sight or whatever until until they did once he was eating something

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sedum hadith is this hadith, Muhammad Tirmidhi is eating with a bunch of slaves, a few number of slaves, Muslims had put together a little bit of tumble, and they wanted to eat. So they went and they called the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to come and eat with them. So we accepted and he came in, he ate with the money, it's awesome. When he said to us to sit with one knee up and the other one under him, then he's eating and he's talking to them. So a lady would walk by one of them would have to cut. We don't have a lot of examples of when I feel like this is probably the only one that we have. And she would say, only little Ilya, he looked at him. So can I use when I do go to look he

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sits like a slave and he's like a slave. But I thought so somebody said he was like this he puts his head of looks I thought, Oh, my abdomen knee and who's more of a slave than I am?

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Who can do what are you doing? So can I get you to go out there eat like a slave and I sit like asleep because that is what I am sort of Allah. It was like, he was telling Apollo do e to the Hadith. And

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they will do a to either Cora and Djibouti Wudi, to Cora and the Pibil. To if I was ever asked to go to a feast where it's Khullar and they're in our karate, and they go is when the here if you're if you're this is how you know if you're if you've been westernized or not.

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If you don't know what this is, or you've never eaten in your life, then you're you're they have successfully westernized you. So the feet of the of the sheep we've ever eaten the hands and the feet of the sheep. That's the people are already faces like this. No, no, you need to go eat this and go back to your roots. This is something that all your grand sisters, you ate until they fill their stomachs for many, many years. But it was been a very simple type of food. Like it was not too high. Obviously, if you're going to be asked to meet to eat meat, you're looking to eat the actual meat of the of the sheep. Yeah, I need the shoulder, the thighs, but the feet is for the football.

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Yeah. And whenever they slaughter the sheep, it would give the intestines and the feet to the floor and they would make some food out of it. And it's some it's actually pretty good. I don't like it. It's okay. I don't like it either. So you know, if you're, I was forced to eat it as a kid, they don't like it still. So it's fine. I'm just joking with you. But But the problem nowadays is that I will say that we do eat to eat. If I was called for a piece of that I would go and if they gave me it to me as a gift, I would accept it. I wouldn't take I wouldn't take offense to it. I wouldn't feel that they're just giving me the feet. So the law is explaining something.

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Let me tell you this.

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And 15 years later, after he died alcohol so it was just to understand that full humbleness will rub off. And

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I'm gonna I'm gonna help Bob would be seen working with you and never been to places I've never been placed ahead. So that's one of the one of the great noblemen of the autumn and they were fixing something on a road picking up boulders and in paving that they were just working upon. Oh, yeah, I mean, I mean,

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ATV Abdon Yeah, Fila, they get one of the servants to do this for you.

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For this reason, oh man, I do mean duminy woman a man who's more of a servant or a slave than me and I love my family. I don't mean maioria I don't Emraan mean Memorial Muslimeen in Wakanda i but then Lily Muslim in a big boy Ira he now Yajima Alhaji meat is a UDP winner knows he will admit to you.

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There is no one that will take any form of authority for the Muslims, except he is a servant and a slave to the Muslims upon him. The duty upon that person is the duty upon a servant to his master in serving Him and offering him good advice and being someone who is trustworthy with them are the Allahu Anhu.

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This is what sometimes it's important to see the reflection of what the teachings were, this is what saved the top learn from the prophets of Allah who said them. I am a servant to the Muslims. So I will do anything I'm a slave. I may have a position of authority so I'm here to serve them in that concept of as he was say the Allahu Anhu when it when they talked about Oba could once because our local pub in his time, the Muslim craft became really big. No it wasn't like that. And so some people would say certain things about God maybe he wasn't as good or maybe you know he shouldn't have done that or whatever. It said something just a derogatory remark about overcome the Eiffel

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tower that upsets me or voodoo Allah He

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doesn't matter I'll be back in Laila know when to shut out and fee Saturday he like kind of Hyrule Lee, there's a night for obika in his life, if I was just a hair on his chest, I would be better than my whole life. He's speaking of the night of Hitler of the Allahu Akbar. And this is not what I'm trying to explain. This is not made it mean he started official. He's just saying that that's how he felt. That's how he felt. Because that's the reality because that night that obika had with the Prophet alayhi salam so nothing comes close to that. You can never talk that try whatever you want. You would never top that anything nothing anyone can do can top the night he was with the

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Prophet Alia saga said I'm in that a lot ever. And that's the reality.

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You know, I'm gonna understood it and that's why humbleness is just knowing the truth of who we are understanding the truth of ourselves that's all it is nothing official about it. And all that you saw to someone came to him naturally hope is that benefit sorry for taking much time so buckle up handy, you know let you learn to still feel good to who they are. So Allah who was telling them about can I remember how many of you heard of or have you become Salam Alaikum wa Salatu was Salam, Alaikum and Mohammed are located about Luffy consider on the ground