Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Salah During The Pandemic

Ibrahim Nuhu


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the third thing is the prayers, especially the watch, but

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especially the ones you bought, don't you ever miss the prayer in Java? Nowadays Allahu Mustad because of this pandemic, you know, the pandemic does the Coronavirus, we're not supposed to go out, we can go out of that our house out of our houses, so most likely, Allah, Allah and even the tarawih and the prayers and everything is going to be done at home. But it's for those of you who are blessed by Allah smarter with family, then you make the GEMA we you and your family. But for those of you who did not graduate yet you're still in your room alone. You know, then in sha Allah make you recite the cover and then also in your room so that you can have angels also bring with you with

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the GEMA

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good idea as why marriage is what important you know, but now there is no time for you to make it in this in this virus. Allah subhanaw taala support, support all of us what I'm trying to say my brother sisters will lie it is a great loss for a person to miss Gemma pray as long as he can pray in GEMA. So that's what I'm trying to say is if the lockdown is gone, and we are able to go out Don't you ever miss a prayer in the Jamar in Ramadan in Nevada or after Ramadan but now I'm just trying to emphasize in this opportunity you have which is only one month so since we didn't have the time and we didn't have the permission to go out then you pray at home you you and your family and

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make sure you pray on time. Don't you ever miss any other prayer and also intensify the Sunnah prayers you're doing, especially the night prayers, especially the night the night prayers. You have to intensify the prayers you had in the Sunnah prayers, especially the night prayers