Righteous children of a Senior Daee

Haitham al-Haddad


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As you know that the righteousness of the person will benefit his children. And if you are sincerely busy in that, and you are trying your best, you are trying, not neglecting, you are trying your best to give your family that do right? Allah de la Allah will help you and Allah de lo Allah will put Baraka in your time. One of the

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seniors out in this country, I don't

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I would like to mention his name, but because he mentioned it to me in a

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regarding a private matter, I was talking to him about looking after his children. And he said to me, that

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his children from anyway, his children, some of his children, so he told me, he told me a statement to Allah, He it affected me. And it affected me for his he told me this statement maybe eight, nine years ago, and he still I didn't, but he told me that if I am trying my best to look after the children of others,

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don't you think that Allah is more merciful than me and he will look after my children.

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It is a very powerful statement that I still remember it. And to be honest with you, when I feel that I'm not doing any enough for my children. And I feel that maybe I am spending time with their children, with other children, whether in universities or so. Then I say, oh, Allah. Yeah, I'm trying to help the children of others. Oh, Allah find someone who will help my children as well. Yeah. So the person who is trying to do this Allah de la vida in sha Allah will suffice him. So don't exaggerate the matter, because taking too much

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precautions. Yeah. Regarding the future of your children, family, that secure the future security and etc. It is too much exaggeration.

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As if you are not putting trust in Allah, Allah, Allah at the end of the day, everything is in the hands, or in the hands of Allah. Allah, Allah and Allah didn't know Allah is so merciful whatever we do, it is in the hands of Allah Delilah. And the first means to get the help of Allah. Allah Allah is what is putting a trust in Him.