Ibrahim Nuhu – Ramadan Daily #19 And You Have Not Been Given Of Knowledge Except A Little

Ibrahim Nuhu
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Bismillah wa salatu salam ala Rahmatullah alameen and Avena or even a Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was, he was selling my bad

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brothers and sisters, this is the session number 19. And in the previous session we talked about the screen of Allah subhanaw taala Yala, mobbin ad human will confirm when I hit one minute let me elaborate.

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So, whatever knowledge we have, this is a little that allows Mattila granted us. Yeah, whatever we have, Allah says, Well, I am OTG minute let me luckily,

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you know, the advancement of the technology wherever we have online this is little. So knowing this, you know, can cause the person to be humble, you know not to be arrogant. Just because Alaska granted you a lot of knowledge. If you remember that Allah smart Allah, He presents the greatest knowledge,

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our knowledge in comparison to his useless.

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Musa alayhis salam was asked one day after he gave a very strong and powerful, powerful and beautiful speech. Somebody told him Is there anyone who knows better than you? He said, No. Allah subhanaw taala revealed to him the hate saying Bella, yes, there is somebody who knows better than you. And then Musa said Who is that? Yeah, Allah

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to linearly said I really want to meet him. Allah told them Abdelkader people human body, our slave fader in the place which is modular

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so he said okay, for stability, how can I reach Allah smart I told him the way he reached it that sorry that you know, I lost my time I read it and so what Academy allows one to grant his ability to finish it in this month of Ramadan.

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So he went looking for it and he found it very bit of a long story. I kept it up to that moment because this is the moment I need. So he met while they were on the boat, a small bird came and picked up some product some water in a very small bird. So the bird take the word the water, you know, it would take very little so hey, they will look at Musa and said to him most I should know that this is the greatest lesson he should he should feather want to send to him. You know, last month he wants him to learn.

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Feather total Musa he said Musa

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Did you see the bird? He said yes. What did they do? It's a pick up some water.

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He said Do you think it reduced the Bihar

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Stefania? He said, My knowledge she says I have knowledge from ALLAH, which you didn't know. And you have knowledge from ALLAH which items

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and both of us my knowledge and your knowledge in comparison to the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala it just like our knowledge is that drop of water that was picked up by the bird and the knowledge of Allah is like the ocean. Allah as well law says with a LULAC annual rah rah Herman Amelie Robbie Omar OTT millet, lamella acleda

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whatever is given to us is little in comparison to Allah's knowledge is very little. And since this is the case, then we should be humble. We should always consider ourselves as ignorant who are still learning

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and the best places to get the correct knowledge is Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So we should be humble and keep learning and respect also everyone and refer that knowledge to Allah subhanho wa Taala completely because he's a source of knowledge. Our last one hotel our guides to the truth. See you in the next session, inshallah.

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