Ramadan Daily #07 The Path Of Those You Have Blessed

Ibrahim Nuhu


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The speaker discusses the importance of following guidance given by the Prophet sallalContinental god during the course of the day. The guidance is not just a guidance, but also a guidance given by the god to the people who trust him. The speaker emphasizes the importance of studying the life of the people who trust the god and making them aware of the potential for success in their life.

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Bismillah wa salatu salam ala Rahmatullah alanine Lavina. Habib and I'm hammering sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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This is the session number seven insha Allah and in this session we'll be dealing with

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the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Sirata, Lydia and amygdalae him.

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You remember in the previous session Allah subhanaw taala says at the center of the masala li the one who prays is asking Allah smarter to guide him towards this path, the straight path and this the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam book, a book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet Elijah.

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I use the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah is certainly in the previous session because it is the interpretation of the book of Allah Azza wa Jalla and the strongest Senate you have towards the preservation of the book of Allah Sparta. That's why the attack is on the Sunnah of the Prophet, Allah salah, because if they succeed in destroying the Sunnah, then they will succeed in destroying the Quran, according to the way they think.

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That is what I said according to the way they think because Allah preserved this book, there is no way for the book to be destroyed.

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No matter how much they try their best, they will never succeed. They will never succeed in destroying both of them. That's why these efforts have been made for ages. None of them succeed, and they will never succeed until the day of judgment. So Allah subhanaw taala says a dinner syrup or Mr. P syrup. Alladhina Anam toddy, what is this path that allows Muhammad Allah asked you to keep asking him at least 17 times in a day

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Sirata Lebanon, I'm sorry, the path of those who are guided and Allah subhanaw taala bestowed His Mercy upon them. Who are these people? They are none other than those who are mentioned by Allah subhanaw taala in Surah Nisa, when he says men and maybe you know, sit there Pino shahada, it was silent Hain what has to know what I cut off here? So you are asking Allah smarter to guide you to be following the path of who and never yet the prophets of Allah Sparta the best of guidance is the guidance of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And the base of guidance amongst all the guidance of the Prophet is the guidance of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, which is more comprehensive than any other

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guidance. If you follow the guidance of Muhammad, you're following the guidance of all of them? Because Allah azza wa jal says the Sharia given to the Prophets Allah sama is Mahayana, Allah, I shall I call

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it superseed superseded all of the Abishai it contains what they had, and something extra because the reseller of the hammer is supposed to the prevailing, it's supposed to be remaining until the day of judgment. And as such, the Sharia given to him has to be comprehensive, much more comprehensive than the previous ones.

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So you have asked you are asking Allah subhanaw taala to guide you to be following the path of the prophets and the messengers of Allah was syndicate and set the colon people who trust and testify, you know, and trust the prophets, Allah so mine everything

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you know, subhanAllah they reach the level of which Islam is describing them as sit decoding people like Abu Bakr and Eli smila This man if you follow his life, you know, let me just give you an example. You know, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said one day, who is fasting today? You know, this is after fajr Abu Bakr said an aerosol law and orders and who visited a sick person, Abubakar said and one else Allah.

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And who I mean pray for janazah he said an aerosol law nobody's talking except him. And who accompany the janazah to the graveyard. It says analysis Allah who gave me charity today an aerosol Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi cinema said these things will never be combined in a person except that ALLAH smarter make Jana Helen for him. Subhan Allah Allah granted, this is just the beginning of the day of Abu Bakr, the Allah and His Iman is far greater than all of the emails of the rest of the Ummah, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So Allah is telling you, You should be studying the history and the biography of the prophets. And those righteous people such as Abu Bakr, you

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know, the people who are exceptionally close to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you study their life and trace their life and try to imitate them. Meaning there be no seduction or shahada, and the shahada, those people who sacrificed their life to protect and defend the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala it no those people study their life and see who they are. The most excellent one of the most excellent biographies is a biography of those those ones. Were sure that it was Sal Hain and the righteous people wherever they are, to study their life. And my dear brothers, this is one of the greatest you know, things that you should be doing in order to give yourself tarbiyah that

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can earn you took off Allah subhanahu wa taala and humility and humbleness in this life is to read the biography of the righteous predecessors is really excellent, really excellent. Bring you back to your consciousness and

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Increase Your intercooler and Iman in the light Allah because you will see the way those people live until the time Allah swatter granted them success in a way some of them they used to be working on Earth. And they know at the same time, where are they going to when they meet Allah subhanaw taala many of them they got this promise by Allah smarter that there will be granted paradise when they meet a loss modular in in the Day of Judgment. So that's why it is necessary to pay attention to this IRA. The IRA is inviting all of us to study the life of these ones and make sure that we follow them step by step because all of them are focusing on the Sunnah of the prophets, Allah Azza wa and

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pulling it following it precisely that's why they succeeded in their life. And we also if we want to succeed, we have to do the same as they did. Allah azza wa jal grant is good. See you in the last session for this sewer of an Fatiha Barcalounger Feeco Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh