Parents make Zina so easy for their kids

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Nowadays is very easy to commit zina because we the parents have made it almost impossible for our sons and daughters to marry by placing so many conditions (obstructions) that are completely nonsense. We need to fear Allah and realize that these hurdles are causing our sons and daughters commit zina and we’ll get a share of the sin without a doubt.

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Should I tell you now, I should tell you now.

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You know, this, this, this this thing that's happening in our communities. It's happening and it's the fault of our children. And it's also the fault of our parents, your girls 20 years old.

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And you keep bringing her boys from Pakistan to marry from India to marry from Bangladesh to marry from Cairo. From from, you know, from Bala buck.

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You know, marry, this is a good one. This is a good one. This is my cousin, this is my cousins, brothers, nephews, Barbara's son, he's good.

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And she's like, No, dad, no, no. And you know, what comes in her head, what comes to their head is my parents will end up marrying me to a goat.

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So I got to think for myself, because they will, they clearly don't understand who I am.

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So she'll take matters in her own hand, and then you'll be sitting there crying when she runs away.

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But you did that. You put her in that position, because you never openly talked to her about marriage. And the same thing with your boys. What do you want to marry? You don't

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you want to hold on to your classes, class society business, then you came to the wrong country.

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You came to the wrong country, if you wanted to hold on to your class setup. Because in this country, when you stand in the line in McDonald's, of course, for a fish sandwich, right, you guys are conservative. When you stand in the line, and McDonald's, I don't care if there's a CEO of IBM behind me, and the out of out of Facebook in front of me, we're gonna stay in one line.

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And we're gonna go in our turn comes there is no class, there is no class.

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But back home, there's a lot of class society isn't there.

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And you bring that mentality here, and it's the sarong continent, sorry. And your children, whether you accept it or not, are more American than anything else.

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They're more American than anything else. And so all of those values that you have, that have nothing to do with Islam, but you've made them somehow a big part of your life so big that it's even bigger than Islam.

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They will come to haunt you and will ruin your life in America.

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They will destroy your life. Because you are not understanding where you're living and what kind of life Your children are leading. You're just not understanding it. So don't put our kids in that position. That's why I said start talking to them about marriage when

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younger age, so they know they can talk to you about it.

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A boy should not feel like if I bring up marriage to my mother, she will cue me.

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Or if he brings up his mother and says, Mom, don't tell dad, anything But dad,

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there's something wrong with that.

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There's something not right about that. We have to open up this process. We have to make it easy.

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Within our family, and the more you hold on to back home tradition of you're gonna marry one of your cousins, who has one of those pockets under international airlines mustaches.

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They're really nice, but

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ain't gonna happen. It's not gonna happen. So, and it's so we are as guilty in this crime as they are. And by the way, they're not innocent. When they're an adult, they have to decide to take matters, you know, they're responsible to a lot. They are responsible to land the other thing we're doing, we're pushing our children into illegitimate relationships. everywhere they go. Every boy has a relationship with a girl, every boy, every girl has a relationship with a boy. They've got they see relationships all the time. And listen, Man, I wish I had a relationship.

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And guess what is that natural? Or no, it's natural. I wish I had a relationship. I wish I had somebody I could love. I wish I had somebody I could talk to all these guys. They do. Hold on. I don't want to do harm. So let me just talk to my parents about marriage. And then every boy that comes for the girl, you say, No, no, no, no, no.

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What do you what do you want her to do?

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What do you want her to do? And then you want it. She goes to university. She's around men all day. Some of them good. And even she might even have the thought of suggesting them to you, but she can't. Because you close every door.

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And then she calls the sheriff and says you have to obey our parents, but he's ruining my life. What should I do? Right? Why do you put your children in that position? Why don't you have any mercy on your children? You brought them to this country. You brought them to a country where most kids are already exposed to pornography. You brought them in the classroom, you put them in a classroom where every other person has a boyfriend or a girlfriend. You brought them here. So why are you blaming them for wanting to and if you can't even give them the hallway out? Shame on you.

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You You're ruining society You're ruining the oma if you don't take responsibility. parents get your act together. Get your act together when it comes to this