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Bismillah Heiser he was set out to set up Alamos. Rahmatullah alameen and be in our Have you been on Mohammed instead? Allahu Allahu Allah Allah He was a he was a Lima bad

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man Tasha machete Shavon Alfa Romeo

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and more ethically

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why Rashid Mishary Maurice alfine none were shown also there is an IVR activity Mobarak they were they were sort of lost behind a hotel anybody convener of humanitaire lemma one yeah lot when feelin one if you are fidelity to lead

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so today in sha Allah I guess we are supposed to

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start from from web drama

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Ma Ma Min Wu Shan.

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I guess we will talk about the controversies actually. I guess. The opinions, upwardly luminosity hakomi violin and luat

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then Allah we

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are Medaka

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love us insha Allah

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Okay, so the model if your call for saloon, the

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name says foster while I'm McCann atom of Sarah to live out in our minimum opacity, candidate or cover to fit Dunia will accurately mean our media covered in locker room says due to the fact that the mock said of a liquid is one of the greatest mfah acid that happens in the Omar bahamasair Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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that can ever take place in in an environment. He says Kara Takamoto Fidelia while ketamine are the miracle, but the punishment of luat also in this dunya is prescribed by Allah subhanaw taala as the harshest punishment or one of the harshest punishment, you know that a person can receive in this life before he meet Allah subhanho wa Taala aka this telephone NASA Allahu Allah the covert Amina Xena, I was in Bangladesh, overtime, you know, I will cover to myself. There is a controversy among the scholars. Which one is a greater in terms of punishment? Is it Zina or homosexuality? Or they're all equal. And you have three opinions here. The first opinion is opinion of Abu Bakr RadiAllahu an

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opinion of value gonna be highly valid of the liveliness debate of delivering our best Java reveals eight of the live environment was Zuhdi or a via even IBM Rama Rama Ali Khan was happening around here, where Ali Mohammed right, and why Shafi up articoli in Unnao, COVID Agla Domina Hubertus Zina, so all of these ones believe that the punishment of the lewat Alutiiq is harsher than the punishment of Officina.

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Kawakubo to other men over to Xena

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and now comer to Angular, the mineral COVID Xena well over to our cattle Allah Kula. So the punishment for the lewat is death at all circumstances. In all circumstances, whoever is discovered to be committing the homosexuality, he should be killed. Moxon and Cana Varanasi. I'll get a motion, whether he is Moxon or he is not a muscle mass and means somebody who

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has a

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relationship with the spouse in a legal marriage, or he did not matter yet, never really in his life. You know, it doesn't matter what kind of status he has, the punishment is once he is convicted, then he has to bear the consequence.

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And the consequences death regardless of the status of WADA Obon ABI Raba well has it was a real mystery you probably will not.

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Look at that. I will I will say, shall we if you die in AbuDhabi will Imam Muhammad in writing will be useful for hammelmann Will Hazara Shivani Nakamoto go COVID Xena Saba,

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welcome it is a NASA please call us. You know, these are the minority. Contrary to the first one, they said the punishment

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Have a look it

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is similar to the punishment of the person who is committing Zina.

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So this is the second opinion the first opinion said they are not similar. A lot is harsher than Xena. The second opinion says they are. They're all they're all equal.

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You get it and this opinion of the minority

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and the third opinion is opinion of Abu Hanifa. And now who better who?

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Or Cova to Xena and Nakamoto do now COVID Xena, the punishment of this person is lower than the punishment of zero.

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Well, he tells you, so they believe that there is no prescribed punishment for him. We don't kill him but it's up to the reader to kill

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or to let him go to let him go this is Tassie. It is up to the leader to take action against that person either to kill him or to let him go.

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Either way, and the whole mouse here to middle mouse here let me cut that Allahu Allah Rasool houfy. He had done mocha Darren for coffee he tells you can acclimate at what Demi will see. They said because it is Marcia It is a sin that Allah subhanaw taala did not specify specify and prescribe punishment for it. So and things which Allah subhanaw taala did not tell us how to live with them. You know, we source the hook on from from the Tassie you know, we let the leader and authority to decide what exactly they should be doing with those people who engage in the commission of that crime.

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Corleone I know what on theme hallelujah Shibata letters the YouTuber builder kava Hala, who to Allah Allah knew for me after I won by him

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I know let me see had covered in hamari already they said because also in the look at the what is

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I mean, a person put in his organ into a place which is disgusting. And lasts one hour till I created people in the way they hate. You know this and the place is not good to be

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to be to be to be seen, you know? So this place people don't like to even watch it you know, as the disgusting place the place where the favela then adjuster is coming you know, so he said natural disposition of the people is to stay away from it. So and issues of this nature when they come through Yeah, doesn't prescribe any hokum for them. Because naturally, people don't even think of coming to them, especially doesn't have heavy, you know, laws on them, contrary to the Zener because, you know, by nature people like to, to have to relieve themselves with the other

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agenda, the opposite agenda.

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So that's natural desires is there in the case of luat the natural desire is not that

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people have to create it you know, those people who are changing their sex they have to recreate that desire towards the same sex otherwise by nature Allah subhanaw taala did not create them like

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Carlo for canopy he tells you calculate beta to add them he will add milk in the car well so they said this is just like a person who eats

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Almita you know a dead animal with them and a blood well at McKinsey, and also the flesh of Finzi so all of these there is no had for them. You know a person does that he is committed a sin, but there is no punishment that is prescribed by Allah subhanaw taala for that person to be receiving call well you know what, only thema Halle lash battery to wifey. I'm sorry, Carly Willie.

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Willie, I know who lives some Zania locaton wala Sharon, well, our wallet full of sushi Adalat. Allah had Zani. They said Because according to the language, we didn't call somebody who committed homosexuality. We didn't call him zani according to the language. And also according to the Sharia. He is not committed Zina. We don't call him Zan yet. You know, we don't call him Daniel. So Logan worship Allah is

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for lads who live in the Susi dalata Allah had the agenda so we cannot make it equal to the to the muscles that are showing that the punishment of Xena is our cotton so we don't equate it with with the Xena.

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So that's the reason why I have was saying that it is actually lower than Xena.

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Kawakawa in Africa initially I

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In the mouse theater a dark corner was your main heart of Aryan, if to fear be directed was a middle had this issue we talk about it long ago that any issue that is wahala the natural disposition hate it and Allah subhanaw taala let you be upon your natural disposition because by nature you don't like it as human beings. Usually Allah smarter we just leave you alone with that nature that is blaming you whenever you do it.

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Blaming you whenever you do it Allah Sparta will leave you with that nature because it is more than enough we call it was yo algebra li so the half says usually if you have an issue which people are doing and it is sinful act

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and this thing let's say is hated by the nature, Allah subhanaw taala usually doesn't prescribe punishment for it we'll leave people with that nature you know because naturally they hate it. So they are supposed to stay away from it forever

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Carlu way that kind of

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Takagi jerky and how do they hazard bacteria Optiva in a way you have a journal had to fit in our Sara Kosha maschere do an accurate maitre d what Danny well admin can see. So he says and whenever you find something in that area of the human being you know, natural disposition of person does not

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reject it, then surely I will prescribe fruit because if it is part of our nature, most likely

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people will go and do it you know. So since people are going to do it,

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since it is part of their nature, then Alaska hotel has to put heavy warning, you know to deprive people from approaching it. But if it is something that their nature is opposing it, Allah smarter we'll leave them with that nature is a very good guide at that. Time I mentioned earlier.

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Kawata do have an A hula had the view of El Mahima while my ether what can Jabba Allah subhanaw taala Theva at a new 40 Min. What originally Rajan Mithila who shed

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Raja meter who shared dinner for Ratan Kumar Jha Allah Allah Allah new Ferrazzi minister I originally maniototo behalf as Ernie know die if he mineral journey by when a die if he made a gentleman. He says the same goes to

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the fact that a person who committed Zina, you know with Ibrahima, call it bestiality some people who have

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no idea of what you're doing you know, they then commit Zina with human being they committed with animals

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so the same goes to those people who are having dinner with a dead dead woman

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is another kind of crime

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law had a few open behemoth while miter saw the person who is approaching the behemoth and a person who is approaching a dead animal that is no had on on them

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will see the controversy of the scholars Concha concerning the issue of the behavior

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a think

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we know

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that the oatmeal had Ivana who will

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leave us today and then into a nice I will call him liking so Allah Murata in common to work for Sarani

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Okay, so as I was saying this we had a lot I was exhausted since morning. I

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took the kids through the school I never rest until now so I thought I can fight but unfortunately it doesn't work. So let me just finish this part then if you guys have questions then I think let us answer your questions and

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postpone the class to the next class inshallah. Okay, how to talk to her and the hula had that you will behemoth well Mater, aka Jad Allah subhanho wa Taala diva on a new 40 Min Min wealthy Raja Raja. Every single shade below for us and Kumar Jabara new Faraci Minister divergently Manyata who is life is Xena, in the dark efe Mina gentlemen, so he says, Allah subhanho wa Taala plays, you know, in the,

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in the mindset, mindset of human beings

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You know, naturally the they hate and they find it disgusting, you know to approach by, you know, approach by you know by Hema is the animal, but we are still you have some people who are doing that as well you have a crime being settled by the government's, you know, a punishment for a crime like this somebody who is approaching an animal and somebody who is approaching a dead person. So, Allah Subhan Allah to Allah make this one of the most hated thing, a disgusting thing to be, to be that, you know, and love was a term for Omaha, you know, naturally a person is, is saying this to be so disgusting, you know, something that goes against his nature. So, at the same the same way also

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allows me to put in our nature, this strong hatred toward a seen a person towards seeing a person, you know, approaching the same set in terms of agenda, Roger Yachty, average, you know, you have a man who approach another, another male, if enough is enough, you know, this country to zero because then this is the opposite gender, you know, naturally you'll find a male inclining towards a woman, a woman also towards a man, that's part of their nature. So that since this is part of our nature, there is a need to prescribe heavy punishment to stop people from doing it. Contrary to deliver these are all evidences of the half trying to tell you that actually lewat is lower than the Zener

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It's just like having a relationship with with the animal or with the dead. And that person

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called Willie and had no idea it has to be Shaklee he lemmya Jabari, he had the karma, lotus or Hacket in my attorney was tempted to call we're headed to minima bill, aha. They said just like you know that when you have a man, you know, who is having the same, you know, enjoyment, you know, with who is enjoying his life or living himself, you know, with another man. You said that is no hard in this case, just like the the case of the Seahawk

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as the Hawk is the lesbian is, you know, if I two sisters who did not hear last March and they sit down to commit the lesbianism

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call them lesbians, right?

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These are their Messiah is called in Arabic. You know, so when they do there is no HUD upon them. There is no HUD upon them. But what is upon them is that as you you know, when we say there is no HUD it doesn't mean that the authority should let them go like that free of charge. No, they should apply on them that as it when they escape their head. They fall into the Fancier

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car as we'll call it, a willow who is immortal OMA Wahaca COVID. Wide and each Melissa Huberty, while a seminal mousy album of citizen mean heavy Hill buff said we're here.

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Telly you have certain Kufri or Obama candidate or other members that are cutely camera cinema, you know, insha Allah, He will claim says there are scholars who are holding upon the first opinion and these are the vast majority of the scholars. You know, they said, No, if you look at the new art, the facade that happens after the commission of milliwatt is greater than the facade of the Zina. You know, he says, sometimes it might be you know, place on top of the facade of murder, you know, after shake is the, the murder that Allah Subhana Allah mentioned in Torah to Al Al Quran and Hadith of also of the liveness of all the prophets, Allah salivation ship and then the second sin he

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mentioned, a legendary ship or cattle murderer. So it will claim says sometimes, actually the facade that happens when a person commit homosexuality is greater is placed in a position greater than deposition of the murderer. Subhanallah he said, we're going to talk about this in sha Allah in the future cardhu wollam

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Yep, tell Allah Who subhanho wa Taala behavioral community Kubla comi Luton AHA the mill Alamy Allah subhanaw taala never tested anyone you know, amongst his creation with this type of Marcia, except to the people

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will come over to let me your art could be omitted guiro and Allah subhanaw taala punish them a punishment that he never punished anyone other than

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there was nobody who received punishment worse than the punishment of the people of loot.

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Were Gemma La Mina and while binal lackey or Colby Dr. him or him well has been what has been done here with Mira Sama, Allah subhanaw taala What did he do with them? You know, he punished them in the way nobody received that punishment from Allah subhanaw taala before. So what did he do to them? Allah subhanaw taala aka COVID LMU akebia ohmmeter they were Gemma beno meanwhile, Kuba

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To banal Iraq, Allah destroyed them. What caliber Dr. O'Malley Allah turned their houses and their country upside down. While Husky beam and Allah asthma attack caused them to sink you know, because when they turned upside down the country was lifted from the root. So Allah azza wa jal put them on, I mean upside down so they will go underneath and then the country will fall on them. That's the husk, you know, the earth to be open and then somebody goes inside and then he closes against him. Or as you may be Geraghty minister and Allah smarter through them, you know, with stone that was taken from from the summer, but khalaby him La Casa La Muna, kilo ohm metal, Ceylon lasma Jota, he

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punished them and he makes them as an example, in the way Allah has never dealt with any nation before them in that way, but radically over me mov Sen heavy gerima allottee to coddle or buta an intermediate Mean Joe Anivia

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either only let early water horrible because minakari Summer, summer what will are the either Ashad hoo ha, hush yet the word Hashem xUnit area see well now to modulate or do ADR on behalf of arco to Allah with ecology but is within a market so Minakami just trying to tell you how bad is the sin in a way the Earth is about to move from its position and get destroyed and the heavens also they're always going to move from there this position, you know the angels they're almost going to run away you know from the place where they are out of the fear of the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala coming down to those people while the angels are there and include them also. It's gonna be like me

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saying that all of these you know the mountains and the earth and the heavens and the angels and everyone is panicking when somebody does that because the way Allah subhanaw taala dealt with the people of loot, you know souhan Allah is either you know, more of the Allahu behad nobody ever received the same punishment you know, like the way Allah's Mata treated them

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or cartel him of Allah be worker to them have already highroller home in what a and also you know, Kevin says to have the person who is receiving homosexuality, you know, that the action was done upon him? Is it to have him been killed? This is easier, much easier, you know, than seeing him being used by that evil person. You know, either walking Catella who cattle Allah you Roger Hartwell, because when he has that layout with him, it also have a lot of fame said this is the real death, you know, is going to this a real murder, he's going to kill him, you know, to death that nobody hopes any life after that.

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Behind Africa actually, you know, this country to kill in him in reality, the physical killing

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by now mudroom and shahidul Because if you kill him without anything, that he will be shaved and mudroom and oppressed person you know, it goes to Allah subhanaw taala he found a better place their visa Allah has origin or Obama interview will be accurate at that actions of yours, where you go and kill that person who is innocent. That action of yours might be the reason why this person will be shown mercy by Allah subhanaw taala when he meets him on, on the Day of Judgment,

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call with Allah and Allah subhanho wa Jalla Jalla had daqarta The ILA theoretical wali inshallah aapke cutter when shafa you remember he said he will tell you why the word is worse than the Zeno is, I'm sorry, what is worse than the murder? He said, Because when murder take place, Allah subhanaw taala is given a choice to the only at the guardian of the murdered person, either they kill the person who murdered their friend, their brother, or they forgive you, you know, they have this discretion given to them by Allah subhanaw taala to forgive or to or to take action against that person will hurt them or Catala a lot we had you know, by when it comes to the Luthy Allah

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Allah azza wa jal making decisive, no forgiveness, the one who has done upon him cannot forgive and and nobody else who can forgive you the community.

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Asthma, sub Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam o de la la Sunita Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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What do not let Allah He sunnah to Rasulullah sallallahu silvassa He has sorry. And Latina Omar gotta Bella aleja amorous Harvey or whatever in Russia it is a this is exactly what we got from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the one that is authentic and there is nothing which is contradicting this and the companions of the prophets Allah sama also, they agree by consensus that if somebody commits early work, he should be killed.

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Okay, Sabaton college will lead and know why geography bah, bah he and Arab Roger and Yankee who a young cow come on call Mara or

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katomina Beaver Creek first A shout out we work in Sahaba ACARA Ali you're gonna be telling me if I cannot even ever tell him to shut down McAllen V akala Marva had a minute umami Wah

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wah corral him to Mother Allahu ARA and your rock kabhi na octava Abu Bakr Illa Collagen For Hara huben

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Halloween Khalid, he found somebody committed, committed ly what they told him about a person and he confirmed he found it to be true that this person people visit him just to commit to live out with him. It's fine ALLAH. So he just said in his honor, dignity lying down to somebody to come into out with. So when Calvin Walid heard this he sent to Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu anhu, the Khalifa at that time, he sent him a message informing him about this case. So we're currently Allah one who gathered the Companions, you know, to tell them about what happened. So they all get out to the in the place.

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You know, so he told them, This is what happens to eliminate metallic advise him and he was the harshest person in terms of advice.

00:26:10--> 00:26:29

He told him Marva Ilma to me, means nobody does that amongst the nations except that people have looked one nation across the history we never had a bit to be happening, you know, except by one nation. My father in law

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is it except one nation

00:26:33--> 00:26:54

and the province of Saudi and Allah subhanho wa Taala dealt with them in the way you know, so Ali bin Abi Talib said we're Cara, Cara Lynn to Mother Allah via and you definitely know what Allah subhanaw taala did with those nation, our and your raka Binna so he told them, I believe the best opinion is to burn them with fire

00:26:56--> 00:26:59

ketema Abu Bakr Illa halogen for her Rocco

00:27:00--> 00:27:08

for Hanako. So Olivia worker the Allahu he wrote a message to Pilate, asking him to burn that person with fire.

00:27:09--> 00:27:20

Can see to that, that that manner, you know, they burned him with fire. And they never did this with the Zanni somebody who committed Zina, they never did this

00:27:21--> 00:28:04

last one Portilla grant is to fix so that's why there is no doubt that those two views are wrong. All right, the array that says this is lower than Xena diva is lower than Xena and the right that says they are equal you know these two are very wrong the only right that stands in the eye of the vast majority of the scholars who says he has to be killed and he is worse than designing and it will claim says he might be in some circumstances worse than a murderer actually the person who is murdering another another person. So I guess this is the best place in sha Allah unless we have something in sha Allah so please do forgive me let's have some questions and then close the class if

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any inshallah the next class I will give you your right inshallah miracle of

00:28:14--> 00:28:15

any year

00:28:20--> 00:28:22

a robber might have been the pig.

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question is,

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what is our attitude towards gentrification

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If you have to search

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people who identify as he she are

00:30:11--> 00:30:14

talking about those people who are changing the agenda

00:30:16--> 00:30:17

year the

00:30:19--> 00:30:22

year they ask people to call them

00:30:24--> 00:30:40

or they generate their own real or real agenda yeah that's Haram as impermissible for people to do it they are not supposed to do it and people are not supposed to obey them in that they're doing is haram change in the creation of Allah subhanaw taala

00:30:41--> 00:30:43

Allah subhanaw taala guide

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Yeah How could this have is you know, many people are saying that you have to choose who you want to be No, which Chapin is giving them this hotline

00:31:02--> 00:31:03

Allah grant is

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well i The bass is those

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teenagers you know

00:31:14--> 00:31:27

person you know especially the family they should be very careful you know, teenagers very sensitive person and the best is to bring him very close to you

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and to try understand his feelings and make sure you monitor who is he dealing with is very important because many of our children are innocent when they made when they met you know with those everyone's you know, they will manage you know, to wash their brain you know, so that's why it is necessary to make them the best friend of yours you know the best friend you have and also be very lean into them and bring them closer to you and monitor and try your best in every time advise them not to take the wrong ones as friends

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and also make sure the school they're going you know is a very decent school where discipline matters a lot

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last Martella grant is to

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be the main net

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kids this Aquila Heron once again sorry sorry sorry honey Alaska hotel, but better can you live and be with you know, we'll be college a meeting coffee. See you tomorrow inshallah with there we are the saline Sara Wallach Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh