The Disease and the Cure

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The Disease and the Cure – الداء والدواء
Imam Ibn Qayyim – الإمام ابن قيم

This book was a response to a question posed by an individual who was afflicted by a calamity, finding himself in a dire and needy state. He acknowledged to himself that if he failed to rid himself of this ailment it would destroy him in this life and the next. He had endeavoured to relieve himself of this affliction, but its severity and intensity grew. Consequently, Ibn al-Qayyim diagnosed his condition and understood the request within the question, providing an answer that was detailed and appropriate. Thus, this classical work is suitable for all places and times.

This book addresses the matter of morals and purification of the soul. It focuses on the physical and spiritual love of Allah and stresses that all good deeds must emanate from the love of Allah.

Any act which is empty of this love is useless. The author discusses the benefits of supplication which is the most effective tool of removing evil thoughts in a person.

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