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Imam Zaid Shakir discusses the prerequisites for a believer to hasten to pray on time, seek repentance from sins, pay zakat, and not jeopardize the soul from entering Paradise.

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No handily learning that murder when a stallion or when a stole fuel when a stock fuel or when a Tobu la he went out rubella him in for robbery and fusina woman say at an early in the low for l'amour Delilah. Woman, little fella had Yella Why should one

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law where the hula Sheree gala was shadow and say Donna Mohammed and Abdul who are a Zulu? Yeah, you hella Deena taco la Hakata rt hochkar to karate he will tell Mouton en tu Muslim? Yeah.

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Taco Docomo lady Hanako caminetto wahida wahala. Carmen has o jaha.

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Jalan ktr Omani sir. What taco la la de Tessa moolah B he was or harm in Nala hair can la cumbre de

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la Deena amla, la Paul or Colin said de that your local Nana locum we all feel welcome boo welcome. One may take a lead was Rasulullah who saw the first fosun of Lima and Baidu for in Osaka de Quito boo La La Jolla, la da had you Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will show you more on that to have the coolum that in bedava Kala beratan Walla Walla Walla Walla 10 finol Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hilary had an early had a woman canali Natalia Lola and had no law Alhamdulillah Hilaire De Anza Allah Allah Abba de him keytab Olam, Yahuwah al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen All praises due to Allah.

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All praises due to Allah who has encouraged us to hasten

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to forgiveness and to hasten to paradise. A lot Tyler mentioned earlier Billahi min ash shaytaan regime was said through Elon Musk Fira, Tim Rob Mira, Mira, Robbie Kuma Jana, Virgin nuttin. Otto has some malware to watch out. That Limbo token was said it will unlock favoritism or become hastened to forgiveness from your Lord. The implication here is that we should hasten to cut off all of the bad deeds that we might be involved in. We should hasten to cease all of the sinful actions we might be involved in was Sadie rula, Mach Fira elimelech, Fira to murghab. Deacon, hastened to forgiveness from your Lord,

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to seek His forgiveness,

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to turn to him and repentance. And so this is,

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in a sense, a negative action. We're cutting something off, we're ceasing something. And then there's a positive action agenda. And hasten to paradise we'll say root element theory murghab come with agenda 10.

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And now we're encouraged to do the things. And of course, cutting off our sins is one of the things we have to do. But as we said, that's leaving something, then we're encouraged to hasten to our prayer, to hasten to fast obligatorily and voluntarily periodically, to hasten to spend when our cat is doing, we don't linger because once the nisab once the calendar year, lunar year has passed over our wealth, and we're above the nisab. And so a percentage of that should be given to that cat that wealth is no longer our property, is the property of the poor people is the property of those who received it, the recipients and technically, were thieves. We've stolen that what we withhold from

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our dead cat we've stolen from the poor.

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And so we should hasten to pay the cat when it's due. I hasten to pray Our prayers when the time comes in, hastened to do those things that are the price that we pay for agenda was said rule in a month for Tim, Rob become a Jonathan. And the wording is very important. So we have, we should eliminate some things. And we should eliminate them fast because we don't know. Every day we hear someone else who's passed on.

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We don't know when our turn is going to be. And if we leave this world and we haven't repented, then we placed our souls in jeopardy.

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As a believer, we will not dwell forever in the Hellfire, but who wants to spend even an instant

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in that place?

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So a lot Allah tells us was said to Tim or Robbie come with agenda 10

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and a paradise with genoten.

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a paradise meaning there's more than one the indefinite, conveys the meaning of plurality, or multiplicity, we should say, gender to gender to name, gender to fear douse, gender to met where gender told Adam, there is more than one, and each and every one and one meaning is more expensive than the expense of the heavens and the earth

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is more expensive than the expense of the heavens and the earth.

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And for that reason, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he caught, he said, call us Allahu Allah, he was sending manakala La ilaha illallah wa Hillel, Jenna, a general statement, one who says Latin Hello Allah. And of course the firm's the messenger ship of Mohammed sallallahu wasallam will enter Paradise.

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We bring the complications, we bring the conditions, we bring the things that will limit paradise with all of that space more expensive than the expanse of the heavens and heavens and earth to ourselves in those whose only understand this them exactly like we understand it. Everyone else no, you don't get in. You're an innovator. You don't get in your deviant. You don't get in. Then Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah, the Hillel, Jana. Who are we to say who gets in and who doesn't? And who are we to not want to make every excuse to get someone in with all of that space.

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And some of our scholars among the faculty, Dino Rossi in his in his tafsir he mentioned your opinion that that Jenna so we said there's more than one whose expense is greater than the heavens and the earth is for every individual believer. Every individual believer will have a agenda was said rule of purity murghab become agenda 10

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every individual will have a paradise or to have somewhere to fall on whose expense is greater than the expense of the heavens and earth.

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Now Hello law

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so why are we trying to keep people out with all of that space?

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All of the all of that space brothers and sisters

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we shall hasten

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a lot of Thailand makes a deal with us. Yeah, hello, Dina and the new Kamala t gelatin tune g come in are there been any oh you believe or Salah direct you to a commerce that will save you from a painful punishment. Took me an owner belay he was sued he went to jail he una feasability la Hebei I'm wearing kumaun fusi come daddy come higher rula coming kontum Tyler moon, believe firmly and align His Messenger taught me and on up in lay water slowly. But to Jay he doing a feasibility labium where the command fusi come and struggle in the way of a law with your property and with your lives.

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Struggling the way of the law. This is a religion of struggle.

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As religion of struggle

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is not a religion of ease. You have to get up in the morning and pray when people are sleeping, especially in the summertime. You have to go without eating all day. While people are eating.

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You have to spend a portion of your wealth for the poor and those in debt and for the liberation of slaves and for other other purposes.

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You have to pack up and in the old days walk across continents to go for pilgrimage. This is a religion of struggle Why do we emphasize that? Because nowadays when a Muslim many Muslims not most not all certainly but when many Muslims find some difficulty in their life they're ready to leave Islam they're ready to jump ship so why me because

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You are Muslim.

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That's why you

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and this is a religion of struggle.

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As a religion where you're challenged as your religion that will challenge you. It will make you work. It will make you sacrifice, it will make you sweat.

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But that challenge that sacrifice those struggles, they make us strong.

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Right, you don't get in shape by sitting on the couch, you're not sweating. You get in shape. When you sweat, you get in shape. You go to the gym, you lift weights, you struggle with the weights, you get a trainer, they make you run and try to make big heavy ropes dance.

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That's how you get in shape. Isn't it more fitting if we're gonna get into spiritual shape that we work

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that we struggle that we meet opposition and resistance.

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That's what it means to be a Muslim because the law wants to whip us into shape, so we can have that gender. And so law says I'm gonna make you a deal. hella doula Kamala t chariton. Tune g caminada. Nanny, and this deal will save you from a painful punishment.

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believe in Allah and His messenger and struggle in the web along with your wealth and with your lives your person your talents, your abilities, your skills your time, then he can recommend content. that's best for you a few but new surely we your fear loku back home your income generating tells you demon title and horror when the sacking of IE Burton z jannetty, adding Valley Cal falls allow them and what is the payoff? If you enter into that transaction, your sins will be forgiven. You're entered into paradise, beneath which river flows in beautiful mansions and gardens of Eden.

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That is the supreme achievement but also to hipbone something else all of you will love Muslim men Allah who were fed Howdy, what that should invoke meaning help from Alanna speedy victory give glad tidings to the believers. Shouldn't we hasten to take that deal? If someone came to you? And they said, Listen, I have a deal. I'm going to sell you a condo on Lake Merritt for $50,000 would you wait? You know as soon as someone sees that in whatever the paper or the Craigslist or wherever you advertise properties that is going to be gone in two minutes. They say Listen, I'm going to give you a chance to get it before it goes on the market. How you wouldn't wait 30 seconds, even if you

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didn't have $50,000 you work that out later. Where's the contract?

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What is a condo on Lake Merritt compared to gender?

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compared the matches of gender one, the second? Eva, Tansy, jannetty, adding beautiful mansions and gardens of Eden. What is the condo on Lake Merritt, but you wouldn't waste a second to sign that contract.

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Even if you didn't want to live there, you say I'll flip it for $500,000. As is, you wouldn't wait a second to sign that contract. Why are we waiting to get right with the law brothers and sisters? Why are we waiting to get right with the law?

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We all know the story. If you came to Juma when I was us tell every month or so, the man who killed 100 people. Right? He killed 100 people.

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And he sought forgiveness. And the scholar said he killed 99 and he went to a very pious man, but he didn't have much knowledge. Is there any forgiveness for me? No, I'm sorry. You have What did you do? I kill 99 people No way. Now 100 took him out. Then he went to a knowledgeable man. Is there any forgiveness for me? Of course Allah forgives all sins, except idolatry, what's between you and forgiveness? But this land you're in is a bad land. Obviously you killing all these people over here. There's a good land where there are good pious people go to that land and worship along with the people over there. So the man he hasten, he took off right away. He never did a good deed. He

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never prayed. He never fasted. He didn't give any charity. But he did one thing, he hastened to go to the place where he could rectify his behavior and then he died. Have

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When the angel mercy took his soul, so what did he do? He did one thing he hastened to get right with a law. After killing 100 people,

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he hastened to get right with the loss of Hannah Watada was Sadie rula mcphatter murghab become why Jonathan Anbu has said that at one out, that little thing is waiting for us. A lot of time it says that lynmouth takim is already there is waiting for us. Do we want it? That's the only question is there. That little Mottaki? Do we want to be amongst the righteous do we want to be amongst those who live a life that's live in full awareness and cognizant of the commandments and prohibitions of the Divine?

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If we want it then we live that life and it's waiting for us are talking and then a lot Holly gives a description of them and Lydian you feel kona fissara in what Bara, those who spin rather, it's easy or difficult. Rather, they're there. They have abundant wealth or their limits, they have limited wealth. Just because you don't have much money you should still spend

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$1 is not going to hurt you. You walk out the mess, you put $1 in the box, put a quarter you have a quarter You don't even have any no dollars, no paper, you're confined to the coins. Take one of those coins dropping in the box. That coin could be more than $100 $1,000 with a loss of Hannah Watada because it's quality, not quantity. That quarter, you only have 50 cent, you gave half of your wealth.

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Yes, 50 cent, and you put a quarter in the box, you put half of your wealth, someone has a has $100,000 in the bank, they put $100 they gave a very small percentage of their wealth. It's not quantity is quality. That counts is quality is sincerity. That counts. And so those who spend rather it's easier difficulty in hard, easy times and difficult times. Rather they experience abundance or they're experiencing constrained resources. They still spend

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and that's pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's a sign of righteousness. We say in this society we used to say maybe they still say it, I don't know. put your money where your mouth is.

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And so literally put don't talk about it

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spend on it.

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course that was an allegorical expression. Like if you're serious about something demonstrate, don't just talk don't talk a good game. to them is this and that and you go home and beat your wife. It's now must not be all that

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if it doesn't restrain your actions, Islam is this and that and you see all these needs and you're sitting on a whole lot of money and resources in Kanga Vinny of it, then must not be all of that lay set then with too many or lack in my country. What's up Dhaka has that faith deed here meaning faith is not just a fancy something you imagine it's what takes root in the heart and then it's testified to by the action? Well, I can mail Walker Arthur Albee was a doctor who

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is what takes root in the heart and then is testified to by the action.

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How are our actions

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what sort of fruit is our tree bearing any fruit at all?

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So they spend

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lanton aloe vera hotair tune for whom image to hip bone. When there are too few homerun shake for Enola heavy on him. You will never attain righteousness until you spend from what you love.

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And whatever you spend so is general. So an indefinite expression say in min Shay in in the context of a conditional phrase, Matt. Whatever whatsoever you spend, for in the law had behind him Allah knows it well. So it might not be money. It might be your talent, your skill, your time volunteering can be a wide variety of things might be slipping into the masjid when no one's here and cleaning up.

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One that too few come in shape for Enola heavy on him, whatsoever you spend, Allah knows it well. And so their first description and there are many other descriptions over and beyond what's mentioned in this verse. You don't feel cornered.

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fissara Allah de noon for kona fissara, Bara, those who spend in easy times hard times whether they have a lot or little

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will cow the mean of the leave and they restrain their anger.

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They restrain their anger is not a sign of a person who is conscious of a lot

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in the guard conscious, and they're constantly blowing their fuse, screaming at their spouse that goes both ways.

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screaming at their spouse screaming at their children screaming up their parents screaming at their boss screaming at their employees screaming just the screen.

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You can just push your button da and people there are people out there love the push buttons that even like check this out. I

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told you

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that's not a God conscious person whose buttons can be pushed like that, well, how they mean to leave. And they restrain their rage. They restrain their anger. What are thinner n s and they pardon people.

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And this is a godly characteristic.

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They say to Holla Holla Holla killer, adorn yourself with the character traits of Allah

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to the extent humanly possible,

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to the extent humanly possible. So what are Athena and Ines in the most blessing Nights of The Year? The most special nights of the year what is the duel that we make? So as you run away here, then Ramadan, the last 10 nights of Ramadan, Allah whom in our food one to help bola 451 Lee

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will Athena and the next year Allah you embark you embody pardoning in the cow for one to have both alpha you love to pardon foul Fulani? Pardon me.

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Pardon me. And so we should be people that are able to pardon people not walking around carrying grudges from 20 years ago. We're like a camel waiting for the opportunity to get revenge like a camel will kick you. If you kick the camel camel will wait 510 years for the opportunities got rear view mirror make sure you write back then. Boom. There goes your leg. He didn't break your leg he knocked that off. We shouldn't be like a camel. Just let it go life's too short. We have to be preoccupied with doing good we have to be preoccupied with cleansing our hearts not with carrying those stains of anger and revenge and vengeance within our hearts when it won't hurt us to let it

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go. They have to let it go brothers and sisters these are these are godly characteristic godly characteristics not saying your God

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people walking around here like all molars you crazy no no no check it out a arm

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a leg leg

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arm head

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you know you really crazy

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but God Lee we should try to have characteristics that elevate us that distinguish us that let people know you they know you are Muslim they know there's something special about you and they just like the rest of us

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I wouldn't even say a word man Muslim they just like the rest of us fill in the blank. Know that man is a Muslim and it used to be like that

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you get you tell people about Islam what they say you know I'm not ready they think I have nah man that's high bar that you guys have there? I'm not ready but listen yo when I'm ready I'm gonna check you out I'm come talk to you. I'm come see you. Right. I'm come see you. Because you don't want to be like that, but I'm not ready. Right now. They're like St. Augustine during the early part of his career.

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They, Lord, I want you but not right now.

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check you out later. But they had a high bar people like a Muslim that's a person man these days smoking drinking fornicating doing drugs.

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Now Hello Allah, May Allah help us. But the bar is high, we set a high high bar. And as we said before, we don't lower the bar, we strengthen our legs.

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We don't try to bring the bar down here where we're at. we strengthen our legs so we can jump over that height.

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We work and we struggle to get strong, so we can measure up to those who preceded us.

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mela give us tofik will our theanine nS? So they pardon people?

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Well, Kyle Demian la wa theanine ns and then what is the clincher? One law who you will not see any. Allah loves those who do good, the love of Allah subhana wa Taala so people I love Allah I love Allah that's one thing. But if Allah loves you, of Allah loves us, that's something else. Right? You can love someone.

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All day all night till the cows come home, the cows come home, right and if it's unrequited love,

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there's no reciprocity. You just gonna be frustrated. But if there's reciprocity, you're going to be elevated. If there's no reciprocity, you're going to be frustrated, but if there's reciprocity, you're going to be elevated. And what heights can we attain? With the love of Allah subhana wa Tada. What heights can we attain with the love of Allah? There's no limit. Well, I'll give us tofik was said earlier moac theoret Mr. Ravi Kumar Jonathan Otto has somewhere to do it that limitata in LA the new cocona fissara is what barah will tell the mean away the Wang wife You know, the nurse will blow your head but masini and Allah loves those who are exceedingly good. The mersen seibold sN

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sahiwal Sn. mela bless us and what is sn? We could come with the philosophical the theological, but the best definition is the definition given by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for COVID-19 howdy through gibreel packability and Islam Bernie and an even faster Bernie an S and a four formula about SN and taboo de la Hakka indacaterol hufa lm talkin Tara hufa in Iraq, that you worship Allah as if you see him and if you felt to see him be mindful that he observes you. And so this verse ends where the first verse and we said the first verse and looked up in the God conscious those aware of the laws, commandments and prohibitions, the machining those who are hyper aware as if they see the

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Lord before them as if and if they fail to see him, they're mindful that very, he observes everything that they do, say and think.

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So don't just monitor your actions. And don't just monitor your words. Try to monitor your thoughts also. Apolo Kobe had stopped for lalibela come when he said meaning your common stock for law

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam wireless he didn't mursaleen say he didn't Mohammed wireless while he was talking he was telling us the McCarthy era in July However, he gotta who saw lunarlon Navy? Yeah, Lady in Amman who Salou la he was selling mu Taslima Allahumma salli. Wa Sena, send him a bad guy. Let's say you didn't even know karate ioannina Mohammed. While earlier Samuelson testing monkey theory. In conclusion, let's bring together two things we mentioned early mentioned, the struggle in this world that the believer faces, and how the struggle brings ease and the love of Allah.

00:28:58--> 00:29:27

The love of Allah will sustain us through any struggle. Because as you struggle, and we struggle in the world, sometimes we'll encounter hateful forces, right? These races, they hate us, these anti muslim people, they hate us. But as long as you know a lot love you, all of that is manageable. All that's negotiable. And in reality, it doesn't mean too much. Because if your beloved loves you, you don't care about who hates you.

00:29:28--> 00:29:45

The Ayesha loves you Allahu Akbar. You don't care about Fatima or ruqayyah or you just concerned about Ayesha's love. So if Allah loves you, and you know that and allow lets you know, then

00:29:46--> 00:29:57

the hatreds that we encounter as we struggle in this world and people you start struggling and working to bring about change, to make things a little bit better for folks, people start hating you

00:30:00--> 00:30:33

When people are buying liquor and alcohol to the liquor store people hate you. Sales are going down, down, down, down down, because the Shahada is going up up up up, start hating you. People rectifying their their behavior, the the prison guard union started hating you. People not committing crimes. They're rectifying their behaviors and the prison guard unions making a lawful for cops to carry the extra gun to plan on you. extra bag of what does daddy other

00:30:34--> 00:30:54

start hating you right when you start doing good and rectifying your actions and struggling out in the world to make things a little better and that's what a Muslim does. monokuma to Kaduna feasts of the Lila one Mustafa theme we're mineral rich everyone nice Edwin will then lead in a acuna robina

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corrugated volume as volume in DOD me I don't have any What's wrong with you that you don't struggle in the way of those who are downtrodden don't oppress men, women who cry out our Lord deliver us from this town whose people are pressors the central story in the Quran is what the story between musang theory on Moses and Pharaoh and the struggle of Moses and his people against Pharaoh, this is what Muslims do.

00:31:26--> 00:31:46

But we also strive to have the love of Allah because sometimes you lose those battles. And if you're not if you don't have the love of God, and you're not loving God and trying to worship God despite the circumstances, our worldly victories or defeats our worldly ups and downs can be messed up real fast.

00:31:47--> 00:32:20

real fast, will give us tofik May Allah tala bless us and grace us with His love. And Allah tala bless us to do the things that contain the key to his love. And the greatest key is following his messenger call in contempt to him bonala that Tabby Rooney, your Camilla who you're fearless? mova calm wala haga for Rahim say to them oh Mohammed, if indeed you love Allah, then follow me for Tabby Rooney, your VIP Camilla then Allah will love you.

00:32:21--> 00:32:40

You have become a law then Allah will love you. So there is a claim of love and contempt to a bonala so we the logs coming from us and quantum net new us to have bonala love a law that Tabby Rooney tell them to follow you.

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You have broken the law there is there's the reciprocity, Allahu Akbar. So we're loving Allah.

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Now, Allah loves us. There is the reciprocity that's liberation.

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liberation doesn't, isn't contained in some worldly thing. Right, the Soviet Union, they were liberated from the tyranny and oppression of the Tsar, with the great Bolshevik Revolution, and then what they just fell right into Stalin's oppression.

00:33:16--> 00:33:18

Was was worse than the Tsar.

00:33:20--> 00:33:28

liberation comes through our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Not through our relationship with human beings.

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Not with our relationship with human institutions. liberation only comes through our relationship with Allah. And that's why that love of Allah so important once that love is reciprocated, bam, that's liberation. Everything else after that is just a struggle.

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We win sometimes, and we lose sometimes right? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam That's all right, better win. Check. Oh, hood, loss

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AX, who name loser the beginning winner the end

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that's the that's the dunya but better at Oh hood and who name the prophet SAW Allah Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam love the law.

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A thought if stone ridiculed humiliated? What did he say? Oh, your law might be love it. If this is not a sign of your anger and displeasure. I don't care about the stoning and the spitting and the insults and the abuse fellow barely I do not care. Because he was liberated through the love of the lawn through his relationship with the loss of Hannah Montana. And the other stuff is just a struggle. You didn't stop at the top cap on struggling and working at it made hedra boycott blockade.

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That's the dunia

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alone more feeling muslimeen

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in the law

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homina can we saw lunarlon Libya? Yeah. Yeah, you

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know, so he was selling mu Taslima Allahumma salli. wa Sallim wa barik. ala Sayidina Habiba Mohammed. Yeah, you holiday Nam otaku la Vokoun Omar saw the thing. Yeah holiday no no Lou Taku La Habra Kumar saw the theme and no more acne was a sin eater EDM quarterback. And in fact Shea will be well, buddy. Yeah.

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Coronado, feelin Muslim in one Muslim at one moment in one minute and a half in hunnewell am with Robin Ella to Zico lubaina budget had eaten hablando Khurana in the cantle Wahab Robin African in a sovereign was stepping up Adana mana one Surah Al amin caffine, Rob Bana, Fergana, sobre Adana, what was the mean? Wife, one wokefield I know what Hamner and 1011 iPhones for home care if you're in a law firm and then our ob came in and helped me while husband when I moved to becoming an Aggie well castle when I moved to becoming a Germany Well, when are they becoming complicated? denville Korea all homebox simanim hatia t Canada Hulu v ban and obey them all Sikh women thought you can add to

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Bella wanna be hi Jan nitec wamena ma yo in Waianae nama soy about dunya matter of salt about be absorbed in a wet enamel. Tina was alhuda were determined without an island on Valentina. almanzora now lm in Adana will attach almost three betternet Idina will attach Allah dunya agbada homina onemda blah, blah blah Mina will lead to sell the Tallinn ob do novena Mandalay CalHFA gala Yamuna Yeah, murrah Hemi wife, one now, won't you Lana? warham na and EU Donna phone soon Allah

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Subhana Rebecca Rob Eliza Tiana your seafood was lm an island or city will have the need to have lillahi Rabbil alameen ik masala, your Omni romulo