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Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the belief of Jesus as the mother of god and the importance of learning the father's name and dedication to the temple. The history of Islam, including the use of the temple, is also discussed, including the return of Isa Alley and the use of his name as the god of the body. The segment also touches on the controversial return of Lisa Lisa, the return of Jesus, and the Moose movement. The discussion also touches on the confusion surrounding the title of Jesus and his own title.
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Are you

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in Al Hamdulillah Nakamoto want to study in ob he want to stop Pharaoh who want to study whenever the will lie to Ireland and Julian fusina woman CTR, Melina in omiya de la bella, woman woman you believe Allah washes Allah. Allahu Allah Shadi Canna wash hadwen no Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allah Salallahu Rahmatullah alameen wa put the money in Omaha Johnson this leaking water dittany ibeju Marian, I know more will be in trouble. Wasabi is pseudo wasabi he Irene and omean Why then on Sumitomo Lubin olfa for longmen z hydromet z tena vn no matter what asuna and they are what he what he said to him. Well, so they love most about it while he was happy wila Jimmy I administer nebby So

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natya was the F 30 laomi gene? And the answer was ecoman fc we talked about lightoller Fein omya, tequila, Yahoo Maharajah

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all praises due to Allah alone. And then we seek aid and assistance into him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Truly Hume Allah subhanho wa Taala guides them can mislead and he will allow leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and everyone he said there's nothing worthy of worship save alone and then Mohammed Salah Allahu Allah you send them is both his servant and His Messenger

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inside the body and Muslim howdy from Abaddon sama through the a long time that he said Por La Paloma. leisel Allahu Allahu wa sallam, Masha Allah Allah illallah wa ala Shetty Cara when Mohammed Abdul rasuluh when he said Abdullah What are pseudo What can you matter who Aleppo hi Ella Maria Muhammad min one nil janitor have one now as a fellow Hola. Hola, Jana.

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llama Can I mean a man, that he said that whoever bears witness that there is none worthy of worship save a law, and that he is alone, having no partners with him. And then Mohammed is the servant of a lion has messenger, and that Teresa is the servant of a lion, His Messenger, and the dice de is his word which was communicated or directed upon medium, and his spirit which he sent to her, and that Jenna is true, and that the Hellfire is true, that Allah subhanaw taala would make this person enter Paradise, accepting whatever deeds they have accomplished, meaning if the person has a lot of good deeds, or very few good deeds, if the person believes in this, the prophet solo law, wherever you

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send him says, Allah will enter into paradise, and other narration that are lost parents, Allah will make how long for them, the Hellfire, and in this, how do we understand that the prophets of the law are going to be included. And what is fundamental to the belief of a Muslim is our belief of ERISA, it is our belief of Jesus, that he is a central part of our religion. It's not a tertiary issue. It's not from the photo, it's not from these tertiary issues that are not of importance, the profits on the low end sentences, whoever believes that they're, you know, in the law, that's why they will actually color and believes that I am the prophet in the servant of Allah, and that he says, The

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Prophet and the servant of Allah that this person will enter into Jared into gender. And so it is imperative that the Muslim understands the narrative and the belief of any ceremony and cinema Prophet Jesus in the Quranic narrative. And too often, many people, particularly those of us who grow up in the West, we hear the narrative of public culture of popular culture, we hear the narrative in the mainstream, we don't hear the narrative from our own Dean. And so what we know and what we understand about our profits sometimes is lacking. And so in today's football, we'll talk about who is ERISA according to the plan, and according to our beliefs, as Muslims realize the

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Prophet and his mother medium are mentioned in the Qur'an more than 300 times, either directly or referred to or implied by, and many I'm the mother of Isa, she is mentioned in the Quran more than she's even mentioned in the New Testament. And so she essential in our Deen and there's an entire chapter named after her and she is the holiest woman to walk upon the earth. And unless a penalty Allah says in the Quran is pollen, it's fine. It's in meta x, we ammonium in the y you should only be kennametal minimum is one Missy is an ammonium, that unless the panel data has been mentioned, when the angel said, Oh Mary, Indeed Allah gives good tidings of a word from him, whose name shall

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be meaning his title shall be an MSc, he shall be the Messiah. And this is our belief as Muslims that he Saudis to them is the as he is the Messiah, what does it mean to be the Messiah, and the Messiah comes from mess, mess, mess is to wipe something. And it really means the anointed one, the one who was robbed the one who was anointed, so he's chosen. But they had a ritual in Judaism at that time, were a type of baptism, what became baptism came from a ritual that some of the Jews would do at that time, where they would wash the person in a type of ritual, and each Prophet would anoint, the next one would anoint, and wash and rub the next one. And so yeah, I mean, send them

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anointed Isa de Sena. And in this process in this ritual, and Isaiah is the Messiah because he fulfills what Allah subhanaw taala had already told many Israel would come from them, of the characters of the Messiah. And Allah subhanaw taala says, with Guatemala, that we are Maria in the law has perfect he will pro hierarchy was the fact he and Anissa and Allah mean that Allah says I mentioned when the angel said, Oh, Mary, Indeed Allah has chosen you and purified you, and chosen you above all the women of the world. And so she is the most pure woman to walk the earth and she was chosen for her task by Allah subhanaw taala. And a lot mentions not only the story of medion but

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of her mother with God it's and Roger Imran being the number two like mfe book name for Taco Bell mini in the cancer semi adim. Allah says in mentioned, when the wife of Imran, which is the mother of medium when she said Oh my Lord, I have pledged to you I have dedicated for you what is in my womb. So she made a number she made an oath to a law that the child in her room would be dedicated to the temple dedicated to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. To learn knowledge, essentially, to be in the masjid, to learn knowledge to memorize, to understand, to clean the masjid to take care of it. That was her intent. Now when people would dedicate their children to the temple

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They would dedicate their sons, not their daughters, because of course, the daughter you would want to keep at home, but also the most of the things that need to be done in the temple, just like in our religion are done by the men. So for instance, the man has to give the man and a man has to lead the foot out. So most of the rituals were done by men. So someone dedicated a child to the temple, they dedicated a boy, she thought she would have a boy. So she made this number, she made this oath that her child would be dedicated to the temple thinking that she's going to give birth to a boy. But of course, she gave birth to many and it has sent him and the last kind of dialysis for the

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mobile I'd have thought it would be nice to have in fact, she said, Oh, well I have delivered a female she thought she was going to deliver a male well, Allahu Allah movie my robot. Well, he said the crew can infer, Allah says and allow knew better what she gave birth to. And the men is not like the female. And this is the voice of Allah subhanaw taala according to most scholars that Allah subhanaw taala is commenting, and say Allah knows best what she gave. See, she wanted a boy because she thought the boy can serve the deen better. She wanted a boy because she thought I can dedicate the boy to the temple and the boy will serve the dean better he will learn you will become a

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scholar, you will become a preacher, you will be in the leading the prayers you will be doing all these types of rituals. So she thought the boy can serve the deen better. What is the law tell her Allah knows better? And yes, the boy is not like the girl. There are certain things that the men can do that the women can do and things that the woman can do the the men can do. Yes, there's differences. But Allah is saying to her, the daughter you're going to have essentially is going to be better than any more you could have had. And this daughter becomes the best of the women to walk the earth. And she serves the dean better than overwhelming number of men that's ever worked walk

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this earth. And you know, for me personally, the personal story, one add, my first child is a doctor. When my wife got pregnant the second time I wanted a son. And I didn't say this to her, but in my hearts. I wanted a son. And I was hoping it would give me a son Allah gave me a daughter. And I thought to myself, I'm going to name harmonium and the reason why I named my name is because of this, that she wanted a boy the mother of Medea luggie for a girl and that girl was better than most of the men who ever walked this earth. And so I said inshallah, this girl will be better than most of them and inshallah walk the earth and she served the deen better than most of the men walk there.

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But her mother still kept true to her promise, and she dedicated many audiences to the temple, even though she was a girl and her uncle's Acadia raised her in the temple, and she was there and she was gifted with miracles even before Lisa was born. And so of the miracles are less current Allah mentions in the Quran, koulamallah Kalani has actually in Merah budget and every time the Kenya would enter into the Robin to her prayer chamber chamber the place her room where nobody had access to it other than Acadia, every time you would enter he would see she had us from a lot. She had food she had sometimes the scholar said she would have the exotic fruits that were not available she

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would have with her or he would enter and you would see the fruits of summer are there with her in the winter or the fruits of the winter are there with her in the summer. So he said find a Imodium and like he had that he said or met him How did you get this Where did this come to you from on its woman ended law in the lioness leukemia shall be it he said she said this is from Allah subhanaw taala and a love provides for whom He wills without account. And so Alice kind of the island mentions but others have been doing employee Java for understanding that you know you have ohana method Ella Hirshhorn Surya, that she had been taken in seclusion, away from all the people in the

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temple, no one could access her. And Allah subhanaw taala sent to her an angel in the shape of a man. And this was revealed at his center. And he approached her balls in the air with a good rock man, even King Quinta Tapia, she said, I seek refuge from you. You know, she thought he's going to harm her. How could he get into this area that nobody could access? And he said, Paula in a man or soul or Amelia, have lucky when I'm here. He said, I'm only the messenger of your Lord, to give you the good news of a pure child that Allah subhanaw taala will give you. She said, God, it's an akuna de una when I'm incessantly especially when I'm APU. belia she said how can I have a boy when no man

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has touched me? And I have not committed evil deeds? I've not committed things that are evil, cause that's

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part of the economy. What woman when I'm in sunny Russia, she said how can I have a child and no man has touched me on an academic endeavor Yahoo local nyesha and so the angel responded turn said such as a law he creates what He wills either

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for in a Appu fair coin, if a lot once a decree he says be in it becomes and this is very important, by the way of our belief. A nerissa Annie Sanam, is that he is Kenny metal

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Law, I will call her Allah Maria but he is the word of Allah that Allah subhanaw taala sent upon Miriam directed to me and what does this mean? And the man I met. When he speaks about this, he says, All Allah who couldn't for can for Canada, Lisa Barletta, who couldn't for Canada, he said he couldn't win a sir. So hold corn. And this is an important distinction between our belief in ERISA and the belief of the Christians. A man I've met is saying, Allah said be, so because of the word of Allah, he said, became, because he couldn't fire can, because of the word of luck when he became right, this is different from what the Christian See, which is what what I know one coin, that he is

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the word, coin, he is the word be, you understand, they say, he said, is the word of a law, as in he is of the attributes of a law because the speech of a law is of the attributes of a law, and therefore if he is on the attributes of a love and he must be divine. That's their understanding, right? Our understanding, he's not the literal speech of Allah, He is the result of the speech of a lot. He is produced because of the word of Allah. Allah said, Be and because of the word of Allah, or you said became not that he himself is the word of Allah, because we make a distinction between the human and between the divine, they don't make that distinction. They make Isa actually the word

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itself, the embodiment of the word itself. And this is a huge difference between us and them, why they consider him divine and we do not consider him divine. So we will say that he is the Kenny much of the law, he is the word of Allah. But what we mean by that is he became he existed because of the word of Allah, whereas they think he's the actual word of a lot. And that's a big difference between what we believe and between what they believe, and a loss of penalty. I this is what an agenda is, and what I've met Amina, what can run mcclee, an angel says to Merriam that indeed, he will be assigned to the people in a mercy from a law and a matter that is already decreed and the miracles

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of any Saudi so there are many, of course, the first of them is that he speaks in the cradle as a baby, and he defends the honor of his mother. And he says to the people in the arm of the law, attorney and Kitagawa john and he, maybe I am the servant of a lot, he has sent me with the Scripture and made me a prophet. Well, john, and he will battle can aina McClinton, you made me busted wherever I, I am well Sani bisland it was the catchy madam to hire. And he instructed me with prayer and with Zika. And with charity, so long as I am alive. And this is one of the miracles of his and but he has many other miracles. And many of the miracles mentioned in the Koran are not

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mentioned in the in the New Testament, amongst them is that you would take the clay and fashioned it into a bird and breathe into it. And that bird would become from clay into being alive and living and flying. And of his miracles is that he would cure the leper, and he would cure the blind, and He resurrected the dead. We are hinomoto be the law, all of these things that he would do. And he would inform people of what they had already eaten and consumed and what they had hidden in their homes, he would tell them what was already in their homes from the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala by the permission of Allah. And these are just some of the miracles that he was sent with. And we see, by

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the way, a theme in his miracles is he's giving life to what is dead. And this was meant to be of his task because he came to a people who their connection to a love was dead. Even if they followed the religion, their connection to a lot was dead and he came to revive their connection to a loss of Hannah Tata. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions when he that he says too many soil. Yeah, Benny is right in the Rasulullah he leikam Musashi Kalima been a minute Torah. He says, Oh children of Israel, I have, I am a messenger of Allah confirming to you what was in the Torah. And so are you sorry, SNM came affirming the Torah, affirming the laws of Musa SNM. But he was also to give them

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certain dispensations certain ease, he was going to give them on some of the laws that they had. But the fundamental law of Moosa was something that Lisa came to a firm and he himself followed the laws of Moosa, he observed the Sabbath, he himself would eat only kosher he himself followed the laws and the rules of Moosa. Allah has sent him and he came in the quarter. According to the Quran, Musab de fun to confirm while musala Sam had come with to affirm the law of Mousavi Salaam, but there is at least an M came in warned Benny this law in at a time when they were composed of many different groups. And so kind of like if you were to look at the different groups that existed at the time of

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ERISA DSM, you see a lot of similarities between the problems in the groups and the factions that exist within the oma today. So amongst the groups that existed were what they called the satisfied

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which were the political elite, they represented many Israel on the political stage, they were in charge of the fairs domestically, they would make the rules, they would take the taxes and give it to the Romans. And they would be representing Benny astroid. In front of the Romans realize many Israel at this time in Jerusalem, they're in the minority, they're being occupied by the Romans, and the SE C's are the ones who are in charge, and they're in charge of the temples, but they don't even believe in the rule. And they don't even believe in some of the fundamental beliefs of Judaism. They themselves don't even believe that there is a bath and there's a resurrection. They don't believe

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that when they die, they're going to be resurrected and go to agenda, what alpha, they themselves have abandoned some of the beliefs while they're in charge of the temple, in charge of the politics of Benes, right. And then there were the and so these were the people in charge, yet their hearts were with the enemies. Their hearts were like the Romans, they supported the Romans against their own people often. And amongst them were the Pharisees and the Pharisees were like the map of that time, they were the scholarly class. But all they cared about, were the laws. The fifth, you know, they cared about the letter of the law, you have to do this, you can't do this, this type of oath is

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binding, this type of oath is not binding. And they didn't care about anything else. They didn't care about a clause sincerity. They didn't care about spirituality, they didn't care about teskey. It's enough. They didn't care about the person, you know, connecting to Allah subhanaw taala having a real relationship to Allah, they didn't care about the person, you know, for instance, even if you're following the letter of the law, are you following my law once from you, sometimes the person can, you know, play with the play with the rulings to do something that's technically seen as okay. But in reality, you knows he's doing something deceitful. Right. And so these are This was another

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group of the people at that time. And you know, this is a reality that happens that sometimes people, some group of people, all they care about is the fifth, and they don't care about to ski and they don't care about getting closer to a law, they don't care about things or you know, connecting to a loss of penalty either. And then there's other people don't care about the fifth at all, and the Muslim has to be in balance. Right, we follow up on what tells us to do we follow our books, we follow our rulings. And we do teskey. And we connect to a loss penalty either. And the other group is the zealots. And the zealots were the ones who rejected the Pharisees, and they rejected the

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Sadducees. But they were extremists. And they often resorted to violence, they would kill people, right. And sometimes the cause many sorry to fall into civil war fighting each other. They were extremists, and they would fall into violence and things along these lines. And then they were the

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the s. SMEs, which were people who abandoned everything, abandon the dunya. And all they did was sit in worship. And they didn't care about what was happening. They didn't care about oppression, they didn't care about what was happening. They didn't marry, they would just sit and worship all the time. These were the four major groups and the Saudis, Sudan was not one of any of them. And he criticized all of them.

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He criticized each and every one of them, especially the ones in power, the Sadducees and the Pharisees have his criticisms, which are mentioned in the Quran, or implied in different places in the Quran as well. That's the follow the letter of the law, the event in the spirit of the law, that some of them follow the dunya or they use the deen to attain the dunya they use the religion to get some of the dunya that the elites amongst them, rejected the prophets and even killed the prophets, including the courier it is Sarah the uncle of profit Risa and yeah, it Sam the cousin of Prophet Isa. And he fulfilled the characteristics of the Messiah, and he would bring the kingdom of heaven

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to earth, and that this was their last chance to accept the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala. And have they rejected him? They would be punished severely. And of course, after eisah was rejected, what happened? Benny in Sweden were banished out of Jerusalem. They were kicked out of it after they had done so. But they became so annoyed with the Saudis, Sam, and his teachings that they sought the help of the Romans to rid themselves have profited Lisa and realize many Israel, like we said, they're controlled by the Romans at this point. So they the Sadducees, the Pharisees, they go to the Romans, and they say to them, please kill me, sir. Please kill him. He's causing problems for us.

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And this is a significant evil, even if they rejected it, sir, to go to their common enemy, the one who is oppressing them, and to say to them, kill this person, and inventing about him lies that he didn't do in order for him to be killed, they killed they turn their back on their own brother and on their own profit. And so they claim that Prophet Teresa was violent and he was speaking against the Emperor, even though he was peaceful, and he directed you know, his teachings towards many Israel and not towards the Romans, but they falsely accused him and he was arrested and sentenced to crucifixion. Now

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crucifixion was a common way for the Romans to kill people. But there was an implication some of the leaders of vinius wine. This is implied even in some of the Christian writings, that some of the leaders of any story they insisted that Teresa were to be crucified, and you saw them. Why? Because he said, he said I'm not only is he claiming to be what I assume a lot, he's claiming to be missing, right? he's claiming to be the Messiah. And the characteristics of the Messiah, even in their own books, in the Old Testament, is that he is a blessing. He is moved out of its panela what is the first thing in the n? lost count data tells us that it says as a baby, when john and he moved out or

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can 18 avacoins A lot has made me blessed wherever I go as a baby. He says this, Allah has made me blessed. And this is the central characteristic of the Messiah is that he is blessed by a loss of penalty either. So he says, allows me to be blessed wherever I go. In the Old Testament, crucifixion is considered a curse. crucifixion is considered a curse. So it is not possible for someone to be blessed and cursed. If you're cursed or not blessed. Understand it's a contradiction. They insisted that Elisa would be crucified so that they can go to the common people amongst them and Benny's swine. and say, Look, if you want to say he says the Prophet fine, if you want to say he's a good

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man, fine, if you want to say he had miracles, fine, but he's not the mercy. He's not the Messiah. Why? Because he was crucified. And he can't be the Messiah if he's crucified. That's why they wanted Him crucified. I understand this point. They wanted to ensure that he was crucified so that they can say he's not the Messiah, even if you want to believe he's a prophet. Many prophets and many 1000s of prophets in bidding, sorry, no problem, even if you want to say he's a prophet, but you cannot say he's the mercy. And so they insisted on his crucifixion. And this is why in the poor and a lot of penalty, it insists, and fatica Lee, not only was he not killed, he was not crucified. Well,

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we'll call him enough cotton and Mrs. Maryam rasulillah, one, potato, one us whatever, they did not kill him, and they did not crucify him. Allah says this explicitly, he was not crucified, because he is the Messiah. Now the Christians know this, by the way, but what do they do they say, Be when he was cursed, he removed the curse, and they have some type of thinking like this, the curse, remove the curse, because he was cursed and option, you know, they have their own, try to rationale of it. But Allah subhanaw taala is telling us explicitly, he was not crucified, and he is the Messiah. And they did not crucify him. What can should be nothing. But it was made to seem to them like they

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crucified Him. In the Christian version.

00:27:55 --> 00:28:12

He was crucified, he dies, he's buried Three days later, he's resurrected. And he announces that he's the son, Son of God, but Allah, but in our version, it is clear he's neither killed nor crucified, but it was made to appear to them like they did so. And some of the scholars they mentioned here, that

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the one who betrayed at Lisa on Instagram was made to look like he was at Isa. And he took him and they crucified Him in place of ERISA, thinking that he was at Isa and the people looked and thought that it was he said, because it looked like him, he resembled him, and they thought that he died. And Allah Subhana Allah says federal foreign law who he rather a lot raised up to him. Now did he returned or not, some of the scholars state, he did return. And they narrate in the books of Tafseer, a story that is similar to a story in the New Testament, that's gonna realize his return in the New Testament, there's maybe four or five different versions of what he did when he returned.

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And and this version in the Tafseer, it says that Isa returns, and he shows his followers that he is alive, and they can't believe it. And he says, I'm alive in the flesh in the bone, meaning I'm not a spirit. I'm not a ghost or my spirit or something like this. I am alive physically, I'm alive. And he tells them Do you have something to eat? So they bring him fish, and they bring him honey, and he eats it? And they see him eat it? And why is he asking bring me something to eat? He wants to show them I am alive physically. My body is still intact, I didn't die. I was not the one on the cross. I am physically intact, not just spiritually alive. And you can believe anybody spiritually life, but

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I am physically alive. So he ate the food to tell them I'm physically alive. And this is, by the way, in the New Testament, one of the versions in the New Testament, and he gives them glad tidings of a prophet to come. And Allah Subhana Allah mentions this in the Quran one more question on bureau soothing, yet human values movement, that He gives them glad tidings of a profit to come after his name will be added. And then he is left and he is raised up and from here in

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Christian history immediately now there's controversy. As soon as the ISA leaves there is controversy and disagreement. Who was that? Was it really Lisa who came back? Did he come back or not? Is he alive? Or is he dead? Was he crucified or was he not? Was He resurrected from the dead or was he not? And they splintered immediately into different groups. Historically, we know this and Allah says in the Quran, for telephone has been in bagman begging him immediately. Felt means immediately right off right away. they differed greatly different into many different groups, and was proud of this is that again, he said the Medina code and help led him to one, he said, This is

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the story of ERISA, the statement of truth that they have different over. And the scholars they mentioned, the largest group, after Isa had left was a group called the Jewish Christians, which is really a number of groups, that they agreed on certain fundamentals. Why did they call them Jewish Christians, because they were Christian, because they believed in Isa, but they were Jewish, because they still went to the temple. They still follow the Sabbath. They still eat kosher, they still followed all the rules of Judaism, like how you said it. And they say this was most of his followers. After he said this, Sam was raised up, and even, you know, academic sexual academics will

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mention will acknowledge this. And so of the major things they did, they did not consider Jesus to be divine, they follow the laws of moose and the Torah which Jesus himself would follow. And these are the many different groups than the Nazca nazarenes. From this word, we take the Masada, the NBA knights, there's many different groups that fell into this type of idea. But a person emerged by the name of Paul, he was an early convert to Christianity. He never met Isa, it Sammy says he met him in a dream, but you never met him in life. And he began to preach something different. He began to preach that the resurrection proves that Jesus Himself is God, and the Son of God. And he began to

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preach as well, that the laws of the Sabbath the laws of the Jews don't need to be followed the laws of Moosa doesn't need to be followed anymore, that your belief in Jesus being God removes the need to follow the law. So he says, You don't need to get circumcised, you don't need to eat kosher. You don't need to do these things anymore. And this is one of the major things that he taught. And he also talked to that many. He said, he said, Adam came to Benny Israel. He said, No, his message is for the whole world, not only for Benny instantly, and Paul himself was influenced by Hellenism, which is, you know, tied to Greek mythology, Greek philosophy. And so he was trying to merge Greek

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philosophy and mythology with Jewish beliefs. Right, Pauline? So Paul created what is what became Pauline Christianity, and all of modern Christianity, whether it's Catholicism, Protestants, orthodox, all of them come from Pauline Christianity, right? 300 years leader, the emperor of the Romans, Constantine became Christian. And he chose Pauline Christianity to be the official version of Christianity. Why? different opinions, but one of the reasons that seems clear, he is coming as a Roman pagan, and he looks at Christianity, the Christianity of Paul is very similar to the paganism that he's already following the idea that God becomes men, men becomes God, half God, half men,

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these things are from Greek mythology. They've influenced Roman mythology and Roman beliefs. And therefore, it's very easy for him to accept this version. And it's very easy for the people to accept that version. So they accept this version of Christianity, and they try to eliminate and kill all the other people who believe that at least it is sytem is not divine, that he's the Prophet of Allah, that he's not God Himself. And they burn their books, and they try to kill them and wipe them out. And we know from the time of the prophets, I send them, there were very, very few people left at the time of the Prophet, which is another 300 years later, who still believed in this version of

00:34:07 --> 00:34:39

Christianity. We know this from different stories. For instance, the story of segmented fantasy, he's a Christian, and he is learning about Christianity and each time he goes to a teacher and the teacher tells him I only know one other person on my Deen. But there's many Christians but he says, I only know one other person on my Deen. Why? Because he was following the original Christianity. So he says only know one other person go to this person and study with him. Right and this indication there were very few Christians left upon this version of Jewish Christianity falcoda committee had the list of all your documents in all of the right

00:34:52 --> 00:34:59

Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He also be a woman while he saw that he was in the embryo of the family Sandhya

00:35:00 --> 00:35:00

The whole country.

00:35:03 --> 00:35:44

Obviously, we as Muslims, we believe that we are the true followers of a Saudis, and upon the path that he taught, and the monotheism, that he and all the prophets before him, believed in followed and so as Muslims, it is our, it is our duty to invite others to understand the Quranic understanding of Esaias, Sam, the Quranic story of elissalde Sam, and even though we disagree with Christian theology, theologically, we have these you know, obviously very different beliefs than them. It is, you know, something to first realize the quarter and mentioned the last 100 Allah mentions in the Quran and many Christians are sincere. Allah mentions this in the Quran, well

00:35:44 --> 00:36:19

integer now Krav Maga ditton, livina, mineralogy and Apollo in nano Sora that can be unknown the enemy whom to see Sina will abandon when the hula is that we're on our last panel, the artist it says about them, you will find them nearest in affection to the believers, those who say we are Christian. And this is because amongst them, our priests and monks, when known lie is that we don't and that they are not arrogant people. And by and large, when you meet Christians, devout Christians, you will find that many of them are very humble, of course, here and there, there are people who are arrogant and whatnot, but you'll find many of them are very humble, very sincere. And

00:36:19 --> 00:36:54

so as Muslims, you know, we have a necessity to be kind to our neighbors and to be kind to Christians. And the best kindness we can do is to give Dawa to them, the best kindness we could do is to invite them to snam to invite them to learn about the Jesus that recently sent him that we believe in the one who follows the monotheism of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and that he did not divert from it. And unfortunately, in today's day and age, there are many Muslims who are overcome with a desire to fit in a desire to be accepted by broader society. And some even gone to the extent of celebrating Christmas themselves, putting up the trees in their houses, giving gifts in their homes,

00:36:54 --> 00:37:19

we have to realize this, you know, this celebration, this day of Christmas is built based on their idea that God was born or the Son of God was born. And also it's mixed in with some ideas of paganism. That's why happens in December, and that's why they have the tree these are pagan rituals, actually. So the merged paganism with some Christian ideas. We can't accept this last panel, the artist isn't going to care to send my wife to photon Amenhotep shuffle Oh, what

00:37:20 --> 00:37:21

was the title?

00:37:22 --> 00:37:59

And then the rock man, he wanted that last count alysus It is as if the heavens will rupture and the earth will split open and the mountains will collapse and devastation, because they have attributed to a lot, the Most Merciful a son, this is an affront to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so as Muslims, you know, we can we can be absolutely kind and generous and respectful to our neighbors. But it doesn't mean we have to accept the religion that come Dino Cambodia, Dean, I am not offended if a Christian person doesn't want to say what I'm owed on Mubarak to me, I'm not offended. It's okay. He has his beliefs. I have my beliefs that do come with a Deen, right. But also, and when I speak to

00:37:59 --> 00:38:18

devout Christians, they understand this, I'm not going to congratulate them on beliefs that I don't accept myself. And so, you know, we have to be able to be distinct as Muslims, and there's a push, that's really the underpinnings of secularization, right? A push a secular push where it tells you, despite what you believe,

00:38:19 --> 00:38:53

don't let your beliefs have any impact on your actions. Right. So your belief as a Muslim shouldn't impact your actions. Therefore, you can celebrate other religions, you can say Merry Christmas, because your beliefs shouldn't impact your actions. And Muslims and devout Christians would both agree that this is not correct. our beliefs are going to influence our actions, right? And so we're not going to follow it, we're not going to celebrate their Christmas, because our beliefs don't allow for it. Right. And this doesn't mean we're disrespectful. And if someone says to me, Merry Christmas, I'm not gonna respond, Merry Christmas, but I might say God bless you. I might say Happy

00:38:53 --> 00:39:29

Holidays, I might say something that's generic. That's not about Christmas itself, because I don't celebrate that day. And that day represents a belief that goes against my belief as a Muslim. And so we should be confident in our belief as Muslims and confident in our tradition, and not feel like we have to give up and sacrifice to be accepted. Yes, everybody wants to be accepted. You know, the feeling of acceptance is a good feeling people like it, no question. But what are you going to sacrifice for your acceptance? So you're going to sacrifice your entire religious tradition, your entire intellectual tradition, theological tradition, just to be accepted? No, we have to have

00:39:29 --> 00:39:59

limits. We're not going to sacrifice everything to be accepted. We're going to stay true to our Deen and to our religion and the best kindness that we can do to our neighbors is to invite them to snap into the belief in Allah subhanaw taala and to the belief of our prophets upon tawheed in aloha medica to someone who lived in Amman also do it who's sending what's NEMA mama Sally was sending mama sees you know would it be you know have you been an alum so the Medina dockerhub lacunae, abre masala, Allah Harada method or miss warfare so the early hiragana salette Onsen

00:40:00 --> 00:40:39

And Danilo Medina while he was happy to even apply it in I mean well I mean why are any better than sonatine Aloma to that I mean a few more common law well Manila follows the law for later when I won't even Alicia feta when I'm telling lafrieda with a handwritten how I didn't hear anything feel sad at a local retailers photographer I meant to hammer I mean along as it is no one was Damien Wiley before they can even said happy with Dean a lot have been meaning and he man was the one who flew Bina, what kind of Indian and kofler wonderful Super lucianne which I'm not Russia Dean in Alaia model with attitude. So anyway, title corba 100 fashion fascia when a monkey will do that

00:40:39 --> 00:40:46

we'll now look into the Come on. What's Goliath? Coco mosquito and me is it come out of the kobayakawa Allahu Yanan. Let's not one of the lucky


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