Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #9 – Covering The Mistakes of Your Brother

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam o Allah Milena be about either of the characteristics of the believer is that the believer covers up his own faults and sins in front of the eyes of others and he also covers up the sins of his brother and does not expose them. The believer is not to gossip monger. The believer does not create drama. The believer does not like public scandals. The believer is somebody who wants to cover up all types of sins and evil that are of a personal and of a private nature. And this concept in Arabic is called siter ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says in the Quran, in the Ladino you hear buena and Tashi Alpha Isha those who love to publicize lewd things or scandals,

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those who love to publicize these things have a severe punishment waiting for them on the Day of Judgment. Allah says in the Quran, la you hate Billa hula hora de su m&r Cody Illa mumbling. Allah does not love to publicize evil talk, except for the one who has been wronged. We're going to come to the exceptions there are exceptions, but the general rule evil talk far harsher nudity, any type of scandal we do not publicize it if it is a private matter between a person or between two people. And this is manifested so many times in the syrup most prominently in the famous incident of if or slander of our Isha when people began spreading rumors and began spreading the slander Allah

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subhanaw taala criticized on multiple levels and of the things he criticized. Why are you spreading these tales in the first place? If they're not gonna who be elsina to come when tongues began to pass it around to each other? And you said that which you did not know. And in this context, Allah said, Those who want to spread scandals publicly, they have a severe punishment waiting for them. Allah loves to conceal one sins, Allah does not love to publicize sins, and that is why of the names of Allah is a city and the meaning of a city are the one who covers up the one who conceals our prophets, Allah, Allah Who are they he was selling themselves in Allah has seated on your able

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sitter, Allah is the cover and he loves covering up and this is shown in a number of incidents in the life of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, once a man came into the masjid. And he said, O Messenger of Allah, I have done such and such and he said what he had done with a lady, so make the HUD do the punishment upon me. I said to him, Woe to you. Allah covered you with His covering. Why did you have to break that covering and come to us and the Prophet system was silent, which means he approved of what Omar said. I remember saying Woe to you this was a private matter. Why did you have to come and say it publicly? You would have kept it hidden and not said to other people. And in the

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famous incident of Matt is Matt is committed. Zina is one of the famous incidents in the Sierra Ma is one to obika Cydia and he said that I have done Zina What do I do? Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu said, Allah azza wa jal cetera, Allah, Allah has covered you up. So leave the Sutra of Allah and go back because I didn't hear anything go back to your house. But my eyes felt guilty. He went to another friend of his by the name of hustle, hustle said oh my god has stopped for Allah. He took him to the Prophet SAW Selim, he said, Listen to what my friend has to say. So when Mark has said to his his story, the first thing the prophets have said instead of speaking tomatoes, he turned to

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Hassan and he said, Yeah, Hassan, why didn't you cover him with your cloak when he came to you? That would have been better luck on a failed on luck. In other words, instead of getting involved with Mars and the sin of Mars, which eventually he did, the first thing he wanted to set the lesson, and that lesson was why publicize it something private keep it private. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever covers up the faults of his brother, Allah will cover his faults up on the Day of Judgment. This hadith is indeterminate.

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Whoever covers up the faults of his brother man cetera This is covering up the YouTube the faults of the brother. Allah will cover up his faults on the day of judgment and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned the hypocrites. The hypocrites were the ones causing the fitna spreading the rumors creating the drama. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said authentic hadith, all people who have accepted Islam with their tongues, but their heart is not still upon Iman. Jamar Shadowman. Amina Billy Sunday he Oh people whose tongues have said you're Muslim, but your hearts are not just Muslims. I am warning you from backbiting and from uncovering the private mistakes of the believers

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the taboo our meaning, don't go and find the faults of others. Because this is a Hadith, whoever makes it a point to uncover other people's faults. Allah will uncover his faults and Allah will humiliate him even if he's in the privacy of his house. This hadith is in western edema Muhammad, it's a powerful Hadith, the prophet system, firstly, linked creating drama with the hypocrites he's speaking to the hypocrites are hypocrites. All you're doing is you're bad mouthing the believers, all you're doing you're finding fault and criticizing. All you're doing is you're scavenger hunting, trying to uncover a mistake of so and so a fault of so and so and publicize it. Then he said if

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you're going to do that, then realize Allah will do it to you. And if Allah does it to you, then no one will protect you from Allah subhanho wa taala. Now this notion of covering up the faults of our brother, obviously it's a very deep topic. And it also goes against many aspects of our modern culture, a stock for Allah but our modern culture, it rebels in gossips, there are so many publications, news channels, you know, on the internet, there is in fact entire satellite stations, they're meant for gossip, the latest scandal What celebrity did what with another celebrity and what a Stafford Allah Aisha going on. They love to mention these tidbits. And unfortunately, it has

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affected our Muslim culture as well. Dear brothers and sisters, our faith teaches us to cover up the faults the personal private faults of other people. In the course of our lifetimes, every one of us will come across a sin that our brother our cousin our friend is doing. And now that sin, you didn't expect to find this, but you did for whatever reason. The Shetty I says, listen to me carefully. If that sin is a private personal matter, that's not predatory. It's not full on other people. The default is you give enough see her directly you go to him or her directly you tell that person you have to be please do Toba. Let's all come and we'll help you overcome this, whatever it might be,

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and you give him advice. It is not allowed to go tell any other person, it is not allowed to publicize and to create a drama and a scandal. Now there are exceptions of the exceptions, is when people are doing volume to other people, when there's injustice, this is not to personal sin. Now, when somebody is stealing money and making it a habit to steal money, when somebody is a predator preying on innocent people, then yes, we do not cover up the faults of any predator. However, a personal private sim that is between a person and ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. If you come across it, then the default is you help your brother to overcome that sin, and you do not expose to other

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people. And this is in contrast to the culture we find ourselves in. As we said, there are exceptions of the exception if you are the one upon whom voting has been done, if somebody has done injustice to you, you are the party that's whom has been done, you have the right to publicize Yes. Now, what are some of the problems that happen when we get involved in the drama culture? What are some of the issues when we spread the sins of other people multiple things, first and foremost, the person the person himself, the sinner, you make his Toba difficult, because now all of society considers this person to be a pariah an evil person. Whereas the fact of the matter is, every one of

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us is a sinner, and it is only Allah as Rama that has covered our sins. Soufiane has said the great scholar of Hadith, where it's not for the city of Allah were it not for the covering of Allah, no one amongst us could sit with another except in shame. It is Allah's mercy that your sins are private. It is Allah's mercy that your sins are private. If Allah has tested you by seeing the sins of somebody else, why will you help shaytaan against him and publicize the sin and make the situation worse? No. So you make it difficult for that person. Number two, you make your own ego big because when you speak bad about other people, what happens to yourself you feel your ego become

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Think bigger. The purpose of slander and gossip, generally speaking, is that you feel better. And we know the sin of arrogance is bigger than any private center person might be doing. Number three, when you spread sins publicly, when you talk about these things publicly, what happens is you normalize indecency, you trivialize sin Subhanallah we don't want to do that. We want sin to be something we don't like we're disgusted at now. If we keep on saying so and so's drinking so and so drinking, so we want to find out 20% Is drinking and stuff all I'm saying then those that are not drinking, they're gonna say You know what, if 20% are doing it, I'll add myself. I would also say

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that biller No, we don't want to normalize sin. That's why Allah says in the Ladino, a boon and Toshi Alpha Asia fascia, in decency, haram, things should be kept hidden, not publicized. And again, please Don't misquote me we're in this metoo movement and scandals and whatnot. I'm not talking about you know, people preying on children with a biller, I'm not talking about volume, I'm talking about personal private sins to be very explicit. If somebody is in doing injustice, then no, there is no protection. If somebody's preying on children or innocent people, there is no protection, but we're talking about a private person. And by the way, let me be very clear here, it doesn't matter

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if that person is a community leader or a Hatfield or a chef, a private sin is a private sin. We don't expose the private sins of our brothers, we go to that person directly, and we advise them directly. So number one, it is a door that closes Toba for that person number two, you feel arrogant and better. Number three, you normalize the sin and number four, you create a toxic culture which we are seeing right now you create this cancel culture one mistaken Hollis you're out the door. Now how would a hotel a biller? This entire cancel culture it is unassuming To be honest, one mistake who amongst us has not committed a mistake who amongst us has not slipped and done a sin? This is not

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the Sharia? Imagine if on the Day of Judgment, Allah held you accountable your whole life because of one incident or one slip up that you did? No, we thank Allah that Allah does not do the cancel culture. So then why are we doing this the default brothers and sisters, we cover the faults of Our believing brothers and sisters, and we do not publicize them unless there is a greater good and the greater good will only be when this individual is publicly harming other people, then yes, we may publicize by going to the authorities. Otherwise, the sitter is of the characteristics or believer, I conclude with this hadith, that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhana wa Taala will call one of

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his servants and Allah will envelope him with his special envelope and Allah will list Did you do the sin? Did you do the sin? And the believer will say yes, I did. Yes, I did. Yes, I did. Until the believer thinks he has been destroyed by the long list of sins. Then Allah will say, I was the one who covered the sins from the eyes of other people set out to Hanukkah for dunya I covered your sins from the eyes of others, just like I covered them in this dunya. I will cover them up on the Day of Judgment because he was pious because his sins were private because he did Toba. He covered up his sins. He did Toba private to Allah. Allah said because your private in your sins and I did an expose

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your sins in this world. I'm not going to expose them in the after. Cover up your sins have some higher and dignity we are all sinful turn to Allah and Toba. Don't expose your own sins don't expose the sins of other people and if you do so, Allah azza wa jal will conceal your sins in this world and in the era and inshallah will continue tomorrow with Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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