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The Church of Islam is a complex complex movement, with similarities between its actions and its followers. The Prophet Muhammad sallali wa sallam uses the same tactics as the previous three leaders of the Islam tree, including false accusations and false promises, and uses the same tactics as the previous three leaders. The importance of providing victory for those who endure pain and suffering is emphasized, as is the need for everyone to be aware of the reality of suffering and pain in the world and not denying victory. The segment also touches on the struggles of Islam's people, including those who have faced hardship and pain, and the need for transparency and transparency in laws and regulations.

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In an hamdulillah nightmare Do you want to stay up? You want to still feel who want to study? When are you Billa hytera ministerium fusina woman sciatica Melina in a hotel Amelia de la, la la

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la la, la la, la, la, la La the law why the hula Sheree Kayla was Mohammed Abdullah he rasuluh sallahu wa rahmatullah alameen wa put me in Omaha Jackson Lee Sadiq in Nevada, in and now Allahu be healer Poon wasabi sudo Warfighter hobby are in an army and then unsummon wapo. Lubin wolfer from Loma de aroma Jazzy, tena V and I met him What a soul and what he what he salat wa salam ala Huma was it was it Carly Salli wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa ala Jamia minister Nabil Sunita waka be a thorough Li Ahmed Deen

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that all praises due to Allah alone. And when we seek aid and assistance into him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Truly Ohm Allah subhanho wa Taala guides none can mislead and Humala leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship, save Allah alone. And then Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is both his sleeve and His Messenger.

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From the moment that a loss of Hannah Woods ilac created our forefather Adam Ali his sternum, and the police rejected the commandment of Allah subhana wa Taala. To Prostrate to Adam, when he believes rejected God Himself. anonymity was created between a beliefs between the devil and between Adam and his offspring. And so from that moment, it leaves began to plot and to plan against Adam and Eve his salon and against his offspring, until he ejected them from Paradise. And so when a lot of xeljanz sent the prophets, and sent the messengers to their nations, and beliefs remained, plotting, and planning against the prophets, and against the messengers, and against truth, and

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against guidance. And so every prophet found themselves facing wars of opposition, physical wars, and psychological wars, social wars, and information wars, and a loss of Hannah with iOS says in the Quran, you read una youth fionnula hibiya fly him that they desired and intend to extinguish the lights of God with their mouth. But a law continued to support his profits, and his messengers against all of the animosity and the abuse and the lies that they faced in their lives and that were charged against them, and an attempt to divide the people and to create hatred between them. This is the son of a loss of Hannah, what Tyler? These are the metaphysical laws that a law has established.

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The heavens in the earth through the days alternates between the days in which there is victory for the Prophets, and the messengers and the people of truth and the people of guidance and victory because of their adherence to truth and guidance, and between days of hardship, of pain of suffering, to test the believers and to solidify their commitment to the truth.

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And so Allah subhanho wa Taala says to our Prophet, in the end, can that he can attend la Vina amin, amin, mira sudhin, in La poderosa, human oma June, and such there has never come to any messenger, except any messenger before them, except that they said he is a madman or he is a magician. And then Allah Subhana Allah says, at a wall sobey that was it suggested to them, meaning a loss of Hannah to Ireland, asking rhetorically he is asking a rhetorical question, saying because of the similarity between the abuse and the hardship and the curses that were directed towards the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that they are completely parallel to the abuse and the curses that were

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directed to the prophets in the messengers before the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he is asking was it suggested to Quraysh meaning Was it the opponents of Ibrahim and Moosa and Isa? Were they resurrected? And then they go to Caracas and suggest to them the same exact tactics that were used against the prophets before to be used against the Prophet Muhammad Sall. Allahu Allah, you will send them and so also be was it suggested to them and Yes, today in our day

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When we examine the hatred and the Islamophobia that is directed towards Muslims all around the world, and yes, even in this country, although many people are in denial, but perhaps now they aren't even in this country, the Islamophobia that surrounds us, and that targets us, we see the same similarities remain, and it's as if the Abuja hell and the that Abuja, Helen Abu lahab, are resurrected and suggesting the same tactics to the Abuja heads and the Abu lahab of today. And so how similar is yesterday to today? They stood in front of Prophet metallian salaam. And they said to him in Korea to come in hoonah, Sunita Harun that expel Ruth and his family from your city. Indeed,

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there are people who try to keep pure. And so today we see them screaming about the effort about deporting Muslims and the believers about telling us to go back home, even if we are born in this country, even if we are natives of this country, generation after generation, they want you to leave just like they wanted the profits before to leave. And so how similar is yesterday to today. And they stood before prophet knew it has sent them and they said football and millet will live in a Kaffir woman call me, man or aka mithuna woman or aka in that moment, arakata Baraka Lavina, whom are they gonna do it? But they said, The eminence, people, the elites of society amongst them who

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disbelieved? They said, we do not see you Oh, no, except like your men amongst us. And we do not see you followed except by those who we see as the lowest amongst us. And if the first suggestion, meaning they told more it is to them, no matter how wealthy, or how honorable your followers are, we see them all as less than human. We see them all as the lowest of society. And we see them all as being brainwashed into following your religion. Women are like Eileen M and father, and we don't see any merit for you over us, meaning no matter how much you've contributed to society, no matter how successful you are, as a doctor, or an entrepreneur, or a scientist or a lawyer, they never saw them

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as having merits. They didn't see them with any contribution to society. When that woman

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unfolded, we don't see any marriage for you over us. And again, how similar is yesterday to today? And they said to musala his son and his brother heroin all in had an illness or heroin up Danny I

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mean, are they can be sorry, Hema, while

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they said indeed we are. These are two magicians who want to drive you out of their land with their magic with their sorcery, and to take you away from your most exemplary ways. Yes, for our war in the people, that Moosa and heroin they wanted to change their way of life. They wanted to change and impose their own laws over the people. And today, the accusers are the very same. And so how similar is yesterday to today. And Allah Subhana, Allah says, In the Quran to our Prophet Mohammed, one that may you pile or look at in their mouth with a little swim in public that it is not said to you except exactly what was said to the prophets before you. The hatred has not changed. The tactics

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have not changed, the slogans have not changed. All that has changed is the time and the place. But as believers, we know what a loss of Hannah what's Allah said, when he said, Well, long booty Moody, hello, Katie, hello, Kathy. And on that allow will extend his light, even if the rejecters hate it. And so when a terrorist and he is a terrorist walks into a mosque, and he begins to kill its peaceful worshipers, it should paint us and it should hurt us. But it should never discourage us, because there have always been islamophobes. And there have always been justice, folks, and there have always been truth of phobes. And there have always been mercy of folks, they have always

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existed, and they have always *ed the people of truth and guidance in righteousness. And so a loss victory for us is a promised victory. And it is for those who endure pain and endure suffering for their belief in a lot alone. And a lot says what can i How can I lean on us for meaning that it is incumbent upon us to provide victory for the true believers. And so Allah has promised victory for the believers, just as he promised them hardship, just as he promised them a loss of lives, in their path and in their struggle for truth and justice, just as he promised us, above all, that he will not lose the reward of those who strive for the sake of Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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at the state as a rule of unknown unknown paku Jana Suna, Fujiyama Nasha, that Allah subhana wa tada said until meaning until the moment that

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All of the hardship in the abuse that they have faced until they reached the moment that the messengers despaired and they were searching that they were denied their came to them our victory, and we will we save those who willed until they despaired not from a law, not from God, but they disappeared from the people. They thought that the people despite all of the suffering, and the pain and the attempts in the struggle for the sake of the truth, that the people would continue rejecting them, and denying them and fighting against them. And until they reached that moment of hardship, that moment of pain, that moment of despair, when they thought there was no way for them to

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physically succeed. That's when they found the help of a loss of Hannah Diana, that what they thought was impossible suddenly became possible by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala. And then a law reminds us and he tells the prophets Allah Allahu Allah, you are sending them we'll call it an aqua Swati came in and Russell man who said b2b for added that all that we relate to you from the stories of the messengers is that which makes your heart firm. And it's an examining the stories of the prophets and of the messengers, that the lesson and the lessons that Allah has given us in those stories that make the path before us clear, that allow us to understand the reality of despair, the

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reality of suffering, the reality of pain that we see in the world today. And through the life of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we see how he saw the path before him to be clear how he saw that no matter the obstacles that he was facing, no matter the difficulties in his way, no matter the hardships that were in his path, that his path was clear. And that was to calling the people to tell he's calling them to the oneness of a law, calling them to truth, calling them to justice and calling them to mercy. So no matter what they faced, and encountered, no matter what he count he encountered in in calamities, and in war, or in rejection or an abuse from the murder of

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his companions or their martyrdom. No matter what he faced from hardship and from affliction, he's still found the path before him to be clear that the goal is to direct the hearts towards the worship of their Creator and towards the fulfillment of justice in society, and that he's a lot wider usnm would abide by I abide by this path, no matter who was killed from his companions, no matter who was abused, no matter who was banished, as long as they remain struggling towards that goal. And all of these hardships and afflictions that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was struck with from the first moment that he claimed Islam, that he called the people towards it. He

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was tested in the torture of his companions, and the loss of their lives and the loss of their homes and the loss of their wealth. He was tested personally, and socially, even with his family, some Allahu Allah usnm. And once he entered himself into a place of worship, he entered into the Kaaba, and he prostrated in front of the camera.

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And he did so

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never having abused or cursed or harmed the idols of the people of Mecca.

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And how can you curse them when Allah subhanho wa Taala tells them in the Quran, what it is to be living in a room and doing it bla bla who I don't believe in, that you're not insult, though that that the invoke other than Allah less that they invoke Allah anonymity and without knowledge, he never cursed or abused their gods, and he is what he made to be. And he prayed and he prostrated in Mecca, a group of Christ gathered amongst each other. And they said many young women come in a in a southern Jesu, that who will go and bring the placenta and the insides of such and such a camel and bring it in, throw it over him. And they brought this, this placenta, and they threw it over the

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Prophet sallallahu it will send them they came with this blood and with this filth, and they threw it upon the head of Mohammed Salah Allahu Allah, he was sending them as he frustrated, and he was the purest amongst them in clothing, and he was the most honorable of them in lineage and he was the finest soul and the finest sent amongst them, and yet they came they threw this over his head, and he would feel the blood rolling down his head as he was prostrating, but he remained in his prostration besieging Allah praying to Allah and worshiping him some Allahu Allah, He will send them and he faced this intense abuse for no reason other than his desire to worship Allah and to

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prostrate to a law. And so how similar is yesterday to today, and not a single one of his companions could come near him or to help him. I'm delighted Mr. Or the last one. He said lo cannoli Mina. He said if I only had 10 people, a small group of people who had helped me and support me, I would have rushed and remove this from the head of the Prophet.

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So Allahu Allah, you will set it up, but not a single one of them could move, afraid of the abuse that they were going to face, afraid that they themselves would be abused and killed if they tried to help the Prophet sallallahu. It was send them and it was only his daughter, who was able to run up to him and to remove it from his head, and to wipe the head of the profits in the long run, he will send them and another day off the bat, or someone else, grab the role of the Prophet sallallahu. And he will send them dragging him by it, threatening to unveil the profits and to remove his clothing in front of all of the people and they would taunt in monk, the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say until he says I'm wetting the canopy, you are the one who thinks that you are a prophet, while he's grabbing him by his clothes, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was resisting him, pushing him off, and the person kept doing this, and no one in Mecca could come and intercede upon this man have no lineage and normal birth, while he's being mocked in the worst of ways in front of all of the people. And despite all of this abuse, and despite all of this persecution, the path before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam remained clear that he would remain a voice of truth, a voice that called the people to monotheism, a voice that call towards

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justice, a voice that call towards protecting the weak. And as long as the goal was clear, the goal was purely for the sake of God, that He was willing to bear the worst of abuse and the worst of persecution for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And his abuse was not only physical, it was even social. And so Quraysh, once after the husband's of the doctors of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, and they intimidated them, and they bribed them, until the husbands of Xena and and raffia and Omar can form and they ordered them to divorce the daughters of the Prophet sallallahu Why are you sending them if it was not enough that they were harming him and abusing him physically,

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if it was not enough that they were harming him and abusing him with their words, and with their hands and with their sticks and with their stones, they wanted to go beyond that and to harm him even in his family, and even with his daughters.

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And so the husbands of Rokia consumed divorced, their daughters, the divorce his daughters divorce their wives, and it was only the husband of Xena Buddha us who rejected and refuse to divorce his wife. And so Allah subhana wa Taala blessed the Prophet for this hardship by replacing the husbands of his daughters with those who are even better with Earth, man will the last one and without God alone, and he persevered. And you would walk through the streets of Mecca, and he would hear the screams of a woman. And he rushed to her. And you would see this woman tied to the trunk of a tree, and that she was struck and that she was whipped. And that blood was all over her body, and that her

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clothing were torn. And he would see her young son being tortured in front of her eyes, that if the physical torture and abuse was not enough for her, they wanted her to see and to hear the screams of her son as he is being tortured in front of her. And he saw her husband also hanging on the tree, also being whipped in lashed and abused and the Prophet sallallahu it will send them had nothing to help them with had no physical means to support them. And so all he could say to them was sablon la Asad enamelware, Docomo, Jenna, all that he could say to them, his patients or family of Yes, indeed your appointed places paradise and they remain patient because remaining on this path is better than

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losing it. They remain patients because speaking the truth in pain is better than living a life of lies. It's better than living comfortably surrounded in life and surrounded in oppression. And he walks a lot while you are sending him and he hears the torture of bilateral the Allahu I'm as the tears and the blood is dripping down his body and his body is being burnt by the stones the burning stones of Mecca and Bella looks to the Prophet sallallahu it was sending them with pain in his eyes and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has no means to protect him. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was persecuted by not only the assassination of his uncle Hamza, but the inhumane

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mutilation of the body of his uncle. And the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam was persecuted with the hypocrites of Medina spreading lies about his wife and he was persecuted with attempt after attempt to kill him and to poison him some Allahu Allah you are sending them and a loss of high notes Allah tells our prophets what dulo takuna cannot Kapha Taku Salah, but the people have evil, they wish for you

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to disbelieve, just as they disbelieve so that you will be the same. Yes The people of evil. They fight you until

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You assume they're evil, they fight you and they are upset, if you are upstanding, if you are righteous, if you are spiritual, if you are kind, if you are merciful, if you are demanding of justice, then they will fight you with everything they have, because you have become a reminder for everything that they are not for to Qunu. So they want you to be exactly the same. If they are falling in evil, they want you to be in the scene evil, if they are falling in inhumanity, if they are falling in every type of lack of righteousness, they want you to be lockstep with them so that you don't remind them of how far they are from the mercy of God and the grace of God and the

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compassion of God.

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And so he fought, and he was fought, and he was seized with war after war, with battle after battle. You fought in her name, he fought and then hung up and was seized until the promise that unless the panel to Allah promised him came to him, and he is standing above Mecca, and you can see all of the places that he and his companions were abused. And you can see the tree where sumiya and her husband were hunger, pawn, and spirit and killed. And you can see where the lad was dragged with the stones. And he can see where the end trails and the placenta of that camels thrown upon his head. And you can see where they were boycotted and driven out of Mecca, and where the people refuse to sell them

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food or water.

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And he looks at them. And he sees the people of Mecca. He sees the perpetrators of this evil, he sees those who committed these crimes, and he has not forgotten its pain, and he's not forgotten it's hardship. And he says to them,

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much of an effect.

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What do you think that I will do to you, you know, the crimes that you've committed, you know, the abuse that you have directed to me, and my doctors, you know, the persecution and the torture that you have committed, when you kept Muslims chained in your homes for decades. While the Muslims were in Medina, they kept people chained in their homes, torturing them for decades. You know, what you did to be like, you know, what you did to Habad? You know, what you did was, you know, what you did to sumaiya and her family, you know, the crimes that you have done, not to Luna and nefarian. What do you think I'm going to do to you? And so they spoke in fear, and then humiliation. And they said

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to him, when Kareem Kareem, they said, You are the honorable brother, the son of an honorable brother, they yesterday, we were calling you a madman. Yesterday, we were calling you the worst of the people. Now today we realize and we recognize that you are indeed the most honorable amongst us, the son of the most honorable amongst us. And so the Prophet Sall, Allahu Allah, He will send them in that moment, he turns away all of the memories of pain, and of punishment, all of the memories of torture and of abuse. And he tells them if

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he tells them go for your free, he doesn't curse them. He doesn't take their wealth. He doesn't exact width for a whip. He doesn't exact a lash for lash. He doesn't exact a murder for a murder, rather he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells them No, go and leave. So long as he knows that they've truly left the path the practice of evil than the goal is to keep them upon the path of good not to exact revenge. As long as they have truly abandoned harming the believers, then there's no reason there's no reason to exact revenge, because the goal is still clear. The goal is that they worship a law and they establish justice and they establish mercy between one another and it's not about

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taking revenge from each other. For who already had our stuff in windy Welcome istockphoto in the Hall of Fame

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah, who either early he will be human Voila.

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Brothers and sisters after what has happened in Quebec,

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that a terrorist entered into a Masjid and began killing its worshipers in cold blood.

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They said that he left three times and returned to recharge his weapon to come back into shoot more people. He even shot one of the brothers who was leading the

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Prayer. He shot him in his back, while his seven year old daughter was watching him. And these are the stories that came to me personally from some of our brothers who went there to help them in their time of crisis. Many people are confused. And they're wondering how can all of this hates occur? How can someone hate us so much, that they're willing to kill fathers in front of their daughters, and they're willing to kill people prostrating to a lot in peace. But this hate has always existed. The same lies charged against Muslims today by the Islamophobia industry, or the very same ones that were said about Moosa and about Isa and about Ibrahim and about Muhammad

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Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. And just like they talk about kicking out Muslims out of their country, then realize that Ibrahim and Moosa and Isa and Mohammed, were not only brothers as messengers were not only brothers into Hades, but rather they were all refugees who were killed, kicked out of their countries. What they're trying to direct to us is what they directed to us before. The lies they say about us today are the lies they say that said about us yesterday. But just like the prophets, in the messengers, we will persevere, and Allah will give us victory. But we will only persevere when we speak the truth. And we remain engaged. When we say to ourselves, that this was an aberration.

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This was an isolated incident. Canada does not like this. This is only because what's happening in the US, we are doing ourselves a disservice. No, this hatred has been here in this country, and remains here in this country. Before heart before Trump, there was Harper, there was miroir in Quebec, and now there's Kelly Leach, all of them have tried to get votes. By pitting people against Muslims, we have to recognize the evil that is here in our society against us. Because the more that we remain silence, the more abuse that we are inviting. And so when a person and how often have people in our communities, they have been faced with with hatred and bigotry, whether they're in a

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shopping mall, whether they're in a parking lot, and what do they do, they remain silent, they don't go to the police, they don't tell anyone about it. And so they're simply encouraging more of this to come. And when people go on the internet, and they start seeing the worst things about Muslims, and encouraging violence against us, again, we remain silent. And so nothing happens. And we create more and more space for this evil to grow. We have to start standing up, we have to start speaking up. Part of speaking up is to say that we are against terrorism and evil and hatred and bigotry when it comes from groups like ISIS and an either, we need to also be against it when it comes from right

00:27:56--> 00:28:34

wing terrorist groups. And the research is there CSUs themselves, they produced a report in 2015, saying that right wing terrorism is a greater threat to Canada than any other form of terrorism. They produce the report, not me. And yeah, what have they done about it? Nothing. Because when a white person writes on the internet, let's go kill Muslims. They say to themselves, he doesn't really mean it. But when a Muslim person says, Hey, different types of heat, things are they they share propaganda from ISIS, that person is on a list, and CSUs is watching them and they're put on no fly list, and they're probably put in jail. There is an inequality when it comes to our to our

00:28:34--> 00:29:08

legal system, there is an inequality when it comes to law enforcement. And that is not going to change if we're not engaged. And if we're not speaking up, there's no easy solution. And what I'm most afraid of is that this incident happened, and that people are going to care about it for a couple of weeks or a month, and then they're going to forget about it. But if you want this to change, you need to be engaged. You need to donate to groups like nccm, who are fighting lobbying for our sake, you need to yourself be engaged, that when there's an incident and I say brothers, we have to go to the school board to deal with this issue that you show up.

00:29:09--> 00:29:48

That when we say we all have to email this media element for what they did over this issue that we all email them, you have to be engaged. If you're not engaged, you are the one leaving space for these groups to keep getting louder and louder in their hatred. And we'll lucky brothers I will speak about myself. This past week has barely slept, because I've been working on many of these issues. And also because I've been asking myself, who is the one who's responsible for that blood? Yes, it is that terrorist. Yes, it is these white right wing white supremacist groups. But is it also us for how much we've been quiet for how much we've been silent for how much we haven't been

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working for the sake of a law and for fighting against these groups of evil. We need to tell our politicians just like we are against terrorism and bigotry from the Middle East or against it from the front.

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Right as well, in the lower magnetic saloon and in the beep Yeah, you will know the nominal sandali you're sending with steamer