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The Etiquettes of Du’a

Even as kids we knew there was a right way to ask and a wrong way to ask. When asking Allah, what is the right way which elevates both us and our dua’?

Join us this Ramadan for a series o that will explain some of the Du’a the Prophet used to make. In each Du’a there is a lesson, a meaning, and a spirit that will bring us closer to Allah.

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Sir, I'm Ronnie Coleman. Thank you for joining us for another episode of prophetic dwad. Ever since we were kids, we all understood that when we wanted to ask for something, there are better ways to do it than others. So if we're asking our father or mother to do a favor to buy us something, we knew that there were certain things that we could do that would, you know, please them, and that would allow us to be more respectful in the way that we're asking for what we want, and would be more likely for them to respond to our request. And we continue to do that until today. If you're talking to a police officer who pulled you over, if you're talking to your boss, you know, there's a

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certain etiquette you're going to use when you're talking to them to try to deliver your message as effectively as possible to try to request what you want as effectively as possible. And if we're willing to do that with our parents are willing to do that with our boss at work, then we are you know, there's a greater obligation for us to do this with Allah Subhana. Allah when we speak to him, we have the proper etiquette, we have the proper decorum. We know what pleases Him we avoid What does not please him subhanho wa Taala. And one example of this unless penalty Allah says in the Quran, comfortable and will Hosea in Nola, you have one more attack Dean. Allah says call upon your

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Lord with humility and fear and do not and indeed he does not love those who are transgressors. And that verse tells us very clearly that, you know, there's a way to make the art to a law and there's a way of transgressing against the law in your going beyond the bounds in the way that you ask Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so there was one of the, you know, Sahaba he heard his son making da, he said, Oh, Allah give me a White Castle on the white entrance into gender. So his son, his, you know, his father said, Oh, son, I used to make out with the Prophet, we never made it out like this. And he's telling his son You're being so Uber specific, with, you know, the thing that you're

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requesting, as if that you are asking a lot of entitlement, right? As if you're asking Allah subhanaw taala in a way that you're entitled to this thing that you're asking him for. And sometimes we do this when we make dua to Allah. It's like, oh, Allah, allow me to marry this person specifically. And, you know, there's a sense of entitlement, like, well, you have to do this for me. Right? And the reality is that you're the servant of Allah azza wa jal. You know, you have to have humility and recognize that a lot of soldier knows what's best. How many times do we ask a lot for something, and a lot didn't give it to us. And maybe, you know, six months later, we're like,

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Hamdulillah, I didn't marry that person. I'm the lead didn't get that job. Allah subhanaw taala saved me by not answering my do I because what I wanted was actually not good for me. And so we have to have a certain decorum you know, humility when we turn to Allah subhanaw taala. We also have to have sincerity purity in the way that we ask a lot. And so agenda we're asking a lot alone, and realizing a lot alone is the one who can help us. And the last penalty is federal law. The scene at Odeon make to act to alarm, the scene completely sincere, completely pure completely only to a law. He is the one alone who can help us and can change our circumstances. And when we make to act to a

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law, another of the etiquettes and manners we need to have is that we're present in our do our mindful, we have a mindful heart. We're not negligent. You know, we're not thinking about other things. We're thinking specifically about our last panelist.

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And our praise of him and his ability to panel with Allah to help us and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in La Jolla Institute, OpenOffice. Allah does not accept the doula that comes from a negligent heart, you know, heartless making dry with its tongue, but it's not even listening to what it's saying, you know, you might be asking a lot for something, or law, forgive me a lot for giving me a lot, forgive me.

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And you're not even, you know, paying attention to what you're asking the last panel to either your mind is absent you're thinking about something else, you're thinking about a person you're thinking about a place you want to go to. And, you know, one of the Sahaba of the loving aroma. He said to you know, some of his friends in the island. He said, I know exactly when a lot answers my da. They said to him, how can you know that? He said, I know exactly the moment Alliance was my Why? He said because it is the moment in which my hair starts to stand. And it's the moment in which my heart starts to shake. And it's the moment in which the tears start to drop from my eyes. He said, because

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I know that is the hour of was accepting the draw that hour that I'm so present and so mindful and so connected, that for sure. That is the moment I was accepting my doula. And in my measurement, later on, he said something very similar. He said to his companions, and his students, he said, Do you know? Well, you know, the one whom, from whom Allah subhanaw, taala accepts their da, they said, Who is that person? He said, Can you think of a man who was on a ship, and the ship is wrecked in the middle of a storm in the middle of the ocean, and he is in the middle of the ocean, holding on to a plank of wood, and he's calling out to a last panel data saying Yeah, Rob, oh, my lord. Oh my

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Lord. He said, that door is accepted. And when any of you make do I like that,

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men would make the new or do I will be accepted as well. And menu Gee, wouldn't it Allah says, Who is the one who responds to the one who's in distress, the one who was in desperation alized which is the one who responds. And so when we make while we are present of mind, present in our heart, and we are calling upon Allah subhanaw taala with distress with determination with desperation, that's the time when Eliza answers are taught, and also from the etiquettes and manners of making dua, is that we're calling upon a lot of soldiers, praying with both hope and with fear. Allah subhanaw taala when he talks about the prophecies, he says, in Nome, can we set your own high rot with the arona

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robinwood Ahava, he said that indeed they used to excel and run towards doing all that is good, and they would pray to us they would make do out to us robinwood ohada it would make to act was hoping, yearning from us and fearing of us. And so those who turn to a loss of Handel's Allah with fear those who turn to Allah with hope and both hope and fear, this is something that allows you to attain the response of Allah Subhana Allah and this one sort of the Fatiha when we're making this powerful do we say Matt, we say, Rahim, the one who is the most merciful, most compassionate, calling, you know, to Allah, Allah with a hope with a yearning. And then we say Maliki oma Dean, we

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say the Owner of the Day of Judgment, we remember Allah subhanaw taala, having control over the creation being the powerful one, the one who's capable of punishing us so we have fear as well in that and then we need to be persistent in our da Yes, you know, human beings are upset if you persistently ask them for something, they get annoyed with you. But Allah Subhana Allah to Allah wants us to be persistent. Allah wants us to persistently call upon him. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allah you have been would have been if Allah loves those who are constantly persistent in their drama, they're saying Oh ALLAH forgive me all love Forgive me all

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love Forgive me all love Forgive me. Yes, with a loss of power with Allah. This is good etiquette with the last panel is Allah This is something that shows that you have no other option other than Allah, because the reality is you don't have any other option other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And likewise, not to give up the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to his companions, use the jab hajikko melamine, Allah will accept any of you, so long as you are not hasty. They said to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they said, How is the person hasty, how is the person too hasty in there? And the Prophet said the person will say that without without I called and I asked, and I asked, and

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they don't see the response fans who could do that so he abandons making draw, you know, the person who you know they need some money they're in debt. They say well, I please fulfill my my debts or law, please provide for me Ola, please help me and you know, a week goes by two weeks go by they don't see an answer to their door. So they abandoned giving. The prophecies I send them says this is the person to lead is an answer to lead to be persistent and constantly ask a lot and not give up hope and realize that Allah to Allah can take care of all of our affairs as long as we consistently, persistently turned to Eliza. And just as we are persistently asking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah,

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we need to not persist in our sins, to stay away from sins, because those are barriers against a large religion answering our da, the Prophet sallallahu. I recently mentioned the example of a man who's traveling, and when you're traveling, your drive is more accepted because you're undergoing hardship. And the Prophet describes this man, his hair is disheveled, his clothes are in tattered, and you know, the more desperate and distressed you are, the more likely a lot so Jen's gonna answer your door. And he's raising his hands and he's calling out to be Arab. And we said when you're persistent and asking a lot asking him over and over, Allah is more likely to answer your do I. Then

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the profits of the low Edison commented and said, and yet this man's eating his food is hot on his drink is hot on his clothing is hot on his shelter is how long for us to Jabba. So how can I answer his drive? When you're persisting? And all of this? How long? How can it last? I don't have to answer a lot. And so if we are persisting in sin, we need to struggle as hard as possible to abandon those sins, to remove any barrier that may not allow a lot of xeljanz to accept our And finally, when we ask upon a loss penalty, we have to have certainty that a lot is legit. We'll answer a lot. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, We don't allow men to walk in with each other,

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make to act to allow while you were searching that Allah subhanaw taala will answer our dryer and the Prophet slots low at least and I'm also said in another Hadith, if any of you are asking the last panelist Allah, then don't say don't make dua saying Yeah, blow * to fat, it's all light if you want to do this, do it. He said what I can do is rather you know be determined in your soul. I want this all up please give this to me all up. Please grant this to me. You know, be be you know, searching that whatever it is. You're asking Allah subhanaw taala. Allah azza wa jal is capable and powerful and will give you what you were asking for that you're certain if he doesn't give you

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exactly what you're asking for. He will give you something better or he will aid you and bless you in some way. And if you have this etiquette and this mentality and this

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mindset when you're making dua to Allah Subhana Allah, you will do it in sha Allah will be successful. And join us in sha Allah for more in our series where we will take other of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we will learn them and memorize them and understand them and extract inshallah lessons and meanings from them. Does somebody have to live with a cat