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The pandemic has led to disagreements and hatred, but social interaction is essential for everyone to feel accepted and respected. The importance of bringing love and respect to people to reconcile and reform is emphasized, along with the need for forgiveness to avoid damaging others. The Prophet sallam's teachings about forgiveness and the importance of forgiveness for one's brother are also discussed.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Shatta Wale

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are you

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in hamdulillah Nam I don't want to start over here you want to stop fiddle who want to study?

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When are the lights are elementary and fusina woman see it I'm Melina in omiya Hello fellow molera Omu fella had Yella quassia Allah, Allah Allah Allah. Allah Shri cara, Why should one know Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu Rahmatullah alameen wa Coldwater little mini in Omaha Jenna Sally kin or her gentle Eva, Deandra Marian, and Allah will be healer will shadow heavy his To do or was it Javi aryan and omean where then on some avocado oil firm bulama de hieromartyrs eaten Abby and I no matter what our soon and under what he what he said let him also the Allahumma was robotic it while he was heavy, while Allah Jimmy minister NaVi suniti walked off. Via 30 he lay on the dean and the

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associate Kumar FCB taqwa Allah tala Fein omiya Taka La Jolla homak Raja Jai thought I said, All praises due to Allah alone. And then we seek aid and assistance and to Him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Truly Allah subhanaw taala guides none can mislead and humor Allah leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and I bet when they sit there is nothing worthy of worship. Save a lot alone.

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Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is both his servant and His Messenger. Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah created us, human beings as being obligated to live in communities and to interact with other people. The human being is drawn to social interaction, to speak, to share, to talk to interact with other people. Even in our present case, in lockdown during a pandemic, people are still innately drawn to interaction with other people. We crave that social interaction. It's nearly impossible to live alone in this world to isolate yourself from all human interaction. Even if you isolate yourself physically, you are still going to be interacting with people probably online virtually,

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buying and selling, talking and building relationships through a virtual world. This is the way Allah Subhana Allah created us. We are social beings, and we need social interaction.

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But mixing amongst the people dealing with different people, interacting with different people, transacting with different people, causes naturally disagreements and disputes and even hatred and even broken relationships. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, well, OSHA or buka ledger Allah NASA ohmmeter wahida What is Luna? naka de fin Elana Rahim Allah, Allah subhana wa tada says, had your Lord willed they would have mankind would have all been one community, but instead they differ with each other. We have disagreements, we have differing humans are constantly arguing and differing with one another except those whom Allah zildjian has shown mercy to and the hatred and animosity

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which emerges from disagreements that we have. And differences that we have, is something that our religion instructs us to remove, destroyed our hardest to bring peace between people to bring love and harmony between people to bring love and respect to the hearts of our brothers and sisters in Islam. And to be the people who walk the path of bringing peace and reconciliation and rectification between people. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned when Moosa leaves his brother in charge of the people, he gives him advice and he tells him

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told me was that what

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he says to Musa Musa says to his brother, how to take my place amongst my people was and reconcile between them, and do not follow the ways of the corrupters. reconcile between them, reform amongst them. And it says it from the words of Moosa, he's saying, either you walk the path of bringing peace and reconciliation between people or you walk the path of corruption between people.

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And because of and so the position of reconciling between people I'm striving to remove hatred and animosity between them. This is a role that is so beautiful, a position that is so beautiful, so necessary. Allah subhanho wa Taala himself assumes this role. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us a story about the Day of Judgment, the day of judgment, the day of severe distress yelman arbutus and company on the day where the pregnant woman will abort her child out of her fear the day where the mother will abandon the baby, she is nursing.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam tells us the story, and it's of nomadic marriage, they're sitting amongst the Prophet, and the Prophet began laughing.

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So I'm going to have Bob sent to the Prophet on messenger of Allah, Mt. Tech what has caused you to laugh? Why are you laughing?

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said radula neyman Amati Jetta Yeah, do you know Europe Eliza? is a two men from my alma will be kneeling in front of the Lord of all glory. Meaning on the Day of Judgment, there will be two people kneeling in front of a law awaiting the judgment of Allah subhanho wa Taala for call

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whose name of limits and min ethey one of them will ask Allah, He will say Oh Allah give me my rights from my brother. Meaning in the dunya my

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Rather took my rights.

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He took my dunya he oppressed me, he hurts me. He harmed me. He stole from me. He will say Oh Allah gives me my rights from my brother.

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And so Allah subhana wa tada responds to this man. And he tells him take a photo scenario b i think, well I'm yet Carmen has an atishi. Allah will say to the man, what are you going to do to your brother and he will have no Hassan Ouch, no good deeds left. Meaning if I give you his right your rights from him, I'm taking all of his good deeds away from him and giving it to you. So the man said to Allah subhanaw taala.

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He says, Oh Allah, and let him take my sins to meeting Allah subhanaw taala have some empathy for your brother, if I give you your rights from him, I will take away all of his good deeds, you have zero. So what is the man saying to Allah, the man says, not only give me all his good deeds, but give him my sins, too. When the Prophet said this summer, long running incentives is narrating the story. Tears began to swell in the eyes of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he began to cry and to weep. And he said to the Sahaba, when he said this point, he said,

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Dad, you know, when your melanoma nozari him, he said, that is going to be a day meaning a day is so terrifying, and so terrible that people will need others to assume their sins, the sins that we do in this world, that we don't even think about the sins that we do. When we say Who cares? Allah is Forgiving, who cares? And we do these sins, the Prophet says, On that day, people will be need searching for other people to take their sins,

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looking for other people to pin their sins upon.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala item speaks to this man. And he tells him, his cell

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phones already filled in and he doesn't raise your head and look at paradise. Look at the gardens of Paradise. And Allah allows the man to see Jenna to see the gardens of Paradise, and the man sees it. And he asks Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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He says, All I see cities have goals. And I see castles of gold that are decorated with pearls. He says to Allah, the eye in

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the eye is

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the eye you say he didn't hide? He says, Oh Allah, to which prophet does this belong to to which truthful person does this belong to? To which shade marcher does this belong to? Allah Subhana Allah system had that demon upper feminine, he says, No, this will be given to the person who pays a price for it.

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And then Allah and then the man says, and who can own this, who can pay a price to own this? And Allah subhanho data tells the men you can own it. The man says, Yeah, you feminine with what am I paying to own this? And Allah subhanho wa Taala tells this men, ba ba if we can be Africa.

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It is with your forgiveness for your brother by you forgiving your brother, Allah Subhana Allah Allah will give you this Jenna's will give you these castles with gold, Allah Subhana Allah will give you these cities of gold. And so the man says to Allah subhana wa tada

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to that whole life forgiving him I forgive me to him. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will tell him for his big lie take the hand of your brother and both of you enter into Jenna. So can Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala brings reconciliation between two people. Allah Subhana Allah brings peace between two people. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam concludes this heavy by saying a tequila was to her that

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he says fear Allah and amend the relationships between you Fein Allah Urbina meaning for Indeed Allah Himself. And then the relationship between the believers, Allah subhana wa tada full of his glory in his honor tries to reconcile and amend the relationship between people. What can we be more honorable and more beautiful than a deed that Ally's Oh john and his messengers both acted upon? And Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, now Hi, Rafi Kathy elimina Dwyer home in lemon, Emma Robbie, son of Putin.

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marital often I was snatched him being a nurse, he said there is no good and most of their conversations, most of the private conversations that people have, Allah says there's no good in it in an AMA except the one who enjoins others to give sadaqa or to do good. Oh Is that him being a nurse or to rectify and reconcile the relationships between people, when they if they come to law, in law, and whoever does this seeking the pleasure of his Lord, for so often what he adds on on alima, then we will indeed give that person a great reward. So kinda loved our profits a lot where I'd even send them in front of the companions. He said to them, shall I inform you about what is

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greater than sought and cm and sadaqa know what the profit means, here is the solid that is not authority, though not an obligation, the CM that is not an obligation, that charity that is not an obligation he sent to the companion so I tell you what is better than prayer and fasting and sadaqa. They said yes, or messenger of Allah. He said, Allah, Allah

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will see cm well Sadako Kala Bella rasulillah.

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He said to amend the relationships between believers to amend the relationship and we can solve the relationship between others. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, in the facade that's in vain. Hey, it is an indeed the corruption of the relationship between people. It is an hanifa it is the razor, then the Prophet said. And he said, No apple.

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Well, I cannot help with Dean. He said, I'm not saying it is the reason like the one that cuts your hair. No, it is the razor like the one that cuts your religion and cuts the Drina shaves the dean off. And this is really important to think about what causes people to curse each other? What causes them to insult each other? What causes them to oppress one another? What causes them to steal the wealth of each other? What causes them to take the rights of one another? Or even to spill the blood of each other? Is it not because of the corruption, the ruining of relationships between people? This is what takes away the person's Dean.

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And this is why the act of reconciling relationships is one of the greatest acts of our religion, how much evil is prevented? How much harm is averted? When a person reconciles between two who are fighting or have ill feelings between each other is one of the profits on the lower I don't even send him said nice. So we'll cut that he is not a liar. Men also have been a nurse for quite a higher on

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a higher, he said he is not a liar, the one who is rectifying the relationships between people. So he says good, or he exaggerates good to admit evil. I know that this brother said something negative about this brother, I will admit it, I don't say. But I say that this brother thinks good about you. Even if not good he thinks about is very small. I exaggerate and make it seem bigger. The profits in Leeds because this person not a liar. Why? Because the most of the benefit he's trying to achieve by bringing love between two people is an incredibly honorable muscle high in our Deen. The scholars said Allah hates truthful speech, that intense corruption. And he loves the lie, that intense peace

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and reconciliation. If I hear with my own ears, one brother saying something negative about another brother, I know 100% it's truth, I heard it for me to take that word and deliver it to him, knowing that's gonna cause corruption. This is how long been our religion.

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And if I know there's two animosity between two people, and I go to them, and I say good things that maybe didn't even exist. And I say he thinks good about you. And I said to the other one, he thinks good about you. And maybe they never said anything good about each other. But you say it to create love and harmony between them. Allah loves it, even though it's not necessarily the truth. Because our religion wants us to build peace and harmony between one another. And this type of obligation is incredibly important. Our profits in the long run even send them assumed in in his life. Once the Prophet was sitting in the masjid. And the people came to him and they said, the people of

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a place outside of Medina at that time, we're fighting each other to the point that we're throwing stones at each other. What did the Prophet say? Immediately he got up he said to the Sahaba

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middles let me know let's go right now and try to rectify between them.

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Try to bring peace between the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam didn't do what many of us do when we hear two groups are fighting what do we do about it? We gossip about it, we talk about it. We spread the news of it other people, but few of us try to go and reconcile, try to put in the work to try to bring peace between people. The Prophet got up right away and went.

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And then the time of prayer came Billa came and the Prophet wasn't there yet. They said, What do we do? He said, Jehovah can lead the prayer. I said, Okay. So he led he began to lead the prayer. And the Prophet came in the middle of the prayer and walked up to the rose to the front roll and I will record the Allahu I'm realizing the Prophet was there hearing the commotion, knowing the Prophet was there, he retreated back to the SFX and the Prophet lead the prayer. And then the Prophet said to what crafted the prayer, why did you retreat back and abubaker said, it is not be fitting for him and I'd be Bahasa for himself, the son of to lead the prayer and the Prophet is bind them. And so

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you refuse to lead the prayer accepted, the Prophet did but look at the prophets energy and going and rectifying between them. We know the Prophet speaks on lies. And then once he entered the house of Fatima, well, the law was at a time where people would sleep the time of the afternoon where they would sleep. The Prophet came and I needed the law wasn't there? He said, Where's your cousin mean? Where is it?

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She said, we had an argument, he got upset and he left. The Prophet said Where is where is he?

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And he went out looking for him. And he found him in the masjid. And he was sleeping in the masjid and you sleeping You know, when you sleep you turn on both sides. So he was turning on both sides. So both of his shoulders were full of dust. Because the masjid was not carpeted. It was dust. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam season, and he says to me, I'm about to rob stand up, oh, Abu Dhabi, fonder of dust because he has dust all over him. But the point of it is, the profits of Huawei said when he hears there's a problem happening. Immediately he goes to bring earlier the long run back to reconcile between them. Some fathers if they hear their daughter complaining about their

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husband, they sit with her and make her more angry, and your husband is this and your husband is that and they increase the anger between them and they increase the animosity between them. A prophet doesn't do this. He goes immediately where's it let me find him. Let me bring them let me reconcile and find love and peace between them. Vocal inequality Heather was talking about you're not going to suffer through in order for Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah He also could be woman Wanda,

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as we are built to inshallah, in a few weeks May Allah azza wa jal give us life to achieve it. Enter in short line to the month of Ramadan. And this is a month of blessings and forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. We know from our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said the doors of Jen are open every Monday and Thursday.

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And Allah Subhana Allah on these days forgives those who have not associated in worship with Allah Subhana Allah, The Prophet said in La Jolla, and except for two people, who there is animosity and rancor between each other. Allah subhanho wa Taala will say, wait upon them, wait upon them, give everyone else forgiveness. But these two waits, waits until they rectify their problems between one another. This shows us that the forgiveness of Allah is delayed or prevented when we cannot forgive one another. And so as we enter into this month, it's incredibly important for us to clear our hearts from any rancor, animosity we might have towards our brothers and sisters in Islam. And if we

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see others with animosity in their hearts or feed our feelings towards each other to try to rectify those feelings, and it's symptomatic of the Allahu ansaid Manasa have been mean by Allah who will be called the kalama tonight.

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He said that whoever tries to rectify between two people, Allah subhanaw taala will give