4 Amazing Ramadan Offers You Should Know

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Sahaba were very puzzled and confused. Why did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, mean Oh Allah accept and mean Oh Allah accepted three times. Why were they confused? Because there was no, there is no request, you say a DA then you say I mean, so the Prophet said, I mean, but there's no da. So you said you're also Allah. What was that?

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So he said attorney jabril gibreel, the angel that Allah sent to me, he was making dua. Oh, so that was from gibreel. Yes. What was it?

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He said Jabri that is, Oh Allah, humiliate, ruin, destroy Allahu Akbar. Who is it? The one who witnesses Ramadan, and does not end up being forgiven? So the Prophet said, and mean May Allah accept your dodge gibreel Allahu Akbar. You might say but Rasul Allah is Allah, Allah, Allah mean the Prophet of Allah, His mercy to all beings. Like, why why would he say, I mean, no, this is not a hit against the prophets Rama. This is a hit against someone who does not care about Allah. How in the world can you witness that bond and still leave as a loser? It is very much impossible. You have to work very hard well lie you gotta work perhaps very hard to leave it on my mind more miserable

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than before.

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And inshallah I want to share with you the four things Allah offers you in Ramadan, four things no other month is being provided for what makes someone special. Number one, forgiveness. Forgiveness can be any time any day we make Toba Listen, the forgiveness package Allah gives us a Milan you will not find anywhere else. Let me give you three are happy about forgiveness number one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says mon sama Ramadan whoever fasts the month of Ramadan amen and what is the other two conditions out of faith I have to do this it's not culture not because mama mom and dad doesn't know a man believe I have to do it. What do you hope for the reward of it then all of

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your sins are forgiven all of them if you do that throughout the month of Ramadan, but what if I have one or two days a kind of my fasting you know wasn't up to par? You know, Okay, no problem. Nothing no problem but you got another offer forgiveness Yes, Rasul Allah is as lm says, men, karma Ramadan, whoever stands up during the nights of Ramadan after Asia before that period. 2468 1011 o'clock at you pray, you do that throughout the whole month of Ramadan. All of your sins are forgiven.

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Unbelievable. I'm abetik. But brother II know sometimes I worked in a night shift. And I actually know sometimes, you know, I get tired. I miss out on one night

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by a third party, catch one night one night. Well, one night Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says when Alma Leyland and if you stand up on one night, one night

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with faith and hope all of your sins are forgiven? Can you see that? This offer is not any other month. That's one forgiveness, unlike any other type of forgiveness, number to offer a Ramadan is a multiplication of reward. You already know that. No, Ramadan is different. Fasting is different. Give me proof. Allah subhana wa tada tells us rasuwa lies in the Hadith, that your good deed to Allah is multiplied by 10. The good D to Allah is multiplied by 10. So for example, your hourly wage is $10. You work in Macy's or CVS, you work for one hour you get paid $10 that's your wage. Allah the best of examples, you work for one hour, Allah pays you minimum, like you worked for 10 hours,

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not double time. 10 times minimum. But then Allah teaches us Illa set me up to 700 times.

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So your one hour wage of $10 an hour No, now it's $7,000 an hour. That's how Allah does it in a way that fits our pantalla as an example, but Allah says if it was the first thing I'm coming, Allah says excetera fasting, these numbers do not apply the 10 to 700 they do not apply to fasting Allah says that. Why? Because it's a number that no one will ever comprehend.

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me allow us to appreciate our model may allow us to appreciate fasting. Allah says in lasagna inone. What? I will personalize it, I handle it. No Angel will be able to understand it. No Angel will comprehend it. No human being no Hadith will be able to provide it for you to understand the reward. So Allah says I will personally take care of it or

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give an exam.

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of the multiplication of reward. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says performing Omar I'm gonna How long does it take to three hours to three hours? The Prophet says they're under a theorem avant de tu hija it's given the reward of Hajj, if you do

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know that there's more and more and more and more multiplication of reward.

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What about Laila to

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Allah says in the Quran Laila to cuddle is equal to 1000 months law? No, No brother is hydromet fecr What's the word higher? It is better than 1000 months, so Allah knows the limit. So one night of layer to cuddle you worship Allah is like almost more than 83 years. So if you witness 30, Rama bonds 30 Rama bonds in your life, it's like you live 2400 plus years 2400 years old, have a better to Allah Allah gelato. You see how the Prophet said I mean, now you feel him? Now you see what he said? I mean, may you be destroyed because you got to be miserable human being.

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But that's a multiplication of reward. Offer Number Three out of four.

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life time pass protection from how forever How is that? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the Leela, Allah subhanho wa Taala selects during a fart time when our time comes. Allah selects people to be freed from hell forever. thinker like you got a membership, you will never go to help period. Some may ask me after the football, I'll answer it now. That Brother What is that guy gets that pass. They will never go to hell, Allah chooses them. But they end up being a Catholic.

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No, Allah will not make them a coffee. Because of that one night.

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A low protect them, Allah will guide them in every way possible, because Allah never breaks his promise. If I say you're freed from power, you are freed from hell period.

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When you are selected, that means you gotta work hard.

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If I tell you at your company, every day, they pass around a $10,000 bonus, what will you ask? What's the requirement?

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So if I tell you every night Allah frees people from hell, but you will say how can I get selected?

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That's what I believe we should be behaving wonder. So that I'll give an example is that you got to work really, really hard. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Look what the Sahaba said about him? Can he within us he was the most generous human being that ever walked on Earth. His generosity is unbelievable. Are you ready? What can I do with my yakun and his generosity goes to another level in Ramadan

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so because of the heart that's freeing from Hellfire this Forget all that stuff. So please please sometimes people say statements without thinking will lie. At the end of my Ramadan is like before Ramadan I as a parent my schedule stays the same. I always hold on Shame on you. hate to say stuff like that Rasulullah was able to upgrade is a bad he was able to upgrade you say well my Ramadan will be like before Ramadan because I work really hard no yet to be humble fit Allah subhanho wa Taala Ramadan is a whole other level of a that Ramadan was not meant for us to go to Florida and take a vacation but I'm all done was not meant for us to do things that are can be postponed to

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after Ramadan. The last 10 nights of Ramadan What did the Prophet do? sleepers overs timeout no sleeping you sleep in the date the business business by then use your vacation days vacation days less than nights of Ramadan. That's what the wives of the Prophet SAW Allah Sunday we learned from them that the hell I said when the last 10 nights they enter what happens? he rolls up his sleeves also Allah is an example. And in what age and he ties around his waist. Well I got that and he wakes up the whole family let's go let's keep Let's work hard All Night Long The last 10 nights. This is the attitude of the believer in Ramallah. fourth and last one. We said number one forgiveness unlike

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other and I hope that was made clear. Number two multiplication of rewards and I hope that was made clear May Allah grant you all the ability to get this done. Number three free pass forever from help me Allah granted to you and your loved ones. Number four.

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Allah promises to make you happy.

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Promise, give us proof. Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us how Allah says in that he saw me for Hatun the one who's fasting has two moments of extreme joy or high level joy. The moment you break your fast and we all know how exciting that is right? What do we have for that happy moment of the Prophet says that's one of the two. What's the other moment of happiness? Allah teaches us well Farhatullah

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the day you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala what will happen? Surprise Allah when the king tells you in this world in this world, if a king tells you I got a surprise for you, you expect the gift to be equal to the wealth of the king. If a king tells me I have a surprise for you, I will think he has a Bentley for me Bugatti something like that because the king is gonna give me a

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Two euros all due respect to to your owners.

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Allah Jalla Jalla the best of examples the King of all kings he says, I got a surprise.

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One last Hadith about surprise and happiness Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the fraternity Baba in general there's a door called Allah Yan. That's the name of the door mimic you have enter throughout Europe. The Prophet says Yokoyama, there will be an announcement. I saw a moon Where are those who used to fast fire cool moon they all stand up. Let me give those who stand up for your tone and they all enter that door. And once they enter the door is locked. No one else enters Hadeeth stops but what's in their surprise

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rewarded from other surprise was engender surprise that makes us even more excited. Hello Cody. Heather. was really welcome. May Allah forgive us all and May Allah make you all witness Ramadan