Ibrahim Hindy – Questions Youth Ask

Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © The "monster" in Islam is the most difficult problem faced by young people during the COVID-19 pandemic, including struggles with their parents and lack of social security. The challenges faced by young people in their early stages of youth, such as struggles with their parents and lack of social security, can lead to problems and negative experiences. The importance of learning about the natural and positive impacts of drugs and alcohol, as it can lead to problems and negative experiences, is emphasized. The speaker also discusses the potential loss of happiness and the need for a strong morality, privacy laws, and privacy in general.
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No hamdulillah I don't want to start it will be he want to start filming on a Sunday. Whenever the midnight I lemon surely I'm fusina woman sejati are Melina inami de la sala with Lara woman who further had the Allah, Masha Allah Allah Allah ma y the hula Shri cara, wash hadwen Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allah Salallahu Rahmatullah alameen wa Kudo meaning Omar Omaha Justin is Sally Keane or her gentlemen hi bad yeah jumping in and out a lot will be local. Wasabi has sudo wasabi Ariana Nami and then on Sunday and Rocco Lubin Wolford along with z hieromartyrs eaten me and I no matter what our soon and under what he what he said it was only lahoma was it robotic alley while he was hiding what

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Allah Jimmy I'm gonna stand up soon he walked up yesterday he lay on Dean and my dad so we'll see C'mon FCB Taka la heeta Allah Fein who may attack me La Jolla Hamas Raja was a poem in high school as I said, All praises due to a lot alone. And then we seek aid and assistance and then we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Trillium, Allah subhanaw taala guides them can mislead and Humala leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship save a lot loan and then Mohammed Sall Allahu Allah He will send them his both his servant and His Messenger a lot of high notes Allah when He created us he decided to create us in stages

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not for not for the Allah button for her not Allah Allah Watson phenomenal environment for cancer wanna live from and China helping

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us no polythene. Allah says we made them from a drop to a clinging clots, we made the clots to a lump of flesh, we made it from from that lump into bones, and we covered the bones with flesh, and then we develop them into another creation. So bless it is a lot of the best of creators, a lot created us in stages. We go through different time periods in our life, unless a penalty is is a lot lower the height up in Boston, from Madrid and in Boston, from Madrid and in the hallways in Boston. Well Sheba, Allah is the one who created you in a state of weakness. You were a baby, you're small, you were weak. And then after weakness, he gave you strength. And after strength, once again, he

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will give you weakness and white hair. You're not familiar with Aladdin. He creates what He wills, and he has the knowing, and the strong. And so all the stages that we go through in our life, the stages of being young, an infant the stages to being an old men,

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of the stages that we go through the stage of use is the most important stage.

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This is the beginning of our strength. But a lot of panel data also says we're gonna call in Sano, colon, colon salamina, agile, man has been created with haste.

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We've been created hasty, as soon as we get a little bit strong, we forget we used to be weak.

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And the way people are, as soon as we get a little bit of money, we forget what it's like to be poor.

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As soon as you feel a little bit of strength, a little bit of power, a little bit of dominance in your life, you forget what it was like to be young and to be a kid, and to not be, you know, Cape as capable as you are as you get older. And so this stage of youth is the most important stage of our lives. And the challenges and the difficulties that we face are some of the more difficult challenges that we like, that we go through in our life. But because of that the rewards of being young, are great, because the challenges of being young are great. The rewards of being young are great. And this religion was built on the backs of young people

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on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came with the revelation who followed him and what Christians do 38 years old at the time, I'm

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26 years old at the time, or if man will be along, I'm 25 years old at the time, I leave with me appointed 910 years old at the time, sadly, even more, I'm 27 years old at the time, and you can go and go and go and go between all of these Sahaba all of them are young.

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Right? And when the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam was on his deathbed, he ordered the Muslims to send an army

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to fight the Romans, because the Romans had killed the messenger that the Prophet sent, which was against all the codes of ethics at that time and today, the prophet sent an army who was leading the army, who is leading this army with some new zeal for the long run.

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He was 17 years old, 1617 years old, and people came to the Prophet telling him is too young. Send someone else there are senior leaders, people are more experienced. The Prophet said, No, this army should go with Osama. And then the Prophet passed away the army delayed because he passed away at that time. And they stayed in Medina and then ever welcome became the honey face of the army, let's go with the summer leading them. People came to me they said, find another leader, the same thing. They said to the Prophet, he said, You want me to change something the Prophet instituted, the prophet said this army should go We'll do some leading them, you want me to change something The

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Prophet said should happen. And you refuse, and there's a symbolism here, the religion begin with young people supporting the Prophet. And on his deathbed the prophets a little longer. I knew some insists that a young person some of his aid is leading an army of Muslims. Because the challenges that young people face and they're difficult, the potential that young people can accomplish is far greater. And this is why the last Canada IRA and the profits are low. And Islam says in the Hadith, that Allah will give shade on the Day of Judgment, to seven types of people. One type of person is whom will shout When should I feel bad that Allah, a young person excelling in the worship of a law,

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like an old person excelling in the worship of Allah doesn't get the same rank as the one who's young and excelling in the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. Because when you're young, and there's so much pfitzner, and you're being pulled in different directions, for you to be firm, for you to be steadfast for you to turn to a law, you're going to be better than anyone elses old and age and doing the same as you're doing. Just because of the fact that you're young. When you're young, you're more impatient, when you're young, you're temporary, shorter, when you're young, you have you know, these biological code changes that are pushing you towards certain things that are wrong. And

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when you're young, you have to overcome all of this. So when you do good, Allah rewards even more. The prophets on the lower incident said, you're wrong and shadman Lee says no, so what Allah is the means pleasantly amazed, surprise, Allah subhanaw taala is this means that he's happy, not that he doesn't know, but that he's happy with a young person who does not fall into a major sin. And so this is incredibly important for us to understand, you know, there are challenges that young people go through. But one of the difficulties, and I like all of you, you know, I was born here, and I grew up here, I understand a little bit of what you guys are going through, in that sometimes we

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have questions about our religion. And when we try to get these questions answered, the answer doesn't come like our parents don't have an answer for us don't want to give us an answer. They get upset by you asking the question, How dare you ask me this question to begin with?

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What's wrong with you? You have no manners? How could you ask this question? But you ask them a question, you think is important you want to understand? That wasn't the way of the Prophet, a young man came to the Prophet solo? And he said, and once did almost never give me permission, I want to commit Zina, I want to do this really evil sin, one of the Prophet duties, how dare you ask us? What's wrong with you get out of here and take off my shoe and throw at you? He doesn't do this. What is the Prophet say to him? The Prophet gives him an answer. He can understand an intellectual response, a rational answer, he doesn't. Would you like someone doing this deed with your sister?

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Would you like if somebody did that with your aunt? Would you like if somebody did that with your mother? Would you like somebody did that to the women in your life in your family that you love? Would you love someone else to do that to them? And the men said, No, I would hate that. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, likewise, other people hate that as well. And then the young man said to the prophets on the lower, he said them, you know,

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make up for me. And so the prophets of Allah didn't put his hand on the heart of the young men, and you need to ask for him. And the young man got up. And he said, When I came to the Prophet, there was nothing I wanted to do more than that evil deed. When I left the Prophet, there was nothing I was more disgusted with. I hated more than that evil deed. The Prophet turned him around completely. Why? Because he gave him an answer he could understand that his mind could comprehend. And at the same time, the Prophet slicin, I'm connected with him on an emotional level, he put his hand on his heart, he made it for him, when he felt the touch of the prophets a little low, and he send them he

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felt comforted by it. And after that, he changed completely. And so this shows us, you know, the some of the problems that the youth are facing today, really, the scholars talk about two types of problems that young people face. One is what they call a house, show what our lusts and desires, right? So youth are falling into drugs and alcohol and how long relationships and things like that. And each of these desires and lusts. Sometimes they lead you into bigger problems. You know, we know the footsteps of shavon you follow one problem

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And it leads you to another and another and another, you know, somebody is facing depression, they feel depressed, they feel anxious. So they self medicate, they started taking drugs, they started smoking marijuana. Well guess what one of the side effects of marijuana is, over time, it makes you feel even more depression and more anxiety. So you smoke it, and you feel a little bit better for a while. And then a week later, you're gonna feel even more depressed. So you're gonna need to smoke even more marijuana. And then at some point, marijuana is not even enough for you doesn't have an effect, they move on to other drugs, harder drugs, worse drugs until their life becomes destroyed,

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their body becomes destroyed. It's a spiral, it's hard to get out of it is what happens to a lot of lusts and desires. They pull us in these directions. And even though these types of problems are in our community, and they are huge. You know, one of the things is when a person does a lot of sins, they reach a point in their life, where they have to decisions to make. And so a lot of people in our community committed sins when they were younger. And then at some point, they said to themselves, I'm disgusted with these sins. I can't deal with it anymore. I need to stop. They make us to fall they make Toba, they turn away from it. They come to the masjid, they become good

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Muslims, they put these things behind them, right. But there's another kind of person who, when they feel guilty with what they're doing, when they feel inside themselves, this is wrong. What am Why am I doing this? They offer a different solution, a more dangerous solution, which is what he wants to get rid of the guilt by convincing himself the evil thing is doing is actually good.

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He says why is alcohol wrong? No, actually, alcohol is fine. It's Highland. Why is this heroin? No, actually, it's had a lot of talks about this type of person, and they'll put n of n z and no suwama D for I

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was looking at the person who the evil of his deed has been made attractive. And so he considers his evil deed to be good. This is the worst of deceptions. And this is when we're getting into Chabot has, we're getting into misconceptions about the religion, doubts about the religion dellux, about believing in Allah subhanaw taala. And in your time, like I told you, I grew up here too. So I know a little bit of what you guys are going through, but you guys are going through even way worse than whatever I went through. Because you're living in a time where somebody can go on YouTube, and they can be exposed to hundreds of videos are people attacking snam attacking and attacking the Prophet

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attacking the Sunnah. And I'm telling you not to go for those things, you know, because he can Institute any doubts. And if you don't have enough knowledge about Islam, you don't know how to respond to these things. It can devastate your email, it can shake your inner, we have to gain knowledge. This is why it's important for us to gain knowledge. So that when we become adults, when you go to university, when you get exposed to these things, you know what the answer is? Or at least you know how to find a proper answer.

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And so, you know, a lot of the the the problems that the youth have in our, in our communities, they have all these questions. Because they're getting exposed to these things, they want to ask somebody these questions, they don't always get an opportunity to ask these questions or to get answers. So you know, in the remaining time that we have, there are a few major questions, questions that I hear often that inshallah we'll tackle in the rest of this quota that I hear from a lot of you. And so one of them is why believe in God, why should I believe in God to begin with? A question that a lot of people ask what is the proof for God to begin with? And very simply put, you know, you could talk

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about this question for a long period of time. Very simply put, the easiest answer the most direct answer is that there is a creator because there is a creation. The fact that you exist, is an evidence and a proof that there was an entity that created you there was a creator who created you. And this is because we believe in cause and effect, right? This is a metaphysical principle upon which knowledge is built, that we believe in cause and effect. If you were walking on a beach, and you saw rocks on the side of the beach, and these rocks are arranged to spell out the word, the words, I love you, or they smell out the words help, or they spell out some word or another. Are you

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going to look at these rocks, and you're going to say to yourself, they just randomly placed themselves in this way. Are you gonna look at them and you're gonna say somebody must have been here and arrange them in this particular way. You're gonna see somebody must have put them there. This is cause and effect. If you're going through the forest, and you see a bunch of stones in a circle, and in the middle, there's ashes as if there was a fire there. You're gonna see there's some people sitting here and they lit a fire and they had a campfire. You're not gonna see this. This is just a random occurrence.

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Because you believe in cause and effect, if you go home today, and when you walk into your house, you find that the furniture is all rearranged. You're not going to say it just happened that way. It just randomly placed itself like that, you're going to say somebody must have come here and rearrange the furniture, right? Because we understand in our life, when you see an effect of something, there must be a cause for it to have been that way. And causality is a metaphysical principle upon which we base knowledge. Like the reason we have science, is because we believe in cause and effect. The reason we have things like physics, because we believe in cause and effect,

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and we need this principle to build knowledge. So how is it that we accepted this principle, when we're dealing with sciences, when we're dealing the world, when we come to a loss of the island, we don't want to accept it doesn't make any sense. So we live our lives based on costs, cause and effect, we understand the fact that you exist, the fact that you were created is an evidence that there must be a creator, Allah subhanaw taala asks you in the Quran, and holy form in odd shape, a normal Hadith when Allah tells you, did nothing create them? Or did they create themselves? Both options are logical, but think about it. What if you exist, there must be a creator. And if you deny

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that, what other options are you left with? You came from? Nothing. There was nothing then there was something that's a logical and

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did they create themselves? Can you give birth to yourself? Can you create yourself doesn't make any sense either. And Allah subhanaw taala also invites you constantly in the grant Look, look at the creation

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alethea icml 20 balca. Matt told off he has the right man even to foul it. losses. He is the one who created the seven heavens one above the other man. The Hulk rock monumental fell it you will not see imperfection in the creation of a rock man.

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For general, health Ahmed Fukuyama tells you look again, do you see any flaws? Do you see any rifts? Do you see any defects with the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. Look at the sky, look at the forest. Look at all these things that surround us. Look at the harmony of the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. Look at how by all look at you know, study your biology and chemistry and physics, look at how everything has been put together so perfectly. Look at how the earth

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is situated in this very small area of distance away from the sun that causes it to be habitable, we are able to be on this earth, because of its very precise location from the sun. If it's a little bit closer, we're all burned to a crisp. And if it's a little bit further, we're all frozen over but a lot place this earth in this very specific place where life could exist. We'll get how Jupiter acts like a shield, that the gravitational pull of Jupiter keeps comets and asteroids away from destroying the earth. Otherwise, if Jupiter wasn't there, it was a little bit further it was a little bit closer, we'd still be destroyed by all these comments. Look at how there's, you know, the

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without the electromagnetic force, there would be no life on Earth. without gravity, there would be no life on earth without a strong nuclear force. There would be no life on Earth. A lot of times, you know, carotene in palamidi calabasa. Ohashi, Anna who has here, I was looking even again, and your site will become frustrated and weary, you can't find imperfections in the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. One physicist, he said that when he's talking about the Big Bang, explosion, he said that if the initial explosion of the Big Bang had differed in strength, in as little as one part of 10 to the power of 60, meaning a very insignificant amount of change. He said had that happened, the

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universe would have either collapsed back on itself quickly, or it would have expanded so rapidly, it would not have allowed stars and planets to form. And in either case, life would be impossible. He said, the chance of this happening, the chance of this happening of this very precise, Big Bang explosion to happen to allow this first to exist. The chance of it happening this is the example he gives you is firing bullets at a target that is one inch from a distance of 20 billion years away, and you hit the target.

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Does this seem rational, logical to believe that that happened randomly by accident, and that it did not happen by the will of an intelligent creator so I've had on what's a Haida

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There are also implications of rejecting a loss of Hana without either one of those implications if you're here, but there's no creator than what is your purpose? How do you find real purpose in your life? If no creator actually puts you here? And so the implication of not believing in a creator takes away our sense of purpose, we also lose hope. How can you hope for a better tomorrow when there's nothing beyond what's in front of you right now? How can you hope for a better tomorrow and move past the losses you faced in the past? The death of people, the tragedies that you face? How do you move past it if you don't believe that there's going to be a better tomorrow, like, even if

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right from beginning to end is terrible. When you believe in a law, you believe in another life, you believe that our lives will compensate you for your struggles? There's hope there. How do you have hope when you don't believe in Allah? subhanaw taala This is why prophet Yaqoob I mean, Sam in the Quran, and look at the tragedy that he went through his son was taken away from him, he cried so much he lost his eyesight. What does he say? In nolet? So neuro Hela, LL calm caphyon nobody despairs from the mercy of Allah, except those who disbelieve, because we don't believe it's difficult to have hope. And there's a loss of justice. You know, no one's going to be held

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ultimately accountable. Someone like Hitler killed so many people does so much evil, and then he just took a pill and killed himself and died. What screws gonna hold him accountable, he gets to do all this evil, he's never held accountable. If you don't believe in a lie, he's never held accountable. But if you believe in God, that he's gonna hold people accountable, then you believe in ultimate justice. Right? And you don't believe how can you have happiness, if you don't believe in a lot, there's a loss of happiness that takes place. Let me give you guys an example. Imagine you woke up on a plane, not in somebody snuck up behind you have put some poor form on your mouth, you fell

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asleep, you will come you found yourself on an airplane.

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But you wake up on this airplane, and you look around. And guess who's sitting around you. It's a whole bunch of celebrities. Your favorite athlete, your favorite actor, it's the Bron James, this person is that person. And it's a party. And the flight attendants come and they bring you the food that you love the most, most expensive steak and sushi and all these things are being brought to you. And no, this is awesome. And you look outside the window of your plane, and you're flying over the Swiss Alps, and you're looking at the most beautiful scenery on Earth.

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Are you happy? Would you be happy on that plane?

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You might feel some enjoyment. You enjoy the food. You enjoy the company? You enjoy the scenery, but are you actually happy? Are you going to keep thinking? Why am I on this plane? And where is this plane going?

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Likewise, in this dunya there's a lot of distractions. There's a lot of things that can distract you movies, entertainment, and this and not what can you actually be happy if you don't know who puts you on this earth and where you're going?

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You can't. And so when you reject Allah subhanaw taala the implication of it is ultimate actual happiness is taken away from us as well.

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And this is the reason By the way, why belief in Allah subhanaw taala belief in God is always more enduring. Even though we're living at a time where there's an increase of atheism, increase of godlessness. Ultimately, religion and spirituality are too connected to the human psyche. This is why, you know, we see spikes in the opioid crisis, people were taking drugs and things like that when religion is taken away from people what's left to feel happiness and relief. And it's why no civilizations ever flourished based on atheism, even in Soviet Union and they mandated racist atheism on people. For years, 90 years mandating atheism upon people. And it feels as soon as the

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Soviet Union collapsed. All the mosques and churches were built again. And then people are going back to them. Right, but not as if we will have the Alan Bartlett fed mob rule for either was unless we send the truth against the falsehood, and it crushes it. Right truth will always prevail. Now there's other evidences improves, we can talk about the argument of morality. How do we know something is good? How do we know something is bad? What's the basis of us knowing us? Can you have objective morality? Can you have you know, morality that's not that's objective without God, obviously, you can't ultimately our belief in a loss parents outcome.

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From our fifth round, it's self evident. It's something that we we know from the depth of our hearts. I want to get to photography emphysema says, Don't they look within themselves? Don't they consider what's within themselves. Think about your own self. And you understand that a lost count that exists. Another question that people ask,

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can I be

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spiritual but not religious? I believe God exists. I just don't believe in religion. And this is something more popular now. Because it gets the person out of

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you know, proving that God doesn't exist. But they don't want to follow religion. They don't want to go to the mosque or the church. They don't want to do you know, fast, they don't pray. They don't want to do these things. So they just say I believe in God, but I'm just spiritual and I'm not religious.

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And so unless a penalty

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you know, for us to answer this question. Do you think Allah subhanaw taala will create you and give you life without telling you how to live?

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Less penalty artists, they absolutely insane. Well, you took a suitor. Did man think you'd be left aimless? Do people think they're going to be left aimless. we as human beings, you take care of your possessions. If you have a cell phone, you take care of it. You buy a case for it. If you have a car, you take care of it. If you have a TV, you take care of it. Right? You take care of your physical possessions. Do you think Allah subhanaw taala would not take care of his creation? And look, Allah created us. He gave us everything we need to live. He gave us oxygen. He gave us water. He gave us food. He took care of our physical needs. Do you think a lot would take care of your

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physical needs, but not take care of your spiritual needs? not tell you how to live your life. And this claim is actually insulting to Allah. Allah says in the Quran, well, naka de la casa de if Cardona ends and Allahu Allah should have been shaped. Allah says, Now he is like,

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you know, essentially be insulted a lot. They didn't give a lot his true measure, the insulted a loss of habitat. What is the insult? Is all humans that Allahu Allah should imitate? A lot did not reveal on any servant anything on any human being anything. When they denied the revelation, Allah says they are insulting Allah. Why? Because the implication of this is you're saying Allah is not merciful. Allah is not caring, that he would create you and just leave you? Of course not. But when you believe in a merciful God, a caring God, a guiding God, a God who answers your dwad He will give you guidance on how to live your life.

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we now have the Los Altos cinema and also the La ehrlichiosis. Era. There's a couple of answer questions. inshallah, before we conclude, one of them is people will say, you know, you might go to university, and your professor might be like, you're a Muslim, because your parents were Muslim, they raised you Muslim, and the person next to you is Christian, because his parents were created Christian, they raised him Christian, and we're all just the religions that we are because our parents happen to have certain religions. And so then it starts making you question yourself, you start thinking to yourself, Well, I'm not just Muslim, because my parents are Muslim. Do I know how

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do I know that this is actually true? Why do I actually believe this? So how, why do we actually believe that Islam is true? And one of the main points I would say here to you is that the theology of the snam is incredibly rational.

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If you were in the middle of the desert, cut off from society, you have no internet, no TV, you're just living in the middle of the desert in the middle of the jungle somewhere. You could, on your own, come to the idea that there is a God and that God is one, you will come to the idea that there's a God because it makes sense, because it comes from your fifth Ron it's self evident. And you will come to the idea that there's only one God because it's logical to believe in multiple gods. Could you now this is the basis of Islam, right? We believe in one God. Could you in the middle of the jungle come up with some complicated theology, that there's a God and he had a sun and

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the sun came to earth and the sun was eating food and going to the washroom? Does it make sense that God goes to the washroom needs food and needs to drink water? Does that make sense? Would you come up with that on your own? Would you come up with a complicated theology of idols in different gods and 100 different gods and this God does this and he's got on your own? Would you come up with that and then cross the certain idols for you to worship? No, you wouldn't. Right? But you could

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on its own without society left alone, arrive at the acknowledgement that there must be a God and that God must be one. But no one left alone with come up with, you know, very complex specific theologies, that God has three parts and things along those lines. And we have the miracle of the Quran. Its recitation, hearing, its meanings, its preservation, the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam itself is a miracle that his enemies cannot deny his sincerity, his nobilities morality and his knowledge. Another question that young people ask and this will be the last one inshallah we deal with? Why is this them so restrictive? This that says, I can't do this is how long I can do

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this is how long they're gonna do this on all these other people that I know. They're going and partying and they're going and doing this and that. And this now tells me I can't drink this, and I can't do this. And I can't do that. I know why does this stem restrict me? And why did these people get to do everything that they want? And this is an interesting question. Unless a penalty Island operandi tells you that feral nests will not hurt us to be me. And he says most people, even if you want are not going to be believers. He says what there are experiments in the unigram civitella don't obey most of the people on earth or they will take you mislead you away from Allah subhanaw

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taala. Islam doesn't mean you're going to be different. It's not doesn't mean you need to be different than everyone else. It does mean that most people on earth are going to be going in a different direction than us. It does mean

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that you're going to be a stranger and a foreigner on Earth. Why? Because most people don't have higher goals. Most people want to amuse themselves all the time. Most people want to immerse themselves in whatever pleasure they can get in the short term. Right? unless some kind of data says I'm taxable or not federal. Yes, no, no, no, no, no, me local Anna bellomo. Babu, Sabina, Allah, do you think that most of them here a reason? Rather, they're like cattle? They're my cows. They're like livestock. They don't know who Sabina they are even more misled, than the livestock.

00:32:03 --> 00:32:46

But unless I don't want success for you. Now, how do you attain success? Let's say you want to be successful in business? Do you think the way to be successful in business is to be like everyone else? You can look at people like Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, or, you know, whoever is out there, that's rich. Did they do everything like everyone else in order for them to be successful? Or did they take risks other people take didn't take? Did they make sacrifices other people didn't sacrifice the day have to put in an effort and a discipline that other people didn't put in for them to become successful in the dunya? in their business? Let's look at athletes. Do you think the

00:32:46 --> 00:33:26

athlete can do whatever he wants to be one of the top best athletes in the entire world now 1% of athletes in the entire world? Do you think they can do whatever they want, you might be like, I'm gonna eat a bag of chips and watch Netflix, I'm gonna eat some junk food, and I'm gonna watch some movies. But if somebody truly wants to be an athlete at that level, they can't feel their body with the junk food if like to eat, and they can't spend all their time on Netflix, they need to be in the gym, they need to be training in order for them to be at that 1% they have to do things differently. And they have to be disciplined in order for them to be successful in athletics. And if you want to

00:33:26 --> 00:34:08

be successful in your religion, if you want to be successful on a spiritual level, you also have to have a different level of discipline and live on a different level of integrity and morality. And so instead of asking, why is Islam restrictive? What we really should ask, why is society so permissive? Why is society so permissive? We have to wear seatbelts when we get in our car, right? Why? Because if you get into a car accident, you might die without wearing a seatbelt. A seatbelt might save your life. Why is it that they allow drugs and alcohol these things are legal, when we know factually these things cause death? Why are we so permissive? Why is society so permissive? And

00:34:08 --> 00:34:48

all these things that we know kill people, but just because it gives them some pleasure, they allow it to continue? Our Deen protects us it's a mercy from Allah subhanaw taala. Because what a law tells us to do is for our own benefit, it's for our own good when he tells you this is how long don't do it. It's not a loss of data being mean to you. He's protecting you. He's protecting you from something that could really harm you. And whoever abandon something for the sake of Allah, Allah will give them far better and unless a penalty either makes Hannah what is pure and he makes hot on that which is impure and evil. And so our trusted sly with a loss of power data and now with

00:34:48 --> 00:34:59

the people in Aloma that it gets also Luna nebia you will Edina Ave Salahi username Nima along with Sonny will send them on a CD you know whenever you know have you been hammered? lumps Allah Allah Mohammed, the medical document abroad

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

Also Liana Europe dimethoate escuela Sunyani Hello Ben so that's awesome and dad you may need a moment Dean why daddy he wants hobby play me apply it in many ya know what I bet the last one hand alone monitor that another female kwabena that have been to la oferta de la lucha de la cabeza when Mr. De La Jolla feature one feature what I had to learn how to do an asset on here that could no one else would NFL saw that in Apple they tell us about secure hammer I mean, as long as it's never missing why early before the company was unhappy with Dean along had been beaten and he man was enough jacobina what kind of hidden in the controller for sucralose Yan or Jan nomina Rashid Nene in

00:35:41 --> 00:35:55

the lion anyway to put about wine handle fascia even Cody will come to the cone was called why it's called coma school. What anime is it? What is it called? A Kabbalah? Yeah, and that's the one Abdullah from Santa

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