Are Women Cursed For Asking For Divorce In Islam

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The speaker discusses the issue of couples getting together and how it can lead to problems. They suggest that it is unlikely that couples will get together once or twice, but rather that issues of couples becoming more isolated will lead to problems. The speaker emphasizes the need for behavior change and a "brink" approach to addressing problems.

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Islam teaches that a woman is cursed for asking for a divorce for no reason. But why is the men or men not giving this, but why men are not giving the same warning, especially since male have the power of divorce. And females in general tend to struggle more psychological and financially after divorce.

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First of all, women are not cursed for asking for divorce.

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Unless the do this, for their own reasons, or because they do this because they want to switch from a man to another. Or to do this to break people's heart, or the married for the wrong reason that she married him just in their attention to be a temporary as you just don't want. So that's where a woman is doing a sin, because that's considered a form of injustice. And that same rule applies for men. By the way, if a man marry a woman, and he knows never intend to marry her, he never, he harmed him, basically, he this marriage cause harm, and it was not fair and unjust to her. That's also sin. And it's not allowed, and it's held on for the person to do that. But if a woman wants to ask for a

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divorce, or to terminate the relationship, she's absolutely have the power to do that, which is we call a toilet when the woman asked for the termination of the marriage and to end the relationship. And it is as simple as this a woman came to the problems, they are so long, I cannot fulfill that man's rights. Why? Because I don't like the way he looked. I can relate to him. He's very unattractive person to me.

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And that was the base for her just to the process on to set, okay, give him back his mouth, and he ended the marriage.

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So that's not true. This notion that women can't divorce or tamper No. And we see in the case women are suffering and their marriages just because of that, that's all understanding. And one more thing that always has to do with it. One of the main points here is to make sure that we choose the right person, and we have a good relationship. And we're not basically turned our face to the other direction when we see red flags. And when the husband abused the wife, and if this is not to happen once or twice, it will continue happening. But if you stop it from the beginning, and you basically bring a solution from it, the relationship will grow in the right direction.

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So that's in regard to this question in regard to the power that be given to men and woman. So now, hopefully, this will clarify the matter much better.