Wearing medical masks in prayer Halal or Haram

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Is it permissible for us to pray with medical mask on? Or do we have to remove them when it comes time for the prayer? There's two issues when it comes to praying with a medical mask. The first is that there's a hadith where the Prophet alayhi salat wa salam forbid men from covering their mouth during the prayer. And these medical masks come with another issue which is when we were like this, they cover both the mouth and the nose so you're preventing your nose from making sujood on the ground. However, even though that's the situation if there's a need and or necessity, then it's permissible for us to cover any part of our face or even the entire face like women for example,

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were in the club. If men come around they can completely cover so when you and when it comes time to pray, and you have your face covered wearing the medical mask, do they work or not Allah Adam, some say they do. Some say they don't. But if you're wearing for medical reasons, then you don't have to take it off and your prayer will be accepted in shallow tattoo