Abdulfattah Adeyemi – Burdens of Life

Abdulfattah Adeyemi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having a sense of responsibility and understanding the meaning of burden in different cultures. They stress that understanding these principles is crucial for fulfilling obligations and achieving success. The speaker also mentions the need for people to have a sense of comfort when faced with challenges and offers advice on what to expect in life.
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do you do? owner of ion

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for in La Bella who Allah,

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Allah says it is for you to deliver the message. And the recording is to me, Allah.

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I am the one that will judge whether you have delivered the message or not. And I'm going to judge whoever you deliver the message to and the reason for it.

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Meaning that everybody has their own. Everybody knows the thing they should do, and everybody should know, duties and responsibilities are not the same thing as bergeon.

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Another verse grand chapter 12, verse 55, concerning an abuse of Allah says, You should ask Allah Gianni for the

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in the happy Yun Ali,

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he said to the king, then he said MC be to be in charge of the store houses of the land, because I will guide them with full knowledge. In other words, you need knowledge.

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Or you need a sense of responsibility to be able to carry your obligations. If you don't have these two things, knowledge and sense of responsibility, obligations will become burden.

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May Allah give us the strength and the knowledge to fulfill our obligations and to discharge our duties.

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Now, what do you feel?

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How do you feel when it comes to matters? of burden?

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When it is responsibilities, you know, you have a sense of responsibility that this is something I have to do. But when it comes to burdens of life

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is a totally different thing.

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You may not know the Swahili word for burden if they say what is burden in Swahili language you may not know you may not know the Latin word for loot, if somebody asked you

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and you may not know the Chinese word to describe something that is heavy.

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But you know one thing for sure.

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You know what to feel when they see burden on your shoulders. Whatever the shape of your body, may Allah grant your strength. May Allah grant you the strength and the patience and the way out of every difficulty. And everybody in some situation, may or may Allah have mercy on us, and May Allah forgive us our sins.

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