Keys to Prophetic Parenting – Key #03 Du’a

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The parenting journey is difficult, but parents need support and guidance to succeed. Prayer for their children is crucial to achieving success, and hard work and dedication is key to achieving success. It is important to connect with a law and prioritize goals for children, and hard work and dedication are key to achieving success.

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Once a brother approached me seeking advice about his daughter, who he felt was falling away from the religion, after explaining to me the situation and everything that had gone on, he asked me, What should I do? So I began to think about all the things that a parent can do for their child. And the first thing that came to my mind, I asked him, Are you making draft for her? Are you praying for? It might seem basic, but it's actually critically important for a parent to do for their child. To my surprise, the man said, No. I said, Really, you don't pray for her. She's your daughter. He said, Listen, my son was always up to trouble. He was always causing problems. So I used to pray for

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him all the time. But my daughter, she wore hijab, she would go to the masjid, she would learn about her religion. I thought she was good. I wouldn't even think about making too hot for her to do is critical when it comes to raising our kids. Not only is it spiritually important to engage into our app, but it also deeply affects our mindset and our approach as parents in raising our children. It is noteworthy that throughout the world and there's so much throughout related to raising children realize that most of the drama we have in our religion dropped for eating for going to the washroom the drop for this for that most of it comes from the Sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wasallam, overwhelmingly and narrated through Hadith. Yet the Quran includes multiple different duat related to children. It's almost like Allah subhanaw taala is emphasizing in the Quran, that it is really, really important that we pray for our children. Allah subhanaw taala for example mentions the DA of Prophet cicchetti, it has sent them a lot of be heavily Milla don't cavalry yet and play button in Nicosia, my Lord, grant me from yourself a pure offspring. Indeed you are the here of supplication and the Prophet Ibrahim, or I'll be heavily minister Ali hain, my Lord grant me a child from amongst the righteous. Each of them notice are asking a lot to bless them not just with a

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child, they don't say, oh, Lord, bless me with a child, but rather they say, oh, Allah blessed me with a righteous child with a pure child. In doing so they're implicitly asking a lot, not only to grant them a child, but to aid them to assist them in raising the child upon righteousness, and upon purity. Allah mentions and other Do I have Prophet Ibrahim and he sent out rajani McLean, solidarity when in reality, oh, my Lord make me the one who establishes prayer and my offspring as well. He prays for both his children and himself to be amongst those who pray and worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. And another, as mentioned in the Quran, for our children, Allah subhanaw. taala describes the

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character of the righteous people, the people who will be forgiven. And he describes them by saying that they are the ones who say, when the DNA of who Luna robina hablan, I mean as Arjuna with react, Tina kurata. And those who say, Our Lord grant us from amongst our spouses, and our offspring, a comfort for our eyes, all of this, in the Quran, and more repeating over and over revolves around our children, raising our children. It's meant to emphasize that this is incredibly important. We need to also engage deeply and often in asking a lot to protect and to preserve the faith, the man of our children. In this is also the recognition that parenting is difficult. We need the support of

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a law to turn to him to ask him to rely upon him. Even if we are perfect parents, there are so many different factors that can influence a child, their friends and peers, their environments, at school or in society. In reality, as parents, we are just a means for our children to become upstanding Muslims, we are not the cause. A loss of Hannah to Allah is the cause. He is the one who can allow us to succeed or to fail as parents, and we need to rely upon Allah as religion. In order for us to succeed in our journey with our children. We can't do this alone, we need to consistently connect to a law through our heart for our children, even if our children are doing well, we need to ask a lot

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to help them to remain guided and remain on the straight, straight path. But do is really important, not only because of it spiritually connecting us to a law, but the concept of law itself forces us to identify our goals and to prioritize them. Do it in a way is a form of goal setting. We have a limited amount of time in our lives, we're only going to live for a certain amount of years, and we have even more limited amount of time that we spend worshiping Allah subhanaw taala. And so when we turn to a lion connect to him sincerely, we need to ultimately focus on matters that are deeply important to us. So the act of doing that should make us deeply think about what's important to us.

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If we are turning to a lion to out for our children. That means we should ask ourselves, what do we want for our children? Many of us are very goal oriented when it comes to our careers when it comes to our jobs, but a lot less so when it comes to our family. What do you sincerely want for your children? A lot of people will say I want them to be good Muslims, but do we are We sincerely

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That desire would that be sincere and truthful coming from our hearts. One of the signs of a sincere desire is that we work and strive towards the thing we're asking Allah subhanaw taala for, if someone makes while they say, Oh, please grant me a new job, but then they sit on their couch, they don't bother applying for any new jobs that do, I would likely be insincere. They haven't strived for what they've been asking for. So if we say all I'll make my children, good Muslims, but when it comes to our time and our energy and our resources, we don't direct it towards that goal, then maybe we aren't being sincere. And that's why I've seen this before to parents will tell me All I want is

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my child to be a good Muslim. So I'll say to them, what are you doing towards the end? Where did you invest your child's time? You know, what is your child do after school? They might say, well, they're enrolled in sports clubs, or they're enrolled in, you know, piano lessons or have after school tutors. And I say, Well, it sounds to me like what's really important for us that your child is athletic, and academically successful? And I guess musical, but I don't see your investment in them becoming better Muslims, unless paradata mentions all these different prayers of the prophets and the righteous people for their children. Do you think that Allah mentions the Prophet Ibrahim

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for his children, and that he didn't invest the time to help them learn and practice and grow in their religion? His striving is what makes us pure and sincere and worthy of being recorded in the Quran for us. What are some of the keys that can allow us to engage sincerely into art for the betterment of our children? Number one, write down what you want for your children. Try to be as specific as possible, you might write down something like I want them to be academically successful, I want them to be confident, and I want them to be knowledgeable, practicing Muslims. Number two, make do out for your kids every single day. And every sujood asked a lot to bring into reality, the

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dreams that you want for your children. Number three, define some steps that you can take, I want them to be academically successful, so I will spend time with them, help them with their homework, or I will hire a tutor for them. I want them to be knowledgeable, practicing Muslim, so I will enroll them in an Islamic class. Find a good academic studies teacher for them. I will take specific steps to help them achieve these goals. Number four, monitor their progress. Are they improving? Are the steps we've taken working or do we need to add or revise some of the steps that we've taken? May Allah subhanaw taala strengthen us as parents and help us raise our children to be amongst the

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righteous and amongst the people of Paradise and mean