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Brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah subhana wa tada has blessed us with the best of all shahriar with the best video, he has given the final message to Mohammed bin Abdullah some of the love while he was send them, and there is nothing that a loss of habitat has commanded us to do. Except that it is better for us it is either purely good or predominantly good. And there's nothing that allows somehow that has prohibited us from and said that we cannot do this thing and warns us from doing it except that it is purely evil or it's evil outweighs its good.

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And from this category is the prohibition of karma in Islam.

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That is that Allah Subhana which Allah has forbidden intoxicants in Islam is forbidden for us to go anywhere near intoxicants. As Allah Subhana Allah says it over is aluna dyno company will make you can feed me man, Kabir woman, Effie romanes, what is new man boggling nothing human.

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I lost my data set back in the grind. You said they asked you all

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about outcome they asked you about intoxicants. And they asked him to come up, by the way, come up, usually can be translated as wine.

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But common is anything that alters the mind because we'll get too much into it. So don't look at it as just say, Oh, this is only referring to something that can go drink. Let, if you shoot it up, if you snore, if you swallow it, it can all come under the category of a comma. If it is mind altering. Yes, alumina ganyan company will miss it. They ask you about coming. And they asked you about gambling. Say that in them there is some benefit from fee management, can you say that there's great sin, and both of them both in common and can

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fulfill him or if moon can be eliminated after the next and there's some benefit for the people what if movement at bottom in every human but the sin that is involved in them is greater than the benefit is greater than the benefit and a loss of Hannah for what data has said into crying gay or Latina Avenue? Oh, you believe in the Malcolm one means you will? Well Islam read you soon Menominee say far fetched

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a lot of data told us in the briny talking to the believers. It says oh you believe comma, and gambling and saw that is to slaughter one nice stone Walters for other than a loss of data what is land, which is a form of divination. Or basically like the lottery we can make decisions based off of chance. That all of this is from the handiwork of shame fun, but steady boom. So stay away from it. If you want to be successful in the magnesium shape on a UTI beta formula down with one of your company what makes them

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fall into Tim Schafer and only wants to divert your attention he wants to cause enmity between you and your brothers

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in the main beam shape, lining up our beta. Now what's the one below enmity and hatred with this comma and with gamma.

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And he wants to your soup diplomatically led lacunae from the remembrance of Allah and diverts you from them. And from the Select, so will you not stop?

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This brothers and sisters in Islam

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many of us may not look at this as being an issue. Yeah, everybody knows, Muslim and non Muslim alike, that Muslims are not supposed to come close to come

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that we supposed to avoid those intoxicants. But do we really understand the importance of this because unfortunately we had in our communities is that some of the people who own the stores in which common is being served it Muslims. So not only are they harming themselves, but they're harming the community as a whole.

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Or some people may say that Oh, some of this is natural. So kings for weed because we this, you know, marijuana is natural, natural What? Because it came from the earth as a whole lot of things that come from the earth that are natural that we can't come close to. In fact, it may last without to protect us from this, but there are things that come out of your body that are natural. Would you drink it would you eat it

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after it comes out to get its natural

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Just because it comes from the earth. This is the the rationale that some people use to justify going and doing things that will alter their mind. The prophet Isaiah SelectUSA then told us in several authentic hadith kulu Muskegon come, we'll call loose union haraam, the practice of law that was set up said that everything that intoxicates is considered to become

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everything that intoxicants, whether it's heroin, or cocaine, or marijuana, or any type of wine, or beer, or opioids, or anything else.

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Anything that intoxicate is considered to be coming.

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That means you can't use it, you can't sell it, you can't distribute it, you can't be a part of this manufacturing process, cool.

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Come or anything that intoxicating is coming with Hulu, stealin, Han, and everything that intoxicates his horizon. And the practice of wireless sort of went on to say, whatever the hell you decide Muslim, he says, so who ever dies? Well, who are you the meal, that is that he is addicted to this coming for 11 years.

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And he did not repent, that he will not be able to drink it in the hereafter.

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And as we know, one of the pleasures of genda is that a person gets to drink from rivers of wine.

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And so the scholars have interpretated This to me, interpreted this to me that this is a threat from the practice of life with someone who dies,

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addicted to any intoxicant will be prevented from entering paradise when the other will lead.

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And the Prophet is allowed to sit in and form this in another authentic Heidi, sitting me down, learn to love we'll come

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back, we'll set up here, we'll bury our head when

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we're out.

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Well, have you ever had one of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, me the curse of Allah was derived from the prophet Isaiah select whose name was sent as a man. The process was simple as a mercy to mankind. For him to say, may Allah personally upon anyone, we should take that seriously because he wasn't a person, the prophet is merciful. He was kind, he was gentle, he didn't just go around personally.

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The problem somebody will send them said, Man, the curse of Allah be upon comma, the one who drinks the one who pours it that it serves it.

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The one who sells the one who buys it, the one who can presses it,

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the one whom it is compressed for meaning the company like we can use today's term, the company, and the one who works in that company producing

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well handled, and the one who distributes it, I'll deal with it, but it's in the back of your truck and you're going to deliver it so

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well handler, one maffulli template and the one to whom it is carried.

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Common is cursed. And again, don't put in your mind because of the time the Prophet is allowed to say only you're only thinking of one, all of it, anything that is toxic things.

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And that is because a loss of Hannah wattana bless Benny Adam with the naku. Allah Subhana Allah has blessed us with, with an intellect has blessed us with in mind that we can distinguish between what right and wrong.

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That we can know the revelation that comes to Allah subhana wa tada and worship Him through that revelation to understanding that revelation. And this is a blessing will love this. The the the scholars of Islam have mentioned that everything, including Islam, has come to preserve five things, the theme itself, life and your mental health, your mental well being soundness of mind,

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Your Honor, or your privacy and your wealth. Everything comes to protect that.

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And so the deed of this man has come to protect the atom.

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In fact, some of the people who are in Hellfire, a loss mentality has told us their story in the brain. And they said to the people agenda localness smell

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of napping bacuna

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if we would have just listened or maybe used our eyes

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When we use our mind, then we wouldn't be from amongst the people of the fire the blazing fire.

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And Allah tala gives us this blessing. And then we go to what

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we use something that takes that blessing away. It doesn't make sense.

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Allah minute data is giving you the name of site. Would you go now just take a pen and stamp your if both up so you can't see me, it's a blessing from illustrator, stick something in your ear. So you can't hear anybody who would do that intention. But yet we use these things that alter our ability to reason.

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The sound mind that Allah subhanho wa Taala cut

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that he blessed and honored the children of Adam with to make us different from an animal.

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And so we see some people who by no fault of their own, maybe they've lost in a car accident, they no longer wish they state that's what you want to be.

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But smell the love of Thailand.

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He said, Oh, come on, we'll have

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the common intoxicants is the mother of all despicable things, of all evil things. And then he tells us a story.

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He tells us the story about an immoral woman

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who wanted to

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she wanted this man to sleep with her when he was a pious man.

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And she knew that she couldn't just get them like that.

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And so she sent out her sermon, to him to say, Hey, we need you to witness something, we need you to bear witness to something. And so he went. And as he navigated through the house every time he went through the servant, that the female, so she began to close the doors behind the light until he got to where the woman was.

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And next to her, was a young boy

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in a glass of wine.

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She said to him,

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you had, should I bring you here to testify?

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You got one of three choices.

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She threatened.

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She said, you can either kill this boy here.

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Well, you can speak with me or you can drink the wine.

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So now he starts running it through his head saying the lesser of all of those evils as what am I gonna take somebody's life might have committed

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the lesser of all those evils to drink the wine. So he drank the wine. And he got drunk, and he killed the boy and stuck with.

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And so it's bad on the outside and who said a lie

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would mean a big mental commitment to be addicted to come in faith and law cannot exist in the same heart without one of them eventually pushing out the other without one of them, eventually pushing out the other.

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So if that's your fitness, getting high drinking, and so forth, know that that is a dangerous path. Our Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, we don't have to add it wasn't that the one who is addicted to any come up is like the one who worships in it.

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You see, because once you get addicted to it, your mind is attached to it. Your heart is attached to it, you become like the one worships in it. Because that's where that's that's where all of your attention goes.

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And so it's important

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that we as Muslims, recognize the evil of this to sunset to ourselves, first and foremost, to our families, because you're wasting your money. When you when your mind is not right, you're not going to deal with the people around you, right.

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And then Shakedown, once that wants us to do things that cause enmity between each other, it may be the person to all other types of corruption, violence, bribing people, because he needs money to get his fix.

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And so we have to stay away from that for ourselves. But we also cannot be of the people who pollute society with this garbage.

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And unfortunate,

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unfortunate, unfortunately,

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maybe not in this country.

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But I remember in England several, a couple of decades ago

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that the majority of

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the people who own the wine shops in London, in Leicester, in Birmingham,

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and this is a shame

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It's not that we don't suffer from this in this country to because we do.

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Our Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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told us in authentic Kadena Sahih Muslim.

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He said that it is a loss of what I call it in Allah He as

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he said, there is a covenant with the loss of Hannah who attacks

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that he

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will cause those who drink in this life,

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to drink from the sweat of the people of the fire and the next leg.

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Oh, Osama to add enough, or whatever discharges from the back.

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You want to drink it in this line. know that there are consequences in this life. And the next

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step in the waterfall.

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What's happening?

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brothers and sisters in Islam, this topic didn't come from nowhere didn't just pop up. We face an epidemic in the city.

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And around the nation, this what they call the opioid crisis.

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This city alone, and this city alone,

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approximately three people die every day, every single day.

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From opioid from opioids alone, opioid overdose alone in this city, not to mention heroin overdoses and that

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people were using all types of drugs.

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And as a Muslim community, I think that oftentimes, we think that we're immune, and we're not.

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We think that because we pray,

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because we love a loss of habitat. And we love this messenger.

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That this is this is not happening in our community, and it's happening in our community. And we have to stop letting people suffer in silence.

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There's only one Muslim funeral home, in this country in this city.

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And they do a tap

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every year of the causes of death, and the number two cause of death in the Muslim community. Here in Philadelphia, we struggle with those.

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So we're not immune.

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We have people amongst us who are using drugs and overdosing on those drugs. And we have to get beyond this myth that some people think that it's okay to drink. But it's not okay to get drunk. No, it's not okay to do, either. It's not okay to drink, or smoke, or pop pills, or snort or anything else or shoot into your veins or any of that others

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are between your toes or whatever way you can. All of that is Han.

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And we we will come to tomorrow.

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Most likely, we're not amongst those people. But we probably know people who are.

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We probably know other Muslims who are and it's not okay to suffer in silence. It's not okay to write them off. You see, sometimes what happens if

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we actually help the shape on

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pushing this person further away from the beat we used to have in this city. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, there was a group called oka phi.

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And they specialize in helping Muslims who were addicted to substance. You suffer from substance abuse overcome that.

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And part of the thing that they did some had a lot was just pick them up for select take them to select inflation, get their hearts connected to the message, get them connected to a lot of headwinds add because once this mind in this heart is connected to apply to me the Creator of the heavens and the earth. It will begin to heal.

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There was a man who at the time of the Prophet It is so vital so then

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he stabbed and nicknamed him out.

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Means dump.

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He was funny, he used to make the profit some lighter, some laugh.

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But he also used to get drunk a lot.

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So the profits of library Southern used to punish him for that because there's a head in slang for drunkenness,

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public drunkenness. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would that he would be brought in he would be lynched.

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And so one time one of the companions said aloha Malachi.

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Hola, Kherson, Mexico maintaining. I mean, look how often he's brought here because it just gets drunk all the time. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Man,

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don't curse him.

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For what he said, By law, I would I noticed they love the law this message.

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So just because we see another Muslim, who may get high, or get drunk, or

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don't write them off, don't write him off, or her or

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try to get them the help that they need. If you're suffering yourself from addiction, or you know, someone who is suffering from addiction. This thing is real here in the United States of America. And they are honestly or it seems like the law is that they really do want to help people be treated. So there are national hotlines that you can call for treatment, and they'll direct you in a lot of it, or most of it is free. We have mental health professionals in the community. And like I said before, we used to have a real organization that helped Muslims overcome that substance abuse, I don't know that we have that anymore. But that's your responsibility.

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Don't look to the man to do everything that he man is trained a certain way he's trained

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in the core strength and the Islamic sciences.

00:21:29--> 00:21:31

But we have other people in this community,

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who are trained in mental health, to help people with substance abuse, you all have to figure out some kind of way to network with one another, and give back to the community and help people because we're suffering I don't think that this is a uniquely Catholic problem, though. We're dealing with this in our community as well.

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And so it's important that the people come together to create solutions for this. And whoever

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else pellets, Allah blesses with the sound man.

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Use that mind

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to gain that which is beneficial for you in this life in the hereafter. Because the last one was either blessed us

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with that mind, so that we would seek out number one, his pleasure, so kind of what's out, and so that we would do those things that bring us happiness in this dunya Eliza which did not prohibit us from those things that he prohibited us from as a means of deprivation or because Allah Allah doesn't want his creations to have any fun or he doesn't want us to be happy, Quite to the contrary. It is the protection of this man that will lead to happiness in this life and success and the next one