Ibrahim Hindy – Is masculinity an illness?

Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the concept of "traditional behavior" and how it can be difficult to describe how men and women are perceived. He uses the analogy of " Easter" to describe how men and women have come to terms with "the beast of man and his beast" and how "the beast of man" is the core values of religion. He also discusses the "well-ishing couple" and how they have a healthy lifestyle.
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The American Psychological Association, the APA has defined traditional masculinity being a traditional men as a pathological state, meaning they're saying it's a sickness. It's an illness to be a traditional masculine to be traditionally masculine. It claims and this is a quote, traditional masculinity marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression is on the whole harmful. This has nothing to do with science. This is clear clearly their beliefs and they are smuggling it into clinical treatment.

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This type of demonization of men and masculinity, masculinity has led many men to be disaffected.

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After all, Allah subhanaw taala created men and women with innate characteristics a fitrah a biological disposition, men naturally produce more testosterone. This makes them innately competitive, innately aggressive, and that competitiveness and aggression and self reliance and protective vigilance. These can actually be very beautiful traits when they are used properly

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