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AI: Summary © The importance of love and the power of words in shaping behavior is emphasized, as it is necessary for a strong love for one's partner and for their wealth to bring them joy. The importance of love is emphasized as a means of achieving a deal, and the need for a strong love for oneself and others is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being a full believer in the message of Islam, and the need for water and water for oneself to drink, as it often leads to death. The speaker also discusses the importance of water for everyone, including women and children, and the need for water for everyone to drink.
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and then hamdulillah he heard the hornist and you know he was still fit on a study when I heard the villa ATAR, lemon Sheree and fusina won't see it Amina in omya de la, la la

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la, la la

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la la la

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Why should one know Muhammad

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sallahu wa rahmatullah al Amin.

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an aroma

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or shadow heavy water heavy

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along with z hieromartyrs. He said

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he saw that

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he was having

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for in omega tequila.

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All praise is due to a law alone. And we seek aid and assistance in return both in repentance and forgiveness to the horribleness panel to either God guides them can mislead and human law leads to go astray, there's none who can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship single law alone. And then Mohammed Salah law where it is both his servant and His Messenger.

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And today's clip will talk about one of the pillars of our email.

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And it is

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our love for a solar loss and a lot when he was sending them.

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He sold a lot more and he

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is the master among the creation. He is the one whom Allah subhanaw taala guided us through him and opened our eyes after we were blind, and our ears after we were deaf, and our hearts after we were immersed in this guidance. And so today's quotes was a simple question. Do you love the loss of a loved one he will send them? Do you love them with a sincere and a genuine love? We may be quick to proclaim our love to clean loudly that we love the profits in the long run.

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But is that love a claim or is it a reality?

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If it is real, it will resonate in our actions. And if it is a word, then the meaning of it will be lost on us. Do you love the Prophet salallahu it

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more than you love your own mother more than she asked.

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One one.

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would you hide if he said he

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says that, if it is that your father, your father's, or your sons or your brothers or your spouse's, or your kindred, or the wealth that you have gained, or the business in which you fear, a decline, or the dwelling in which you delights, if they are dearer to you, if they are more loved by you, then a line has messenger fence, how long does

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that wait until a law brings about his decision, meaning wait and see the punishment of a loss of Hanna, what

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if your father's meaning your parents, your forefathers, your children, your siblings, your spouse's, your relatives, your wealth,

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your businesses, your homes, if any of them are more beloved to you that allied is messenger,

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then know that Allah subhanaw taala, will bring the punishment upon you.

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This is a warning from a lion.

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Because there is no man until a lion is messenger, are the greatest love in your hearts. And so let's talk about why we should love muscle muscle.

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This is the man that says it ultimately. Yeah, you and me, in the US and Canada, even

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with little profits, we have sent you as a witness, and a bearer of bad tidings and a warner and the witness can only be a man of justice. And the bearer of glad tidings is the one who comes with good and the Warner is the one who warns people from evil, out of his love for them, and his fear of this and evil before them. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, Now look at the clock, and we have raised high your fame, we have raised high your invention, and the profits a little longer, it will send them insane. And I say either one or the other one. I am the master of the children of Adam and this is not a boast. The Prophet does not boast when he tells us this, but he tells us this because knowing

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it is a means of drawing closer to Allah subhana wa tada 101.

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And I am the first tool emerged from his grave on the day of judgment when I was shuffling.

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And I am the first to intercede, and the first whose intercession will be accepted when he was having to be a deal Liliana.

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And the flag of praise will be in my hand on the Day of Judgment. And this too, is not a boast. On the day of judgments, all of mankind will be gathered, the first and the last of them. And the people will suffer from the intensity of the heat of the sun. And they will suffer from stress and fear and anxiety. And they will be in the states Yeoman chemical

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Center, a dado field to us as 50,000 years. And eventually men will go around looking for the most righteous amongst them,

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to ask the righteous amongst them to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to begin the judgments. So they will go to Adam and he will say Allah is more angry with his servants on this day than any other day.

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So he will say,

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I'm not capable of doing this. So they go to him.

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And they say, Jim, you are the father of the prophets intercede and he will say

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I'm not capable of doing this. I am not suitable for this. So they go on to Musa and he says he spoke to a law and also saying,

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I'm not fit for this. And he goes

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and he says another stood I'm not fit for this. And they go to the Prophet Mohammed.

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And he will say another half. I am the one who is capable of doing this. And he saw a lot more and he was no prostrate to a lot.

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And he will praise Allah with words of praise that no one has ever praised a lot with

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and then you will and then Allah subhanho wa Taala will see to the prophets in the long run. He will say yeah, Mohammed Al for our sec was a

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messenger of Allah. Mohammed, raise your hands and ask and you will be given

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intercede in your intercession will be accepted. So the prophets have a long way to send and raised his head. And He will say to a soldier, who

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will see my own model or in my own my own my own man. And then you will say, oh,

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He will say, Oh Allah give me permission to bring forth into paradise, all those sorts of

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the law sincerely from their hearts. And so we'll see.

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Where is the CIO generally, what

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I will say and declare, by my mites, and my supremacy and my greatness, and my Majesty, I will surely bring forth into paradise, all those who have said La Ilaha, Illa, Allah.

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This is

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the man whom our men, our faith, the most essential thing in our lives,

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is based upon his teachings, to send them through him we find honor. And through him we are delivered into paradise, and our faith, this most essential thing to us is incomplete. Unless we love him something, he will send them. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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raeleen enough, see,

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the prophet said, none of you as a believer, and so I am more beloved to them, than their family, and their money, and their children, and their own soul, and all of the people all together, your belief, in a lie is not complete, is not perfect,

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is not accomplished, until you love the process all along where it was sending them more than your family, your money and your children and your own soul and all of the people together.

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once took the hand of God a long line.

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And he said to him, and said to the prophets, in the long run, he was sending me out also the lower line in your handbook. He said, a messenger of Allah, I swear by Allah that I love you. The Prophet asked him, Do you love me more than your children?

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And he said, Yes, so messenger of Allah. The Prophet asked him, Do you love me more than your parents? And he said, Yes, sir. Messenger of Allah. He said, Do you love me more than your wolf? He said, Yes, so messenger of Allah, and the Prophet sallallahu earlier, send him an Austin, do you love me more than your own self? And

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I said, No messenger of Allah. And this shows us the dollar on the long line, was speaking from his hearts, he was speaking sincerely, truthfully, he was not saying words for the sake of seeing them. But he was saying what he felt and what he believed. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him,

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he said, No, no, Omar, your man is not complete until you love me more than you love your own self. So I'm going to left.

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And then he returned later. And he said,

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I learned that the answer had been MFC. He said, No messenger of Allah now I love you more than I even love myself. And someone asked him, What are the

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what made you change? And then another Hadeeth there's one major change that you said you didn't love the Prophet more than yourself. Then you came back and he said, Now I love you more than my own self. And I want to be alone and said, I asked myself, who am I in greater need of rasulillah NFC.

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NFC alumni in need of your my cell for the Messenger of Allah sent along wherever you're sending them. He said, For 4g, at the

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FCC, found that my need for the Messenger of Allah was greater than my need for my own self for the issue.

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Enough see what I can do.

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I will not intercede on my own behalf on the Day of Judgment, but the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will intercede on my behalf. What

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whereas in the NFC, what I can do,

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and I will not be able to bring myself to the highest levels of gender. But my love for the Messenger of Allah will bring me there when I

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And I was not able to bring myself from misguidance to the lights by myself, or rather, it was the messenger of a loss of alone where it was in them who brought me home.

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darkness and into the night, and into the lights that have to work for them enough. See, for that reason I love to more than my own self. Allah subhanaw taala. It says, regarding this man, look

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at him and it's hard

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for him, indeed there is come to you a messenger from amongst your own selves, it grieves him that you should receive any injury or difficulty, and he is anxious over you, and for the believers full of pity and kindness and mercy. When I was asked to describe the love that he had for the Messenger of Allah, he said, well, so the law was more beloved to us than our own wealth than our own children than our own fathers and even our own mothers. And he said, he was dear to us than cold water is to a man who is dying of thirst.

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And then who's dying of thirst is an incredible need for water.

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And we are incredible, incredible need for the Messenger of Allah.

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And there is nothing more satiating, there is nothing more comforting. There is nothing more beautiful to the senses of a human being than cold water is when a person is dying of thirst.

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And there is no one who brings more comfort

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and more lights,

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and an orchestra equivalency.

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And this is the man

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whom, when a woman, a female companion, and

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her husband was killed, and her son was killed, and her father was killed, and she wants to the battlefields after the battle was over. And the people began to approach her to break this difficult news to her. That's all these people had been killed her father, her brother, her husband and her son.

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And they came to her one by one to say to her,

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your father has been killed.

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But she would respond. Now therefore, I

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will send him What has happened to the messenger of Allaah. She heard rumors that the Messenger of Allah had been hurt or killed. She said, what happens in the messenger of a lot. So another person would come forward, and say to her, Your brother has been killed. And she said, Man, that that was happened to the Messenger of Allah, and another person would come forward and say your son has been killed. And she would say

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that what has happened to the Messenger of Allah, and another person would come forward and say your husband has been killed. And she would say,

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what has happened with the Messenger of Allah until the torture

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is in good shape, he's fine, he's alive.

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And she said, COO, COO,

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COO, coo.

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Law, every tragedy, every misfortune is nothing, as long as you're safe.

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And this is the attitude of

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misfortune was nothing, the loss of a father and then a brother, his son and a husband can be lost. But as long as the messenger will last a little longer, I mean, that was all that mattered to them.

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But everything can be lost, our livelihood, our families, our wealth, as long as

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as long as the teachings

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receive and will be followed on this earth.

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He also could be one on one

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tells us on the day

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that he will be standing at his house, he will be saying,

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giving people

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a serious Thursday afternoon again,

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and then I'll be calling people

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on that day to drink from his fountain. But there will be people from the Sonoma every time they try to get closer to the Messenger of Allah, Allah where he was sending them, the angels will grab them and fling them far away. And they will try again to reach the Prophet but the angels will grab them and fling them

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Far away. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam calls out to these angels.

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And he says in the home enormity, these are people from my own mo Why are you throwing them away? And the angels will say to the Prophet sallallahu, when he was sending them in the kind of intensity

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or messenger of Allah, you don't know what they changed after you.

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You don't know how they took your religion and twisted it and turned it. You don't know how they use your religion for their own benefits. You don't know what they did to your son that into your teachings into your religion.

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On the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam hears this, he will say so, but so

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far removed, take them far away those who have changed the religion after being

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our love for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam is not only an emotional love, but it is a love that needs to be rooted in our understanding who he is so Allah who already was in them, knowing his life, following his example sallallahu wasallam and implementing his Sunnah in every aspect of our lives that we can we ask Allah subhanaw taala to gather us with our listen your son in law where it will send them in paradise. I mean, in a long letter, it could be Yeah, you're living in LA you're sending letters Nima Allah, Allah says you know whenever you know have you been alongside the Allah Mohammed

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or something?

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He was telling me

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Well, I don't know how many

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female communists

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when I heard you

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mean a long snapper muslimeen

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been along I

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was in Vienna.

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In July of

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two the Quran was called liat Coco Moscow.

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Come with Nicola Jacobo lol. Yeah. And what's the one of the love from Sana