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hamdulillah al hamdu lillahi Wa Wa Salatu was Salam ala Mallanna Viola mavado Villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem quinto

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Amina petaloo facilely, obey Noma syrup Allahu la Zim. My dear respected elders and brothers,

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one of the most beloved qualities to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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which Allah loves his kindness and gentleness. Allah has never reserved a special reward for those people who are kind who are gentle to other people. Now via Kareem salsa one day toll as the ratio of the Allahu taala hi Ayesha in a lot of aq hippogryph. Where you with even a riff Amanda yo t minute.

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Oh Ayesha, Allah subhanho wa Taala is kind he loves kindness and gentleness. And he gives rewards, and he benefits and the consequences of kindness is much more than the consequences and the benefits of harshness and vulgarity. And we all know the beautiful hadith of navia Karim salsola Marashi moon yahama Homura moon, those who have mercy will be shown mercy or rockeymoore hammer humara man, your hammer man Phil earlier hamaca mankey sama. Have mercy on this earth to the people of this earth. Allah in the heavens will show mercy unto you. And of course what is kindness? kindness as the as defined as the quality of being of sympathetic and helpful nature, warm hearted, being worried and

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concerned and kind towards other people. Now one question is, you know, we hear so much about kindness we hear so much about Shall we so much about being compassionate,

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give us ways and methods and manifestations of kindness and compassion. Islam nuestra casa, De Soto or shafqat per bozar Dr. hsfo behead to Allah tala Kobe hurt person, or gender may de la casa banig inshallah

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Allah tala kisi Gurkha apna Ramat Santa was not a token k de la may or Girma do throw kelia shafqat doll data. absorb it outta here come upon a chef caca Casa moussaka. How do we show our kindness how do we show our compassion? Everyone say kindness is good. Let me increase by and give you a few methods with regard to showing kindness. Those who are business people one of the first things nebbia Karim Sala Valley was celebrated. If someone is owing you money, someone is owing you money your creditor and now he's not that he must take advantage of it. Because a person who takes advantage of atheists there are severe consequences. And April data who doesn't pay his debts will

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not go into gentlemen. Even if you say Shaheed Nevis Aslam said McLuhan he is the procrastination and delay of an April data is oppression, and injustice. I'm not talking about those people who don't want to pay or who have money and don't pay. But those people who are trying to pay and they can't pay,

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then show kindness to them because Allah says in the Quran, specific mentioned, where he incarnate or certain in fantasy Ron de la mesa, Juan Casa de cuchara, calm anyone has difficulty in paying for the zerah to de la mesa give him more time to pay, you want a set taco and you know that he is so poor, he is not going to be able to pay Allah has given you the, the means the sub dako make it set for him. Go and go and wipe it off. Now I'm not taking off those who take advantage as I made mentioned, but those who can give them time to pay, give them terms to pay, give them ways of paying it. Or if they can completely wipe it away, Allah will give you such great reward Sahih Muslim

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Hadith if anyone would like a lot to save him from the hardships of the day of Tiamat then let him give more time to the data. And those who cannot pay. he wipes it away. Allah will save him from the difficulties of the day of the day of Tiamat to his mom Misaki torpor appname McCroskey muscial holla cadet a way

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Now yaquina pass as a whole, the Santa Fe exam It is as if man. Licken Joe mushkil hotma tokarski Adi galeon mazique mohalla de or a whole circuit tokers masquerade Quran, make it skibbereen

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k up low commodity aka hosaka to build cool math garden. So one way of showing kindness and showing compassion I'm just giving you small tips in today's by an

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another method of doing it is Subhanallah plant something edible

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plants something that will give people some form of people will benefit from him. Now via creme de la la Selim it said it said in a hadith if a Muslim plants something or sow seed from which a man a bird or an animal eats, it's a charity for him. When plan something, sometimes you know people who are good in agriculture, let them plan something, the produce from there, let it go and give it to people or let them plan something through which the birds will be able to benefit nebbia creme de la jolla was celebrated as long as the birds or other people are benefiting from what you have planted. It's a means of goodness for you. It's a means of charity for you. SubhanAllah right. One other

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method with regard to showing kindness to people what a beautiful method says something that will help make peace between people.

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Two people who are fighting with one another. My entire life attorney Minami Nina katello fastly obey Noma when people two people are fighting groups are fighting individuals are fighting families are fighting for asleep obey no mama don't sit quietly go ahead make Surah Surah kurta we don't make sure we're going to add more fire. We're going to add more fire. We're going to know what happened today. Just in this one was making so much of it now this one was fighting and we got no concern with regard to the fight we only got concerned of how we can make a beautiful exhibition with regard to what people are fighting. This is not the way of Islam. What a beautiful Hadith Allah I don't

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look Petia Allah I don't look him, we have Salah durata milele wasa ma na Should I not tell you something that gives you more reward, then Nuffield salah and Nuffield charity and nothing Santa Rosa balaia Rasulullah tell us what is more what is more rewarding than Salat and and so on. And charity. Alice

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bring people together bring people together. So Panama it here be located darmian ranches commit Anna Kalia selkie Baca head up circa or Hades mahaki and Nuffield namaz or Hara Denis Abby's Jada, sahab khazaria this is one of them another way with regard to you know, showing kindness Subhana Allah and that is to give people water. Now there are many methods of giving people water.

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Abu Tao Sharif, what a beautiful Hadith nebia Kareem salsa was asked jasola what is the best charity? What is the best charity maybe occur himself Some say the best charity is to provide water. Now there are different ways of giving water. Sometimes you can get reward and water in a very quick way. You sitting on a table in a function and people want water you pour water for everyone. Now I don't know if anyone who's been in Makkah and Medina at the time of Ramadan. You find people who sit by the cooler and they take 20 1520s you know glasses, the plastic glasses and they fill it and they will give everyone

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and sometimes they do it in between taraweeh 10 rockets of travel you find those person they are pulling the water 1015 and they go into subsidy give everyone water. The best charities to provide water has a sappy nobody Rafi Allahu taala and Hakeem tuna via Karim

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Yasuda, la mesa has passed away What can I do to benefit her nebia Kareem Salah when he was said him said go and provide water Sabino bada went to Greenville and went to establish a well because navia Kareem saw some said the best charities to provide water. So vanilla and sometimes you can do it in different ways. Let us be innovative. You know, we get today we get you know to be people to realize you know very high title you know, so it's really you know, the it type of people they make these things out well pre water

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is making a joke. So anyway what the point of your question is, today we can plug a bottle of water, plastic water, sometimes you see people walking and they are working in the in the in the heat coin, take those water, go and put it in a freezer, go and take that water and give it to the people who are working in the heat. Who are providing water the best form of charity. What a beautiful way of showing kindness that nobody has

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Kareem Allahu alayhi wa sallam has shown shown us so this is some ways let me give you a few other ways to yep Pani Piazza coupon Ilana sepsis, yada, yada yadi Sharif may Nivea creme de la jolla

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has a massage has a sappy Nova Maria cream sauce, okay pasa jasola marathwada fourth way

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to Mecca Casa de novia grimsel sonica logo Kobani para todo Mira as a Sabino Bharani kokua kinda samkhya so this is the best way. Another way with regard to it. Say something good two people often set up. To say a good word to people, especially in today's time is so important. It is a set of go and go and say people good things go and smile at people. What a beautiful way with regard to we will be showing people kindness and compassion through the means of a good word through the means of smiling. Sahaba said there was no one who smile more than our beloved maybe uttering Sinhala while he was in him. There are so many a hadith that relates with regard to smiling nebia krimson Lola

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Solomon said I have made mentioned to smile is giving sadaqa and charity without even giving opinion.

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On the Nivea cream sauce they made mention of Sarah sacado to Samana cassava Xavier Sala we don't have enough money to give Sarah so then we are cream sauce from said different ways of giving sadaqa and then maybe a cream sauce Lim said if you can do this oh my Sahaba smile at another person, smile at another person inshallah and Allah will give you the reward of Seneca the reward of Seneca by smiling at another person without even spending a penny. That also people are miserly with regard to that.

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You find people you will find it very difficult to get a smile out of them. They frown. And then also the you know the psychologists and the doctors tell us you spend more muscles frowning, then you spend smiling that two people can smile. It's so difficult to to to take out a smile from them. But smiling, smiling is a sadhaka without even giving any charity. yada yada yada, yada yada. Oh people, you cannot satisfy people with your wealth if you cannot satisfy people with your wealth, satisfy them with your cheerful faces and good morals. Hadith in Abuja, authentic hadith nebia Karim saw some settings if you cannot satisfy people with your wealth you can give them enough to fulfill

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the reach satisfy them make them happy with your cheerful face and with your good luck. So this is also one of the methods that we can do what's particularly a chermoula up Xsara chi lo que somni muscarella eb x certify Eb egg to Hana Shaka egg? Zindani Salhab appname musalman se mas Khurana or musco rocker Mina Sunita are up to circulate the movie there you go logo smiley, the wrong people, they don't have a problem then again. So Mona said you must smile, but then he will cause a cause and

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we said we loved

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it. But anyway, you don't go in spite of the wrong people and say Mona said you must go and smile. So this is smiling the right people and then smiling The sooner it is a sidecar without even giving a penny. Another aspect with regard to it. If you find any debris on the on the road, if you find anything offensive on the road, if you find something that needs to be removed, either you remove it, or you found the people who are responsible for removing it to remove it, if you can remove it on your own will remove it. So it's a beautiful way. Today when we find something that is offensive in the merchant, we sell them

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and if we find something offensive on the road, we swear the counselor and if it's something even more offensive, it is big on the whole big on the main highway We swear the government Oh sometimes they are worth your you know, speaking bad about because they have not done the responsibility. But wherever you can go and do that. Maybe a Creme De La Hoya Solomon said in a hadith the lowest form of a man the lowest form of mind as an

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attorney to take our offensive item and take it away from the road who himself said Allah tala forgive a person who removed thorns from the road that was used by the people. Another very beautiful You know,

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a decent haircut heck of lower cabinet dollar sector, my nickel sector to commerce come up near Husqvarna chihara or a che Allah a flux a conceptual SAP shall another very important thing, which sometimes we don't pay enough attention and that is to text and today we are using text. We are using social media use it constructively. Don't go and send messages to people whom we are not supposed to send texts a parent or spouse

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A child or friend and tell them you love them. You you have time towards them, you value their friendship. Hadith in Sahih tirmidhi in Jami at tirmidhi nebia Kareem saw some said, whenever any one of you loves another person, let him know it

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up this is Adam mahapatra. toe toe SCA is if

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you don't make mentioned with regard to it after that person passes away you regret. In this particular aspect we are pre we're prepared to show our love and kindness and text messages of support and goodness to everyone else, we can do it our own family, go in text and send a message of love and support to your own family members. How is this possible we do it for everyone else, we don't do it for our own family members, something that we should do. Now what a beautiful way of showing kindness, exchange gifts with one another for nebbia Kareem Salah whatever Solomon said, when you give gifts to one another, it removes ill feelings. It removes hatred, and it enhances love

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and good relationships. So hon Allah and today we can do that. You know, we can do that such a beautiful way. Sometimes you get online services, no send someone an online gift. The poor person will get rid of his own and all of a sudden you get supanova someone sent me a gift, someone who has done you good, you know someone who is close to you send them a gift. Sometimes you can give it you know, face by face, or sometimes you can send an online gift. Allah has made it easy today. So Allah another beautiful method of showing kindness which I think sometimes we don't pay enough attention, someone's give you good service. Whether it be whatever it is, gives you good service has been very

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good to you in customer relationship. Send an email to the boss send an email to the company I had received What beautiful service from someone, you know, make mention with regard to it show kindness, so many beautiful ways of showing it but we are miserly even in showing things that it doesn't cost you any money. We don't show kindness and compassion Subhanallah another very important thing with regard to it happening while it in by behind this data or Ababa message cracker message car came up and said Delia mahapatra

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he sent me

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another very important beautiful way of showing kindness you know, we don't do it enough. Allah Subhana Allah that is going find the person you don't know who comes to the masjid and will make him Salah

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who make inshallah maybe salsa was asking you Islamic

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law which is the best what is the best method of Islam? What is the best practice of Islam? You see today's time you get you know in different types you get in this corporate world you say best practice best practice in the corporate world best practice in good management best practice of Islam Islamic observe the academy saw Salaam said go and feed people and God makes Salaam to people whom you know and don't make Salaam to people who don't know well why today we know we have we read numbers with someone for five years we have not made himself

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and this is the reality sometimes I also some field I know masala I see I haven't made him Salaam I haven't spoken to him going look for us Musa Leo is someone whom you you don't know and can make him Salaam because nobody saw him said the best practice of Islam is to go to a person whom you don't know. And very important I will conclude with this you know and sometimes go and make Salaam when you come into the house. JOHN navel orange john lococo Sankara additionally kiboko kanakia or Jan nivaldo or angelakos sepco salaam Cray yes subsea battery bank, a subsidiary. One important point that we sometimes forget is to make Salaam to the people in the house who himself said when you come

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into the house make Salaam because everyone it is no one in the house makes sense. Because it will be the means of Baraka and blessings. Both for you and the people of the house. Savonarola and lastly we say make dua for someone who is your enemy. So what a beautiful way of showing kindness. Happy to be

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here today. So Angela, what a beautiful way. So beautiful ways that Allah tala has shown us maybe a cream sauce Luma stone because the machine because the machine let me saw slim lifted up easy and Hello madico for

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those people who are pressing me give them the diet because they are ignorant. Sapna douche mono color. So beautiful ways Allah has shown us to show kindness. May Allah give us a trophy of understanding what happened with that one eye

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