The Rat Race

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We're all rats in a race. They call it the rat race. But the problem with that is, we're not rats even though we may be in a race. We're human beings. So at the end of the day, the way that race impacts us is profound because we're not designed for the race.

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Rats are designed for that race. So we chase we chase after wealth, we chase after money we chase after our desires and we continue to chase and chase and chase and chase until Allah who believes that he will gel and says

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taker through

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even man in green, he says the dunya has distracted you the gathering of it you're chasing, you're running after it. It's distracted you from what? Until you visit the graveyard, Allahu Akbar, is this a visit that you're paying for your brother and sister lowering him or her into the grave? No, it's a visit where you will be lowered into the grave Allahu Akbar. So we're chasing, and we're going after the wealth and we're going after the desires until one day, all of a sudden,

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the breath stops, and the heart no longer beats. And the blood no longer flows through the veins. So all of a sudden, it comes to an end, my family was waiting for me, my family needed me, but I'm gone. So I made a trick. And that trick was to the graveyard once and for all, never to come back. It's all over in a split moment. You see, when we did death in the faith in the face, then what it does for us is it makes us realize the amount of time that we have in this world, every moment matters. So we go after that which we're passionate about, we work hard for it knowing that I don't know whether I'm going to live tomorrow or not. All of a sudden, the fear that you had to stand in

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front of this crowd and talk to them dissipates, it's gone. Why? What matters is what I'm building. That's what matters. The fear that you had to chase after your dream, give up your job and set up your own business drops all together, it's gone. Why? Because you know that you're leaving this world. So what do you do you work hard to achieve what you need to achieve, because you don't know when you leave it. And the second thing that happens

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is you now focus on the earth era. And you focus on that which will last forever and ever and ever. You see nobody's saying don't build that business. Nobody's saying don't have a loving relationship. Nobody's saying don't enjoy your life and don't go for that holiday. But don't forget Allah Allah bless that you will Jan while you do. Yeah, you will Lavina Amen. Tuning Yquem AmWell don't come

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on come.

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With me filed early CAFA Allah income will cause your own will you who have believed don't let the dunya distract you laterally come unwelcome. Don't let your wealth nor your children distract you from the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala so when you're in that business, and why are you while you're with your family and talking to them, enjoying with them playing with them holidaying with them. Don't forget a stone Villa La Ilaha illa Allah Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow under Muhammadan adura Zulu Subhanallah Don't forget that. And don't forget your Salah. Don't forget your prayer. Because that is what you will find with Allah Allah is that you will gel and that is what

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will bring all the know the light into your grave. That is what you're here for. While now for

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upland tune.

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In OLALIA, whoo, Dune, and I did not create mankind and jinn kind except to worship me. We're here to worship Allah subhanho wa taala. We're here to build a Jana. What's the Laura bull is that you will Jenna that will last forever and ever and ever and ever. You see, the race that we spoke about? It was designed by people that want to keep you in a cycle. These people consider themselves the kings, and they consider us the peasants. So what we're doing is really just this hamster in a wheel moving in a circular motion. There's a lot of motion going on the hamsters running, you know, putting one leg in front of the other and going faster and faster. But is that hamster making any

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progress? Where is the hamster going? No way. No way, eventually what happens? And this is you and I imagine yourself in that wheel was chasing this and chasing that and running and what happens? A hole opens up and the wheel stops and the hamster drops dead. And in the same way, we're also going so prepare for the day that you will drop dead. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us the ability to prepare for that. And may Allah subhanahu wa taala bless us and bless our time, our families and a wealth I mean also Allahu wa Salam o vaca Allah and obey them hammer