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Ibraheem Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of good intentions when faced with rumors and negative comments is discussed, including a woman named Maria Al Grec who wants to have a son. The use of opinion in media and hesitation towards giving birth to a son is also discussed, along with concerns about a woman named Kay cabin who wants to give birth to a son but is hesitant. The importance of clarifying actions and not just saying things is emphasized.
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society will judge you. So if you buy a new car, then people automatically will begin to say, perhaps he is a dealer. Where did he get the money from? They will judge you with whatever you have of goodness in your life. The minute something good happens to a person, they say, Look, this is how this happened to him. And that is how that happened to him. And perhaps he achieved this in that fashion. So they will judge you. But the question Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, is that are we supposed to be judging others? Even when we see them sin, we should give them an excuse, we should try to ensure that we don't think bad of them. Yes, it is important for us when we see our brothers

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and sisters in Islam sending to go to them and give them a piece of advice. Tell them that perhaps if you were not to do this, then Insha Allah, you will actually earn the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala. But today, people judge as soon as they see the judge, they see a man with a foreign woman immediately, hey, perhaps he's doing something. Perhaps there's something going on. Yet Islam teaches us to have good thoughts of that person. Perhaps he was doing a business transaction with her. That is what we are meant to do as muslims, but we do the complete opposite. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in the masjid of his Masjid in Medina. And he was doing what is

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known as arity cough seclusion for the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And Sofia comes to visit him. So she spent some some time with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and speaks to him. And then he is leaving the Masjid. She leaves the Masjid. So as she is leaving, he says, Let me accompany you. Let me come with you. So he begins to walk. And as they get to the house of ohm Salah Maha Robbie Allahu anha, which was close to the door of the masjid or at the door of the Masjid. They were two men that were passing. And when they saw Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they hastened, they Quicken these steps. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Allah recently

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Kuma take a moment take it easy.

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In the house of ear indeed, this is Sofia. Meaning Don't doubt me don't think that it is anybody else. So they said Subhan Allah Ya Allah, Glory be to Allah O Messenger of Allah. Do you think that we would doubt you in any way? Literally, this phrase is, that is what they meant by it. Do you think we would doubt you or messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in a shape on your GRE fee?

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Fee Benny Adam Majora them indeed shaytaan runs in the son of Adam the running of blood. So I wanted to clarify, I once wanted to make it clear I didn't want him to place a thought in your heart and minds, lest you begin to start a rumor lest you say something wrong. So I made it clear. And this is the position of Islam. When something is dubious, doubtful. Clarify. If you are on the side where people are doubting you make it clear that listen, it is my wife, it is so and so. Perhaps you are married and not everybody knows about it, make it clear that look that was a woman that I did kneecap with. So make it very clear and clarify. And for us as believers, if we don't have an

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opportunity to approach the brother and clarify we think the best of the situation. That is what Allah subhanahu wa taala wants of us, we see the brand new 2023 Landcruiser What do we say? Allah grant him Barack came his business, perhaps his business is doing well. May Allah increase him. That is the type of audit that we should have. Not that perhaps he is a dealer. He's doing something you know there's something going on behind the scenes. No, you don't know better. You don't know better and it is none of your business mean kearsney Islamiat eater coo Mala nee from the perfection of the believers faith is to leave that which does not concern him. It does not concern you don't get

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involved. Don't comment. Don't say anything. You see.

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Maria Alayhis Salam. She was

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with the Korea and Allah Allah is that you will jealous

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Al tells us what chlorophyll Kitabi Maruyama II the data that mean Anglia, mckernon sharqiyah. And mentioned in the book, the story of Mary, when she took to the eastern part of Jerusalem, she took to the eastern part and she did this to seclude herself and worship Allah subhanho wa Taala Fetterman Leila her Bashar. So we saw a man was there before her. A man was in her little secluded spot, all of a sudden, she saw a man what's going on? So she says, in the new building, block man he knew you can tataki indeed I seek the refuge of the Most Merciful if you are righteous, if you are pious, if you are God fearing I seek the refuge of Allah subhanho wa Taala from you. And this was

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Gibreel Allah here Salatu was Salam ki coming to give her glad tidings of a sun coming to tell her that you will have a son. So she says, Amaya Cooley while they're doing with me, I'm certainly Bashar Well, I'm a Kuba here. How am I going to have a son when a man has not touched me and I was not a prostitute. I did not do anything wrong. I was not an evil woman. So how am I going to give birth to a son? Tala Catholic Gibreel says in this manner, this is the way that Allah subhanho wa Taala has decided it will happen so it will come to pass when the time came for her to give birth. She went further away from the city and she actually made a DUA or she made a wish yeah Lee tourney

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mean to Kabul

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Tunis young men see that I wish I had died before this. I wish I had died before this and I was completely forgotten. Why? Because it affected her so much that here I am giving birth to a son yet I have done nothing wrong. People are going to blame me tomorrow. And Allah subhanho wa Taala provided for her. She gave birth to the sun. And Allahu Bucha is that you will Jalil tells us what happens when she comes back to her people and she is holding a child that we come to me No, we are not we love tyshee and fairy.

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Rune Runa McKenna boom. So why my Gannett Kimber the soul, she came to her people carrying a child and they said to her, you have done something wrong. And she said, and she kept quiet. She kept quiet. They said Oh, sister of Harun. Oh, sister of Harun. Your father was not a bad man. And your mother was not an evil woman. So what are you doing coming carrying this child to us? You are not married? Where did you come with this child from? So exactly as she perceived happened, but Allahu Bucha is that you will Jalil opened up a way he granted her understanding so she pointed at the child and this is Kayfun who can Lemo man cannot fill Mahadeo Serbia how are we going to talk to the

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one who is in a cradle and it's just a child? And Allah bullies that you will Jalil says

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in me are the love. He says that I am the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is a sub no Miriam. This is Isa the son of Mary. He's speaking from the cradle. Allah Bucha is that you will Jalil made him speak as a direct result of this birth. Allahu Bucha is that you will Jalil made him clarify the name of his mother and the point that I'd like to get to here today is people will judge you even if you have been a saint your entire life. You have performed Salah in the masjid you have given us a cow you have fasted in the month of Ramadan you are known to be a good Muslim that day you slip up even if you make the slightest of mistakes, they will judge you and they will remember

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you for that forever and they will not forgive you. But Allah Allah is that he will Jellal is the most forgiving, Most Merciful Yeah, marry the daughter of a man he she had done nothing wrong. Nothing wrong. But she comes carrying the child and they judge to her immediately. They didn't wait to say that, you know, are you What did you do? What happened?

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And they immediately said, your father, your brother was, your father was not a bad man. And your mother was not an evil woman. So they judged her immediately in their minds. Now, the stance of Islam is completely the opposite. When we see something that we are a bit surprised by, we clarify, we make it clear. And if we can't we assume the best, first and foremost, we assume the best, and we think the best. And then if we really need to, we clarify. Now from the perspective of the person who is involved, if he is in such a position where people may suspect him, then he needs to make it clear. And that is important because when rumors spreads in community, then what we have is a

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situation where there is a lot of divide a lot of discord because people begin to talk about each other. And then they say, you see, he's talking about me, this is what he said the story came back to me, she is talking about me, this is what she said. And as a result there is discord that is sold in the community. So this is something that is discouraged. This is something that we shouldn't be doing. We should think the best of our brothers and sisters. Don't judge others, even if you see them sending a dino Naseeha Dean is to be sincere to go and give them advice to tell them that look, Brother, look, sister, I love Janna for you. I want us to both go into Janna together in sha Allah.

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So as a result, I've come to you to tell you that look, this thing that you are doing, perhaps you shouldn't be doing it. That is the correct way. That is the right way, not what we do today. We judge first speak second, and then later when we hear that what we knew or what we thought was wrong. Then we go around making reparations if Allah subhanahu Attallah has granted us that opportunity. A lot of times people hear the story, they spread it and then later on they don't even clarify when they have heard the clarification. So the story is always spread a lot more than the clarification. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us the ability to think good of our brothers and

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may Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us the ability to understand that not everything that we see as something is what do we think it is? I mean, also Allahu wa Salam o Baraka ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala Ali

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