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Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Illa Allah al Amin will be studying

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the venum comedy while he or Sufi

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Allah Melissa, Nigella, mashallah temple Sedna,

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husband either she doesn't have BSC Well, I mean bill will be kind of stay, we sent a lot of bullies that you want Gela for having given us here today once again, and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to surround us with the melodica and to cause his mercy and his Sakina tradition, and to raise us with the MBR original Salatu was Salam and those whom he has mentioned with him, I mean,

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Allah, Allah police that you are Jellal has blessed us with life.

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They are some who are born, and they die, they are others who are in the wombs of their mothers, and they leave this world in fact, they don't even enter the world alive. So the fact that you came out of the womb of your mother kicking in alive, you should be grateful to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So we should all be grateful to Allah subhana wa Tada that He created us and gave us life. They are those in the past two years who were with us, we have now left us and gone to rockville is that you will learn to the makeup. So the fact that you are breathing to today here and now is the blessing of Romulus that you will understand. And I think this message is profound. Because of the circumstance that we are in. We've seen people leaving before our eyes, all of us, most of us if not all, have lost some family members. In these past two years, we've realized that the value of life is actually great. The fact that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala gives us the opportunity to continue to

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breed is an opportunity to turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada. And you know, previously we pay lip service treat, we'd say, turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada before you return to him, right? But in reality today we understand the value of this, because we've seen people go before our eyes, we now know that it is true and it will happen. You see Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says near Mahtani must Boone FEMA Casio minuteness they are to bounties of Allah subhanahu wa Tada that most people are at a loss with regards to a six to one for good health and free time. You see the both need to come together for you to enjoy your life, good health, and three times. If you have good

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health, but you don't have free time, then there is absolutely no point to that good health because you're expanding it in everything else besides that which you are meant to be doing which is worshiping ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. You have no time for publicity when you're wasting your life. And if you have

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free time, but you don't have good wealth and health, then what happens? You can not worship Allah subhana wa Tada. You cannot go about your day to day activities. How many people are there, out in the world, millionaires, billionaires, yet the man is paralyzed, the man cannot do anything. He will give away everything that he had in order to achieve good health. But that is not how it works. That is not how it works. Allah subhana wa Taala bless the sum of wealth, some of health some of the three times some have everything the entire package, but all together Allah subhanho wa Taala is most just He gives us all something that we can utilize to worship him that we can utilize to get to

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know him before we get to him. You know,

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when we see a death, or we see a calamity before us, Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us what to say. And levena EDA also but

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mostly Eva Oh

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We're in, Nila in Iran

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and give glad tidings to those who were patients with a calamity befalls them. They say indeed we belong to Allah subhana wa Tada and indeed, we shall return to Him. So first and foremost, they realize that they belong to a place that you inshallah they came from him, he made them, he fashioned them, he brought them into existence, we belong to you, Oh Allah, our lives have for you our entire lives.

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And then they realize that the only place they are going to is none other than Rob bull is that even Jalon, the very maker that put them on Earth to see how they will behave, to see how they will prepare for the meeting with him. Now, I don't mean to be all gloom and doom. Life is also about having fun. Life is also about enjoying yourself in a halal manner. in a good manner. Allah subhanho wa Taala didn't place a restriction except that he made a an allowance as well. So you find that cover. Alcohol is haram. Haram, you're not allowed to touch it, but he made everything else. All the other drinks that are not intoxicating. You can partake of them. You can have grape juice, orange

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juice, apple juice, all of them just don't touch the alcohol. Right? Allah subhana wa Tada made Zina haram but he made me cry.

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So he made Xena completely haram, all those other women are not for you. Anyone you marry, you can enjoy with being intimate with halaal enjoy yourself. Allah subhana wa Tada gave us this desire within ourselves. So he didn't harness and ask him to the point where he says you are not allowed at all he's allowing you to do but he's given you leeway and allowance within a certain framework, you follow that and you are actually pleasing.

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So this life is not all gloom and doom. Yes, you must enjoy of this world you are here you must live. You must also feed your family look after you know them as well go out in in order to look for your sustenance. In fact, Allah subhanho wa Taala has made it such that if you sit at home and do nothing, then you are going against his command.

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Car Wash Fula So seek with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada you you risk and worship Him and be grateful to him seek was ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and go out he gave you hands feet of faculty to understand go out use your brain, how can I conquer this world? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala gave me the capability to do so but not at the expense of my Nokia, not at the expense of my dean. I won't leave the team in order to earn the dunya and you know, What's the best part of it most of us here, we have jobs, we have businesses, the best part of the existence on earth is that wasn't the main intention, a great intention when you get up in the morning and you say Bismillah it'll come to Allah. I trust in Allah

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I'm going out to feed my family. I'm going out to look for something such that I can feed my family you actually earn reward with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Yet you are actually looking for that which is of this dunya you are trying to earn a halaal living for your family you may earn a reward with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So make your entire life for the sake of Evangelion even that which is pertaining to this dunya which is pertaining to this world when you go on to the collective intention. Allah subhana wa Tada MovieWorld ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will have something great prepared for you.

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The most important thing is to understand

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keep the wealth in your hand. Keep the wealth in your hand don't let it into your heart. Don't let it into your heart. Why? Because your heart is made to no place that you will challenge your heart has no space for any other being besides of bullies that you are jealous when I say the sign me

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The first and foremost being who should be in your heart is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada.

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And then yes, that which He has made haram for you, of your children, of your family of your siblings, etc, everyone that you are meant to love your friends, you will love them. Yes. But first and foremost to be Allah subhanahu wa taala the minute you allow your family or your business or your connection and relationship to take precedence in your heart, Allah subhanahu wa taala will test you from there, that particular item. Why? Well, first of all, Julie Jean

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I did not create humankind and Jim time, except that they may worship Me except that they may worship leader so Allah subhanho wa Taala created your heart

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to get to know him.

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And Allah Allah appreciated, so that you know that Allah subhanho wa Taala is able to do anything and everything. You get to know his policies, His names, you want to know your makeup. And do you know when this happens when this takes precedence in your heart, man I have balita Allah, Allah who you're the one who loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him. Allah looks forward to seeing this human being. Amen carry hellicar Allah, carry Allah, Allah and the one who dislikes to meet Allah. Allah dislikes to meet their brothers and sisters in Islam. How do we look forward to meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala we prepare for that day. We prepare for that day. And the beauty of life is nobody

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knows. When this last moment will be. None of us knows that if we leave this Masjid today, will we be back here and it's tomorrow? None of us knows. So preparation is a continuous thing you carry on your entire life never stops. You're five Salawat in the day Why didn't ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada prescribe them all at a time get over and done with it. And you don't need to know me for the rest of the day. We'll see you tomorrow morning. Know why? Because he wants to meet you and he wants you to meet him five times a day continuously as you go about your day to day activities. Salah time vote, I need to pray myself, I need to remember my make. Why because if I die after my bottle of

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Salah say five minutes 10 minutes an hour after it is closer to the time that I met my lab.

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It is closer to the time that I met my up then it would have been had Allah subhanahu wa Tada prescribing Hola. Hola Trisha. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada wants you to meet him whilst he is happy with you whilst he is pleased with you. And the best part of this dunya when it saved the best part of the dunya and the appeal is Allah subhanahu wa Tada says and I will end with this. The Moon

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Moon Fe wala de ina amazi they will have in Jamna whatever the heart's desire and we have more we have more. What is more than your heart can desire. What is more than your heart can desire. Allah subhanho wa Taala will lift the veil between him and mankind and people it is mentioned in some narrations will stay at him for 80 years befuddled amazed completely dumbfounded at what they see before their eyes. The maker who created the maker wants you to worship him. The maker wants you to wanted you to put your head on the ground for today. You see him before your eyes. That is more than your heart can desire. So the brothers and sister Sisters in Islam, Allah subhana wa Tada has

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created us, for us to get to know Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed us with life. We have an opportunity, we are still here. Remember the community of the dead is out there for us to take a lesson from that it let it give us a lesson but at the same time, it did not make us so fearful that we don't want to do anything for the Union. We work for the dunya we work for the art healer and we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect us from the punishment of the grave as the dwarf Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam goes up Ben attina for dunya Hassan of archaeology Hassan working out of enough wood that we say will solve a lot more selama albaraka

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while he was on the edge many