Abu Bakr Zoud – How to deal with parents that aren’t accepting my righteousness

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of changing one's behavior and manners, specifically in regards to one's parents' clothing. They emphasize the need to be mindful of one's behavior and to change one's behavior with adoptive and praising traits. The speaker also warns against being stuck on and suggests that changing one's behavior with adoptive and praising traits will lead to success in life.
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In the case where and we have this a lot, our youth would say, unfortunately, my parents did not accept that I made a tober and I begin to pray at the masjid and, and hamdulillah now I have a bead, this is this is a problem as well, this is a problem, they go back and they say Alhamdulillah they go to their parents, and they say Finally, I found the righteous man and Allahu Akbar, my mother, you should have seen this person we read together and he fasts, these any praise the knights and, and they are expecting from your mother to clap for you. Instead, she says,

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this is a disaster. Or you go back home and you say I heard a listen to

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what les was a killer. What do you expect from your parents that says some parents would be annoyed by this? isn't how, as a young youth, trying to establish his team correctly in the home? How do you behave with your parents, when they are unaccepting of this kind of attitude and behavior? You need to understand my brothers in Islam, that you're supposed to be smart. Number one, be smart.

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Don't tell them about the things that I went to the machine. I heard this. And I heard that and I made friends with it. But don't say this stuff. They don't want to hear it. Don't say it be smart and wise. Number two, don't be confronting. Can you walk into the house, my sister you need to

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walk into my Dad, you're supposed to stop shaving your beard. When my mother wants this kind of clothing.

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Don't be like that. That's unacceptable. Don't accept that. Of course your parents are going to rebel against you. Be smart, be wise. And the first thing you change of yourself in the house is your manners. That's the first thing you're supposed to change. You come back to the home

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and you clean the clothes, do something extraordinary you've never done before. Because people can really love good manners from anyone. Whether it was from a gaffer, whether it was from someone else, generally people have good manners. Imagine it came from you as a child. You go on date to your parents, and you say father, today I want to call my Auntie's and my uncle's from overseas. Your lovely speller.

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What's this Dean that you follow? Wherever you hang out with these things that you've learned from, it'll give a good impression. And realize and understand that perhaps you are the one who has established the dean in his life and perhaps you're the only member in the family that such remember that you're the shining beam in the house, you're going to be the source of guidance to everyone misguided in the family. And just like a Shining Bolt is very sensitive. Be very careful. A light bulb just with a flick, it'll crack. Don't break yourself. Be that shining source of light, change your manners first, do things that you've never done in the house, clean your clothes, shine your

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parents shoes, pay the bills, do something, change your character. As a result, you're accepted. And then your change is accepted. When the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said is the team you stuck on become very famous, powerful, authentic, it's the chemo universe change. You bring the goodness upon yourself. You stuck on become people around you change people around you with adopt the good character and the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala if you were to do it first

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