Yasir Qadhi – The Fiqh of Salah #03 – The Times of Salah

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of learning the Bible Schroeter and the use of "has been before" and "hasn't done" in relation to actions. They also discuss the use of "will rounds" and the importance of certain pre 54% conditions in cases where actions are shutled. The speakers emphasize the need to practice these practices to improve the timing of holy months and discuss the difference between the HanAD and ADAD, citing examples from the Bible and ADAD's history. They also touch on the timing of events and the importance of science in measuring events. The conversation concludes with a discussion of the upcoming weekend and the weather issues affecting the timing of events.
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Mila Rama Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Anwar Ali he was a big mind about, we are continuing our explanation of one of the most fundamental and famous primers or beginning books a fifth in the humbly method, and that is an omega by Eben Kodama a democracy, and we are doing the Kitab of Salah, we skipped over the hollow, because as for those of you who didn't attend our last week, I have done the heart of last year, much more detail. So we're going to now start with Z. Today we're going to do a Bible Schroeter salah, or the chapter regarding the shadow, or the root of Salah and the shadow root, the meaning of Shadows is a precondition. And

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what this means is that in order for any action to be accepted, before you begin the action, you have to have the shuttle to done. So this is a checklist before you begin, if you don't have the checks marked on this checklist, you cannot begin. Therefore every action or I should say almost every action has certain shuttles, it has certain preconditions. And the difference between a shuttle and Moroccan we're going to come to look on in a while and a few weeks, two weeks maybe is that the rukon is inside the action, whereas a shot is before the action. So a rukon or the Arcann we're going to do and the word geovid. These are inside of the action. And the sooner these are

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inside of the action. As for the shuttled, this is before the beginning of the action. So we began by talking about the preconditions of Salah. And in order for Salah to be accepted, all of these conditions have to be marked or otherwise excused. So you either have a legitimate excuse in which case it is forgiven, or all of these have to be marked. And he said what he has said there are six conditions. And by the way, for those of you that are also learning in the Arabic class, we're having an MSc This is also a good time to follow along with me because I will be reading as I did last week I read the mutton in Arabic and then we translated as well. I do have the first of these

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six of Taha ruchu mineral Hadith to be pure from Hadith. And how does is defined to be spiritual impurity. In contrast to Niger's, which has physical impurity, so there's two types of impurities, there's the physical impurity such as urine and stool and these this is physical impurity, this is no jossa we'll get to that in another shot, but he does his spiritual impurity, and the Sherry has decided or has told us what are the conditions for raising the head that are the spiritual impurity, and that is of course done via also and or will do so, this is not a physical impurity head that when you do will do nothing has changed on your outside, okay, in fact, you could be absolutely

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clean and they will do will not clean you any more than you were before will do. But before you you might have been cleaned from another method, but now after will do you will be clean from the hotel headers. So, the headers will be lifted off from you. So head that over here means spiritual impurity. And of course, we all know and we have done already last year, the issue of Bahara and how we'll do is done and when will do is done, all of this was discussed before. So of the conditions of Salah or taharah to middle headed, how do you become pa here from headed? So, we have two primary ways and that is the physical way of doing it which is also or will do and then there is the

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symbolic way of doing it in the absence of water or when you are sick then you will become to hear from her death through the symbolic method. And the symbolic method is what Sam Okay, so a Tahara minute hadith is done from one of two ways. If you are healthy and normal and you have water available to hold a minute ahead that must be done via via will do right and we already discussed last year if you do also does it counters Hold on? We talked about the controversy and the muda had what they said in last year's class. From the perspective of this class, let's just say if you had done hosel with the knee of Olson then it counts as we'll do as well and that's the position I

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defended last year and when we did the video and inshallah it is the correct opinion. Nonetheless if you want to follow the other opinion and do a will do after you do also this too is jazz and it is better

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It is good. And in fact, when the process that I'm did hosel he would do a window inside of the hosel. So he would literally do a full will do as he's doing the hosel and this is the perfection of the sooner that the hosel should incorporate a window inside of it. And therefore even when we are in our times we're taking a shower in the process and would use a cup or a small bucket we have the shower, it is still soon enough for us to do a window even as the water is running on us just to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet saw some we do a will do because he will do all the while he's doing also but in case we didn't do will do and we had the NIA for also we followed the shoe roto

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rooter also the account of also which I talked about last time, then we will be considered for Hitman or her death, ie when we walk out of the shower, then we can pray. So this shot the first of the six is by unanimous consensus, there is no enough, no matter how in the world, no scholar in the world has allowed a Salah without the Haram in the Hadith, you have to have thought that you have to be headed by one of two ways the physical or at least the symbolic and the symbolic, which means literally if there's no water, you will still have to do something to be compliant. And we talked about last time what we do with the TAM, how we do that that is already done from last last class.

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So the first condition at taharah to middle headed by unanimous consensus, and the strongest evidence and fifth is unanimous consensus. In fact, some say it is even stronger than the Quran how so? Why so because the Quran can be interpreted in so many ways. So many verses can be interpreted 234 ways. So when a scholar says By unanimous consensus, this is allowed or this is forbidden, this is the strongest evidence holla so you don't even need to discuss it. Because there is no scholarly difference of opinion. This is one of those things that in order to to pray, you must basically be in the state of Tahara. Okay, and technically we should say you must be in the state of Colorado,

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you shouldn't say we must have voodoo, because they are Mormons not voodoo. So the technical terminology, that's why he has it a thorough two minute head that he didn't say you have to do will do because sometimes you don't have to do although we talked about that they are more you're sick. So the technical definition of the first condition is that you must be taught here from HEDIS what is the evidence from this in the Sunnah?

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That the Prophet sallallahu I just sent them said they told you Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, la sala Telemann data Hatter Yata what bought la sala Telemann data had your top bought and this hadith is reported in Sahaja Sahih Muslim with various wordings in one wording Lai Akbar Allahu Ahad comida taba Allah will not accept the salah of any amongst you. Once he breaks his will do until he does we'll learn salata lemon data and headed here means to break the will do by urine by defecation by breaking wind, whatever breaks the will do this is called Hadith. And that's why AutoHotKey hadith is Rev raising the Hadith, which you become starhill had to walk bot until he does

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will do so unanimous consensus very easy precondition all the meta hit agree, a Sunni, a shorter Sunni, I'll walk through a shorter thorny a locked the second precondition is time the time has to be met. The time has to be met. And the timing is a necessary precondition. You cannot pray a prayer until it's time comes in. This is by also by unanimous consensus right now is not the time for Asia. If somebody were to pray Asia without a valid excuse I am was after maybe it will be allowed. But for the one who is not Mustafa, it doesn't matter. He has to pray Asia over again. Because the shelter was not met, the shortage was not met. And therefore even if accidentally a person prayed

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thinking it was a short time, then it became clear that it is not a short time that Sala will not be counted. Just like if he prayed completely the whole Salah then he remembered Oh, I didn't have to do well. Tough luck. That's a shot. You're going to have to pray from the very beginning. And the same applies for the timing that if it was mistaken even it doesn't matter. You will have to pray from the very beginning and that is because Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran in na sala taka nuts either meaning Akita burn mo Kuta Surah Nisa Allah says that the prayer has been ordained at specific times for the believers in salata Ghana's alimony Nikita Ben Moe outta malkuth The

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worked more good, it has been particular walked so by explicit testimony of ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. The prayer has a specific timing. What are these timings? There are two primary ahaadeeth that are used to derive the timings to primary ahaadeeth that are used to derive the timings the first of them is the Hadith

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Abdullah had been around but everyone else which is much tougher Kali Bukhari and Muslim. And the second of them is called the hadith of God. And this is the other hadith of Gibreel, not the famous hadith of Gibreel, not the hadith of Gibreel that a man came wearing white clothes and white turban and black beard and that that's the other famous hadith of Islam imam or son. There is another Hadith of Gibreel and I will summarize it for you right now. So, the two primary Hadith upon which the salah timings are based are number one, the hadith of Abdullah Jimenez, I'm living in a house and he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said work to votary either Azhar that is

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shampoo work and a little Raju Lika Tolley he ma them yeah boardwalk to Rasul, the timing of vO her is when the sun begins to Zool it Azhar that is shams. The timing of the horror is when does the wall begins and until the shadow of a man is equivalent to his length, and it will last

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until the time of acid and the time of Ausar we'll walk through an obsolete marlim TAs for rush Shams, the timing of acid is up until when the sun becomes yellowish and dull. We'll walk to slide till McCreedy marlim Yellow B Shafique. And the timing for Maghrib is until the shuffle disappears. And for now just write shuffle and then we'll translate later on what is the meaning of shuffle. The timing for Maghrib is as long as the sun does not shuffle, the shuffle does not disappear. We'll walk to salata, Alicia Isla nous filet and the timing of Asia is until the middle of the night Illa news fileted will walk to Salah to So behave and the timing of Fajr min Paulo in February madam

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toddler his jumps is from the crack of dawn until the sun rises as long as the sun does not rise. Now this hadith is obviously famous because it is so explicit and it goes over all five prayers. The timing of the hood is when the sun begins though Zool until the shadow is equivalent to the length of the man and the timing of acid begins. The walk the answer timing is until the sun becomes yellowish. The mother of timing is until the shuffle disappears. There Aisha is until the middle of the night and the Fajr is from Toluca al Fajr salatu sobre. He said the morning prayer is from the beginning of the sunrise, the dawn the dawn basically until the sun actually rises above the

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horizons. This is the famous hadith of Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah nobody else. The other hadith is the hadith of Djibouti is the famous hadith of Gibreel, in which even Abbas narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the Sahaba Gibreel led me in Salah two days in a row Gibreel led me in Salah two days in a row. So the first day then the Hadith goes on the beginning of each of the five solo watts. Then the second day and the Hadith goes on the end time of every Salah then Gibreel said to me, that walked of each of the Salah nabina has been is in between these two. Okay, so this hadith occurred in Makkah, very early on. One Salah first became watching, which is

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after installing Mira Raj, okay, after a mirage on the five Salam became wajib. So according to the traditions, Julian came the next day, and he was the one who led the prophets as them as the Imam to show him how to pray and to explain the timings of the Salah. And the first day he started at a particular timing. Then the second day, he started at a much later timing. And then he said, Walk to Salah Tanium Urbina has no idea between these two is the timing of the Salah for your Oma. Now, there is some empty love between the hadith of Gibreel and the Hadith, Abdullah phenomenon or else and from this, some of them that have also different, okay, it's not exactly the same. And we'll

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talk a little bit about this. But as I said from the beginning, the purpose of this class is not to go into all the mega hype. It's simply to go over one method. So let us begin with what Emile Kodama says in his book, I learned that

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I'll walk to walk to votary, Minh Zawada Shamcey Illa and your Sierra the local militia in Mithila, who, and the timing of Vova begins from the Zool of the sun and the Zool

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is considered to be when the Sun begins its descent when the sun begins his descent after having reached the highest point in the horizons, and this is something that every single person knows that as the sun rises

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up, so your shadow will decrease decrease decrease, until a point will come that it is the bare minimum. Now, most of us don't really pay attention. And we don't look at this that clearly, many how many have a simplistic notion that the time will come when the sun is directly above us and we have no shadow. In fact, this only occurs on one or two days of the year at particular places on earth. Otherwise, for the bulk of us for every single day, the sun never is directly over our heads. That doesn't happen on a daily basis, it's a very irregular thing twice a year and in some places of the year, otherwise, every single day you will have a little bit of shadow. So, your shadow will

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after fajr will be very long, then as the sun is rising, your shadow will get shorter shorter, shorter, shorter, shorter, then it will be maybe half a foot then it will begin to grow again. Okay. So the shadow never disappears or disappears as I said twice a year in most locations, otherwise, for most of the year, it will go down to a minimum, the moment it goes down to the minimum then it begins to increase. That is the beginning of

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the war. That is the beginning of the war. And this is by unanimous consensus all the diagnose TF zero difference of opinion, clear cut, everybody agrees that's the beginning of vO her timing and the end of vO her timing is ILA and your zero the localization Miss level when an object and its shadow are exactly equal, when an object and its shadow are exactly equal. And this is the position of the humbly school and the Shafi school and the Maliki school who is left the Hanafis the heterophase have another opinion and the Hanafi is say that vodka is until the sun reaches twice its length.

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LaHood is until the sun reaches twice its length and in fact they have some ambiguous evidence but they don't have anything explicit. Whereas both hadith of God and Hadith of Abdullah Ahmed Abraham's clearly say the walk the vulva is until the sun reaches its shadow when object reaches its shadow in length. So we have explicit a hadith and therefore and we're doing the humbly madam anyway. So we will go by this by this ruling. So Vahana begins when the Zool begins and ends when a one meter stick will have a one meter shadow. Okay, a two meter stick will have a two meter shadow that is when the timing of boyhood begins. Well, welcome to LA City. We're here to spa Minh City Walk to vo

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hurry and the timing of AUSA and the timing of Azur and it is a blue star. What does it mean and it is an all star. This is a fifth key to seal Allah says in the Quran halfway through either salvati or Salah till was slaw, which is the Salatu was Star. So the ham bellies and the the hamburger is and the Hanafis here they agree. And they say the acid is the pasta.

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And the Shaeffer is and the Maliki's they say Fajr is the pasta

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so they have a 50 if they laugh Intersil now what difference does it make?

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So why the difference of opinion or what's the issue of the difference of opinion? So clearly one of the Salawat Allah is saying be careful especially about it.

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Have food water salvati was selected was star guard all of the Salah and especially the worst Asada, which one is the most for Salah. So the humblest and the Hanafi say acid is the Western Salah just to emphasize it more. And no, the humble is the humble isn't the Hanafis the medic isn't the Shaffir is they say we'll start is Fajr Salah now the blessings of Fajr are plenty but it appears that a hadith seem to mention that was thought is acid

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and perhaps the reason why is that acid is one of the most difficult Salah for the busy person

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and even us in our routines. Also is an awkward Salah between work and getting home let's say okay, it's something that is difficult to do towards the end of the day. And unfortunately many of us delay it or we prayed at a time we should not pray. So perhaps this is why Salatu was thought and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever does not pray also, it is as if all of his good deeds have been destroyed from the habitat Emmylou. Whoever does not pray assert that all of his good deeds are destroyed, meaning there's no point in doing anything else. So in any case, he brings in

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A tafsir have an idea because the muda have even different witches will stop. So the humbly madhhab is that was thought is also so what work will actually we're here will slaw mean our hairy walk to vote and the salah of acid, which is the Wistar Salah begins from the end the timing of her main artery walk the VOR. Now this is another filter issue that the hammer the Humvee might have says that the ending of vO her

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is the beginning of acid. And this is the majority opinion when one Salah as the other. So there are some that we're not going to confuse you. So we're not going to go into all that there are some that have they say that there is an overlap.

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There is an interim frame, where two people can stand up in the exact same timeframe. And the one is praying for her, the other is praying also. And they're both Salah is fully Japanese.

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And this is an extra half because when exactly does the next Salah begin, is there a clear cut demarcation watertight? Or is there a bit of a leeway such that one begins the other. So in reality, there's a difference of like four or five minutes or so difference of just a little bit. And the fact of the matter is that this is in my opinion, a philosophical issue has very little 50 relevance because in the end of the day, how are you going to measure exactly? Well, these days? We have scientific measurements, but if you didn't have scientific measurement, right, how are you going to exactly measure is one meter to the to the millimeter, right? So Allah knows best? Yeah, the point

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is, any majority say when void finishes at that minute acid begins. And there's a minority position one in the middle of says, void and acid and motive in Asia, they have an overlapping time. And you know, this is just a philosophical stuff. In the end of the day, the method we're studying says the end of one marks the beginning of the other, so it's a clean cut the end of one, so that's why he said men after the WALK THE LORD, it begins from the end time of Lahore, ILA and thusfar rush Shams, until the sun becomes dull and yellow Illa and phosphorus shams. Now, this phrase does Fogra shams. It occurs in the hadith of Abdullah of NAMA that I just quoted you, and I'll quote you again, we'll

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walk through our three marlim thusfar regimes the timing of acid is as long as the sun does not become yellow. However, the other hadith of Djibouti has a different wording. And that wording is while Celebi alasa heinous, heinous, sobre li Lucretia, Miss Leahy, and he prayed how Sir, when the shadow of every object became double its length. This is on the second day, not the first day. So on the first day, Julian prayed when the shadow was equivalent to its length, which is also a daddy from the lumber houses. On the second day. The hadith of Abdullah Ahmed says and he and the timing of also is until the sun becomes yellow. And the hadith of Gibreel says the timing of acid is when

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the shadow becomes double its length. Now what is the difference between these two timings is difficult to say. But one could say that the sun becoming yellow occurs before the shadow becomes double. So the sun becoming yellow means you can look at it it doesn't hurt your eyes. There's no heat coming from it is not a precise timing, by the way. It's a vague timing, and the shadow being double its length, you can measure it and it's a precise timing. So

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the humbly method basically says that

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also time is up until the sun becomes yellow and within the hammer the matter you also find until the shadow equals double his length, and both of these timings are somewhat similar. It's not a big difference between the two. Okay, so also timing lasts until either the sun becomes yellow or the sun. The shadow becomes double x its length. Some years Hubble Wachtell FTR wire up our work to borrow Rottie Isla horo Bishop's then he says, The preferred timing vanishes and the Knesset the time of necessity remains up until sun set. So this shows us that answer has two timeframes to it. Unlike void where there was one timeframe, also it has two timeframes to it. And by the way, all the

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books have failed to begin Salah timings with her, not with Fajr you would think with Vegeta but they don't all the books of fic. The first Salah is walk the door. Why? Because of the hadith of Djibouti and the Hadith of Alumina Ignace that both of them the processes and began he prayed

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And then he prayed acid and then Muslim within Asia and then Fudger. So because of this and just to follow the Sunnah of the process of them, all the books are fickle begin there so that timings with Laura salah, and even this book does as well. So we now learn that our Salah has to timings worked with FDR and walk through bura. Okay, what is the walk through STR the walk through the str is from when the shadow is one, two when the shadow is two, or we can say when the shadow is one to one, the sun becomes yellowish. And we said we use both of these are interchangeable. Is this clear? Or am I losing any of you? This has worked with Dr. What has worked with Dr. mean, you have the choice. And

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if you delay till the very end, you are not sinful? For no reason for no valid reason. You just delay. You're just sitting in watching TV, and you just want to finish the episode. You're not going to be sinful. You might be sinful for watching the TV. There's something else we're not talking about that right. But you're not going to be sinful for delaying the answer up until the sun is double its length. It is legitimate if they are you have the choice. But if you delay beyond that, you have to have a borrower otherwise you are sinful.

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What is a vote order although ruler means you have some reason for which you are excused you're stuck in traffic. Okay, now here's the point. If you are stuck in traffic, and you can pull over and your material time is about to come in and you haven't traded asset you have to process

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but if you're stuck in traffic and you'll get home before Maghrib time, but you will move on to the walk the Dora okay. This might be a legitimate reason that you know it is highly inconvenient for me it's not impossible, right and your Salah will not get the full reward, but still you will be counted as having prayed out sir. So you will get down a grade. In other words, want to borrow means there must be what is called a pressing need not a life and death need a life and death need you can delay the salah obviously, right? A Life and Death need. That's not something that we are talking about in any of those Salawat we're talking about a pressing need a need that is extremely difficult

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to get out of but not impossible. In this case, you may delay it to walk the door

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and walk the door hoorah. What is Walk the door of Ausar Isla Hooroo Bishop's until the sun sets until the sunset. So there is around in the summer months, probably 3040 minutes. And in the winter months, probably 10 minutes or 15 Minutes or Less of timing that you should not pray for her sorry, acid in.

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And if you pray acid in that timing, without a legitimate reason, your reward will be diminished. In fact, you might incur a type of sin. The Hana fees will say your Salah is Makrooh. But this terminology is not used by the other medipol. Okay, but the Hanafis will say your Salah is mcru that is Makrooh to pray at that time. But there are other modalities don't use this terminology because Sinai cannot be McGrew. But you have delayed it to a timing where the timing itself is Mokra. That's what the other mme would say that you have delayed it and there might be a sin in the delay unless there was a legitimate reason. So we learned that VOLHA has only one timing, I'll set has to timings

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walked into the car and walked over. And we said that

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the Hanafi is the only madhhab that has a different distinction. And they don't have this terminology until the sun becomes yellow. We'll walk through a mother rib and the timing of Maghrib mineral Roby ILA and year Reba, a chef aku Mara. And the timing of Muslim is

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from the time that the sunsets are you don't have it over here, middle hodl. So my textbook has been a little bit by the way, this leads me to another technical point. Sometimes printings have differences depending on the manuscripts. So the book, the printing that I am using, is different than your handout because I gave you a translation. And I have one of the better printings of the book. And this printing will walk through McGreevy Miller Harrowby. Over here, you will automatically be ILA annually, so it doesn't say middle row. It doesn't say from sunset, but it is a trivial difference because the beginning time of Mulgrave is unanimously agreed upon by all of them

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a dime, no difference of opinion. The beginning of Mulgrave timing is unanimously agreed upon, so it doesn't really matter whether it's found in the text or not. There is no set up over this matter. The beginning of Mulgrave is when the sun sets and the sun sets means

00:30:00 --> 00:30:25

The last disk of the Sun has disappeared over the horizon. This is the meaning of sunset, when the last disk of the Sun disappears over the horizon. And by horizon we mean the flat line, and in case the horizon is not flat, then you estimate the flat line. And therefore, if you're in the desert and in the distance where the sun is setting is a mountain, and the sun sets beneath the mountain, this is not going to be sunset,

00:30:26 --> 00:30:30

this is not going to be sunset, you have to imagine sea level.

00:30:32 --> 00:31:17

And when the sun sets beneath the sea level, that is the beginning of Moghadam, in case you cannot see that sea level, which is the majority of times you're in this planet Earth, very rarely will you get the flat horizon in case you cannot, you have to estimate when that little bit will go Beyond The Beyond the sea level that will be the mother of his jumps. So the beginning of vulgrim is from the Rube until a chef aka Mr disappears. What is a chef AKA a chef is the Twilight. A chef is the Twilight. So when the sun sets immediately, it is still very bright. It is actually very bright. Even today, if you're if tomorrow notice that when the timing for Mogilev comes in. Sometimes you

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think no it can't be a little bit too bright outside because it looks as if the sun is still there. And if you were to walk outside we're not here because of the the electric lights but if we were in the middle of the desert or the middle of the the nature without any lights around us, you will imagine just imagine you will see the glow of the horizon become dimmer and dimmer and dimmer, okay, until the reddish orangish tinge disappears. That is a Shafique a hammer.

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That is the cut off of Muslim for the hem bellies and the shaft fairies and the Maliki's that is the coffin mother who is left hand of his hand is typically have different reasons, different rulings. So out of the three out of the form of that have usually you'll find the three on one side and the Hanif is the other for reasons beyond the scope of this class. But that's a common theme throughout.

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For the HANA fees for the HANA fees, when does Melinda finish the Hanafi say mockery finishes when the whitish Twilight disappears not the reddish a shuffle appealed for the Hanafis a shuffle Abele and the whitish Twilight disappears after the reddish Twilight by 1015 minutes depending on the time of the year. Okay, so the heterophase have a longer timeframe for for which Salah for Muslim salah the Hanafi is have a longer timing for the Muslim salah. Now where does this come from? What is the axilla based on? Why do the Hanafi say white and the other say red. This goes back to the linguistic meaning of the word Shafique because in the Hadith that I just quoted you will work to Salah till

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Maghrebi ma lamea Leibish Shafique the timing of Muslim is until the Shafique disappears.

00:33:15 --> 00:33:21

This is the Hadith Hadith isn't Pahadi Muslim Sahih Muslim explicit authentic hadith. So what is the Shafique?

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The humble is and Shaffir is and Malik is all defined Shafique to be the reddish Twilight.

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And the Hanafi is defined Shafique to be the whitish Twilight.

00:33:35 --> 00:33:55

So based on interpreting language, the mother have disagreed. And this shows us the reason I'm saying this to show you why do they matter have disagree? Why is it that these all of these appears? Well sometimes it's because they took different Hadith sometimes it's because one hydrogen reached the Imam sometimes it's because this and that. And sometimes it's simply because what does this word mean?

00:33:57 --> 00:34:00

So the word Shafique what does it mean in the Arabic language?

00:34:01 --> 00:34:26

This has nothing to do with Quran Hadith, it has to do with lava. So they laugh in the muda he goes back to the if they laugh in the lava. You guys following her using too much Arabic for you? Because following right? What is the definition of Shafique and that now we get into pre Islamic poetry. Because that's how language and meaning is derived. We get into lexicons we get into what early Arab said and

00:34:28 --> 00:34:40

the stronger position clearly from Islamic poetry by there was a shuffle is the reddish reddish of the sky. So when the redness disappears, that is one selected Muslim finishes now, in the hadith of Gibreel that we quoted

00:34:41 --> 00:34:52

the process that I'm said and he prayed mostly with me on the second day, the exact same timing as the first day when the sun went down.

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

And the hadith of Abdullah, Mohammed everything else we just quoted you and the timing of Maghrib is up until when the shofar could decide

00:35:00 --> 00:35:04

appears. So this is the biggest if they laugh between these two Hadith

00:35:05 --> 00:35:13

in that in the second Hadith which is Abdullah our even as we get to timings and in the first idea Jubilee we get one timing

00:35:14 --> 00:35:17

from this you get two opinions.

00:35:18 --> 00:35:24

One position is that and this is the predominant Shafi opinion, by the way is that Fudgie really only has one timing.

00:35:26 --> 00:35:32

Sorry, mother, it really only has one timing, there are no two timings. You just have to pray at that time.

00:35:33 --> 00:36:15

And the other mother hip, say that Mother rib, because the timing is so short. So God led him in both days on the same, but technically Muslim has longer time. And this is the majority position about Muslim. And there's the position that our OMA has adopted, that the one Salah that you're the most conscious about in terms of timing is what is marketing, okay? Because it's the shortest time and this is the interpretation that the other mother hubbub of the hadith of Gibreel. Why did you believe the Adi Salam lead the process in the same timing both days to demonstrate make sure you don't miss Mahara? Not to indicate that Muslim does not have a leader timing. And we know this

00:36:15 --> 00:36:31

because of this hadith of Abdullah Ahmed and Laos he clearly said, that well walk to salatu Maghreb, Madame Shafique, that until the Shafique disappears, you may pray Maghrib. So this is the Maghrib timing and

00:36:34 --> 00:37:16

and it is authentically narrated as well that in one Hadith the Prophet sysm delayed mother rib for alcoholmastery by Eli, Kobe and Yogi by Shafique. And he delayed motherhood in the Hadith Tirmidhi until the shuffle almost disappeared for a reason that was happening. So he delayed mockery of the Profit System until the shuffle almost disappeared. So this clearly demonstrates therefore that Muslim does indeed have to timings Okay, so this is the timing of marketing and we now get to Orisha, we'll walk through the Orisha and the timing of Asia will walk to Asia and the timing of Asia mean that DECA is from that time from what time

00:37:17 --> 00:38:04

from the Shafique ending. That time is the ending of Chava Isla nous fileted until the middle of the night Isla Innisfil lane. So Maya Bucha walk to borrow rotti lol todo el Fajita. Thani then remains the timing of doura until the second Fajr timing. What is the second Fajr timing tour in February Thani to learn phase rissani There's a federal oh well and refrigerate Fannie Okay. I'll federal saw the unofficial car that was also called Okay, I'll federal oh well is. So imagine you're in the middle of the desert. It's 3am. Imagine there's not a single cloud imagine it's crystal clear. And it is complete darkness. Okay, suppose Frasier comes in, in our in our watches, let's say at let's

00:38:04 --> 00:38:10

say 530, let's say okay, suppose you're in the middle of the night 3am will be pitch dark.

00:38:12 --> 00:38:58

What will happen as the sun is coming close to the horizon, the first thing you're going to see is a beam straight up. That's the first ray that will come out. Okay, that beam will then begin to gradually get bigger and bigger and bigger until the beam is completely horizontal. ie it is touching the horizon. Clear. Okay, so this beam that will come out the first light that you see from the sun, this is alpha gentle chasm, the lying Fajr Why is it lying? Because people who haven't studied Phil will think that's fine your timing that's not for your timing.

00:38:59 --> 00:39:28

That's al Fajr Oh, well, that satisfies your El Cajon was fajita sunny weather as federal sodic one that beam reaches the entire horizon Okay, when you see the the beam reached the whole horizon, that is the crack of dawn that is actual Fajr and that is when you can pray Salat al Fajr until the disk of the sun begins to rise. And as soon as you see the disk Hamas

00:39:29 --> 00:39:59

Fajr is finished. You guys clear on this point. Okay, so he is saying we'll walk through Nisha mandalika illness fileted the timing of Russia is from that meaning Maghrib until the middle of the night, so Maya will call walk to Bharati Illa toluene fajita Thani, then, after the middle of the night begins the door timing until the coming of the second Fajr so we learned then that Asia is like our soul

00:40:00 --> 00:40:49

In that it also has walked at FDR and walk the borrower. Okay, so the only two slots that have walked through the car and walked out borrower, or AirAsia and NASA, these are the only two Salawat all the other Solla have one block. But AirAsia and acid are the only two that have worked in ftld. And what are bhadori? Okay, so what is what are the theory of Russia? Well work to Asia midvalley kala Noosphere Lail. So the work of Russia is there until the NIS or the middle of the night, and where did he get the news filleted, straight from the hadith of Abdullah Ahmed Ignace that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said we'll walk through the Orisha Isla nice filet lil o salts. And the

00:40:49 --> 00:41:41

timing of Eurasia is until the middle of the night. What is the middle of the night, the middle of the night is the night between Muslim and Fudger it is not midnight on the watch 12 o'clock that is irrelevant to the shittier the 12 o'clock is completely irrelevant to the Shediac it has nothing to do with the Sharia, the midnight of our watches is irrelevant, what is the middle of the night you look at ledger, you look at Asia and then you go Sorry, sorry, Mercury and you look at Asia and then you go the middle. So, let us do our for today. Let us go back to today. And let us see for example, what time is what time is mother it is 7:16pm. Okay, mother is 7:16pm and budget is 5:26am According

00:41:41 --> 00:41:48

to according to the calendar that we're using. So then this gives us how many hours in between

00:41:50 --> 00:41:51

10 hours and

00:41:52 --> 00:42:10

10 hours and 10 minutes, okay, so this means five hours and five minutes will be half of the night. So 716 Eight 910 11 1216. So 1221 1221 will be the middle of the night. Is that clear when we do it again.

00:42:12 --> 00:42:13

Right. So whatever is Fajr

00:42:14 --> 00:42:28

whatever is mother whatever is Fudger that you do the half of it. Okay, and when you do the half of it, that is the end timing of Russia. So Russia today will finish at 12:21am.

00:42:30 --> 00:42:35

And if we delay Russia beyond 1221 Without a

00:42:36 --> 00:43:22

Hajer abodo without a valid reason, then we will be we will incur some sin, but the weather issue will still be valid water doura, okay. And unfortunately, many of us all too often are lazy in this regard. And we delay Asia beyond the waqt of ATR to the worth of the Rura without having $1 Okay, and we need to be cognizant because the Hadith explicitly says Well walk toward Asia in a nice Philemon household. He explicitly said this, the Prophet saw them and that is why some scholars of the past were very strict on this point, and they even said there is no walk the door of Asia. So Asia for those muda have been scholars would be like Fudger that once the time finishes, the time

00:43:22 --> 00:44:11

finishes, and there is a gap between Fraser and Doha where there is no Salah otherwise, VO hora serasa Muslim they have continuum for the other men that have most of them that have Orisha and Fajr also has the continuum. It continues until Fudger but there is a position that says no Orisha from beginning to end and that's it. So half the night you cannot pray Asia and if you pray it, it's like praying Fajr after sunrise that position exists, but Alhamdulillah is the minority opinion. The majority opinion says that Russia has walked out borrower which means if you prayed at that time, you will get the you have technically caught tarisha But you will not get the full ledger you might

00:44:11 --> 00:44:39

get some sin but you will not get this into of not praying Asia you will not get the sense of not praying Orisha. So this is the the walk of Russia and after now there are other opinions as well. We don't want to get into that some opinions say that walk the niches until the third of the night fuicelli Okay, in which case you will divide you will divide Muslim Fajr into thirds. So in our scenario, you would have what three hours and

00:44:40 --> 00:45:00

20 minutes, right? So in that case so eight 910 So 1040 today would be the end of Asia. Think about it. If you followed that position. So one of them I'd have says Aisha is 1/3 of the night but the humbly madhhab says middle of the night hamdulillah make it easier. And in fact this is the

00:45:00 --> 00:45:12

A stronger opinion because it's coming straight from the hadith is coming straight from the Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that was to throttle Asia ala Noosphere laid out sort and

00:45:14 --> 00:45:23

in the hadith of God and by the way, it mentions and he prayed Orisha when the third of the night had passed.

00:45:24 --> 00:45:37

And that's where some of them are that hip say very shy finishes at the third of the night because it's coming from the other hadith of acuity. But we say we meaning the humbly say that when you have two numbers,

00:45:38 --> 00:46:07

one of them incorporates both. We go with the larger number, because half incorporates 1/3 whereas 1/3 does not incorporate half. So the fact that he says you can pray until half and the fact that he prayed at 1/3 which number can accommodate both opinions, the half. So that's why the humbly might have went with the larger number. Okay, because it can incorporate both of them. So walk to San Athanasia Illa NUS a late

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