The Spiritual Ladder – From Vice To Virtue

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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad, speak to any person who has incurred that his primary concern is to either settle his debts, or ask the creditor to give him some leniency and give him some additional time. And if the creditor gives him some time, there's great reward, merit virtue for it. There are certain people who will give grace noble, wonderful, meritorious, and there are also certain occasions although it might be rare and not so common, where a creditor will actually clear out the debt from the person and say, You know what, today is your day of read and celebration. I've decided to forgive you Mashallah. awesome, amazing.

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But have you ever heard of a creditor phoning the data and saying, You know what, I have not only cleared your debt, I now owe you that money. In other words, what was your liability is now your assets unheard of right? unimaginable inconceivable. Well, that's the offer Allah makes to you my brother. And that's the proposal Allah makes to you my system 11 chapter of the Quran 12 Jews in Al Hassan it you the hibben essay after the perpetration of a vise if it's followed by the performance of a virtue, the latter will erase the former in Romani. The quotation of Rahim Allah has been documented in Allahu la mirada this set rehat Topher. Allah didn't say if you perform a good deed, I

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will conceal your voice. He said, I will delete your voice. I will erase it while I'm Yoruba bill, Ronnie had to battle and he said if you genuine and you sincere and you honest and you candid in your Toba then I'm prepared to convert your your vise into virtue your liability into acid Yes. And employ Kathy expounds on this so amazing. And nettle casts a mildly attack. Then Talib enough Saito betina souhei has an odd that that very vice the very vice will be transformed into virtue and how is this possible? One Murdock Illa Lee I know

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that karma maba nazima was thorough. Jarrah was studied for kalibo dumbleton Dumbo attend, we have a T bar Wow. Amazing that when you genuine sincere you lament and you regret and you remorseful and you turn to the Almighty, then every vice will be now a credit in your account. Because now that you've changed your life, when you pass by the venue in which you would spend your Saturday night or in which you would spent you spend your youth. Every time you pass them, you will have it will evoke those memories and tears will trickle down and there will be a crack in your voice and they will be a frog in your throat and you will just cry and weep before the almighty that this is the place

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where I wasted my youth. So in that way your previous venues of sin will stimulate a renewed regret and a renewed regret will become a renewed Toba and a greater commitment. It will propel you to a greater high for young poly Buddhism Buta can be handled at a bar. So in this manner, your vice will become virtue. My brother, this is your opportunity your Lord offers you to convert your vice into virtue. Repent to him today before it's too late.