A Seaplane Trip In The Maldives

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Salam alikoum so this is me getting on to a seaplane I think that might be scaring off yeah basically that's how you get onto it and then you take off and Subhanallah you can see that it's actually you're taking off on water which was very new unique experience I had been in the Maldives previously for a lecture told that this was the first time that I took a seaplane

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otherwise islands that are closer you basically take the boat

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so as we took off the thing that struck me was the fact that there was so little friction as opposed to being in on the ground with wheels touching the ground and so much friction so there was less friction less noise and as it took off, it feels like a boat is taking off mashallah but here we have views getting more splendid you can see the harbor

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Yeah, I think the port or harbor whatever you call that

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I shot them up as we took off I found this amazing

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here we go. The plane was quite noisy as well. So I'm sure in the background you can hear the noise of the propellers all of the planes are very much similar I don't know what the reason for that is. You don't see many bigger planes maybe it's because it's a seaplane and can't land on water etc safely if it's bigger

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you can see the boats they become exquisite as though they are toys. And then yes, this was the highlight so seeing the islands from the top was actually the highlight like you cannot imagine what it looks like seeing these islands and Masha Allah have a good photo

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bye I managed to zoom in quite

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a lot you can see football pitch the movies

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yeah mashallah well

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and this is basically the fashion in which the entire journey which was roughly our

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money which was actually earlier on in the trip

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edited it

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this is another small little

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look at the trouble

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ship so traditional from back in the day that I would I have to take a video of

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this was way

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won't be just made up of

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some islands some of which are inhabited.