I am Helpless

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Sometimes you know the people have done wrong but you yourself can't do anything about it.

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We give you a scenario. You know this person has done you damage they're not admitting to it.

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They've done damage to you. They're not admitting to it

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is hurting you want them to admit it, they won't admit it. Family members close people I've done this to you.

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And it's killing you inside. But they won't admit it. And you know, they've done you got enough evidence they've done it, but you can't do anything about it. Because if you do there's going to be more damage. Yes or no? Sometimes yes. Some of you are still not getting on run. Let me give you an example. Jacoba is

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Jacoba Salem, he one night is waiting for them to bring us back. They only took him today and his sons come back 10 of them are glued

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about my

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yearbook who they came late at night, and they came home crying oh my god these were called crocodile tears I'm saying you guys have a son in Australia crocodile tears you better do so because you got a lot of confidence All right, I'm saying like

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fake tears they came they cried and they said they said

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we went for a race racing one other what

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we left behind us

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is a cable wall for the atypicals by the time we come back, we came back

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he's his shirt. They will say team and they forgot one big thing. Oh my god. If a wolf a team why would a wolf take his clothes off and eating

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and they never thought about that they thought about bringing some evidence we found something about useful but if a wolf a team then there should be no known sign of his of a shirt the first shirt is the first thing that will go straight into the wolf belly right and they'll be tears and marks everywhere but they thought Oh what have we done so we've got caught sugar What do you do right now so that so they got caught? Now he says in the Quran the very very clear

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he's he gave him a clean indication he knows they're up to something

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and that's why he said Allahu Allah merciful Allah knows best about what you're saying.

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But young

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person 10 of his sons have now taken his son uses some man dumped him

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there he doesn't know where he really is. Now imagine this old father if he was to then take it out on to the 10 sons hey you guys align Yeah, you got you didn't you'd rather instead of for supper Ron Jeremy wala hula Mustafa on the phone. Those are his words. Instead of you know, I'm gonna I'm gonna I want to bear this out with a lot of patients. I want to have patients, some of them Jimmy. Jimmy, there's a sovereign, the sovereign Jimmy some rules that means I'm going to have such patience that these patients is in a way that I only will speak to Allah and that's not to anybody else. That's sovereign Jimmy are all my complaints in school but he wasn't he hid a lot. All my grief and

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everything inside is going to be intense is going to be turned towards Allah. That's sort of under me.

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And jacobellis Rob decided to go down that path but not to further push his children within Carly's What have you done? What is this shirt? Where is where are the tears? Why would the wolf do?

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Why? Because this is where we learn about Allah says in this in this in this in this chapter, Allah says a lot of The

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uses are not very knowledgeable and very wise

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and useful. So they were very knowledgeable and very wise. Without the second thing the wisdom knowledge itself is nothing

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so he understood that there are more dangerous because what's gonna happen anyone tell me what's gonna happen if you inquire further what's gonna happen?

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What could happen

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now, because I'm really hungry man.

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The dance that has to think about himself is an old man. If they made one family member their brother disappear, they could make him disappear tomorrow

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or they could cause some

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Do political problems for him in the household. shun him to one side. Treat him like you know, he's nothing. That's where Hikmah comes in. And Rasulullah sallallahu tells him I hate when I want to tell you this Nope. You found out someone spread rumors about you as someone did it somebody does somebody that How should you go about it? Well, you better start using your Hickman wisdom.

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Because if you go hard on everyone,

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then what happens is there was further other consequences that will come out. What is a clear example of a hitman who lost a loved one tells us it says Mumbra mean c'mon Koran, failure, UbD. Allah, Allah says when one of you sees something that is that is, you know, evil, something that has done a bad thing you see, he said, let him change it and put it right in his hand, for 11 years thought their family surname. If you can't put it right with your hand, then use your tongue. Let me sit there be discerning. But if you can't live with your tongue, then hating with your heart, with Alec often Eman, and this is the lowest branch of faith. Now what does that mean? This means not

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every person is a person in a position to stop something with the hand means authority.

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Hand literally authority that you're in authority to empower you're in position. You can stop it with your hand as in you can force this person to stop what they're doing. But if you can't do that, whether you're a family member, and you've got power, whether you're a societal member must remember you've got the power. Some of the community members got the power. If you've got it, and you use your force to stop it, but you can't. For some reason, you can't be discerning, then you use your tongue to speak against it. You can't stop it with your hands. You can stop it with power, but you going to speak against, you're going to tell them, Don't do this, this is wrong. Do that. You're

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going to use your tongue but then he says if you can do it with your time, because this is where wisdom comes. Sometimes if you speak against something, you make things worse.

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That's where wisdom comes. So you stay quiet. Stay quiet. This was wisdom.