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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of Botox as a cosmetic service, which is different from reconstructive use. They stress the importance of empowering people to love and honor their work, especially in a hospital or surgery setting. They also mention the shift in regulations to mix workout into a minor, causing confusion and illegal behavior.
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As a technician or a pharmacist or a doctor or cosmetic helper, can I offer Botox as a service?

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So you will have seen that I spoke about Botox, using it in terms of what's the permissibility for cosmetic versus reconstructive, which is two different things in medicinal use, if you like and cosmetic use, but what about the one who's offering the service, or similarly, we've got to be careful not just to make something which is essentially halal Haram, we don't want people to be changing their manner of their creation, we've said if you're using it really, we want to be strict, a lot more stricter on those folks, they're the ones that are feeling kind of low self esteem, and they're just wanting something to make local, you know, make them look better, etc. But what about

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the one who's offering it? Well, if the service itself, the action itself is permissible, and one of your roles of your job is to do that in a medicinal sense in a hospital setting or in a surgery setting. The net is essentially Hello. The truth though, that we all know especially from my own background, I can also tell you that the vast majority of Botox which is offered today in the in the high street and online and whatever, often cosmetic surgeries are from beauty parlors, and actually, these places are not even offering 5% medicinal reason are based

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Botox treatments, actually, the vast majority of them are cosmetic, the vast majority of them are actually

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working on the the the weakness of the person and the desire for them to look better in the subjective eyes of the criterion that the people themselves are setting. And I've already spoken about that as well. And that's a major issue that we've got to try and clamp down. And as Muslims, we've got to start building self esteem and empowering Muslims to love and honor what Allah has loved them and honor them for and that is their Deen and their, their their belief in their trust in Allah and His rules with respect to their human self, the changing of the creation of a law is a shift by any aspect of insight. And that's not to say that beauty is not loved and not required. But

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we have to be careful. So a person who's offering these services, it is halal, in essence, but if you're working in a place which is doing it exclusively, then in my opinion, you should stay away, you should avoid that you should refuse to if you can, without causing a problem to do that, because normally we'd say you'd pick and choose pick and choose your workout who needs for medicinal reasons you'd who needs it for for beautiful reasons or cosmetic reasons. And you'd reject that, but you know, that would be an uproar, it'll be completely unacceptable, probably illegal as well against regulations to discriminate in that way. So if you can avoid doing at all, then that's brilliant.

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And if you can't then because the action itself is highlighted, and it might make up only 5% or a little bit of percent of your general cosmetic work which would be permissible, then the entire job does not become haram and that's a very important principle in the Sharia. And that is licensed and gave advice to those who had essentially halaal business that had a few doubtful areas. He said for sure boo boo sadaqa so while you're doing this job and you making those earnings, then mix it with almost almost a purified this small little dodgy kind of unclear aspects. So follow this advice. If you can avoid it, then fine if not, this manner.

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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