Lauren Booth – Last Christmas in The Holy Land

Lauren Booth
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history and actions of the Church in the Holyare during the first semester of the current year. The Church has been targeted by Israeli troops and is being attacked by proud Israeli proud Christians, including some Muslims. The Church has cancelled Christmas celebrations and is focused on parishes, but some families are unable to attend.
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salons Peace and blessings on all our prophets including Muhammad, Jesus, Abraham and Moses. At this time of year Christians around the globe are celebrating the birth of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him. And while many commemorate the Nativity of Jesus singing songs and you know performing plays, which always feature heavily his birthplace, Bethlehem, there is a deafening silence over the atrocities being committed in the lands of Mary and Jesus. Historical Bethlehem is suffering severe brutality and oppression. At the same moment that the native christian palestinian population is being forced into a rapid decline in the homeland. The preparations of Christians in the Holy Land

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for a season traditionally linked with peace and hope have been shattered by the genocide. And the deliberate targeting upon Gaza is oldest Greek Orthodox Church for bombing by Israel. St. Papyrus was built in the fifth century, and has been targeted by the occupation in October.

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The bombing killed at least 18 people, including children, the Latin Patriarch, eight in Jerusalem, says Israeli troops then went on to kill two women at Holy Family parish. As the mother fell, her daughter came to help her then the daughter was killed by the same sniper, about 500 Palestinian Christians, as well as some Muslims were sheltering. at that church compound, both of Gaza's churches have been under siege since the beginning of the genocide, which is being carried out.

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In the last two months, the existence of Christians in Gaza has come as surprising new information to many across the world, I realized that

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this is due to the long history of Israeli and US propaganda aimed at painting Gaza as consisting of Arab extremists. In fact, like the whole of Palestine and the Muslim rule, it has remained home to the oldest Christian families

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was the head.

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the deadly attacks on the athlete hospital on October the 17th, killed close to 500 people. This was an Anglican institution, and proves that Israeli bombardment aims to cleanse historic populations from the land Palestinian Christians are not only subject to the same oppressive occupation, but also frequently arrested by the Israeli military for protesting against the Israeli occupation. Perhaps you're surprised to know that both of Fattah PLO resistance movements, as well as the Muslim resistance in Gaza have had Christian members.

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It's true. The movement surprised everyone in 2006 when it nominated a Christian from Gaza on its electoral list. Christians suffered expulsion in 1948, along with 750,000 fellow Palestinians.

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To this day, those ancient families are unable to access their inherited private property from the Zionists who stole it at Christmas and Easter. Families apply for permits to go to Bethlehem However, not all members of their family will obtain one which means they are separated on these most important holidays. Now Bethlehem Christian leaders have made an unprecedented decision to cancel Christmas celebrations in Palestine. This move backed by senior church figures and the city's mayor has diverged from the usual traditions of elaborate decorations and festive events across Palestinian towns. The bishops and church leaders in Jerusalem advocated for parishes to skip all

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unnecessary celebrations this year, a stance endorsed by Father use of matter

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The Orthodox Bishop of Galilee in Nazareth.

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Top of this in Ramallah, church surfaces have focused on prayers for those affected by the conflict in the Gaza Strip the Israeli occupation is an injustice to all people, as billions globally remember the prophets of an almighty and just God? I leave it to you to consider this question. Would the one who became known as the Prince of Peace, be silent on the injustice and cruelty being inflicted upon Palestinians today?

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